The difference between liberals and conservatives


Our public enjoys the protection of pretending that they cannot understand the “complex” differences between liberal and conservative. This allows them to claim to be either, and justify any impulse they have under that banner because the identity is obscured behind their own confusion. Stupid monkeys.

The actual differences are simple: conservatism is non-utilitarian consequentialism, or the idea that results matter and we should “conserve” the methods that produced the best results. Liberalism is the idea of equality, which is justified by social feelings, and the desire to want to be altruistic and inclusive toward others to achieve peace.

So there you have it. Lions or Bonobos. One group wants to conquer problems, but the other group wants to ignore problems and spend time pleasuring each other by distributing fruit and sexual favors. It’s amazing how similar the behaviors are in their human versions.

I submit an even simpler difference: liberals do not understand cause/effect logic. That is, they cannot mentally process the fact that to achieve a certain effect, you must do something different that puts events in motion so that effect comes about.

If you wonder why the liberal solution to everything is Government, here is why: they cannot understand any way of making things happen then ordering them to happen, as if they were talking to a bartender or salesman, and government is the only institution that responds to that type of behavior. Government says “Right away sir!” and then works all night on a detailed bill for next tax season.

For example, if we discuss ending poverty, liberals can see only the handout being the solution, and anyone who disagrees is just a blue meanie who hates poor people. Conservatives talk about setting up economic and social incentives to reduce poverty where it can be reduced, so that the end result is a lessening of poverty, in part because we recognize poverty is eternal to the human condition.

The liberal just does not understand. Why are we talking about reducing taxes and lowering housing costs, maybe even killing minimum wage, to end poverty? Just give them the money. Poverty is no money, so give money. Bonobo hoots and hollers.

Conservatives always strike out when trying to explain things to liberals for this reason. They bring up a problem, we make a suggestion, and then try to reason it out with them. But they’re missing the chip that handles cause-to-effect, so to them it is a binary question: have government throw money/rules at the problem, or you are Hitler and must die.

There is no reconciliation.

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17 Responses to “The difference between liberals and conservatives”

  1. Dean says:

    This may be true theoretically, but “conservatives” rarely want to conquer problems in real life. They like to start them, pretending not to know what will happen, and then leave off in midstream to start the same problem somewhere else. They even vote for the people most likely to be unconservative, and most likely to buckle under minimal pressure from liberals (Bush, Romney. etc.)

    • JPW says:

      Cuckservatism is a very bad problem. You have to have bravery to swim against a Liberal culture. That ducking instinct you speak of is what happens when a Conservative doesn’t have the guts to run into the tackle and take one for the team. That’s how you get Mitt Wormny as a nominee.

  2. -A says:

    Serfdom never seemed so reasonable.

    • hhhhhh says:

      This 1944 book, in part, illustrates how “middle-of-the-road” conservatives and “moderates” play a part on the road the serfdom. It’s at least interesting to read a political analysis of the time from someone who thought Hitler was too much of a leftist. You can see how many of his predictions from 70 years ago have come true(he was extremely accurate). This link has a free abbreviated version of the book that does not cover the material I describe, but the book should be easily found via p2p and torrents. Note that liberal in this book is used in its classic meaning; the site’s summary of the book even says that capitalism is an integral part of liberalism. This can lead to confusion amongst those unfamiliar with the history of the word.

  3. Ossian North says:

    The conservative knows that humanity is at the root of all problems while the liberal think there is always some outer cause and fix.

  4. hhhhhh says:

    If you’re going to define “liberalism” as unreasonable egalitarian collectivism based on denial of reality and incomprehension of logic, then perhaps a better term can be found. I do not think the word “liberal” should be treated this way. Perhaps they can be called pop-culture consumers; I see no conceivable divide.

    • We agree that liberalism = Rightism + Leftism, right? And that it is inherently democratic in nature, right? Nothing wrong with the definition being used, although libertarians like to contort definitions to be convenient, in denial of history.

      There is only one non-Leftist philosophy and that is Tradition.

      • hhhhhh says:

        “There is only one non-Leftist philosophy and that is Tradition.”

        And there it is. One false assumption can lead to the onslaught of self-contradictory rhetoric on this site. I don’t see how I can continue discussing with you knowing that everything you say is predicated on this false assumption. It’s also hard for me to see how it is not deliberate misdirection.

        • Brandon Francis says:

          How is it a false assumption? It’s true Brett needs to support that statement but that doesn’t mean he is wrong.

          • It is not a false assumption. This is the liberal argumentative trope of the week: “If you have found any source of a problem, you are using it as a catch-all category.” He is making a fallacious argument, not an analysis.

  5. Dualist says:

    ‘There is only one non-Leftist philosophy and that is Tradition’

    This point is not made frequently enough on the AltRight.

    • hhhhhh says:

      It just seems like a clever way of saying, “Everyone who disagrees with me is a leftist.”

      What is the difference between Tradition and tradition?

      • It just seems like

        Around here, we have higher standards than visual appearance. What is it?

        Also, asking questions that are answered within the blog posts themselves is poor form.

        • hhhhh says:

          Thank you for correcting me; cultural marxism is very insidious. I’ll correct myself below.

          It is a clever way of saying, “Everyone who disagrees with me is a leftist.”

          Plainly a false dichotomy fallacy.

          • You do not understand the false dilemma fallacy. It is:

            Either claim X is true or claim Y is true (when X and Y could both be false).
            Claim Y is false.
            Therefore claim X is true.

            Where in contrast, I have attacked certain things and pointed to their roots in leftism.

  6. Dark Axe says:

    Right now we are told Canadian Ted Cruz is the “true” conservative. All we will get if he is elected is jelly donuts and Molson Ice though…

    • capitalist says:

      Ted Cruz is married to a Goldman Sachs vice president, who also was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, which advocates a union of Canada, the US, and Mexico.

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