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Conflict avoidance and how to avoid it

The hardest thing about being a small hominid is that you run the risk, at any moment, of screwing up and getting killed — and unlike other monkeys, you’re aware of it any time a symbol of death or error comes up. For this reason, most of human history has dealt with conflict resolution and […]

Pity defines liberalism

In this article on the “in progress” nature of feminism, I found a revealing constituent: My generation — WOMEN — thought the movement would advance on two legs. With one, we’d kick down the doors closed to us. With the other, we’d walk through, changing society for men and women. It turned out that it […]

More American New Right

Since the last post generated some interesting discussion wherever it showed up on the internet, here’s a few more ideas — in the form of “how the American New Right is different from other movements”: Republican Abortion and Assisted Suicide. We’re not concerned with regulating the sexual morality of women through laws. Our view is […]

The Sluggard’s Fallacy

I encountered this one in the wild, and figured it might be fun to explore: Person A: If the wheat crop fails, we can feed the people apples. Person B: But not every person may like apples, and some apples may be rotten! Technically, this isn’t a fallacy so much as confusing a disadvantage of […]

Living Forever

With the holiday season highlighting beliefs of major religions, it’s easy to forget how Western religion evolved over time. For example, my household and those of most I knew growing up were Christian in some denomination or other, so the holidays were filled with stories about the birth of Jesus Christ. Only later did I […]

Evil exists, or at least destructive does

Nietzsche talks about moving beyond good and evil, but per his excellent On truth and lies in an extra-moral sense, his main fear is that by making these external definitions of good and evil, we’re swayed by the people with most interest in manipulating us — by definition, the evil ones. It’s a bit heady […]

American New Right

We’re at one of those great times in history where both sides of the political equation are crossing over to the other. This happens because each has retreated to such extreme positions they’ve confused their goals and methods. in particular is a vanguard of what we call the “American New Right.” We borrow equally […]

Too light of a sentence

The news is waxing boring these days. A Chinese court sentenced a prominent dissident to 11 years on Friday — the longest term ever handed down for subversion charges, according to rights groups that say it signals the government will take an increasingly hard line against activists in the year ahead. The sentencing of Liu […]

Milking the paradoxical

Normally I detest these “You Might Be a Liberal If…” lists, but I figured this one could be meaningful if it were cut down to size. From Marquette Warrior via Fourth Check Raise: IQ tests should be used to stop the death penalty, but not to determine admission to AP classes. The Ten Commandments in […]


If you spend your time working toward greater knowledge and clarity, you will some day stand on a promontory of realizations high above the thronging masses. If you are also learning for “inside out” reasons, meaning you want to improve yourself and make yourself more effective, this will be painful. You will see how easily […]

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