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Teach the controversy

In 1925, America was riveted by the Scopes trial, in which the teaching of evolution was debated. It was previously held that only creation should be taught. This “monkey trial” divided America. With the support of industry and government, “science” won out over “religion” (these two terms are in scare quotes because the sides in […]


Many people adopt this comfortable and popular idea: there is no difference between left and right, really. All this theory stuff is airy nonsense they use to compel you to act against your own interests. These people forget that there’s a simple chain, as old as language itself. A person observes something; she calls it […]

Han Solo

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Star Wars was huge. Not huge in the way that the Iran hostage crisis was huge, but huge in the sense of always being in the background of every conversation. Looking back on it, it’s clear why: Star Wars was not only great sci-fi, but it explained where […]

Democracy and Conspiracy Theories

To the best of my knowledge, conspiracy theories as a social phenomenon occur only in democratic societies. I take it that this is a very telling fact, and that at bottom conspiracy theories are a symptom of the perverse psychology found among democrats (note the small ‘d’). In general, all conspiracy theories take the following […]


For the last sixty years, the West has been in the grip of a mania for diversity. This thread goes back centuries, but its most recent occurrence was in the French Revolution. There, the revolutionaries wanted “liberty, equality and fraternity,” but they also made another demand — for internationalism. Internationalism is the idea that every […]

Race riots

When the symbolic value of an act touches on a larger phenomenon than the act itself, and does so in such a way that a story is convincingly told from at least one point of view, it because a behavioral meme. Take Trayvon Martin. On the surface of it, this is an average story: a […]

Walking corpse

The modern time: after the fragmentation of the Roman Empire, the schism of European Christianity, the Enlightenment and then the liberal revolution of 1789. Its defining attribute: equal validity of all people’s aspirations, or in other words, no one right way for society to act, in which people must then find a role. There is […]


On the trails of Texas, lore had it that you could break a stampede by holding out your hand with palm facing outward, splitting the herd around it. That metaphor applies more places than you find cows. Metaphors can be useful because we live in an age of doubt. This doubt hits us three ways: […]

Introduction to the Social and Political Thought of Julius Evola, by Paul Furlong

Introduction to the Social and Political Thought of Julius Evola by Paul Furlong Routledge, 2011, 157 pages. $138. With the opening of the 21st century, Julius Evola began his rise in the Anglosphere. New Right publishers have taken up the considerable task of importing his work from the Continent and translating it, with varying levels […]

Winglord – The Chosen One

Sometime during the past decade, a quiet revolution infiltrated alternative music from the outsider corners of the music scene. While the hipsters were busy strumming acoustics in DIY mimickry, and mainstream music drifted more into a rap/jazz/rock fusion, an underground music grew that does not aspire to be trendy, or current; it wants to be […]

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