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We’re at one of those great times in history where both sides of the political equation are crossing over to the other.

This happens because each has retreated to such extreme positions they’ve confused their goals and methods. in particular is a vanguard of what we call the “American New Right.” We borrow equally from the American right (Republicans), the European New Right, and — there’s no way to honey coat this — the extreme realist fringe of the green movement.

Right now, we’re a movement for the readers and thinkers who are too arrogant to allow social mores to control our thoughts. We seek out sensible answers to today’s problems and a sensible design for society, and we’re not going to twist our truths to curry favor from a society of couch-sitting, television-addicted, self-important yet generally not very autonomous people.

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

  • The highest and most important question of our survival is people quality. In intelligent, health/beauty and moral character, our people must be on the whole good, or we’re going to be babysitters in the monkey house. Some people are good, meaning they are productive and intelligent, healthy and of good moral character. Others are bad; these tend to have health problems, not be that attractive, and they may be clever but they are not intelligent. Bad people disguise themselves as many things, but their main activity is parasitism, whether legal or not. People are born good or bad. Their genes determine most of it but there’s a roll of the dice at birth. You cannot educate the bad into the good but you can hobble and destroy the good and turn them bad.
  • The goal of government is not to direct, but to conserve. Government should serve the will of the people as a whole, not be a facilitator for each individual’s dreams. Civilizations are groups of people united by language, values, heritage and customs. Government must serve the role of protecting these people and their environment.
  • Our environment is our lifeline and how we gauge whether we’re good people. Our environment is like a giant machine that replenishes our air and water. It creates the conditions for life as we know it. Our science is puny in comparison. Obviously, we depend on it. Even more, its condition affects us mentally: when we feel that we are destructive displacers of the good, we sink into despair. When we feel we exist on an honest level with our environment, and aren’t parasites, we feel good. We need to conserve half of each biome for nature — no roads, no railways, no concrete, no humans moving through it. Just leave it alone.
  • Realpolitik is in effect and always will be. Every person and country wants to rule the world, and only one can, so the others will be gunning for that one. Even more, if their neighbors have something they can use, they’ll want to take it. Conflict is part of nature and when you think about it, makes sense — nothing ever goes to waste because a frail or obsolete entity is holding on to it.
  • Nothing about the human condition has changed or ever will. We are the same creatures we started as and we face the same eternal problems. These don’t change with technology or passing years, but get a little bit harder to spot. The idea that it’s 2009 and so we should follow some progressive agenda is as ridiculous as the idea that it’s 2009 and so we don’t need protein in our diet any longer. History is the laboratory from which we learn what works and what doesn’t, and the notion that we can throw out years of learning because an arbitrary number of years clicked forward is, well, insane.
  • Any sane nation will focus on two attributes to its value system: innocence and adventure. Innocence, especially sexual innocence, keeps us loving toward the idea of family and lets us raise people with high, clean, life-embracing ideals. Adventure is what we need to be motivated, because it makes the struggle endemic to life into a form of play. Our modern lives are without grace, without innocence and without a sense of adventure, so we are both bored and cheapened.
  • Finance should reflect the value of production, not of sales. Dying empires make their money circulating properties around and “adding value” to them with marketing and services. Thriving empires make things: they invent, they grow, they manufacture, and they refine. The pretense that non-service economies are somehow lower is simply that, a pretense.
  • Status should reflect the value of productivity, not of social meme. Right now we have a society where people succeed by flattering each other, or using handy advertising methods to make everyone feel good, and while we’re all so polite and politically correct, we’re also completely alienated from the truth and as a result, ignoring the people who are doing the best things in our society. Polite, politics, and popularity have similar roots — the pandering to the assembled crowd with platitudes, cliches, glad-handing, make-work pleasantries, and by thus avoiding reality, the manipulation of others and personal profit.
  • Libertarians have a point: leave people alone if they’re not doing anything stupid. There are roughly three groups in any society: the good, those who destroy what the good do, and those who are in the middle. Reward the good, smite those who destroy what the good do, and ignore those in the middle until they do something exceptional. But in the meantime, leave the people who are not doing something destructive alone. We are choking on bureaucracy, rules, regulations, and nit-picking law enforcement that ends up mostly penalizing the good guys, like shearing the sheep while the wolves feast.
  • Darwinism is an ongoing process. Society is a form of natural selection that determines who is rewarded and gets a chance to breed more than others, and who is encouraged to do so. Most societies kill themselves by encouraging their smartest people to remain single and “individualistic,” while also rewarding the least productive people with pity that encourages them to breed. This destroys civilizations. We need to produce always better, always smarter, always healthier and more moral people — and to that end, we should discourage breeding except for the good people.
  • Diversity is not a strength; it’s a weakness. When everyone is moving toward roughly the same values, goals and ideals and they have roughly the same abilities, we do just fine. When people are moving in every which direction, they tend to think society is doing great for them personally, and only many years later notice the decay and inability to make decisions that was the opportunity cost of that “freedom.” Let’s not focus on “freedom,” which means lack of accountability to reality, but instead focus on pragmatism. That means the best civilization is one with minimal diversity: similar religions, similar ethnic/racial stock, similar intelligence/class/caste, similar values, same languages, and so on. It’s taboo to say this now because saying it points out that our civilization is dying and not thriving. However, it’s insane to assume that radically different evolution did not produce radically different results. We can politely insist on that and separate our peoples, and not end up being such diverse failures as Brazil, Ireland, Russia, Mexico and so on. Greece and Rome were strongest when not diverse; has anyone noticed the constantly rising crime, corruption and disorder in the USA as we’ve gotten more diverse? The problem isn’t the ingredients — blaming another race for your problems is racism — but the fact of mixture. Mixture creates confusion. Solidarity creates strength.

I’m sure these will be taboo. The Republicans will not like the green parts; the liberals will flame out about the anti-diversity and anti-class-warfare stance; the European New Right will not like our Puritan moral ethic. Too bad — if you think through all the variables, you’ll see this viewpoint is the least neurotic and most effective of all.

To incite further discontent among the latte-sipping classes:

Diversity has never worked throughout all of history. It’s a way large nations announce they are dying and replacing themselves with hired labor.

Whether it’s diversity of religion, of race/ethnicity, or even too much separation between classes, it destroys nations. Don’t blame African-Americans, Jews, Whites or Mexicans — blame diversity!

This showed up in the comments of one of our associated blogs and just about says it all. Our dying civilization has created myths that no one wants to be the first to debunk, because these myths are of the “just do this, and it’ll all be all right” superstition — which never works, by the way, because reality doesn’t work that way.

We’re the American New Right, and we’re here to debunk these myths and scare away anyone too cowardly to face reality head-on. The past thousand years of history have been a nightmare, save the development of our technology, but now we’re about to obliterate ourselves through ecocide, nuclear proliferation, continued warfare, race hatred and meaningless modern lives. Our ideas fix these problems. We’ve been trying liberal ideas for the past thousand years; what problems have they fixed?

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