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America fought two wars that will forever define her. The first was the war between the states, which broke our hearts and corrupted us so deeply we may never be free of it. The second was World War II, in which our own citizens were so ambivalent about war that we had to make a […]


There is no such thing as human rights. It’s a fantasy, and not the good kind with orcs and axes. Stop — I’ve heard it all — I’m denying the basic value of human life, and will cause our society to descend into nihilism and people will hurt each other for kicks until we all […]

Linkpost 05-30-11

Accumulation, tension, and release in struggle and conflict are for us a permanent necessity for living life. Horrific supernovae expulsions provide nebular elements and kinetic momentum for the birth of new suns and life. Pitiable seedlings force their way through weathered cracks up into the warmth, pulverizing the frigid concrete on an excruciating journey from […]

Alternative Right

Alternative Right, the most recent project of Richard Spencer, the gentleman who edited Taki Magazine back to a position of power, has reprinted the article “Whitey Lost the Moon” from To these ears, “alternative right” is a powerful term. It implies neither vanguardist nor mainstream conservative. In my experience, the people clustering around traditionalism, […]

Bureaucratic methods wreck everything

One thing we riff on frequently here is the nature of bureaucracy and how it ruins basically everything it touches. Bureaucracy we might define as using professional clerks to process social functions through centralized authority, and with them, the gnarly techniques of measuring life through spreadsheets, using metrics and other indirect methods of figuring out […]

The clash of civilization-types

Last summer, we got our first clear picture of how this country is divided: wealthier, whiter, more suburban, more educated and more independently successful people want a meritocracy. Everyone else wants an entitlement state. In an entitlement state, two factors prevail: the prevailing social dogma is that you are OK just as you are — […]

Demographic collision

Since we’re doing topics about race, in anticipation of another presidential election where race is the crypto-topic on everyone’s mind, how about a quick analysis of demographic collision? America — with Europe slightly trailing it, not by so far anymore — is heading toward a crucial point: does it become a white nation with a […]


The greatest challenge for human beings is to recognize that we are a part of the world, and not some great brain that encloses it. It is real; we are subject to it. For this reason, what we see and what seems intuitively real to us needs to be processed in reverse, from the moment […]

Whitey gave up the moon

I was sad to hear of Gil Scott-Heron’s passing recently. He seemed like an iconic figure with much to offer in deciphering the baffling experience of African-Americans. He chronicled a reality alien to most of the mainstream, and came close to glimpsing the truth: African-Americans suffer most by being pawns for the white liberal. If […]


If there is anything besides domestic social policy that divides the Western right, it is the Israeli state. The liberal left prefer to oversimplify this issue, as with all things, into a binary ‘just’ or ‘unjust’ case. This is convenient when your supporting constituents are constantly fed victim and oppressor indoctrination and very little else […]

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