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Archeofuturism, by Guillaume Faye (Michael Walker)

Thanks to a generous act from Arktos, we are able to publish this review of Guillaume Faye’s “Archeofuturism” by Michael Walker, former editor of The Scorpion, a cerebral New Right publication from Germany that has until recently been relatively unknown in the New World. In the 1980s Guillaume Faye was one of the best known […]

Diversity is genocide

150 years of well-intentioned government programs. Several dozen serious riots. Reams of paper for laws, regulations and opinions. Trillions of dollars of lawsuits and resentful crime. Why does the American race question persist? Is the answer that we will ultimately breed ourselves into a uniform brown, and finally be rid of the horrid dual curse […]

Why diversity deconstructs society

From The Thinking Housewife: I really enjoyed your post on race. I think the people who complained about your post on rape statistics are missing the point. There are two basic groups in humanity: those who want to adapt to reality, and those who want all decisions to be subjective because they fear oversight. Your […]

What is a hipster?

Frequently on this blog we talk about how conservatism is an aggregate of working solutions to the problem of adaptation to our environment, and liberalism is an “ideological philosophy” meaning that it has one central point, equality of the individual. Equality of the individual is a presumption that in reality leads to the idea that […]

Lysenkoism by social choice

The worst fate a civilization can face is to cut itself off from reality. Sealed away from harmful facts, it swims in its own mind, nourished by wealth created in its past. Over time, the poisons build up and the delusion comes into collision — SMASH! — with reality and its unrelenting consistency. Then the […]

The pathology of a mob

What are the most lethal predators we face? Not the lion, great white shark and tiger — the scary ones are the ones we cannot see. Disease infects silently and we cannot see it or fight it. We have to trust our immune systems and hope for the best. The most lethal diseases are the […]

“Naming the Jew” and why you won’t see it here

The right-wing provides the only realistic view of politics, and the spectra of right from paleoconservative onwards to Plato provides the best hope for humanity, in my view. However, this forces you in with some strange bedfellows. As Francis Fukuyama pointed out, liberal democracy dominates the globe, and so ended history. The struggle between overlords […]

The problem of tolerance

When we have individual fears, we wish the world went easier on us. When confronted with authority, we want to find some kind of rule that means it cannot get to us, or at least that we make it really hard. Around 1789, we started banding together and overthrowing authority. Their rule: form a hierarchy […]


Some random musings of mine, as well as an amalgamation of thoughts from various people I’ve met, read the work of, or just derived sentiment from. Out there is a larger group. Everyone fits in, whether they’d like to or not, and isn’t liking something such a strange thing anyway? I don’t know why people […]

Living in a fantasy

Most people do not understand that they live at the receiving end of an image of reality constructed by others for their own gain. Marketers and journalists want to sell you an interesting story and advertising to match. That is how they feed their families. They have no responsibility to truth, only to create media […]

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