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Linkpost 02-28-11

A friend asked this week if I was optimistic or not. My answer is that no, not by nature; but yes, I’m seeing good signs in the world. True, they’re buried under a horde of bad omens but it is always darkest before the dawn, as the cliche goes. The forces of stupidity and cowardice […]

The Problem of Democracy, by Alain de Benoist

The problem of democracy by Alain de Benoist 103 pages, Arktos, $27. In an acrimonious and unstable political season it is refreshing to find a book as level-headed as The Problem of Democracy. This short, dense tome bucks the modern trend of taking a “strong thesis” and arguing it like a machine that makes cocktail-party […]

Devil’s advocacy

In many discussions anywhere right of center, the no good choices assertion regularly appears. It looks like this: all the options we are given lately come down not to a good choice and an evil choice, but to an evil choice and a less evil choice. I’m not disputing this truism. But I would like […]

Sexual liberation sacrificed the family

Maybe our annoying elders were right: sexual liberation, or the cutting loose of sex from family intentions, ruined the family. After all, you got the reward without the obligation, so why bother? Like most revolutions, the sexual revolution was formed of popular notions that in opposition to common sense denied consequences and focused instead on […]


What exactly is a people, like “Americans”? Some would define it as the people within American borders, or ideologically as those who love freedom and apple pie. A better definition could be an organic one, which touches on the above categories but does not use them exclusively. Just like a salad is lettuce, tomatoes and […]

Liberalism is the cause of inequality

One of the pitfalls of being human is the many perceptual traps that can ensnare us. Spotting an object in water is difficult because of refraction; our ability to estimate the lengths of lines is hampered by nearby objects. Colors surrounding an object affect how we perceive it. For the past five hundred years, a […]


In stable countries, eugenics is the tool which can be used to change the general traits and abilities of the general population. It does this by selecting desirable individuals to become a majority rather than a minority. It’s a fact that some people will always be better than others, in varying qualities, and if we […]

Passive aggression

When we speak of passive aggression, we’re talking about a general term for all actions that hide their aggressive intent behind egalitarian guilt. For example, during your dinner hour, a traveling salesman bangs insistently on your door. You tell him you’re not interested, and he gets indignant. “But I drove all this way, and I’m […]

Interview with Jared Taylor of American Renaissance

Our readers know that this site does not shy away from controversial topics. We are open to any logical and realistic ideas, and we are closed-off to any that are emotional outbursts or delusional. In our view, if more people had this outlook — call it “honest and fearless open-mindedness” — our political landscape would […]

Modern child rearing

Our modern world is a bombardment of distilled ideas and polarizing opinions, so it’s no surprise when well-intentioned parents become confused a month or two after leaving the hospital.  Parents are overloaded with too many books to read, too many opinions, too many new “studies” showing what one should and shouldn’t do with, or feed […]

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