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Boycotting Amazon “Prime Day”

Joe Biden is following the Carter plan: do whatever East Coast “intellectuals” think is the “scientific” solution to human problems. All of this stuff is doomed because it tries to use simple human principles to address more complex cause-effect relationships.

Like Carter, Biden has gone all-in on the environment, racial justice, and neutering the military because this appeals to the navel-gazing liberal who wants to believe that he is supremely intelligent, therefore invents pacifistic oversimplifications.

Just as in the Carter years, and after the 1960s reforms and 1930s New Deal, the Carter-Biden approach has brought us a permanent economic malaise, a distrustful and trivial society, and a media of good comrades who repeat dogma because their audience pays big for plausible denial and cope.

In the meantime, we — the Silent Majority of people who actually make things work — are hostages of this terroristic cult, shamed for Noticing that none of its plans work and everything is bad in part because everyone is broke except those with enough money to be international speculative investors.

Biden and his liberal horde are hoping that Amazon posts big impressive figures for its Prime Day sales, which they will use to claim that the economy is on the rebound.

Since I do not want to aid them in their propaganda, I will not only be avoiding Prime Day sales but Amazon for this entire week. I suggest that all of us do the same, and instead of sending the “everything is fine” message, communicate how bad things really are.

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