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National-Anarchism: A Reader, edited by Troy Southgate

National-Anarchism: A Reader edited by Troy Southgate 306 pages, Black Front Press (2012), $20 For two centuries people have looked for a way out of the political dichotomy that was created by the French Revolution, which set up the traditionalist party as a necessary opposition to the successful Revolutionaries. The problem with this split was […]

Conversation with a postmodern hippie

So I was in this city diner, flat-footed and with nothing to do while I waited for things to happen. This guy came in and stood in the light. The shadow fell over all of us. I didn’t move. People who come in with violence are moving quickly. People who come in to pose always […]


We all live in the shadow of the past because we are tied to the generation cycle. What people learn when they’re young is what twenty to forty years later they pass on. 1968 stays with us for a different reason. It is the ultimate form of the parent ideology that started in 1789 when […]

Overly Attached Government

The internet meme “Overly Attached Girlfriend” (OAG) ridicules one of the artifacts of modern dating, which is that it creates conditions so desperate that people become obsessive. We find it easy to write them off as crazy because it is easier than noticing the whole process is crazy and that, by extension, we’re most likely […]

Conservative anarchy

If you have been to college, or when you go, you will become an observer to the process of people finding political identities. In theory you go to college to learn things, but in reality, you are learning the process of learning, and that includes socialization. When searching for a political identity, the savvy student […]

Liberalism fails

1991 was a turning point for the West: communism failed, and this forced the West to consolidate its rebels and bourgeois together into a new genre. Made of baby boomers, this “bohemian bourgeois” combined 1968 pseudo-Marxist values with pure New World consumerism. These raging delusional cases finally got their liberal dream through Bill Clinton, and […]

The freedom-order cycle

Let me make a hypothesis here: if you want to be an ueber-tyrant, the best way is to get your citizens involved in some drama unrelated to the actual question of how you will rule the nation. For example, you can set up a government that makes rules, and then rule through media opinion; or […]

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