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Ethics and the State

When elections are near, and at other times, there is much discussion of politics. There are various political views that people adhere to, yet deeper reflection reveals that what it means to hold a political view is not as simple as it may seem. A simple answer to this question would be that each political […]

A Guide to Cosmic Evolution – Part 2

Continuing from part one in A Guide To Cosmic Evolution, we may now begin to realize civilization as the rapid phase transition between one cis-natural sort of biosphere and a completely different one as an outcome, a trans-natural mechanosphere. Earth, as it resides at this very moment of typing, is like a cocoon concealing the butterfly within it, evolving beyond its senseless phase, preparing for […]

Caste systems and biodiversity

In leading the collective evolution of our species we will need caste systems to prioritise those individuals who go further, those individuals who, in looking after themselves well, are able to emit the excess contribution toward our biosphere. That is opposed to eating it, becoming fat, insolent, insects that attack details because the complexity of a social superorganism’s function is beyond […]

Non-renormalizability is Evolution

In response to a comment from a reader regarding dark matter here’s an extended comment replying to it as well as some interesting points unrelated, but as a consequence of it. Our civilization having sprung from a nature that introduced no written language or symbolization toward everyday life  meant that we didn’t need symbols to represent our reality, we […]

Ignorance is bliss?

The common quote for underpriveledged brains is ‘ignorance is bliss’. This popular argument of self irresponsibility complements a complete inversion of natural order that allows them to continue feeling superior above everyone else regardless of whether it is real or not. They think that if we can invert the meaning of happiness, instead of the few achieving it, then the many can enjoy unlimited […]

The Adversary

With the latest Westboro Baptist protest and the existence of an antipodal Landover Baptist (i.e. “Christians in mass graves”) troll group, another level of detail draws into focus. While each are about as socially offensive as the other, they are both only adversarial insider, not paradigm shifting elements within a discordant equality composite system: This […]

Artificial life attacks!

Today it has just been announced that artificial life has been created and has been reproduced more than a billion times, sparking moral controversy: Scientists have created artificial life. In a world-first, Craig Venter, a maverick biologist and billionaire entrepreneur, has made a designer microbe from scratch. The creation of the new life form, nicknamed […]

Climbing the Mountains of Darkness

Something small and scientific, well, big science – unified theory science, something the brain conjured up: What goes bump in the night? I can’t imagine nothingness in the dark anymore, It’s impossible – whilst i’m trying to think 0.4% of the whole magnificent universe is all you can barely see – even less nowadays with light […]

The Caste System

A key feature of any future successful government would be the replacement of the class system with a hereditary caste system. A class system is a social hierarchy that groups individuals ascending by order of a social valuation and is only as effective as a civilization is at observing reality, as it is. A caste system is a natural hierarchy […]

The Health of Cultures

To determine the health of cultures we must know the quality of their relationship toward their environments, and most intrinsically, the relation toward memes that are used to unite individuals with their ecosystems. Before this however, we must undertake a strong criticism of everything cultural around us by understanding primitivism. For us to ever evolve healthier cultures, first we […]

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