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Alternative Right

Alternative Right, the most recent project of Richard Spencer, the gentleman who edited Taki Magazine back to a position of power, has reprinted the article “Whitey Lost the Moon” from

To these ears, “alternative right” is a powerful term. It implies neither vanguardist nor mainstream conservative. In my experience, the people clustering around traditionalism, New Right and deep ecology are looking for a type of conservative-like values system that does not have the obliviousness of mainstream conservatism nor the savage ethnic violence of the vanguardists.

Alternative Right seems to be providing a good forum to those who work in these areas, with a great deal of variation in their articles. It is thus encouraging to me to see an article of mine be published there, and I hope it provokes the kind of introspection that has brought the alternative, traditionalist and deep ecologic right from a disorganized rabble into a full-blown social movement.

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