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Many have no idea what wumping is, but we use it around here as a shorthand for the human crisis: humans go someplace, a few givers create something great, and then lots of consumers show up and turn it into a third world society, at which point everyone moves on.

This leaves the Earth littered with remnants of civilization and dead-man-walking genetic blowout societies that exist just above subsistence level, which in a technological world means not just destroyed ecosystems and masses of landfill, but a lack of options to which we can escape.

In fact, most of the world seems to be busy moving around to avoid the destroyed areas, whether dictatorships, third world societies, or simply ghettos and industrial parks. We are the creatures that destroy, consume, and then move on, leaving a trail of collateral damage in our wake.

Author Bill Peet described this process in his book The Wump World:

A spaceship lands and discharges a new species, called — in the kind of dead-hand obvious imagery one can use in children’s books — the Pollutians. They have come from a “worn-out world” and are glad to have found a new one for their use. In short order, they tear down the trees and rip up the grass and replace them with concrete, on which they build giant cities complete with “hundred-story skyscrapers.” They are noisy, frenetic, and dump trash in the rivers and fill the skies with smoke.

The Wumps retreat to underground caves where they cower and await deliverance. In the meantime, the cities expand to cover the entire world. The Pollutians work hard at this transformation, but also bicker among themselves and generally seem aimless outside of their hard work in transforming the new world. In the meantime, their own pollution makes the world uninhabitable for them, so they declare it worn-out as well and seek another one. Spaceships explore and find a new place. Then the Pollutians leave.

This book remains vivid in the imaginations of those who read it because it perfectly diagnoses our modern morass, which begins in the soul and not the fingertips. We have no purpose. Lacking any motivation for something larger than ourselves — something for which God is a surrogate, since to know God we must first love the process of life itself or we are simply projecting self-interest into the realm of the spirit — we have fallen into our inner voids and like Stockholm Syndrome victims, have embraced that dark emptiness and now wield it as a sword, consuming all that falls under our control and replacing it with literal garbage as if in the image of our discarded hopes.

We see wumping occur wherever followers and consumers take over from the creators and givers, then replace what they made with a cheaper and inferior version that is simplified, made salacious, and genericized so that the mass of thoughtless can consume it at a high markup.

For example, the West is currently getting wumped again as immigration overwhelms it. In every company, inevitably the founders and creators get driven out and replaced by yes-men. Every cultural movement starts out innovative and ends up as an excuse for a gift shop.

Consider how quickly a formerly thriving organization can get wumped:

When the BSA started leaning to the Left on not just homosexuality, but a slew of other issues, middle class Americans sort of rolled their eyes and said, “There goes another one.” They pulled their kids out, stopped paying dues, and moved on to something else. This put the BSA in a tailspin.

In order to stay afloat, they had to find a new audience, and fast. In modern society, this means lowering standards so that more people — instead of just the upper half of middle class well adjusted kids — can participate. That in turn means replacing the useful learning experience activities with fluff and Leftist “teachable moments.”

At that point, the intelligent people leave the organization. Their careers and futures are in the hands of a system out of control, so they head to greener pastures. This leaves only the incompetents, fools, and people hired for political reasons, who proceed to run the business into the ground. This, too, happened at the BSA.

We have seen Wumping before. It happened to the American auto industry. Once unions had legal protection, the sane and competent fled management, leaving only those who were chosen for their ability to work in the chaotic environment created by unions. This replaced a goal of quality with a goal of “working within the system.”

We see wumping most often in dark organization. The founders create a great organization, but then the parasites arrive, and soon everyone is behaving like a parasite, at which point the organization inverts its function and becomes self-serving.

When you start up a store in a new area, sell a good product at a good price, and take care of your employees, soon other people show up for those easy benefits. They do the job according to the letter of the contract but nothing else, and soon standards fall.

If you wonder why every big corporation produces mediocre results, consider that once they were divided into special interests — shareholders, different divisions, employees, unions, regulations, careerist managers — they became inverted against purpose and turned into benefits systems like Communism.

Wumping may be the core of human failure because, instead of filtering out the weak, we protect them and this gives them the advantage they need to take over, and once they have done that, they demand what fits their character and in the process destroy the organization:

This is wumping and humanity does it every time. Refuse to change your inner state, and you take your problems with you. There is a great book on this topic, The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, that is as misunderstood as his other big hit, Fahrenheit 451, about what happens when people stop caring about knowledge in order to be individualistic. The poor do this every time, and they eat every society that they encounter, not because they are poor but because they are dumb; they are poor because they are dumb as well. The third world has an abundance of these people and they keep those societies dysfunctional and impoverished. If you let them in here, they will do the same thing, just like moron Californians moving to Texas.

It seems wumping is an important part of The Human Disease, or the process by which our fear of avoiding what has succeeded in the past causes us to pathologically repeat it like a cargo cult, idol worship, or believing the promises on television.

Wumping erases civilizations because it indulges this disease and by doing so, makes degenerate forms of individuals and organizations more efficient, so they take over:

Europeans settled the New World thirty thousand years ago and were then replaced by hordes of people who came from Mongolia because they heard there was a nice rich place to parasitize just next door. These people would rather travel thousands of miles than lift a finger to improve their hometowns, but this is a human disease, a process we call wumping. People settle some place, but then refuse to fix basic problems by figuring out basic organization, so they adopt pluralism or everyone living in his own little mental world, at which point things fall apart, and then they go searching for a new place at which they will do the same exact thing which not surprisingly produces the same exact result and the cycle begins again. It is what most of humanity has done since the dawn of time, with one exception: the Cro-Magnids (Western Europeans).

Our only barrier against wumping is ironically a deep reverence for our world and a desire to do right by it, which includes removing the trivial NPCs who are likely to wump things. Even more, we need to reduce workload so that people are not overwhelmed and going with whatever is easiest.

At the end of the day however there are good people — of intelligence and moral character — and then the rest. When the best oppress the rest, we rise; when the rest opress the best, we head straight into third world status through the wumping process.

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