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The Caste System

A key feature of any future successful government would be the replacement of the class system with a hereditary caste system.

A class system is a social hierarchy that groups individuals ascending by order of a social valuation and is only as effective as a civilization is at observing reality, as it is.

A caste system is a natural hierarchy that groups individuals ascending by order of natural, inherited ability and is the basis for creating and sustaining civilizations.

Class systems are therefore, socially geared toward a culture as the west has, where we determine the worth of individuals by their pay check rather than the nature of individuals, and of course it isn’t ‘racist’ either. Caste systems are geared toward natural ability and meritocracy, the best in ability will naturally rise, and the more stoney brains will sink the the base of the hierarchy.

On this blog we talk alot about how social reality pervades everything we do, it’s a part of being alive having to face the twisting and theorizing of relatively simple ideas that spin off into imaginary worlds whereby they cease to function effectively in the reality around us.

The social information we absorb everywhere and everyday will cause us to associate with certain socializations, creating an ‘us vs them’ mentality, an in group mentality toward everything we do, and so it is really difficult, so difficult that only a gifted few can rarely glimpse the cold, brutal truth out there. Tabula rasa, is something every generation should have a taste of.

The most refreshing truths are necessarily destructive and come to us through history, they flush the toilet that is our society with repeated verification and practical methods proved by people who have actually experienced the things we do in everyday society. Knowing that nature follows patterns we can make very accurate estimates toward certain actions, which is predominantly due to the subconscious, naturally following socialized preferences – something that must be overcome time and time again.

It’s time to throw out the class system

The class system has failed. At the beginning of the western regime that sprung out of europe before the colonization of north america. The aristocracy acting through the class system relied heavily on hereditary principles, it worked well for some time as all traditions succeed in doing. Slowly but surely, the decay has set in and the subconscious peasants began on their death march murmuring  memes fed to them by parasites, the murmured memes promised them that they could have everything without the need to actually achieve something.

So the peasants marched under their memes and the ruling classes became more vicious in response to the rising tide of despotic labourers; and because labourers tend to be less intelligent, turnip pickers, then they will easily be fooled by anything with an above majority intelligence. Corporatism and consumerism rooted and started out modestly before the 1950’s, then turned whorish after the second world war as undefined-freedom was such a dream to die for, followed by the complete contrary, a cultural marxism - the flourishing of political correctness in the late 1970’s demanding a complete intertia on evolution by insisting that all competing organisms in civilization be equalized, therefore it is easier for them to begin devolving and do-away with that evil, oppressive force called nature. It inverted the natural residue of the class hierarchy into putting the least competent above the most competent.

This is where the social ideologies began to twist in on themselves and trapped minds of the subconscious masses causing them to revolve around it, it’s how they generate a mob, incessantly needing a revolution for whatever reason – they are the reactionaries to the viciousness of corrupted corporatism and polluted by inorganic surrogation.

We can’t just say cultural communism is bad without also addressing the opposite side of this, those who have managed to inherit wealth without the need to actually earn it, therefore unable to learn the consequences of their actions. Splitting the divide even further until a civilization completely tears itself into two leading to civil wars and ‘class’ wars, or in Britain’s case, a very very serious TV mass-debate about fairness.

Establishing the Caste Hierarchy

In the reorganization of our failing society we need to scrap this social class hierarchy and implement an idea inspired by only the best of ancient societies, many of them Indo-European and the more well known hindu caste systems – except we can do this with our own flavours as such.

To read about the Indo-European caste system, click here

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What I find so interesting is the idea of the ‘four levels of humans’. Let’s keep it simple and elaborate:

Here we have two sides of the scale, the productive (above 51% productive) and the counterproductive (below 50% productive). This caste does not include social factors such as ethnicity, and it simple and goes well with meritocracy, those who contribute the most to keeping civilization ruled by the best reach the top, those who want it all for nothing sink to the bottom.

Those above the 50% threshold allow civilization to evolve, those below it are necessarily slaves, they have a slave mentality and are the meat shield of social organisms when they fight. The proles are counterproductive decision makers, they will always include every human and not in the intelligent way of actually organising, but equalising. They will provide for ghouls – because they are ‘humans’ too! Therefore, even though they are abusing everyone else for their own game, the proles acting as a collective hive-mind will not speak out against them, because ‘they’re poor, it was their upbringing, it’s not their fault’ – yeah right, bullshit.

Proles should be mindless labourers and stick with that, ancient societies would trim them from time to time or just feed them to the lions. Their opinions are not their own, they are dumb and cannot make decisions, they are your everyday average joe and jill that tolerates stupidity. Anyone who speaks anything against their ‘individual’ decisions collectively implanted into their vacant heads, they auto-respond with ‘racist’ – they are mediocre.

Ghouls are the worst, they are subhumans – they are the result of failing societies that breed up a whole undercaste of parasites that catacomb the civilization into a third world slum run by selfish desires with no rationality behind them, they are the insects, outcastes. You can spot these mutants running around alleyways, looking at your children in the playground, spilling oil in the sea, in your law courts – they are the very meaning of parasites in our civilization.

Artisans are your ‘middle class’, they are what keeps civilization going forward and they operate more specified labour that is below the level of leadership yet above the mindlessness of proletariat ‘work’. They generate wealth and every sensible government would do everything they can to ensure they have what they need to help civilization by helping themselves, they don’t need nannying.

Elites in this sense are true elites, they are all round intellects, cyclic thinkers who think holistically and can adapt to different tasks as they happen. They are the leaders who drive civilization forward, and the sooner they take back their divine right of intelligence for leading our nations, the sooner we can dispose of mental pollution.

On determining a caste type

This bit is really simple, if you have a population:

  •  Introduce a communal culture – those who destroy it are ghouls, get rid of them. Those who go along with it regardless of how you treat them, are proles (will wave pieces of card angrily when offended), those who get bored with plain old labour are the artisans, they create the culture and something meaningful to make use of manpower, and the ones who are telling people to operate within limits and respect the surrounding entities, steering the ship, they are the elites and they make sure the whole actually has a true direction.
  • Establish a meritocracy - reward good behaviour, punish the bad. Allow land and resources for the productive to produce wealth for your civilization, take away land and wealth from the counterproductive people who only want to leech the wealth off others to spend it on unnecessary public utilities, like ‘bread and cricuses’ and mass education that fails.
  • Control population quality – do not let the least productive reproduce the most or else you will be surrounded in parasites, any problems will be ignored and you will end up with a liberal democracy that conceals the most ugly and oppressive regime in history. The elites and artisans must reproduce more than the proles and the ghouls, either by sterilizing the least productive and giving the most productive the resources to raise successful families.
  • One caste system per ethnic group – if you include multiple ethnic groups in one caste hierarchy, they will be proportionaly inequal correlating to the common hereditary characteristics. Most africans in western countries do not work well with westernised ideals, they have adapted to their own ancestry and evolved by their own cultural customs – mixing them together is counterproductive and creates a parasite undercaste without initiative.
  • Remove useless laws – in order for a hierarchy to work the best, it must operate in the most natural environment, the most realistic environment possible for it to organise individuals according to ability. Removing bubble padded laws design to protect the incompetent from themselves will soak up the residue of undercastes from the failures of the past, as dumb people do dumb things, let them do so in tipple zones where they can kill themselves legally.

So there we have just a few pointers, there is really nothing to it. Nature is always before nurture, for nurture is a secondary force that shapes nature by restricting certain mutations from reproducing and giving to those desired by the ideals. Only a great culture, shaped by caste hereditary is capable of fixing our civilization.

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