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The Adversary

With the latest Westboro Baptist protest and the existence of an antipodal Landover Baptist (i.e. “Christians in mass graves”) troll group, another level of detail draws into focus.

While each are about as socially offensive as the other, they are both only adversarial insider, not paradigm shifting elements within a discordant equality composite system:

This is precisely the bizarre system of misrule I have elsewhere described as “anarcho-tyranny”—we refuse to control real criminals (that’s the anarchy) so we control the innocent (that’s the tyranny).

A system of structured hierarchy and meritocracy finds itself in opposition to these two adversaries; the former as two-dimensional conservatives espousing largely secular values but with a God and Bible label, and the latter a synthesized self-parody of radical secular humanism simultaneously applying an extant parody of Christian conservatism.

Metal music itself is more extreme, offensive and committed than either, but the first two aren’t even metal’s goals. They’re side effects of being antihumanist and contra-modernist oppositional outsiders, those unafraid to lambast defect and mediocrity while pushing the standards bar higher, the only genuine adversarial extremism within our liberal modern age.


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