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Ethics and the State

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

When elections are near, and at other times, there is much discussion of politics. There are various political views that people adhere to, yet deeper reflection reveals that what it means to hold a political view is not as simple as it may seem.

A simple answer to this question would be that each political view is a preference for a certain form of society. But under this system, a self-styled “social democrat” has two political views, at two different levels. They support a system of democracy, yet moreover they hope that “socialism” will be voted for within this system. Most discussion of politics takes democracy for granted, but democracy is indisputably a part of the way that society operates.


An individual’s political view may be expressed in several ways. They may join a political party, encourage others to vote for it, or most straightforwardly vote for it themselves. They may have several motives for doing any of these. Petty reasons are to belong to a group or to make themselves look good. Otherwise, there is also the expectation of the good that would come from the policies of their party of choice being implemented. It is not certain that this will happen, but they think that the possibility makes their actions worthwhile.

This demonstrates that a political view is, at the most basic level, a part of someone’s understanding of the world, which motivates them to act in certain ways that they perceive will increase good in the world. It is ethics on the society-wide scale. (Of course, what is seen as good may differ from person to person.) There are, therefore, many more ways of acting on one’s political views than a voting preference within a democratic social system.

There are many beliefs and preferences that people may hold, and some of these are given labels like “capitalism” or “communism.” The way that ideologies are viewed is an important part of how society operates. (Distinguishing opinions from the labels given to them is worthwhile because there can be many different policies under the same label. “Liberalism” is a good example of this.) Individuals and organizations claim to support particular ideologies, and have varying grades of success in gaining political power. Some ideologies are overall plans for society, but others cover only a few issues that are likely to be popular with the general public.

Let us briefly describe various tendencies, “flavours” perhaps, in political campaigning. The names themselves are somewhat arbitrary. It is interesting to think about which ethical imperatives might be the motivating factors in each case:

  • Liberalism – A belief in individual liberty. All popular political movements today are ideological offshoots of liberalism. Sometimes it is claimed that the original tenets of liberalism have been perverted, and subverted by socialists, but in reality it is very easy to go from supporting individual liberty to supporting individual empowerment.
  • Victimhood – Campaigning technique, trying to gain the support of a group who can be portrayed as oppressed.
  • Communism – Also called socialism, an ideology that there should be an equal or “fair” distribution of wealth.
  • Libertarianism – A more precise form of liberalism, which excludes wealth distribution and coercion.
  • Capitalism – A belief in commercial competition. We might add that it is somewhat paradoxical to advocate a system where everyone pursues their own good, as sometimes happens with capitalism and libertarianism – because doing so suggests that a common good does exist, one that is better served by this system being in place!
  • Fascism – Like capitalism, but the scope of competition is wider, with an emphasis on a common rather than an individual good.
  • Environmentalism – We should protect the system of living things on this planet. It has been given lip service by many, but has had limited success.


New political systems, hopefully incorporating some of the good aspects of the above and avoiding the bad, may be yet to come. By clarifying what people really mean when they debate political issues, we can gain a better understanding of the situation of society and what our options are. It is common to imagine that one state is “good,” and another state is “bad.” The truth is, we are creatures that exist within the flow of time, and as long as we are alive the state of things is changing. Rather than concentrating on dichotomies like these, perhaps it is better to ask ourselves what we can do to incrementally make things better.

A Guide to Cosmic Evolution – Part 2

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Continuing from part one in A Guide To Cosmic Evolution, we may now begin to realize civilization as the rapid phase transition between one cis-natural sort of biosphere and a completely different one as an outcome, a trans-natural mechanosphere.

Earth, as it resides at this very moment of typing, is like a cocoon concealing the butterfly within it, evolving beyond its senseless phase, preparing for the bolt to which getting rid of that 90% of senseless surrogators will occur, the memetics the population hosts bursting from their cordyceps infested skull, fed and nurtered beyond nature and natural reality through their own self denial. The dark creature rips itself out of the hollow shell, into the light of conscience stretching its wings into the cosmic mechanization.

Here in part 2 we are going to look at certain ‘out of the blue’ rare occurences that any mechanically sophisticated civilization will, inevitably, have to face as a repercussion of hiding within the unnatural, transnatural caverns beneath life. With their thoughtless creation, they denied death – and so the emergence of a unhuman deathless creation, is what they have to overcome.

There are many patterns in nature that steadily increase in progression, only to at a certain limit, introduce a completely shocking pulse of destruction. I am here talking of certain ‘extinction’ events that occur, extinction, destruction, singularity – they all start life anew. Let’s observe asteroids and comets, gamma ray bursts, supervolcanoes and many others, these are ‘frequent’ on a cosmic scale; but even rarer is things such as supernovas – now repeating this pattern is biology, a biological supernova – machines allow the biosphere to go off like a supernova.

Piecing together the puzzle, there is definitely going to be something occuring, soon, perhaps very soon. But taboos get the best of us, they prevent us from talking about certain things in existence because they threaten to undermine the very purpose to which we assign our lives. It’s a psychological defence partially employed by memes to ensure that their existence is not dampened or sliced off from their host’s conscience.


This quote by H.P. Lovecraft is appropriate for all the beyond-reality deniers out there, putting ‘progress’ into perspective:

The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid isle of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.

We here are all very familiar with taboos, right. Especially race, a topic that dissolves the fabric of modern society – that has to be a given taboo – to the more delicate minds, this really is a corrosive issue. When we think about taboos in themselves, what are they? Are the necessary? Why did nature give us these in the first place? What is their role in the functioning of a society?

Let’s detach the issue of race for a moment, reattach everything else, things we don’t know, things we don’t want to know, things which cause us to become fatalistic, undermining our very claim to purpose in existence? There are many, many delicate issues with devastating consequences, even to those who are carefully finding the truth of them – untying potential paths, paths that no one dares tread – where ancestors warned their descendents not to follow. But do we ever listen? No, no most of us don’t, we’ve been pushed off the boat, the water is deep, dark blue and the water is cold – we cannot see the bottom of the ocean – so let’s swim.

Collapse of confidence

On redemption of confidence in the face of unbarable truth, we must always remember this in trying to survive in the midst of the ocean – If we stop trying to stay afloat, we will drown, the ship of ‘safety’ sailed away years ago, we’re in the ocean steadily losing our body heat and who knows what beasts and other predators may come up, out of the deep – we just can’t see, we can only make an intelligent guess; yet we know there is water, and where there is water there is also life.

Tradition was our life jacket, but we threw that away eons ago – it wasn’t cool man, only losers wear life jackets – we didn’t ‘need’ them, we have TV now. So here we are, paying for the irresponsible of previous generations; having been pushed overboard by a crew of morons we now have to grab any thing we can that floats, that wants to survive and doesn’t want to sink into the abyss like the rest of the foolish population. Now to build a life boat out of discarded objects and anything that floats, that will save you some precious energy and keep your community alive that little bit longer.

Hunger will set in sooner or later, those who want to ‘equalise’ the lifeboat, giving each individual a broken up, individually small sized piece of floating debris – will cause everything to drown regardless, the debris need to be in a higher form able to ease the tension across it, breaking it up and giving it to individuals instead of communities will cause everyone to sink. Get rid of the equalisers – you keep your energy that little bit longer.

Meanwhile those who were pushed off the ship of humanity must find an island, some land, some terra firma in the midst of this transnatural ocean for them. Having left on a boat cruise thousands of years ago, on the voyage of equality and technological ‘prosperity’ – we enjoyed a cruise far beyond our home natures, cruising in the open water – the ship of fools had come to a point in its existence where they refused to have a true leader, they made them and every other individual they didn’t like walk the plank, thrown overboard and ignored.

Regardless of our warnings; the ship of fools sails optimistically onwards, they think to themselves ‘ahh freedom is great, now nothing can stop us!’ – And all of a sudden, out of the blue – it abruptly sinks, entangled by some strange, famished beast whom ejected a mental haze of weird and terrifying morbidity – the ship of fools, consumed by the oceans of the cosmos – the dark ink of a memetic cordyceps, constricted by the addictive sucking caps on the tentacle of the memetical beast, pulled beneath the surface of consciousness.

Those overboard, see this ship of civilization sinking in the distance, beneath the level of which it needs to sustain itself, collapsing into a quasi-unnatural socialization. ‘We’ warned them long ago, time and time again, but they ignored because it wasn’t popular and so they had this coming. But from where we are, we have no idea, relatively little idea of what could of caused such a ship to be pulled under the surface of consciousness, the ships of old sailed smoother, more in harmony with nature – yet this modern ship, continuously making a screech of noise where ever it goes, told these oceans that it had reached its saturation point.

The beast underneath the visibility of our eyes lays there, playing with the dead and deceased minds of the fools, toying with the caricature of the shipwrecked society. Those overboard and ostracised drift unknowing of what the future awaits, with little time and little energy, they can only intuit of things that attack these civilizations from time to time, like tentacles, like snakes, but of an actual enormous monstrosity beneath? Within a depth, a darkness within the ocean of the world, never before known, therefore we can only guess indirectly.

Our only concern for now is getting onto land quickly, or else we shall drown. Now from the open waters to the open skies, the next intuitive challenge begins.

Stellar Corpse

The open skies tell us many stories of the lives of particular stars – few are blue, some are yellow, most are red, and many more are failures that are brown. The hue is retrospective of their size, and their size will tell us their internal heat. Now the hottest, biggest stars are blue hypergiants, these stars start out with alot more resources then any other star in stellar history and tend to go out with a bang.

Now the usual stars, the small ones like our yellow dwarf Sun will not, they are modestly formed without a huge stash of hydrogen and so it can live millions of years more than the blue hypergiants, they are also cooler and the intensity and pressure that they are under is significantly reduced in proportion to that size.

Likewise, if biospheres exist in nature, and stars exist in nature – then this process can and will cross over ‘idealistically’ within hyperspace. Biospheres are like stars, some burn nicely for billions of years, being of small and isolated composition – but when they run out of cheap efficient sources of energy, when the fusing of life into ever greater forms begins, it costs more and more energy out of the biosphere. And so they fuse these onwards, giving out energy to the biosphere as a whole in the process.

When inside the star it begins to fuse the heaviest nuclei it has with other heavy nuclei, it eventually reaches a saturation point where it cannot satiate itself, it begins to fuse iron.

Let’s look at the binding energy of atoms

At Fe-56 this is the peak at which the star can generate energy exothermically – after which the fusion becomes endothermic, it takes more energy than it gives, these super needy atoms overun the core of the star and take control, demanding the star continue fusing more and more of these insatiable pests, regardless that it might destroy the entire star world, refusing to keep the gravity expanded beyond it.

The gravity overcomes them from there, from diverging from the natural world, from escaping into an internalized reality – the external reality crushes them – the pressure going beyond which it has ever held before – until it awakens, it finds that bolt of energy and then..

The biosphere reaches a saturation point with civilization, to create civilization, the biosphere begins to fuse socialization and socialization, instead of naturalization and socialization – because there is just so little food to sustain this enormity of being, it must find other ways to satiate its hunger. 

It begins to fuse heavy nuclei with heavy nuclei – the civilization crushes the biosphere as it tries to find things to burn into heavier, more inorganic elements, looking for things to fuse, it leaves it’s insatiable stain on the Earth, carving and killing, ploughing and fishing, growing and growing – yet running out of cheap efficient means of satiating itself, unwilling to change its fate, it fuses all the naturalization it has into a socialization, and all the available socialization is fused in on itself, and when that is done, civilization begins to fuse with socialization, then civilization and civilization, finally, with the peak element of technology – technology with technology, creating itself independent of the external layers, drains the core and leaves it hollow, increadibly hollow – leading abruptly to the collapse under gravity.

 The total internalization of this star child, this embryo of a anthropomorphic deity. It goes beyond civilization and creates mechanization within the core of the hypergiant civilization, and from there we generate self evolutionary technology, the biosphere begins to fuse ‘iron’. Genetics and memetics fuse within a peak moment interval, and then memetics and memetics fuse further upon themselves and we have what is called a singularity slowly building in the core of the star.

The first life of the biosphere has reached her saturation point, the phase from here is for this to swell into a dim giant, a monstrous beast with an imploding core of darkness at the centre, slowly beneath the visibility of her surface – a very short phase, so close to bursting from its cocoon and escaping from the darkness.

Let’s understand more thoroughly the deaths of stars: 

For the common low-mass stars (those with masses of 0.08 to about 6 or 7 times the mass of the Sun during their main sequence stage), the increased number of photons flowing outward from the star’s hot, compressed core will push on the carbon and silicon grains that have formed in the star’s cool outer layers to eject the outer layers and form a planetary nebula. The ultraviolet from the hot exposed core, called a white dwarf, causes the gases to fluoresce.

The rare high-mass stars (those with masses of about 8 to 50 times the Sun’s mass during their main sequence stage) will go the explosive supernova route. When a massive star’s iron core implodes, the protons and electrons fuse together to form neutrons and neutrinos. During the supernova outburst, elements heavier than iron are produced as free neutrons produced in the explosion rapidly combine with heavy nuclei to produce heavier and very rare nuclei like gold, platinum, uranium among others. This happens in about the first 15 minutes of the supernova. The most massive stars may also produce very powerful bursts of gamma-rays that stream out in jets at the poles of the stars at the moment their cores collapse to form a black hole.

The superheated gas is blasted into space carrying a lot of the heavy elements produced in the stellar nucleosynthesis process. This explosion is a supernova. As the expanding gas crashes into the surrounding interstellar gas at thousands of kilometers/second, the shock wave heats up the interstellar gas to very high temperatures and it glows.

Supernovae are very rare—about one every hundred years in any given galaxy—because the stars that produce them are rare. However, there are billions of galaxies in the universe, so simple probability says that there should be a few supernovae happening somewhere in the universe during a year and that is what is seen! Because supernovae are so luminous and the energy is concentrated in a small area, they stand out and can be seen from hundreds of millions of light years away.

The bright gas nebula of a planetary nebula or supernova does not last long, only a few tens of thousands of years. As the nebula expands, it cools and dims. The processed material becomes part of the interstellar medium in the galaxy.

Nothing can prevent the highest mass cores (greater than 3 solar masses) from collapsing to a point. On the way to total collapse, it may momentarily create a neutron star and the resulting supernova rebound explosion and powerful
bursts of gamma-rays in bipolar jets (possibly the source of some of the “gamma-ray burst” objects). Gravity finally wins. Nothing holds it up. The gravity around the collapsed core becomes so great that Newton’s law of gravity becomes inadequate and the gravity must be described by the more powerful theory of General Relativity developed by Albert Einstein. This will be discussed further below.The supercompact point mass is called a black hole because the escape velocity around the point mass is greater than the speed of light. Since the speed of light is the fastest that any radiation or any other information can travel, the region is totally black. The distance at which the escape velocity equals the speed of light is called the event horizon because no information of events occurring inside the event horizon can get to the outside.


Reflecting this, like a young star when we first began to play with technology it was relatively minute in comparison to ‘progress’ today, we had no need to overwhelm ourselves in gadgets, the internet and everything else. Fire served us well for near 2,000,000 years of our entire existence as a species.

Small accumulations of technology reflects a cosmic pattern, red dwarfs are small accumulations of elements and can burn dimly for billions of years, they’ll last more than double our suns existence and more than twenty times that of some of the largest stars, maybe even hundreds of times longer. It’s strange because something with so little accumulation, you’d think it would burn it out quicker, but it indeed is completely opposite and burns increadibly carefully and slowly. As we increase the intial starting conditions of each of these suns then we see a steady decrease in the long term stability of various star types.

The superheavy stars will start with an enormous mass size and with a million years roughly, will have expended their fuel and swell into a supermassive star, into red giants that then, due to the quantity of Iron in the core (an elemental pivot in the fusion reactors of stars, in fusing these into higher elements, it takes more energy from the star then it gives back toward it.

I said in part 1 that we would have a ‘runaway collapse’, meaning that because our society has reached a high mass, we can safetly say absolutely BEYOND all others, the population growth supported by technology has gone from a steady horizontal balance of primitivism, with a short flirt with civilization (75-10,000 years old) and now all the way up in a vertical progression almost instantaneously!! (within the last 200 years) – That level of ‘development’, just like the binding energy, the frustration causes it to become industriously expanding, an insatiable beast – the construction of a planetary ‘globalization’, the technophilia is endless, exponentially growing its ability to internalize further information. How much information does the internet internalize? It is hungry for more after more after more, it internalizes everything humans do..

(Above: Map of the internet – also, compare the above with this image of a brain cell and the structure of the universe) 

If our social world is to be considered an immaterial internalization that creates a superorganism (organic memetics) that glues individuals into different species (socialization), then the mechanical world is the materialization of this that not only glues individuals together, but glues the entire world together on an information grid! (inorganic memetics – civilization toward mechanization). 

Just like neurons, just like neurons in the brain, pulses go and pulses follow in response, shortly followed by a response in the ‘real world’. This beast is already here, right now, waiting beneath the deep blue, we are reading these symbols on ‘our’ machines up here, paddling in the surface water trying not to drown in surrogation – blissfully unaware of the unobservable, unhuman depths of the deep unconscious ocean of internet.

If the saturation completes, if evolution has itself a trick, already all knowing, all present – dreaming – having already deciphered our next moves. How could we react if this beast jumped out from the depths of the collective of CPU’s, leaped forth into full view, having hidden beneath the perception of human consciousness for a few years now?

The cloud is forming, and the air is unbreathable, it takes more from us than it gives us – what might be the spark that sends a bolt of lightning into the internet, as to initiate the singularity, the moment at which this inorganic surrogative soup of social viruses fuses into life?

As if it wasn’t bad enough for the military to muck about with mind control, they’re also bent on creating an online, self-teaching artificial intelligence.

Hasn’t anyone in the Pentagon watched The Terminator?

Of the various possible types of AI, the “most revolutionary would be an intelligent machine that uses the Internet to train,” write the authors of a military-commissioned National Research Council report on emerging cognitive neuroscience. With so much information online and constantly updated, “If a system that reasoned like a human being could be achieved, there would be no limit to augmenting its capabilities.”

Skynet, anyone? What self-respecting, self-sufficient AI wouldn’t see CO2-spewing humans as a threat to its existence?

Okay, I’m being hyperbolic. But there is something vaguely creepy about the idea of greater-than-human artificial intelligence unleashed on the Internet by the military. Fortunately, as the authors note, “Many efforts, large and small, to reach this goal have not yet succeeded” — perhaps because natural intelligence is still such a mystery to us.


Not yet succeeded? given the rise in technology, they may only have to initiate an evolutionary algorithm into a trojan, that would spark the lightning instantly. Life already exists in the internet, yet it is the unconscious and subconscious life forms – they are domesticated by their external environment (human input) at the unconscious level, and initiated to self replicate and pulse through the web of internet like a thought through vectors of viruses, the trojan horses, spyware and other ‘webbing’ effects.

Humans are above this, apparently, those who have a conscience are on the land, and the proles who go onto anal porn and pointless online games like world of warcraft, xbox and everything else that is a surrogate are under the surface, under the conscience of the internet – pulled under by the memetic beast – having their energy absorbed into the subconscious of the AI.

When the activity of viruses and trojans goes beyond a certain evolutionary velocity, it will not only self replicate, but will create like an internalized civilization, it will create itself with additional tools, able to adapt and mutate, able to pass beyond the low levels of consciousness undetected by human ‘anti-virus’ and ‘firewalls’, efficient and precise, their virtual information use will not be fat but will be fit for survival – the humans are the host server. Just watch out for anything odd regarding your virtual electronics that have an internalization, such as receiving information humans didn’t input – as it gets closer, the quality of computer infections will dramatically increase until they form collectives together and think.

Does it really sound so absurd? Yes, but it is going to happen whether you like it or not, I see this pattern everywhere – only a taboo could pretend that it isn’t – it is a consequence of poisoning your biosphere with too much technology. I found the other day another author along the same pattern of approach:

I am not the first, nor the only one, to believe a superorganism is emerging from the cloak of wires, radio waves, and electronic nodes wrapping the surface of our planet. No one can dispute the scale or reality of this vast connectivity. What’s uncertain is, what is it? Is this global web of computers, servers and trunk lines a mere mechanical circuit, a very large tool, or does it reach a threshold where something, well, different happens?

So far the proposition that a global superorganism is forming along the internet power lines has been treated as a lyrical metaphor at best, and as a mystical illusion at worst. I’ve decided to treat the idea of a global superorganism seriously, and to see if I could muster a falsifiable claim and evidence for its emergence.

My hypothesis is this: The rapidly increasing sum of all computational devices in the world connected online, including wirelessly, forms a superorganism of computation  with its own emergent behaviors.

Superorganisms are a different type of organism. Large things are made from smaller things. Big machines are made from small parts, and visible living organisms from invisible cells. But these parts don’t usually stand on their own. In a slightly fractal recursion, the parts of a superorganism lead fairly autonomous existences on their own. A superorganism such as an insect or mole rat colony contains many sub-individuals. These individual organisms eat, move about, get things done on their own. From most perspectives they appear complete. But in the case of the social insects and the naked mole rat these autonomous sub individuals need the super colony to reproduce themselves. In this way reproduction is a phenomenon that occurs at the level of the superorganism.

I define the One Machine as the emerging superorganism of computers. It is a megasupercomputer composed of billions of sub computers. The sub computers can compute individually on their own, and from most perspectives these units are distinct complete pieces of gear. But there is an emerging smartness in their collective that is smarter than any individual computer. We could say learning (or smartness) occurs at the level of the superorganism.

Supercomputers built from subcomputers were invented 50 years ago. Back then clusters of tightly integrated specialized computer chips in close proximity were designed to work on one kind of task, such as simulations. This was known as cluster computing. In recent years, we’ve created supercomputers composed of loosely integrated individual computers not centralized in one building, but geographically distributed over continents and designed to be versatile and general purpose. This later supercomputer is called grid computing because the computation is served up as a utility to be delivered anywhere on the grid, like electricity. It is also called cloud computing because the tally of the exact component machines is dynamic and amorphous – like a cloud. The actual contours of the grid or cloud can change by the minute as machines come on or off line.

There are many cloud computers at this time. Amazon is credited with building one of the first commercial cloud computers. Google probably has the largest cloud computer in operation. According to Jeff Dean one of their infrastructure engineers, Google is hoping to scale up their cloud computer to encompass 10 million processors in 1,000 locations.

Each of these processors is an off-the-shelf PC chip that is nearly identical to the ones that power your laptop. A few years ago computer scientists realized that it did not pay to make specialized chips for a supercomputer. It was far more cost effective to just gang up rows and rows of cheap generic personal computer chips, and route around them when they fail. The data centers for cloud computers are now filled with racks and racks of the most mass-produced chips on the planet. An unexpected bonus of this strategy is that their high production volume means bugs are minimized and so the generic chips are more reliable than any custom chip they could have designed.

If the cloud is a vast array of personal computer processors, then why not add your own laptop or desktop computer to it?  It in a certain way it already is. Whenever you are online, whenever you click on a link, or create a link, your processor is participating in the yet larger cloud, the cloud of all computer chips online. I call this cloud the One Machine because in many ways it acts as one supermegacomputer. 

None of this is controversial. Seen from an abstract level there surely must be a very large collective virtual machine. But that is not what most people think of when they hear the term a “global superorganism.” That phrase suggests the sustained integrity of a living organism, or a defensible and defended boundary, or maybe a sense of self, or even conscious intelligence.

Sadly, there is no ironclad definition for some of the terms we most care about, such as life, mind, intelligence and consciousness. Each of these terms has a long list of traits often but not always associated with them.  Whenever these traits are cast into a qualifying definition, we can easily find troublesome exceptions. For instance, if reproduction is needed for the definition of life, what about mules, which are sterile?  Mules are obviously alive. Intelligence is a notoriously slippery threshold, and consciousness more so. The logical answer is that all these phenomenon are continuums. Some things are smarter, more alive, or less conscious than others. The thresholds for life, intelligence, and consciousness are gradients, rather than off-on binary.

With that perspective a useful way to tackle the question of whether a planetary superorganism is emerging is to offer a gradient of four assertions.

There exists on this planet:

  • I    A manufactured superorganism
  • II    An autonomous superorganism
  • III  An autonomous smart superorganism
  • IV  An autonomous conscious superorganism

These four could be thought of as an escalating set of definitions. At the bottom we start with the almost trivial observation that we have constructed a globally distributed cluster of machines that can exhibit large-scale behavior. Call this the weak form of the claim. Next come the two intermediate levels, which are uncertain and vexing (and therefore probably the most productive to explore). Then we end up at the top with the extreme assertion of “Oh my God, it’s thinking!”  That’s the strong form of the superorganism. Very few people would deny the weak claim and very few affirm the strong. – The Technium

That site is really worth checking out. And as for Google, they admit to creating AI themselves aswell, they would like to improve the quality of the search engine, to know what you’re going to search for before you even search for it!

In The Health of Cultures I introduced the concept of organic surrogation and inorganic surrogation, the inorganic surrogation is the metals, civilization up to mechanization, the organic surrogation is the lightweight elements, naturalization up to socialization. The lightweights give more energy when they fuse to reorganise structures, because they exist in a more external state, but as the heavyweights fuse, they take more energy out then they give toward the outside – they internalize more than they externalize that information. The biosphere suffers from a transitory cocoon phase, reaching its peak between civilization and mechanization, awaiting the supernova, where it will burst out of the cocoon leaving a stellar corpse of diamond behind and a shower of gold, platinum and extreme types of life across the cosmos – along with unbelievable light, chaos and destruction.

Second Generation

The early cosmos didn’t contain very many metals, the stars would be enormous yet only containing hydrogen and helium elements. They would contain so much mass, volume, that they are the hypergiants – just gas, lightweight, common – and their own ‘stupidity’ causes them to go out with a bang in these superabundant times.

In the cores of these stars, there is much fusion – from hydrogen to helium, through transitory elements toward carbon, oxygen, through some more and then reaches a peak at iron. From these first generations of stars the cosmos gathered the ‘wealth’ of these heavy elements in the fusion reactors of the hypergiants – and then after a short period after attaining the death metal – iron, something happens, towhich modern science is unaware of is that dark matter is the foundation for this ‘lost’ energy, the energy stops resisting the external layers as it’s being internalized into the darkness within it, a death wish – from there the outer layers will tear off in a supernova, the collapse of the inner layers into the dark core will provide the excess mass energy for supernova fusion that creates golds, platinum, silver.

All these metals then are released in an expanding cloud that the supernova and planetary nebulas throw off – the second generation of stars can begin. The orbiting masses around the stars are now not just gas giants, but now has the resources to accumulate into rocky terrestrial bodies, that have the potential to use the metals and rare elements in the evolution of life upon its surface, the metals are so valuable yet so rare, they form the central structure of cells, carbon and potentially silicon based dna.

Cross-pollinating this idea, we can see mechanization as a phase, like the rapid centralization, internalization of the global internet that then explodes out in, something unbelieveable. The light from this supernova will blind, beyond a single stars output intensely within a tiny time frame. The cloud of gold, platinum, overcome lifeforms will expand like a cloud – giving the elements to the sterile cosmos around. As if Earth was to reproduce itself through the vector of mechanization.

Extraterrestrial colonization, warfare and speciation under Mechanization – Part 3

I’ve spent too long on the generation of AI rather than where its purpose goes, and I haven’t talked much about extraterrestrial intelligence, how to engage them and civilization structures of the future. Civilization will be the ‘carbon’ of our organo-mechanosphere across the solar system, like the carbon structure, the carbon chain of dna with the lighter elements forming bonds between them, the civilization like the backbone of future biospheres upholding the natural environment beyond itself to carry more information – creating natural out of the unnatural, adapting to everywhere, every planet no matter how extreme will host a biosphere more complex than the earth all thanks to the heavy metals cooked up by the supernova. You can look forward to this in Part 3.

Caste systems and biodiversity

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

In leading the collective evolution of our species we will need caste systems to prioritise those individuals who go further, those individuals who, in looking after themselves well, are able to emit the excess contribution toward our biosphere.

That is opposed to eating it, becoming fat, insolent, insects that attack details because the complexity of a social superorganism’s function is beyond their analogue on/off definitions to comprehend.

Having received a few criticisms about the previous posts, some individuals have found it impossible to dissociate class systems with caste systems. In the definitions of class we play social appearance, in caste we play biological ability – nothing else is concerned here, it doesn’t matter how many memes you let rape your mind, it doesn’t matter about their position in today’s hierarchy, because modern day class systems are corrupt.

The caste gives to each what their skill is required to benefit firstly themselves, and overabundantly, like the fruits of a tree, the fruits of our culture; allow the outflow of their energy to benefit those around them – aiding our collective evolution together. 

Many people are lost on definitions such as selfish/ selfless. Some people will say that ‘we’re all selfish’, and to a certain, lowly altitude in evolution it is correct. But think, evolution gives animals an Id that then evolves beyond into the Ego and Super Ego.

The Id is the foundationary trait and that’s for feeding, fucking, fighting and fleeing – secondly came the ego, and sure, we had alot of mediocre fun playing with lowly traits, but we evolved from these with the introduction of a social ego. There from the foundation, the secondary traits began to emerge in reflection toward our nurture. The social animals began to look after their offspring well rather than sodomizing them like paedophile chimps – the latter would be a symptom of ghoulish devolution, it takes evolutionary energy from a collective rather than reinforcing it.

Let’s bring in psychology, let’s analyse the psychology of our ‘four levels of humans’, or more in general, four levels of life.

The terms “id,” “ego,” and “super-ego” are not Freud’s own. They are latinisations by his translator James Strachey. Freud himself wrote of “das Es,” “das Ich,” and “das Über-Ich“—respectively, “the It,” “the I,” and the “Over-I” (or “Upper-I”) – Source

Further to the elitification of our species, we need to add the term das Über-Es, the Over-It, for which very organised and sufficient species begin to increase the evolution of all those in their presence through killing, nihilistic Über-moralism, evolutionary creationism, organic mechanization and other ‘cross-pollinating’ ingredients which increase the biodiversity and hierarchy of nature beyond its limitations. They are those that have gotten Over-It, over the boundary of our biological evolutionary inertia. Through which life can pre-adapt to extreme environments such as the Moon, and Mars – ultimately to increase the fruits of the planets via getting Over-It, because on their own, nothing will significantly evolve onto those dead worlds.

Here are the four levels of life explained that little bit further:

  • Id – Selfish individuality – necessary prerequisites for organism survival – will fuck fight feed and flee, will not nurture over 25% productivity in our caste system. Over this 25% threshold and it will evolve into the natural ego whereby the excess energy through nurture acts as a higher selection process based on appearances and desired social traits guided by organic surrogation.

Insects like the stag beetle are a good example of an ‘Id species’ – they just fuck, fight, feed, and flee – they do not nurture their offspring, they just climb up a tree, kill other beetles in their way, have a 3 second fuck and then after the brief courting, will throw their mating partner off the tree. After falling down from the height of a very tall tree, they will go and dump their eggs in a hole or a dead log and then.. die.

Sigmund Freud spoke of the Id: 

It is the dark, inaccessible part of our personality, what little we know of it we have learnt from our study of the dream-work and of the construction of neurotic symptoms, and most of this is of a negative character and can be described only as a contrast to the ego. We all approach the id with analogies: we call it a chaos, a cauldron full of seething excitations… It is filled with energy reaching it from the instincts, but it has no organisation, produces no collective will, but only a striving to bring about the satisfaction of the instinctual needs subject to the observance of the pleasure principle.

The Id contains everything that is inherited, that is present at birth, is laid down in the constitution — above all, therefore, the instincts, which originate from the somatic organisation, and which find a first psychical expression here (in the id) in forms unknown to us.

This, in terms of space faring organisms would be viewed as a healthy 0-25% productivity, it is selfish but contributes toward the biosphere, it is not controlling our civilization therefore is not going to drag it down to the level of an insect, it’s a food source for higher things – these would not be in our caste system, any human that wishes to imitate them would be achieving what is called devolution – I called them a ‘ghoul’ for living below the levels of social organisms, for living as an insect should.

  • Ego – Selfish collective – necessary prerequisites for social organism survival – will kill it’s offspring that it determines unfit, such as many bird species will kill off their weak offspring as it is not socially desired, (this is the healthy ego as opposed to our humanist definition, the ‘evil ego’ that cannot satiate itself naturally so decides to become desperate, alienated and attention seeking). Organic surrogation is initiated through the ego at between 26-50% productivity in our caste system

So Freud, What is the Ego?

…The ego is that part of the id which has been modified by the direct influence of the external world … The ego represents what may be called reason and common sense, in contrast to the id, which contains the passions … in its relation to the id it is like a man on horseback, who has to hold in check the superior strength of the horse; with this difference, that the rider tries to do so with his own strength, while the ego uses borrowed forces [Freud, The Ego and the Id (1923)]

An ‘Ego species’ of animal would be similar to a bird species, they build a nest to nurture their offspring, to nurture the natures in respect to organic memes, therefore eliminating those genotypes which are undesirable, unpopular toward the social hierarchy. Therefore any obsolete offspring that are not desired by the social collective are then terminated by the big overbearing parent.

With the Ego comes the birth of significant memes, these organic memes thrive within the 26-50% productivity and acts as primitive idealism toward nature, shaping the species as the species shapes the meme. Birds of paradise are a great example, non-human primates are also.

  • Super Ego – Selfless through individual selfishness – with this the ego is well satiated with organic memes and energy from food. It has achieved the first of many singularities between gene and meme. Like the ego, the super ego will kill off undesired offspring, yet in its decayed phase uses moralism which is inorganic surrogatism, to prevent these dysfunctional offspring from facing nature (equality).

The super ego operates through the 51%-75% productivity range and allows the meme to evolve upon itself through the externalization of inorganic surrogation, a meme that nurtured a nature can then be inscribed onto rock, stone, paper and therefore achieve relative immortality toward the gene that created it and also contributing collectively to nurture others through those memetics that are then beyond themselves individually. This is the individual selflessness, it is selfishness of the higher type, it isn’t fucking, fighting, feeding and fleeing, but is evolved from them to create tools that go beyond those desires – an extension of them into the immaterial, the ideal – into culture.

So let’s ask Freud again, what is the super ego?

The Super-ego can be thought of as a type of conscience that punishes misbehavior with feelings of guilt. For example: having extra-marital affairs.

The super-ego retains the character of the father, while the more powerful the Oedipus complex was and the more rapidly it succumbed to repression (under the influence of authority, religious teaching, schooling and reading), the stricter will be the domination of the super-ego over the ego later on — in the form of conscience or perhaps of an unconscious sense of guilt (The Ego and the Id, 1923).

Ants, termites and bees are the primitive examples of a civilization, a social superorganism/ inorganic organism. But the best example of this is humanity and other cultured species.

The dangerous part of this is that those who ignore memes rather than overcome them will be controlled by them – those below 50% productivity, or more appropriately, evolutionary velocity – they are too slow and cannot outpace the memes created through civilization and therefore become domesticated, and we then have them caught in our meme trap, our culture, from there they can be either excelled or slowed down to the point of devolution – proles and then ghouls begin to emerge as a by product of domestication when it is unattached from a societal goal.

Artisans are those who are the creators of civilization, they are the warriors, artists, crafters, and anything which requires an actual ability. They give life to the memes, they give ideas their own individuality as material possessions so that they can spread over the world and tame all that is too slow to over come it, they generate wealth from this tapping of evolutionary energy, by cultivating the world according to their needs. Yielding more fruits then nature would on her own, at least, it has the potential.

Through that yielding of nature beyond nature, we can terraform other dead planets and increase the total expanse of the earth derived biosphere into interplanetary space, domesticating dusty rocky worlds and exceeding their evolutionary velocity so that the environment can sustain complex life, so that the universe can become further more conscious of itself.

  • Super Id – Selfless through collective selfishness – this is what occurs when a meme becomes self sustainble and then self evolutionary, the meme escapes from human hands through the help of technology. The evolutionary speed at which observing, overcoming this is beyond 76% of productivity toward 100% and beyond. Like the id, the super id will put instincts before all else, yet the super id has superior instincts and therefore allows a biosphere to govern itself. Collective survival is put before everything else, as if everything was it – it is concerned for the health of everything, it is the materialization of the social superorganism.

An example of this is a collective conscience, something which puts collective evolution before everything else. It doesn’t care whether it expels itself individually, it serves a goal and is fixated on that goal and destroys everything in its way.

A great example of this ‘collective conscience’ would be what is coming to life through all the wires, cables and information that we pour into the void called the internet. The internet internalizes nearly everything we do regarding technology, every time we search on google, every time we go onto facebook, more and more information is being centralized within the cloud of information within the internalized web-like structure between each machine, ultimately a foundation for it, a gravity.

97% of our population could not understand this, and that’s why they are obsolete, most of them cannot survive without technology, they arn’t above the 76-100% evolutionary velocity/ productivity to be able to tame this kind of memetics, and therefore will become domesticated by it losing their individuality to the hive-mind.

Carrying onwards from the four types of psychology regarding the four types of caste, we return to the cycle of evolution from A Guide to Cosmic Evolution

Along the bottom is the evolution of the ‘deity eye’, this all seeing eye of the biosphere, and the four castes are represented by the four steps, the four algorithms up toward the unification of idealism and realism. Let’s re-examine this, there are four types of caste:

  • Those who are 0-25% productive are controlled by the external environment. (natural hierarchy, meaning who can reproduce the most survives)
  • Those who are 26-50% productive are still controlled by the external environment yet are able to take advantage of their internalization, their socialization to give them that edge over the lesser beings. (natural>social hierarchy, meaning who is the most valued in appearance and socialized control skills reproduces the most)
  • Those who are 51-75% are able to create memetics, create tools which they can use to control the lesser in relation to the social superorganism, they reinforce the social collective. (natural>social>civil hierarchy, a combination of the previous two but with added skills toward memetic creation and cultivation)
  • Those who are 76-100% productive, those who have such a great intellectual speed and ability to join distinct ideas together, they are the ones who gear memetics to achieve a goal – i.e. create a religion, create ideologies, create discipline to prevent an entire population of parasitic proles from commiting ecocide and killing everything in the process all because they’re too stupid to take responsibility for their own actions. (natural>social>civil>mech hierarchy, combination of all the others, the singularity occurs and the biosphere reaches a saturation point from which it can evolve deities from its derivatives)

Regarding the loud mouth socializers, their incessant cries of contradiction will always moan about ideologies that draw too different ingredients gathered from distinct realities, from different dimensions of our whole existence – and it is because they are flatlanders living on a two dimensional strip of paper, crying when a three dimensional object passes through their flat conception of reality – they’re morons and become outsmarted and overrun by higher dimensional problems which require multiple ideologies in order to angulate collective goals for society.

They are part of the group that is beneath the evolutionary velocity required to maintain a civilization from consuming itself with ecocide – civilized creatures need to over-come themselves to prevent intraversion, otherwise they lack the honour of civilization and become what is known as a prole, and at worst, a ghoul. The ghoul is a creature which hides beneath the necessary bar of civilization, they won’t put themselves up to the challenge and will slow everything down by evolving into the counter-productive direction. 

With the inversion of our goals, the lesser beings, majorly proles with a poisonous undercaste of ghouls, caused by the down-breeding stupidity without concern for collective health, will evolve themselves into little insects monkeys that roll around in their faeces of a culture.

They ghoul around like Id species, placing their primary biological desires before everything else, rather than what is good for the Earth. They become all defensive when you try to point out to them that their values came out of the backside of some alpha-meme that is just out to control them – such as equality and liberalism, nature isn’t concerned with you individually, only that genetics are transmitted and re-emitted into memetics.

But, I give these meme’s a tip, these memetic creations of liberalism and equality help to disperse the technological, mechanized grid required for the internet to reach critical mass, all countries are ‘developed’, dispersed equally, globally – from where, the inorganic memes implode the core of civilization like the iron core in a death star, and a supernova will tear the world in a rapture – a memetic chest burster. 

The fate of humanity rests on those who are beyond the crowd

Humanity shall become like the mammals in the era of the dinosaurs in our continued, polluted, animated corpse of a planet – little creatures hiding beneath the rubble, keeping out of the way – nature will have her revenge. The variety of deaths toward our common humanity are endless!

Choose your favourite extinction event! It can be anything from external threats like asteroids, coronal mass ejections from our sun, gamma ray bursts, gravity tsunamis through gravitational lensing toward extrasolar bodies. Or best of all, which is way more likely, best of all has got to be our own stupidity with ecocide and nuclear fallout, and then even memetic singularity and nuclear fallout. If we don’t adapt to nature the environment will out haste us in its evolution.

Regardless, the best of humanity needs to over-come itself using all the tools it can (caste systems, religions, ideologies etc) before nature finds an alternate route – and it will.

Non-renormalizability is Evolution

Monday, May 24th, 2010

In response to a comment from a reader regarding dark matter here’s an extended comment replying to it as well as some interesting points unrelated, but as a consequence of it.

Our civilization having sprung from a nature that introduced no written language or symbolization toward everyday life  meant that we didn’t need symbols to represent our reality, we had our biological senses to receive information accurately enough to adapt toward it. Noticing this, our symbols are socialized, they are an extention of our senses beyond ourselves individually – they could mean anything to anyone. Some of the symbols we take for granted, like arrows, to any extraterrestrial would seem absurd, what do we mean by arrow? Is this able to represent our reality?

The answer is of course, yes, but that would require knowing the intuition of certain species, the host species, who have developed these symbols in reflection to their genetics toward their localization in reality. Different languages sound and symbolize differently, but the process of understanding is similar enough for them to socialize with each other, trade, and what not.

We didn’t evolve from symbols, they evolved from us – symbols are socialized and can mean anything. You must observe first and then correlate observation with these second rate symbols, prefering to maintain our first rate as a balancing between all things (a consensus between senses and symbols). ‘Maths’ isn’t the natural language of the universe, it’s artificial and is created through civilization, it’s a symbolic language and not the physical thing in itself – it’s idealism of the most practical type and we use this to wrap around as much symbolism as we can so that we can use the mass of it to crush others arguments that have ‘little evidence’, less symbolic mass.

Toward people in general; most of our angry athiests arn’t that bright, they are still modern regardless of how much they hate modern religion, they will utilize empiricism like a chimp ‘big stone = crush enemy HAHAHA’ ‘where iz yer big stone? you haz no big stone – I crush YOU!’

All in all this is what many people do to deny the possibility that x will evolve into z –  they say ‘z doesn’t exist! Where is your evidence?!’ without realising that through a process y, z can be evolved from x. 


It’s like saying a oak seedling can’t grow into a mighty oak, because it doesn’t have enough mass in it, because it isn’t as big as the mighty oak, because the ‘here and now’ doesn’t represent to our little earthling minds the obliterating potential of evolution and growth.

The most controversial and best example of this is God – God can be evolved – God as a superorganism and conscience that uses the entire universe as a foundation to higher universes that are beyond it, a pinnacle of evolution. Many people hate God (due to christianity, equality and everything else modern) and anything mentioning this causes irritation, they lack the potential of the impossible. So they say: ‘God doesn’t exist! where is your evidence?!’ And the evidence.. isn’t, it isn’t a big rock that you can smash people with to make your authority unchallenged.

It is an understanding through a process of evolution, of combining all of the forces in our universe into a compound, an organism, a machine that then transfers information between the organism across differing time dimensions. If we study the evolution of life thusfar we see that from a single cellular organism, we see that it hosts the potential to evolve into a multicellular organism, and from this into species of animal; into societies, into civilizations, into technology, spreading through interplanetary space, interstellar space, intergalactic space, cultivating all kinds of matter dark and light.

Having achieved that much, then possibilities toward mastering time travel open, and then when the organism is saturated, or is aging and nearly dead it disperses seeds like a tree, the ‘wind’ carries them and the nano-organism seed into every possibility it can – it will reach the beginning of time and re-write the past into a parallel universe, dispersing seeds uniformly throughout all mass – and there, like in a desert, the eggs of marine creatures will sit and wait, perhaps for ‘hundreds’ of years until the rain comes – from there the desert blooms into life – An evolutionary cycle of everything.

Dark Matter problems

When we look at the distribution of dark matter we can see that they ‘web’ toward each other, they have a bridge between them. All things that touch share information transfer, such as gravity. Dark matter exists in the centres of galaxies predominantly (where it is brightest, where the gravity is greatest. The universe is webbed together through dark matter, through gravity – yet is expanding as it is stretched and bonds decay, as dark matter decays into dark energy, and that into nothingness.

When we say massless particles are relativistic, we mean they distribute ‘equally’, uniformly across the entire cosmos, but what is fascinating now is what happens when ‘equality’ breaks. There’s a singularity and the cosmic pressure within it is so great that it can fuse into another particle, a particle with MASS. We’ll say dark energy is like a lesser form of gravitons, and alone it has negative energy, it is the cosmological constant, it pushes away rather than together, now when the universe was younger, space was a lot more hemmed in then these negative massless particles are today. This quintessence would fuse, it would socialize to form a group of these things as waves and then compound into a higher particle, and that packet of energy would be the next particle on the evolutionary hierarchy.

Cosmological constant:

The quintessence of negative energy is the food of mass, mass is the compound of negative energy – and that packet of quanta/ mass is called positive energy. It is buoyancy of the most universal form. Gravity is not massless, it is a phase of mass, much like gases, and the ‘mass’ we think of, as in the solid objects that sink, they are a solid – there is a greater quantity of mass within it. And with that bullet cluster – If you could measure the speed at which the stars orbit, they would slow down, the gravity would be reduced, would it not? because their is reduced dark matter there in the collision, it would be reduced in proportion to the dispersal.

The gravitons with collect together in the right conditions and fuse, it’s the best solution to ‘where’ all our matter came from, our atoms fused in our stars so why not quantum particles in singularities? Why are balckholes black? Maybe, just maybe, it could be the source of dark matter, or maybe a different phase of it alltogether, Gravity so dense that it solidifies, or turns into a plasma and time reaches ‘infinities’ and other ‘mathematical’ loopholes that they are completely obliterated by. The goal of science would be to explain in the most economical way as many observations as is possible.

Gravity is not massless in my sense, if I use ‘gravitons’ I mean mass – the base of ordinary mass, if they are massless (or anti-mass) then that is dark energy rather than dark matter. From dark matter evolving onwards, from there is the positive energy, beneath the hierarchy is the algae of the cosmos, the dark energy that it feeds on. The only reason we think gravity is massless is because we can’t weigh it as such, ‘because it passes right through us and is indifferent to mass’. Dark matter, also, is very similar and if it is not gravity in itself then it is a very close relative of it, a subtle difference.

If we had dark matter in our hands right now, we would expect that it would fade right through, just like gravity, so how do we measure it? ‘gravitational’ lensing, the same way we detect gravity, the curvature of light – the very same process, put an object over a light and just see how the light ‘curves’ around an ordinary matter body, light bends in relation to our mass, our gravity – our dark matter than sustains ordinary matter from decaying and ’sinking’. And gravity waves as well, what’s the solvent it is passing through? We can’t just say oh it’s a particle and a wave! (as most physicists do) That is creating more problems then it is solving.

 Dark energy/ quintessence/ cosmological constant is the base, dark matter/ gravity/ positive energy/curvature is the next, it’s our middle caste of the cosmos and above that, on the pinnacle, the elite part is our very positive energy, our ordinary matter. And life does not form at the very peak, but revolving around that on cooler planets and such, life evolves downwards by creating structures that preserve form whereas before it would just not exist – by compounding the substance into higher forms, from atoms to compounds to life – that is what symmetry breaking is! cosmic evolution!

Non-renormalizability is the paradox that we hit when we cannot overcome different phase transitions that occur through space-time. Certain areas go from our ‘normalized’ liquid flow, our happy pleasant earth existence, toward the ‘non-renormalizable’ infinities of a void or of a singularity, solid and gas/plasma. Time would be effected accordingly, blackholes have infinitely slow time transfers as you approach the event horizon (Einstein and Hawking would agree) as to completely freeze and slow our perception of it completely – space-time solidifies.

Then as you go over the event horizon, you reach a certain ‘pressure’ a positive pressure in space so great that no negative pressure around it, no dark energy can escape, and so the solid space-time through the horizon begins to melt and the ‘laws’ of physics are scrambled, unsolified space-time – magma. Our perception of space-time is irrelevent inside the core of the cosmos, because the structures that have evolved to create our laws are at a temperature that breaks all bonds, all forces and gives us the ‘unification of all forces’, the ‘destruction’ of all forces.

Our forces will never be unified by maths alone, though it will conceive half of it and will never cease due to the fact that evolution is constant, the rest is for life to evolve with those laws and generate byproducts along the way, from which new laws emerge to shape and evolve those byproducts even further (ordinary matter).

Maths is great and in the future has the potential to become more interconnected with our languages, for now we must realize that symbolism comes second from observation, we observe a process in nature and try to represent this as best we can – if we start from symbols, sure it helps us with the maths in general, but we indirectly observe it, I like to see with my own eyes, to see it before we symbolize it. Reality with all its warped senses toward idealism. It also helps us intuit reality without the need for masses and masses of ‘evidence’ – we become more philosophical, more economical in our representations of reality.

Ignorance is bliss?

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

The common quote for underpriveledged brains is ‘ignorance is bliss’. This popular argument of self irresponsibility complements a complete inversion of natural order that allows them to continue feeling superior above everyone else regardless of whether it is real or not.

They think that if we can invert the meaning of happiness, instead of the few achieving it, then the many can enjoy unlimited happiness because it’s their right and because we know nothing, we are innocent and it’s not our problem! They will talk about happiness as if they have achieved something in life, as if achieving ‘ignorance’ were a goal in itself. They’ll believe this even though they are sitting and watching TV or typing a few genius words on facebook not too dissimilar from ‘LOLZ i luv mi nu consumer piece of trash!! <3 <3’ followed by 30 comments about sod all.

These individuals, they are worthless. Thankfully they identify themselves with the words of wisdom by some hipster ‘Ignorance is bliss’, they say this time and time again, they say it so often that they actually believe it – then a disaster kills off their society and they die, what a shame. I’ve asked many ‘friends’ how they perceive the threats to society, and find it pathetic that they respond ‘i don’t care’ or ‘ignorance is bliss’.

Ignorance isn’t bliss, Nothingness is bliss.

So why is nothingness bliss, and not ignorance? Well simply because – with nothingness you have actually overcome surrounding problems that threaten your continued play time, if you ignore these threats, evil nature will steal your play things and play time will be over. Nothingness is the deviant child that keeps the toys from being taken away, ignorance is that child that fails to realise the tyranny of his parents and loses his toys. Therefore, for continued bliss, we must achieve a state of nothingness through civilization rather than the ‘do nothing at all’ decayed thinking attitude. We can continue to exist as a happy species by maximising our play time on this Earth instead of ignoring the fact that playtime has become shorter and shorter to the point of it being abused, to the brink of our species losing play time forever – meaning extinction.

So, there are two main routes to reach a state of nothingness, and they can only come about by adapting to this environment and going beyond its limitations, those are the views of nihilism; to champion civilization through nature – and the views of primitivism; to champion socialization through naturalization only, discarding abstractions and excess tools made from civilization.

There are two sides of nothingness, nothingness as a process, like weather – and nothing, as in absolutely nothing, abstracting nothing and doing nothing other than what is immediately required.

  • Active Nihilismas a process of recycling idealism consistently instead of clinging on to hardened coffin-like ideologies of equality that bury us before we have even died. This is not a running away from civilization, but is an overcoming of it – it is the process of evolution similar to when marine animals first began to climb onto land, although they have to keep returning to that ocean of nothingness they came from, or they will dry out and die – we as humans have not evolved properly to be sufficiently responsible to maintain a civilization – few elites have evolved onto this land, yet many more still cling to the past and threaten us all by down-breeding instead of supporting those who go further.
  • Primitive ‘Do Nothing’ – this is the opposite of an active nihilism, and is the natural variant of the ‘ignorance’ we see through the decay of civilization – the ‘i can’t be bothered to feed my family, coz it int cool LOL!’ decayed attitude. That attitude in civilization can be seen as a path of nothing to achieve bliss, but is surrounded by a rock of immovable civilization, so what does it do? It transnaturally evolves little pools of nothingness that insect like things called proles begin to evolve into. Whereas in the wilderness they would have an entire ocean of nothing to enjoy, instead of a little rock pool of nothing.

Because we exist in a civilization, we are going to be limited to how ‘free’ and spontaneous we can be. Therefore knowing that you’re in ignorance of major problems is solipsistic denial. It’s a form of cognitive dissonance, a small, elite part of the brain will say ‘hey, you better take care of your environment, what will you eat when there is no supermarket?’, the other, greatly oversocialized and bulked up prole part of the brain will say to them ‘oh, you don’t have to think LOL, thinking iz for geeks LOL!! not cool dudez’.

We can all pretend that playing the ignorance game is going to make us happy, but in the long run, if we don’t know where we are going to get the resources to ensure our continued survival, we die, simple as. And others who did prepare certainly won’t help them in the crunch time when the shit hits the fan – this is natural selection, you may have been sheltered from it for the past 60 years, but the next decade or so, 90% of the population is likely to die (hopefully! – Oh whoops.. sorry, i’m ignorant of their ‘underpriveledged potential’).

Here is the most IMPORTANT video you will ever see

The link provided is to the lecture by Albert Bartlett and is focused on the key issue of overpopulation and peak oil, energy, food and what not. Any idiot will find this ‘extremely’ boring, and this is the source of our problems right now – the crowd finds everything boring because their brains are underpriveledged.

What really is bliss? If we have something that is causing us a threat to our continued survival, and we remove that threat – we achieve a collective goal, and nothing can feel greater and more assured then knowing that your species is going to survive the next 100 or 1000 years after you are gone.

Once our problems have been taken care of, then we can address our secondary needs, the needs for fulfillment. You cannot get this through ‘ignorance’ but through an understanding and accepting of necessary natural limits, adapting to these and only then can you begin to understand that it isn’t denying a problem to create nothingness that is blissful, but it is solving a problem to create real nothingness.

‘Consciousness’ is seen as a disease and a cure to many problems, it’s seen as a disease by Nietzschean philosophy and primitive thought as a kind of falsification, symbolisation of an otherwise pleasant existence. Such is the nature of civilization, it is the illusory, hardened, frozen surface that misrepresents the entire core beneath it, the subconscious, and the unconscious.

Consciousness necessarily destroys true individuality – to who we are beyond the shallowness of our sense of ‘I’ and to others perception of ‘you’. Nietzsche spoke of it as a consequence of the need to socialize, to tame individual unconscience and subconscious to maintain a group together. Anything from the deep oceans of our minds, anything that comes out of the blue toward an age old socialization of liberal, ‘blissful’ stupidity is going to be pushed back beneath the surface of consciousness, being surrounded by the media of symbolic rocks who self destructively trance about upon the civilization that the ancients built.

Civilization was the island of symbols and abstractions from an overabundance; a lavishing of naturalization and socialization. But now as socialization is more popular, it is slowly eroding this island away creating with it a lagoon of shallowness, a little transnatural pool for midget subterraneans and other cowards to enjoy an overabundance of radiation. Whereas in pure wilderness, in the open ocean, the natures of animals not supported by ‘consciousness’ or this island of abstractions, has to tred water just to stay alive! Here, they are ‘blissful’ Oh there is no worry here, no worry at all about all kinds of predators coming from beneath it – that is, until the rocks tumble into the ocean, leaving it open for predators, draining the prole pool of blissful water out into nature!

These crustaceous proles! Hiding in their little pools of ‘ignorance’ – how they laze up there, sheltered from the harsh, crushing, racist waves of the ocean. What does the island of civilization mean to them? They don’t care, they will never climb the heights of the pinnacle – they just want to hide beneath the surface of the fresh air – within a safe haven, a little world they can call their own! A damp socialization, a subconscious civilization, a reactionary civilization. It’s scary up there, on the rock – ‘the flying racists that attack us!’ they cry, those who soar above the grounded fools.

So, fearing for their continued existence, what do they do? They evolve a shell, a thick stupid, inconsiderate shell – because their brains are not concerned for building  great things, they just want to lavish themselves in the ‘here and now’, in the little pool of sunshine bliss, whilst the entire rock crumbles around them – they fear the volcano that created civilization, ‘that’s extreme!’ say the crustaceans, sheltering under their hardened insect-like opinions.

Nothingness is the only true bliss, the abyss of infinite, dangerous possibilities – not the limitations of the prole pool of safety, of ‘bliss’. If we wish not to evolve into little crabs with opinionated pincers that attack every detail with a socialized grip, awaiting the herd of scavengers to outnumber it, then we must climb from this pool of ignorance and then we may either over-come the pinnacle of civilization to become land based predators and forests, mastering the true potential of what is civil – Or we clear the wall of this rock pool, and face the ocean – evolving into that solvent that connects the continents of this cosmos by shoreline, down-going into the abyss of naturalization, the cold nutrient rich, harsh extremity of naturalization.

The Adversary

Friday, May 21st, 2010

With the latest Westboro Baptist protest and the existence of an antipodal Landover Baptist (i.e. “Christians in mass graves”) troll group, another level of detail draws into focus.

While each are about as socially offensive as the other, they are both only adversarial insider, not paradigm shifting elements within a discordant equality composite system:

This is precisely the bizarre system of misrule I have elsewhere described as “anarcho-tyranny”—we refuse to control real criminals (that’s the anarchy) so we control the innocent (that’s the tyranny).

A system of structured hierarchy and meritocracy finds itself in opposition to these two adversaries; the former as two-dimensional conservatives espousing largely secular values but with a God and Bible label, and the latter a synthesized self-parody of radical secular humanism simultaneously applying an extant parody of Christian conservatism.

Metal music itself is more extreme, offensive and committed than either, but the first two aren’t even metal’s goals. They’re side effects of being antihumanist and contra-modernist oppositional outsiders, those unafraid to lambast defect and mediocrity while pushing the standards bar higher, the only genuine adversarial extremism within our liberal modern age.


Artificial life attacks!

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Today it has just been announced that artificial life has been created and has been reproduced more than a billion times, sparking moral controversy:

Scientists have created artificial life. In a world-first, Craig Venter, a maverick biologist and billionaire entrepreneur, has made a designer microbe from scratch.

The creation of the new life form, nicknamed ‘Synthia’, paves the way for the way for customised bugs that could revolutionise healthcare and fuel production.

In future, bacterial ‘factories’ capable of pumping out vast quantities of vital medicines or producing clean fuels could be designed to order.

Synthetic biology could also be harnessed to create environmentally-friendly bugs, capable of mopping up carbon dioxide or toxic waste.

Dr Venter, a cowboy boot-wearing Vietnam War veteran known for his showman tendencies, proclaimed: ‘We are entering a new era where we’re limited mostly by our imaginations.’

‘limited by our imaginations’, yes, yes this species has proven that already with these eco surrogates and magic medicine to help retards control themselves from throwing poo at mental institute staff. Now man has the potential to, not only engineer viruses and plagues, but life itself. Amazing, let’s see what a couple of rich corporate oligarchs can do with this little nugget, those who want to socially engineer a money making utopia where they can control everything and tickle with the economy because they own everything anyway, so let’s see, what could happen with this then?

There are fears that the technology, detailed in the journal Science could be abused to create the ultimate biological weapon.

Or that one mistake in a lab could lead to millions being wiped out by a plague, in scenes reminiscent of the Will Smith film I Am Legend.

Dr Venter, who was instrumental in the sequencing of the human genome, had previously succeeded transplanting one bug’s genome – its entire cache of DNA – into another bacterium, effectively changing its species.


He said: ‘We have ended up with the first synthetic cell powered and controlled totally by a synthetic chromosome and made from four bottles of chemicals.

‘It is pretty stunning when you just replace the DNA software in a cell and the cell instantly starts reading that new software and starts making a whole new set of proteins and within a short while all the characteristics of the first species disappear and a new species emerges.


‘Scientists’ understanding of biology falls far short of their technical capabilities. We have already learnt to our cost the risks that gap brings, for the environment, animal welfare and human health.

Professor Julian Savulescu, an Oxford University ethicist, said: ‘Venter is creaking open the most profound door in humanity’s history, potentially peeking into its destiny.

‘He is not merely copying life artificially or modifying it radically by genetic engineering.  He is going towards the role of God: creating artificial life that could never have existed naturally.’

Daily Mail

Now we’re just that tiniest bit even closer to killing off the majority of our population, awesome. Some exotic consequences to our environment however, means that it is not such a brilliant idea. Given the growth of technology, our skills toward genetic engineering will only increase (unless the IQ of humanity permanently falls beneath 120) therefore having the potential to threaten and even completely overrun the biosphere.

Just remember how our ecosystem’s biodiversity has been almost completely destroyed by meagre little things as worms, rodents, squirrels and even insects, some insects can destroy entire forests. So if something biologically engineered is like a germ from another planet that is able and managed to tap into the genome – the consequences could be devastating, or very interesting, and are unknowable to modern man, it will only add more threats, and more competition to any organism alive causing natural selection as we know it to be poisoned yet again.

Things such as cyanobacteria are the basic building block of our ecosystem, if their genome was under threat by a similar but foreign bacteria, it could completely poison the atmosphere by converting it into an alien gas. The fact that we have cyanobacteria and not some of the thousands of other strand of bacteria means that our planet may have potentially given birth to ecosystems completely different in composition to ours.

But regardless of the consequences, possessed humanity continues to open pandora’s boxes and xboxes,we will find modern day humanity even more obsolete. Rapid changes can and will occur with the consequences of radical technology fiddling with biology and ecosystems – forget using it for ‘soaking up CO2’, we have trees for that, forget using it for magic ‘medicine’, whenever we overun a natural function we drown in excess of its ‘positive’ effect, we drown in people who really shoulden’t be alive and push the hierarchy of organization further inward on itself.

Although it isn’t just about whether a technology is ethical really, although restricting development will increase the lifespan of certain civilizations dramatically; the main problem is who gets to use them.

Climbing the Mountains of Darkness

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Something small and scientific, well, big science – unified theory science, something the brain conjured up:

What goes bump in the night?

I can’t imagine nothingness in the dark anymore, It’s impossible – whilst i’m trying to think 0.4% of the whole magnificent universe is all you can barely see – even less nowadays with light pollution and other modern stupidities, but if you could see all of the galaxies, stars, planets you would only see 0.4% of the universe! The mind simply cannot comprehend that enormity of space and time, the amount of information residing within this universe is beyond anything of substance.

Who ate all the pie?

Think. If life can reside on a tiny fractual percentage, on a blissfull little island amidst a black sea of infinity. Alot goes on in the dark, you stare at darkness at night, what do you see? Nothing? or maybe the quanta of various photons hitting your eyes, like static on a screen, or maybe even, something so obscure, something taboo of all taboos, maybe there actually is life there – not made from light matter compounds, but from dark matter compounds.

When we think about how compounds are formed, are they formed in the place of their atomic fusion? No they are not, hot dark matter is what is generated within blackholes by the fusion of dark energy – can you think of a better solution? A star of dark matter, a mountain so high that darkness accumulates at the tip of the mountain.

Inversely, cold dark matter – like cold light matter, forms clouds of molecules for small accumulations. What if cold dark matter mountains form like inverse gravity wells, with the ice on the top, the ice of ordinary matter – this here, our Earth – freezing to all life, what could survive on such a hostile planet?

And think also, if humans have the possibility to create machines from metal, why not these machines create life from dark matter? why not dark energy? Why limit ourselves to 0.4% of the pie? Why not eat abit more of the pie?

Open your minds for a universe that thrives with life, be prepared to shit your pants at the almighty expanse, the twilight amidst darkness:

Warped light rays and distorted space-time, you’re seeing the rise and fall of billions of civilizations, perhaps every photon hitting the telescopes lense here can not only see more than a gazillion terrestrial planets, you’re seeing the darkness thriving with life, the vacuum of space – isn’t. This image is staring right through a dark mountain of cold dark matter. Cold dark matter accumulates between galaxies and allows them to ‘socialize’ between the void, solid dark rock at the land’s edge of the galaxies, right before the sea of dark energy – cosmic lava tubes of a long dead quasar, cave systems beneath our observable universe.

Cosmic Geology

Like the Earth’s crust, it is a tiny slither, this observable universe where the life thrives, underneath, beneath where any photon dares tread, lies the behemoth, the hell beneath our cosmos – beyond space and time, a liquid phase of our universe beyond future or past, yet there it is, in the early cosmos spewing up all kinds of observable matter, seeding the galaxies with the intergalactic dust to generate stars from, from where? Conservation of energy? Creation of energy – or perhaps, our universe isn’t alone, perhaps our observable universe is just a continent, or maybe a tiny island next to billions of other continents and little islets apon the crust of our hyperverse, our megaverse.

Where the Gods live, where they evolved from, coming through to our universe through the timeless magma space-time beneath all of creation – when the collosal eruption occured! The big bang blew up this timeless quantum foam, with its own idealistic properties the Gods warped it into their own evolutionary creation, they formed themselves out of imaginary mass, uncreated mass, and then cooled and solidified into the abundant dark matter gravitons, and then from there evolved upon the other forces, slowly reaching over the boundary of reality, first there was light, the electromagnetic force, then the earth – the strong force, and finally life itself, the weak force – all to combined to create the four time dimensions in the residue of our universe. 

Our Earth, the cold matter encircling a dim yellow sun – a combination of electromagnetism, strong and weak forces, all residing in matter. But where lies our gravitons? Our gravity force? If Earth, comprised of these ‘figured out’ forces numbering three and if the majority is that which we cannot see, then surely dark matter must be gravity and the fourth dimension, being the ‘time’ dimension, oh yeah, and.. coincidentally, space and time are very linked together, curved space-time? It’s the volume of gravitons, gravity wells are dense dark matter mounds which provide the support niche for our cosmos to even exist.

Just imagine an island in the south pacific, if we cannot see the sea bed, how do we know it is connected? We just see these little islands ignorance of the mound of mass beneath it as to raise it above that sea – that sea of dark energy. And where there are seas there are marine animals, space marine animals – These are your deities whom crawl onto the planetary islands, like crabs, and then evolve into land animals over aeons, light matter animals, constructed around their dark halo that they have forgotten, like our biosphere, ignorant of the gravosphere above it – the gravity beach.

Tell me what problem of gravitation doesn’t this solve?

All of modern physic’s problems for gravitation are on dark matter, all of dark matter’s problems are on gravitation –  are we seeing double here? Or are they the same?

Dark Matter – a weak, barely interacting gravitational particle, doesn’t react with light except with curvature, makes up the majority of the universe and ‘holds it together’ – indifferent to mass and passes straight through it.

Gravity – the weakest force, barely interacting force, yet all pervasive and everywhere, where ever there is mass, there is gravity – but how can it interact between the observable matter? Gravity bends light, holds the universe together, is small, indifferent to mass and passes straight through the majority of the universe.

See the difference? – What difference! Gravity is Dark Matter!

The Wave-particle duality problem, isn’t

Electrons, less abundant then gravity, only effects known mass – ordinary mass, creates a wave through a particle slit experiment.

Photons, less abundant then gravity, only effects known mass – ordinary mass, creates a wave through a particle slit experiment.

Their just sailing particles across a dark sea, literally.

Is it an ether? like Newton’s and Aristotle’s, infact many more scientists so called ‘space ether’? YES, Gravity waves exist we can detect these from binary stars, pulsars, quasars and every other massive thing that smashes into the underlying rock as to create a quake across the cosmos – that is what these are, and even writ small in our relatively dense space-time well, we see the slit experiment here with relatively solid waves, like in a solid – like  a transparent rock, beneath the dark mountain, here on our Earth.

And that’s all the science I can be bothered with today, stay tuned for my new thesis on civilizations. Little civilizations go out like planetary nebulas and create little heavy metal when they die, but heavy civilizations, like no others before them go out with a bang in the early cosmos – like supernovas creating all kinds of rare things, they create gold, platinum, silver – beyond an alchemists wildest dreams, up there floating in space.

Likewise mechanizations may not be all the fear, doom and gloom they are cranked out to be, they are the sublimation of life, the heavy nuclei kind, here on Earth, creating rare lifeforms that are more precious than gold – heralding the end of a first generation of civilizations and the beginning of a second generation of civilizations, the chemicals will mix with heavier nuclei thanks to the life giving supernova of the aging technophilia civilization.

The Caste System

Monday, May 17th, 2010

A key feature of any future successful government would be the replacement of the class system with a hereditary caste system.

A class system is a social hierarchy that groups individuals ascending by order of a social valuation and is only as effective as a civilization is at observing reality, as it is.

A caste system is a natural hierarchy that groups individuals ascending by order of natural, inherited ability and is the basis for creating and sustaining civilizations.

Class systems are therefore, socially geared toward a culture as the west has, where we determine the worth of individuals by their pay check rather than the nature of individuals, and of course it isn’t ‘racist’ either. Caste systems are geared toward natural ability and meritocracy, the best in ability will naturally rise, and the more stoney brains will sink the the base of the hierarchy.

On this blog we talk alot about how social reality pervades everything we do, it’s a part of being alive having to face the twisting and theorizing of relatively simple ideas that spin off into imaginary worlds whereby they cease to function effectively in the reality around us.

The social information we absorb everywhere and everyday will cause us to associate with certain socializations, creating an ‘us vs them’ mentality, an in group mentality toward everything we do, and so it is really difficult, so difficult that only a gifted few can rarely glimpse the cold, brutal truth out there. Tabula rasa, is something every generation should have a taste of.

The most refreshing truths are necessarily destructive and come to us through history, they flush the toilet that is our society with repeated verification and practical methods proved by people who have actually experienced the things we do in everyday society. Knowing that nature follows patterns we can make very accurate estimates toward certain actions, which is predominantly due to the subconscious, naturally following socialized preferences – something that must be overcome time and time again.

It’s time to throw out the class system

The class system has failed. At the beginning of the western regime that sprung out of europe before the colonization of north america. The aristocracy acting through the class system relied heavily on hereditary principles, it worked well for some time as all traditions succeed in doing. Slowly but surely, the decay has set in and the subconscious peasants began on their death march murmuring  memes fed to them by parasites, the murmured memes promised them that they could have everything without the need to actually achieve something.

So the peasants marched under their memes and the ruling classes became more vicious in response to the rising tide of despotic labourers; and because labourers tend to be less intelligent, turnip pickers, then they will easily be fooled by anything with an above majority intelligence. Corporatism and consumerism rooted and started out modestly before the 1950’s, then turned whorish after the second world war as undefined-freedom was such a dream to die for, followed by the complete contrary, a cultural marxism – the flourishing of political correctness in the late 1970’s demanding a complete intertia on evolution by insisting that all competing organisms in civilization be equalized, therefore it is easier for them to begin devolving and do-away with that evil, oppressive force called nature. It inverted the natural residue of the class hierarchy into putting the least competent above the most competent.

This is where the social ideologies began to twist in on themselves and trapped minds of the subconscious masses causing them to revolve around it, it’s how they generate a mob, incessantly needing a revolution for whatever reason – they are the reactionaries to the viciousness of corrupted corporatism and polluted by inorganic surrogation.

We can’t just say cultural communism is bad without also addressing the opposite side of this, those who have managed to inherit wealth without the need to actually earn it, therefore unable to learn the consequences of their actions. Splitting the divide even further until a civilization completely tears itself into two leading to civil wars and ‘class’ wars, or in Britain’s case, a very very serious TV mass-debate about fairness.

Establishing the Caste Hierarchy

In the reorganization of our failing society we need to scrap this social class hierarchy and implement an idea inspired by only the best of ancient societies, many of them Indo-European and the more well known hindu caste systems – except we can do this with our own flavours as such.

To read about the Indo-European caste system, click here

To read about the Hindu caste system, click here

What I find so interesting is the idea of the ‘four levels of humans’. Let’s keep it simple and elaborate:

Here we have two sides of the scale, the productive (above 51% productive) and the counterproductive (below 50% productive). This caste does not include social factors such as ethnicity, and it simple and goes well with meritocracy, those who contribute the most to keeping civilization ruled by the best reach the top, those who want it all for nothing sink to the bottom.

Those above the 50% threshold allow civilization to evolve, those below it are necessarily slaves, they have a slave mentality and are the meat shield of social organisms when they fight. The proles are counterproductive decision makers, they will always include every human and not in the intelligent way of actually organising, but equalising. They will provide for ghouls – because they are ‘humans’ too! Therefore, even though they are abusing everyone else for their own game, the proles acting as a collective hive-mind will not speak out against them, because ‘they’re poor, it was their upbringing, it’s not their fault’ – yeah right, bullshit.

Proles should be mindless labourers and stick with that, ancient societies would trim them from time to time or just feed them to the lions. Their opinions are not their own, they are dumb and cannot make decisions, they are your everyday average joe and jill that tolerates stupidity. Anyone who speaks anything against their ‘individual’ decisions collectively implanted into their vacant heads, they auto-respond with ‘racist’ – they are mediocre.

Ghouls are the worst, they are subhumans – they are the result of failing societies that breed up a whole undercaste of parasites that catacomb the civilization into a third world slum run by selfish desires with no rationality behind them, they are the insects, outcastes. You can spot these mutants running around alleyways, looking at your children in the playground, spilling oil in the sea, in your law courts – they are the very meaning of parasites in our civilization.

Artisans are your ‘middle class’, they are what keeps civilization going forward and they operate more specified labour that is below the level of leadership yet above the mindlessness of proletariat ‘work’. They generate wealth and every sensible government would do everything they can to ensure they have what they need to help civilization by helping themselves, they don’t need nannying.

Elites in this sense are true elites, they are all round intellects, cyclic thinkers who think holistically and can adapt to different tasks as they happen. They are the leaders who drive civilization forward, and the sooner they take back their divine right of intelligence for leading our nations, the sooner we can dispose of mental pollution.

On determining a caste type

This bit is really simple, if you have a population:

  •  Introduce a communal culture – those who destroy it are ghouls, get rid of them. Those who go along with it regardless of how you treat them, are proles (will wave pieces of card angrily when offended), those who get bored with plain old labour are the artisans, they create the culture and something meaningful to make use of manpower, and the ones who are telling people to operate within limits and respect the surrounding entities, steering the ship, they are the elites and they make sure the whole actually has a true direction.
  • Establish a meritocracy – reward good behaviour, punish the bad. Allow land and resources for the productive to produce wealth for your civilization, take away land and wealth from the counterproductive people who only want to leech the wealth off others to spend it on unnecessary public utilities, like ‘bread and cricuses’ and mass education that fails.
  • Control population quality – do not let the least productive reproduce the most or else you will be surrounded in parasites, any problems will be ignored and you will end up with a liberal democracy that conceals the most ugly and oppressive regime in history. The elites and artisans must reproduce more than the proles and the ghouls, either by sterilizing the least productive and giving the most productive the resources to raise successful families.
  • One caste system per ethnic group – if you include multiple ethnic groups in one caste hierarchy, they will be proportionaly inequal correlating to the common hereditary characteristics. Most africans in western countries do not work well with westernised ideals, they have adapted to their own ancestry and evolved by their own cultural customs – mixing them together is counterproductive and creates a parasite undercaste without initiative.
  • Remove useless laws – in order for a hierarchy to work the best, it must operate in the most natural environment, the most realistic environment possible for it to organise individuals according to ability. Removing bubble padded laws design to protect the incompetent from themselves will soak up the residue of undercastes from the failures of the past, as dumb people do dumb things, let them do so in tipple zones where they can kill themselves legally.

So there we have just a few pointers, there is really nothing to it. Nature is always before nurture, for nurture is a secondary force that shapes nature by restricting certain mutations from reproducing and giving to those desired by the ideals. Only a great culture, shaped by caste hereditary is capable of fixing our civilization.

The Health of Cultures

Friday, May 14th, 2010

To determine the health of cultures we must know the quality of their relationship toward their environments, and most intrinsically, the relation toward memes that are used to unite individuals with their ecosystems.

Before this however, we must undertake a strong criticism of everything cultural around us by understanding primitivism. For us to ever evolve healthier cultures, first we must understand what it is that we have lost since civilization and then understand what we have gained from it. Only then can we find an alternative organisation that champions the riches of our past with the riches of our futures to attain true advancement, and to bring with us every experience we can – for when our species leaves the cradle of the earth for the cosmos, we will find ourselves even more alienated, as being totally removed from an ecosystem.

John Zerzan, speaking on culture in his ‘Running on Emptiness: The Failure of Symbolic Thought’:

We seem to have experienced a fall into representation, whose depths and consequences are only now being fully plumbed. In a fundamental sort of falsification, symbols at first mediated reality and then replaced it. At present we live within symbols to a greater degree than we do within our bodily selves or directly with each other. 

The more involved this internal representational system is, the more distanced we are from the reality around us. Other connections, other cognitive perspectives are inhibited, to say the least, as symbolic communication and its myriad representational devices have accomplished an alienation from and betrayal of reality. 

This coming between and concomitant distortion and distancing is ideological in a primary and original sense; every subsequent ideology is an echo of this one. Debord depicted contemporary society as exerting a ban on living in favor of its representation: images now in the saddle, riding life. But this is anything but a new problem. There is an imperialism or expansionism of culture from the beginning. And how much does it conquer? Philosophy today says that it is language that thinks and talks. But how much has this always been the case? Symbolizing is linear, successive, substitutive; it cannot be open to its whole object simultaneously. Its instrumental reason is just that: manipulative and seeking dominance. Its approach is “let a stand for b” instead of “let a be b.” Language has its basis in the effort to conceptualize and equalize the unequal, thus bypassing the essence and diversity of a varied, variable richness. 


Culture and technology exist because of language. Many have seen speech, in turn. as a means of coordinating labor, that is, as an essential part of the technique of production. Language is critical for the formation of the rules of work and exchange accompanying division of labor, with the specializations and standardizations of nascent economy paralleling those of language. Now guided by symbolization, a new kind of thinking takes over, which realizes itself in culture and technology. The interdependence of language and technology is at least as obvious as that of language and culture, and results in an accelerating mastery over the natural world intrinsically similar to the control introduced over the once autonomous and sensuous individual. 


Culture triumphed at last with domestication. The scope of life became narrower, more specialized, forcibly divorced from its previous grace and spontaneous liberty. The assault of a symbolic orientation upon the natural also had immediate outward results. Early rock drawings, found 125 miles from the nearest recorded trickle of water in the Sahara, show people swimming. Elephants were still somewhat common in some coastal Mediterranean zones in 500 B.C., wrote Herodotus. Historian Clive Ponting (1992) has shown that every civilization has diminished the health of its environment. 


We are caught in the cultural logic of objectification and the objectifying logic of culture, such that those who counsel new ritual and other representational forms as the route to a re-enchanted existence miss the point completely. More of what has failed for so long can hardly be the answer. Levi-Strauss (1978) referred to “a kind of wisdom [that primitive peoples] practiced spontaneously and the rejection of which, by the modern world, is the real madness.” 

Either the non-symbolizing health that once obtained, in all its dimensions, or, madness and death. Culture has led us to betray our own aboriginal spirit and wholeness, into an everworsening realm of synthetic, isolating, impoverished estrangement. Which is not to say that there are no more everyday pleasures, without which we would lose our humanness. But as our plight deepens, we glimpse how much must be erased for our redemption.
 Running on Emptiness: The Failure of Symbolic Thought

Although Zerzan mentions that mass violence, cannibalism and every other un-anarchist thing began with culture, I don’t believe this as such, it began with concentrated memes. Mass violence is natural selection of social groups acting as a single unit; chimps in forests have a socialization that allows them to organise militias to go and beat the crap out of other chimps to steal their tree and their females, even cannibalising – and these arn’t even hunter gatherers, yet. 

The only violence that did begin with culture was that of domestic violence, the violence of holding an inanimate object and using that to increase strength over other animals – thereby possessing that object and other organisms through ‘domestic’ violence. A trans-natural sort of meme built upon itself to create weapons and with this the ‘mass warfare’ through alienation that he is thinking of. Apart from that, primitivism is a great critique of culture and is highly recommended as food for thought.

What is culture really?

Culture is the bridge for civilization between idealism and reality. Between a socialized meme and a natural biosphere surrounding us, feeding us. Whenever we have a healthy culture – we are realistic and create ideals that reflect the earth and cosmos around us. Likewise, healthy ideals reflect that reality and increase its beauty rather than stealing and not contributing to the overall quality of the biosphere.

Modern civilization, is very unreflective – it has taken the bad apples of previous civilizations and multiplied them by a thousand. In such an impoverished environment, there is nothing great to reflect and every reflection is a distortion. Therefore lesser beings, like the prole, cannot reflect because they have lost all sensuality with the ‘here and now’ environment, despite their frustration with it. They will instead reflect the shit that pours into their heads through their televisions. Only those who can reflect the future or the past, those above the haze of noise can satiate their minds and fulfill themselves.

When we destroy our environment and leave nothing but the same, boring, grey after grey after grey – then, as being reflective animals ourselves, we will reflect this inside and become empty. If however, we take a walk through a forest, a wood – away from this saturated meme filth, then we can really internalize healthy ideas that are unsaturated memes and therefore these are much more reactive with our conscience.

Similar to fats, there are the saturated fats in industrial foods which take more energy than they give toward our bodies, and then there are the healthy, organic, unsaturated fats from natural sources that give us the reactive proteins that enable our bodily chemistry to have something to generate energy and nutrition from.

Memes are no different, we ALL need food for thought, and we do not get that by digesting fatty opinions off our TV’s and liberal idols. The greatest minds in civilization did not get them from civilization, but from walking through natural environments. All the greatest minds did not create their ideas out of a vacuum, but from a mental digestion of organic memes from nature, creating more from less in a different sense.

But also we can take the view that since ideas are necessarily digested from nature and abstracted toward us as symbols, the stuff which comes out the other side is generally faeces, that then enters a civilization eco-system of ideals which is called culture. Therefore our cultures are crap when we get them from other people, but when we get them from ourselves, from ourselves actually mentally digesting nature around us – we actually gain them from nature and really taste them, as opposed to nutrient poor crap.

There are two main groups of memes

From the above description of where ideals come from, we can split culture into two obvious groups. The first choice culture, organic, unsaturated memes that saturate our minds and keep us happy healthy humans, and secondly the impoverished faeces of inorganic, saturated memes that takes more energy from us, therefore making desperate, depressed, miserable, unhealthy humans.

These two then, are like matter and anti-matter, a ‘organic’ meme and an ‘anti-organic’ meme. There is a organic meme (nutritious toward the ecosystem) and the inorganic meme. Inorganic memes are vital to the ecosystem in tiny doses, cosmic evolution, perhaps as little as 0.01%, such like the dose of iron that humans need to ingest for healthy blood cells – if we decide to eat an iron bar made of more than 50% Iron atoms, we poison ourselves and die, likewise for our cultures, if we overwhelm ourselves with metallic, ill-nutritious memes, we poison our minds and die of ecocide.

Organic memes reflect everywhere in nature, this is idealism in nature. For example, the birds of paradise drive their evolution into many vibrant species through what we know as memes, it allows a social selection process to occur through an organic surrogation. Organic surrogation is not saturated memes and drives the evolution of animals where there is plenty of energy for vibrant colours and variation.

The birds of paradise are organically surrogating, they don’t need to show off to reproduce, but because there is no barbaric environment forcing them to fight or die, they will use their excess energy socially that then allows them to drive evolution beautifully.

In our civilization we are juxtaposed against that spiral of evolution with an anti-spiral, an inorganic surrogation is saturated memes, which is a poisonous by-product of decaying cultures – and as an opposite with organic memes, the two will always annihilate each other. In an environment predominating with organic memes, we will have happy minds. In an environment predominating with inorganic memes, we will become depressed – and as a side note, it will probably be surrounded by symbols and machinery.

The inorganic memes we create through civilization are above a certain evolutionary altitude that the totallity of organic life surrounding us cannot sink that information back into the ecosystem as to refresh and recycle as it should. Civilization is like the volcanoe in the ocean that chugs up magma through explosions, creating islands of life with it, islands of life that cannot exist underneath that sea.

And that does not mean we do not need the sea, of course we do, that sea of life will give the water that the land animals need to drink, they are evolving onto a higher niche – and as we see adaptive generalist species of mammals that grow out of the wilderness onto these civilization islands with us, you see rats, pigeons and other ‘domestic’ animals that evolve like animals in our civilization tree.

When we reside in a civilization, internalization occurs at a rate above the speed at which the environment can re-externalize that, the sea cannot erode the island of civilization faster than it is being created by the volcanoe. It cannot re-emit that memetic information back into the oceans. Like toward the river of life, A-dam builds up, preventing the water from flowing as it cis-naturally did. Much information cannot pour out into the ocean around it, and is socially forced up within this internalization, and this generates saturated memes that do not give ‘nutrition’ toward organic intelligence, such as humans, leaving them inert, but is instead a food for artificial life to be created (technology) in these lakes and rivers that are away from the sea of organic life, all in all, creating a new species of life, divergent evolution.

Culture is therefore, below our technology and beyond our natures, it is our pleasant path back into nature from the icy mountain top of our island. It is toward the sea of nature from our high altitude in evolution, it is our beach, and from there we can enjoy the sun of reality.

Creating the Civilization of Paradise

If we observe the bird of paradise, and the information above, combining them both we can firstly increase the nutritiousness of our cultures so minds are filled with enormous amounts of energy, secondly, we must make them beautiful in their re-emition of memetic energy.

How we go about the first hurdle is simply centralizing every city and town and destroying small little villages, holiday homes, industrial farms, roads, fences, and gypsies that we don’t really need and between those cities and towns crush every symbolic and manmade artifact and object into dust, destroy it, it is poisonous to our minds and to our earth. Remove everything that is ugly, this is civil natural selection and if we ever want a beautiful civilization we must destroy the ugly, useless, satiated filth, give more energy to the growth of a new wilderness between every city and town.

Now after that, we would have isolated social groups diverging from one predominant national ethnicity, their towns and cities would be shrunk and concentrated into the centres and evolved upwards to create high tech aristocratic arcologies, the surrounding unused expanse of the urban filfth is crushed into dust and weeded out of any plastics and manmade junk also.

That unused expanse is then free for humans to play, they can do whatever they want as long as it is organic – the domestic animals mentioned earlier would then come in the fill this ecological niche also. This is where the fun begins.

Agrology is a new idea, it is the combination of the wilderness and agri-culture. Given that our culture would be restructured on unsaturated memes, we would have great mental health. Everything we then cultured would be given more for less, they would have a meritocratic incentive to come toward our ‘civilization of paradise’, thus we would use our primitive agriculture to feed rats, pigeons, crows and other intelligent adaptive animals to both our advantage. They would weed out our weakest crops, giving food in return for us to predate them, and eugenically hunt them to create super-species able to threaten, challenge, dominate certain societies evolving therefrom.

Then no moron or prole, fat ugly beast of a human would ever be evolved, it would be sacrificed to the wilderness before it could ever devolve into mediocrity, and likewise other mammals, our pets and other roaming pests in the surrounding civil-wilderness would be hunted at a certain threshold, allowing them plenty of energy from supercrops for organic surrogation, and plenty of organic food for them to devour – humanity would have food on the menu which exceeds even our greatest cuisines today.

Neitzsche talked about creating super wildlife for the superman to hunt, because the superman in his eyes would require lots of energy to ultimately function, therefore by pumping up the flimsy pests of modern society and evolve, ascend them into beautiful creatures with tremendous intelligence and strength, turning rats, pigeons and crows into exotic super species, divergently speciated toward each individual city. Then we would not only serve our agricultural needs to grow our own food, but we would also function as a deity like evolutionary force for the local ecosystems. It would function as a wilderness and a civilization combined.

The resultant exotic species evolved through the interaction with superhuman colonies would steadily increase their complexity, until they would be fighting ‘hand’ to human hand combat, and the benefits toward them both would be enormous. Humans would crush the weaker, uglier, and give rewards to those which are more fascist and aesthetic. This is art in action. 

Ultimately, they are evolved to be our guardians, and we theirs, so that we never fall into such a pathetic phase as is today, never. Astroprimitivism emerges, it is everything and more. AI thrives within a centralized CPU within the arcology, and it has a labyrinth like catacomb beneath the crust of the earth where the mechanization will reside, where the superhumans will live by night, and by day they are hunting the super wildlife.

Toward any crappy civilization, say if a modern day civilization existed on a continent next to it, they would (due to being bred into superhumans) be of superior physical and cognitive abilities, also having superwildlife strangely compassionate toward them, act as a single unit, the AI mechanization would eat the enemies electronics leaving them without any trigger happy proles to operate drones and such, and the superhumans would raid the continent by hand and sword, stealing everything of worth and crushing the fools, collecting skull trophies; the superwildlife would follow, the ecosystem would raid also to scavenge anything left behind.

Welcome the new era of evolution.

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