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The end of ideas

When you were in school, you probably noticed that some kids seemed like natural leaders. They were ahead of the pack because they were good at stuff — sports, school or socializing. Although there was a lot of overlap, another group existed. These kids were good at being popular. That meant somewhat good at socializing, […]


As a kid and young adult, I detested the term “maturity” because it meant submission to the adult world and the corresponding bitterness that makes people want to force others into jobs, marriages, friendships and commercial contracts that are equally miserable to what they went through. It’s like the first day of prison: we all […]

Nationalism is not racism

Regrettably, this has to be one of those silly articles that opens with a dictionary citation: racism, n. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others. – Random House […]

The Autobiography of Malcolm X, by Alex Haley

The Autobiography of Malcolm X, by Alex Haley 460 pages, Ballantine, $8 Malcolm X (né “Little”) is a hero to all conservatives and this book reveals the enduring power of his thought. Not only did he re-discover racial nationalism, and argue persuasively for a society in which each ethnic group ruled itself, but he ultimately […]


Symbols: they’re slippery. By changing the order or the emphasis, you can make change the way a situation appears to look. We generally call this “spin,” referring to how things look different from different angles, and spinning them obscures this. Check out this verbiage (borrowed from this article): U.S. authorities deported 392,862 foreign nationals in […]

Philosophy – is it useful?

Brett Stevens recently pointed out to me that one could launch an attack upon philosophy by stating that language is deceiving; it can be deceptive by deliberate use, by inexact use, or by shifting meanings through time. It hopes to describe truth, reality or pragmatic adaptation through symbol, language and structure – these symbols can […]

Broken table

Civilizations are like bodies. Some force holds them together and keeps them alive. When it begins to depart, the body prepares to die as well. The life-force that animates bodies is still unknown to us and to science. We can guess at it and describe its methods, but we do not know its origin or […]

Passive genocide

We are slowly killing off our big animals. Since it is unpopular to mention this, our cowardly leaders will not mention it to avoid upsetting our voters; they, in turn, don’t want to hear about how their mundane acts may lead to vast and evil consequences. After all, we all want the big suburban home, […]

Discrimination and Prejudice

A week or two ago, I had a bright idea: I decided to try being a Leftist. “Why not?” I thought. “Everybody’s doing it. Maybe there is something to it…” I climbed up a ladder, dispensing with due care and attention. After all: equality of outcomes is a good thing. After I fell, to the […]

Making excuses

We live in a time with one commandment, which is that we must all be equal. For this reason, we make excuses any time reality comes short of that entropian/Utopian notion. In the same way people attack the wrong political targets because they are afraid of violating a sacred cow, we ignore that sacred cow […]

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