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Cuckservativism Is Suicide


You show me a good loser. I’ll show you a loser. – Cameron Newton, QB, Carolina Panthers

Canadians are generally decent, soft-spoken people who offend virtually nobody. It doesn’t make them weak or unmanly excepting the subset whom I’ll speak of below. The Tories, Canada’s Cuckservative alternative!* Leave them alone with a knife and a 5th of Canadian Mist and they’ll never need birth control again. Once a supposedly conservative political party no longer stands for the proposition that a legitimate, traditional marriage involves the union of one woman and one man under the auspices of God the Creator; I can’t think of any particular aspect of Western Culture or societal values that they still give a rat’s rear end about preserving. Their own jobs and pensions maybe?

But it was not just how they went about it that signaled a changing party. It was what they did. While most attention focused on the resolution dropping the party’s insistence that marriage was “the union of one man and one woman,” that was far from the only noteworthy decision of the convention. For the Conservative party to vote to decriminalize marijuana, to take but one example, would not so long ago have been unthinkable.

And how did this capitulation make them feel? Liberated. They could have peace. What utter baloney. Canadian Cuckservatives are only liberated because the leftist rape phallus has temporarily shot its wad. They don’t have to throw in the towel – not when it would be more fun if they used it to go hang themselves. This is exactly what they are doing. Auto-erotic asphyxiation on the installment plan.

The Revolution™, you see, will never reach an end. They will have peace until the Thinking People need another dildo to distract the mob. I can garun-fricken-teeya they will be stuck with the tab the next time the eternal Progressive Visigoth Holiday runs out of beer. There is no such a thing in Realityland as the gubbermint dime. There is always an implicit (or real) bayonet at some poor producer’s throat for every last bleeding shekel of largesse. The vice will invariably be tightened time and again, as long as there is some discernable delta between Canada and Venezuela. As long as lootable fuel remains, they can always get made to once more feel the Bern.

This brings us around to where we pretty much should just acknowledge Cam Newton was one hell of a lot more politically astute than either Mitt Romney or John McCain. When a man advertises himself as the political equivalent of a boytwat, then the political equivalent of a priapic phallus will smell it on the wind. A “leader” like a McCain or a Romney is only necessary or wanted for something that can occur in the backseat of any Coupe Deville in five minutes or less. This tells the life story of the modern US GOP and the Canadian Tories as well. Cuckservativism Is Suicide. The Conservatives throughout North America deserve far better.

As for the Cucks…

*-When will we get decent html sarcasm tags?

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