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How They Will Censor You Without You Even Knowing

Oh look! The forces that can be have discovered that common carrier barriers to liability vanished in the 1990s, and so they can put pressure on the parts of the internet that are vulnerable, namely the parts through which the bulk of traffic flies. In order to impose control, they are censoring the backbone:

Several Pirate Bay users from ISPs all over the world have been unable to access their favorite torrent site for more than a week. Their requests are being stopped in the Internet backbone network of Cogent Communications, which has blackholed the CloudFlare IP-address of The Pirate Bay and many other torrent and streaming sites, reports TorrentFreak.

Here is the beast of it: they pitched the internet to you as a space, or something self-sustaining. But really, it is data that is contained on wires, hard drives, routers and terminals. As a result, it is susceptible to physical attack, namely that the person who controls the physical parts can alter the “virtual reality” in any way they please.

If one is a manic censor, the only goal is the end result, so it makes sense to find the highest-traffic areas through which most internet packets go, and to use those to rip the heart out of the open internet. When maniacs like myself talk about “redecentralizing” the internet, what we mean is to move it from using a few key points of transit to many, so that this cannot happen.

It is clear that we can no longer trust our species. Everything we do must be anarchic, or designed to work around the control gambits of others. They have much to lose, and they will do anything they can to coax, convince, brainwash and deceive us into following their agenda of manipulation.

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