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Ignorance is bliss?

The common quote for underpriveledged brains is ‘ignorance is bliss’. This popular argument of self irresponsibility complements a complete inversion of natural order that allows them to continue feeling superior above everyone else regardless of whether it is real or not.

They think that if we can invert the meaning of happiness, instead of the few achieving it, then the many can enjoy unlimited happiness because it’s their right and because we know nothing, we are innocent and it’s not our problem! They will talk about happiness as if they have achieved something in life, as if achieving ‘ignorance’ were a goal in itself. They’ll believe this even though they are sitting and watching TV or typing a few genius words on facebook not too dissimilar from ‘LOLZ i luv mi nu consumer piece of trash!! <3 <3’ followed by 30 comments about sod all.

These individuals, they are worthless. Thankfully they identify themselves with the words of wisdom by some hipster ‘Ignorance is bliss’, they say this time and time again, they say it so often that they actually believe it – then a disaster kills off their society and they die, what a shame. I’ve asked many ‘friends’ how they perceive the threats to society, and find it pathetic that they respond ‘i don’t care’ or ‘ignorance is bliss’.

Ignorance isn’t bliss, Nothingness is bliss.

So why is nothingness bliss, and not ignorance? Well simply because – with nothingness you have actually overcome surrounding problems that threaten your continued play time, if you ignore these threats, evil nature will steal your play things and play time will be over. Nothingness is the deviant child that keeps the toys from being taken away, ignorance is that child that fails to realise the tyranny of his parents and loses his toys. Therefore, for continued bliss, we must achieve a state of nothingness through civilization rather than the ‘do nothing at all’ decayed thinking attitude. We can continue to exist as a happy species by maximising our play time on this Earth instead of ignoring the fact that playtime has become shorter and shorter to the point of it being abused, to the brink of our species losing play time forever – meaning extinction.

So, there are two main routes to reach a state of nothingness, and they can only come about by adapting to this environment and going beyond its limitations, those are the views of nihilism; to champion civilization through nature – and the views of primitivism; to champion socialization through naturalization only, discarding abstractions and excess tools made from civilization.

There are two sides of nothingness, nothingness as a process, like weather – and nothing, as in absolutely nothing, abstracting nothing and doing nothing other than what is immediately required.

  • Active Nihilismas a process of recycling idealism consistently instead of clinging on to hardened coffin-like ideologies of equality that bury us before we have even died. This is not a running away from civilization, but is an overcoming of it – it is the process of evolution similar to when marine animals first began to climb onto land, although they have to keep returning to that ocean of nothingness they came from, or they will dry out and die – we as humans have not evolved properly to be sufficiently responsible to maintain a civilization – few elites have evolved onto this land, yet many more still cling to the past and threaten us all by down-breeding instead of supporting those who go further.
  • Primitive ‘Do Nothing’ – this is the opposite of an active nihilism, and is the natural variant of the ‘ignorance’ we see through the decay of civilization - the ‘i can’t be bothered to feed my family, coz it int cool LOL!’ decayed attitude. That attitude in civilization can be seen as a path of nothing to achieve bliss, but is surrounded by a rock of immovable civilization, so what does it do? It transnaturally evolves little pools of nothingness that insect like things called proles begin to evolve into. Whereas in the wilderness they would have an entire ocean of nothing to enjoy, instead of a little rock pool of nothing.

Because we exist in a civilization, we are going to be limited to how ‘free’ and spontaneous we can be. Therefore knowing that you’re in ignorance of major problems is solipsistic denial. It’s a form of cognitive dissonance, a small, elite part of the brain will say ‘hey, you better take care of your environment, what will you eat when there is no supermarket?’, the other, greatly oversocialized and bulked up prole part of the brain will say to them ‘oh, you don’t have to think LOL, thinking iz for geeks LOL!! not cool dudez’.

We can all pretend that playing the ignorance game is going to make us happy, but in the long run, if we don’t know where we are going to get the resources to ensure our continued survival, we die, simple as. And others who did prepare certainly won’t help them in the crunch time when the shit hits the fan – this is natural selection, you may have been sheltered from it for the past 60 years, but the next decade or so, 90% of the population is likely to die (hopefully! – Oh whoops.. sorry, i’m ignorant of their ‘underpriveledged potential’).

Here is the most IMPORTANT video you will ever see

The link provided is to the lecture by Albert Bartlett and is focused on the key issue of overpopulation and peak oil, energy, food and what not. Any idiot will find this ‘extremely’ boring, and this is the source of our problems right now – the crowd finds everything boring because their brains are underpriveledged.

What really is bliss? If we have something that is causing us a threat to our continued survival, and we remove that threat – we achieve a collective goal, and nothing can feel greater and more assured then knowing that your species is going to survive the next 100 or 1000 years after you are gone.

Once our problems have been taken care of, then we can address our secondary needs, the needs for fulfillment. You cannot get this through ‘ignorance’ but through an understanding and accepting of necessary natural limits, adapting to these and only then can you begin to understand that it isn’t denying a problem to create nothingness that is blissful, but it is solving a problem to create real nothingness.

‘Consciousness’ is seen as a disease and a cure to many problems, it’s seen as a disease by Nietzschean philosophy and primitive thought as a kind of falsification, symbolisation of an otherwise pleasant existence. Such is the nature of civilization, it is the illusory, hardened, frozen surface that misrepresents the entire core beneath it, the subconscious, and the unconscious.

Consciousness necessarily destroys true individuality – to who we are beyond the shallowness of our sense of ‘I’ and to others perception of ‘you’. Nietzsche spoke of it as a consequence of the need to socialize, to tame individual unconscience and subconscious to maintain a group together. Anything from the deep oceans of our minds, anything that comes out of the blue toward an age old socialization of liberal, ‘blissful’ stupidity is going to be pushed back beneath the surface of consciousness, being surrounded by the media of symbolic rocks who self destructively trance about upon the civilization that the ancients built.

Civilization was the island of symbols and abstractions from an overabundance; a lavishing of naturalization and socialization. But now as socialization is more popular, it is slowly eroding this island away creating with it a lagoon of shallowness, a little transnatural pool for midget subterraneans and other cowards to enjoy an overabundance of radiation. Whereas in pure wilderness, in the open ocean, the natures of animals not supported by ‘consciousness’ or this island of abstractions, has to tred water just to stay alive! Here, they are ‘blissful’ Oh there is no worry here, no worry at all about all kinds of predators coming from beneath it – that is, until the rocks tumble into the ocean, leaving it open for predators, draining the prole pool of blissful water out into nature!

These crustaceous proles! Hiding in their little pools of ‘ignorance’ – how they laze up there, sheltered from the harsh, crushing, racist waves of the ocean. What does the island of civilization mean to them? They don’t care, they will never climb the heights of the pinnacle – they just want to hide beneath the surface of the fresh air – within a safe haven, a little world they can call their own! A damp socialization, a subconscious civilization, a reactionary civilization. It’s scary up there, on the rock – ‘the flying racists that attack us!’ they cry, those who soar above the grounded fools.

So, fearing for their continued existence, what do they do? They evolve a shell, a thick stupid, inconsiderate shell – because their brains are not concerned for building  great things, they just want to lavish themselves in the ‘here and now’, in the little pool of sunshine bliss, whilst the entire rock crumbles around them – they fear the volcano that created civilization, ‘that’s extreme!’ say the crustaceans, sheltering under their hardened insect-like opinions.

Nothingness is the only true bliss, the abyss of infinite, dangerous possibilities – not the limitations of the prole pool of safety, of ‘bliss’. If we wish not to evolve into little crabs with opinionated pincers that attack every detail with a socialized grip, awaiting the herd of scavengers to outnumber it, then we must climb from this pool of ignorance and then we may either over-come the pinnacle of civilization to become land based predators and forests, mastering the true potential of what is civil – Or we clear the wall of this rock pool, and face the ocean – evolving into that solvent that connects the continents of this cosmos by shoreline, down-going into the abyss of naturalization, the cold nutrient rich, harsh extremity of naturalization.

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