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Diversity Watch (September 18, 2022)


Recall the story of Chester Elroy:

On February 6, 1998, in Port Arthur, Chester broke into the residence of Kim Ryman Deleon. Chester raped her 14 year old and 16 year old daughters. Willie Ryman III (uncle to the girls) entered the home and was shot and killed by Chester. Chester took jewelry from the home and fled the scene. While in police custody, Chester confessed to this crime, two other murders, and three attempts to commit capital murder. Chester stated that he committed these offenses because he was out his mind “with hate for white people” due to a disagreement with a white staff member over a disciplinary report during a previous TDCJ incarceration.


  • Manhattan immigrant has been voting illegally for 13 years

    Abdul Rahman Kargbo, 63, first registered to vote in November 2005. according to records from the New York City Board of Elections. He enrolled in the Democratic Party and voted in nine general and primary elections between 2008 and 2021, the records show.

    A copy of Kargbo’s original voter registration form obtained by The Post shows he clearly and honestly marked that he was not a US citizen, yet the clueless agency registered him anyway.

    They claim incompetence, but most likely events like this one have been going on for some time. The party that passed the Hart-Celler Act with the help of Ted [[[ KENNEDY ]]] has always intended to use third world minorities to vote Democrat as they reliably do.

  • Britain’s fattest man, 32, who weighs 47 stone complains that his human rights are being infringed

    Jason Holton, 32, from Camberley, Surrey, has been housebound for seven years and recently came moments from death as he suffered a series of mini strokes and a suspected blood clot on June 4 this year.

    It took two hours to get 32-year-old Jason to Frimley Park Hospital in a specially-designed ambulance after his huge frame put immense pressure on his internal organs.

    Now, the NHS is paying for Jason to be taken care of at a private nursing home outside of London, where staff have put him on a calorie-restricted diet.

    Equality is the opposite of reality, quality, and sanity, apparently. His human right to be an obeast trumps the need to fit into a culture, heed the rules of nature, or avoid passing on the costs of his reckless behavior to others.

  • Emil Kirkegaard And George Francis On The IQ Of Nations

    We find national IQ to be the “best predictor” of economic growth, with a higher average coefficient and average posterior inclusion probability than all other tested variables (over 67) in every test run. Our best estimates find a one point increase in IQ is associated with a 7.8% increase in GDP per capita, above Jones and Schneider’s estimate of 6.1%.

    IQ matters, but having a nation free of diversity also matters. Without diversity, your nation does not have to spend all of its time in inner conflict, negotiation, and explanation, and can simply be functional. Any nation that achieves ethnic homogeneity, removes the population under 115 IQ points, and then makes itself self-sufficient will become wealthy and stable, but any nation that is diverse will not be stable, even if it becomes wealthy.

  • ‘Using the wrong pronouns’ is ‘abuse’: required Harvard training

    “Cultural/identity abuse” is defined as “any attempt to limit a person’s sense of self based on identity and/or culture…e.g. objectifying identity, language, religion, culture, gender expression etc. or using the wrong pronouns.”

    In other words, you must validate their inner mental state in order to regulate their emotions, which is the same thing that their controllers do and therefore they need you to become an accessory to the crime. People who can regulate their inner mental states become realists; people who cannot are unstable and require others to regulate their mental states for them, producing neurotic societies ruled by tyrants.

  • Police By Another Name

    In June 2020, the Minneapolis city council famously vowed to defund the police department. Though their plans fell through, the fully funded MPD is nonetheless struggling. More than 250 officers have resigned or retired since then. Earlier this year, the Minneapolis supreme court ruled that the city has a duty to staff the MPD with a minimum of 731 sworn officers, but the department is at least 100 officers short of that target. Meantime, crime has spiked, with 96 homicides in 2021—doubling the number in 2019 and tying a 1995 record.

    Private security has stepped into the breach.

    So, just like in the third world? Yep, just like in the third world.

  • Indigenous Community Reels After Stabbing Attacks in Canada

    It has been two weeks since this territory of 2,000 people became the scene of one of the worst mass killings in Canadian history. Two brothers allegedly went on a rampage that left 10 dead and 18 injured. Locals said there are still many unanswered questions about what triggered the attacks, how they unfolded and why law enforcement failed to track down one of the brothers, a violent offender, after he disappeared in May.

    James Smith Cree Nation officials also said that there are no police stationed on the reserve, and after the first 911 call, it took 40 minutes for two officers to arrive from the town of Melfort, almost 30 miles away.

    Tax sink Amerinds wonder why Whitey ignores the constant crime on the rez. Whitey just wants the Amerinds to go back to Mongolia.

  • 4 in 5 Refugees Living in Sweden Have Vacationed in the Country They Fled From

    According to the survey, they do not wish, however, to return home permanently. When asked whether they plan to permanently return to their country of birth in the future, just 2 percent say they do, while 16 percent say maybe — 81 percent of those who arrived in Sweden from non-European countries say they do not, primarily because they believe Sweden to be a better country to raise their children.

    To them, it is like moving into a better apartment complex. They do not care about Sweden; they view Sweden as a service provided to them out of guilt and shame. No wonder they do not mind destroying it. People do not respect what they get for free or without sacrifice. In addition, of course, diversity turns everywhere it touches into dystopian wasteland, no matter how high-IQ or “nice” the diverse groups are.

  • Hungary: Shocking confession in Roma murder case garners zero interest

    In all, the neo-Nazi group killed six people, among them a small child, and injured a further 55, most seriously. The only motivation for their crimes was the fact that their victims were Roma.

    For the first time, Kiss publicly confirmed what most who have followed the case long suspected: accomplices and supporters enabled the murders by providing cash, guns and logistics. In the interview, Kiss referred to two helpers: A local politician from the far-right Jobbik party, and an employee at a gun shop who apparently had access to confidential information from the Interior Ministry through a relative.

    Although the Roma murders represent a uniquely racist, far-right crime spree, reaction to the interview has been nonexistent. A few media outlets offered short summaries, but neither Orban or his fellow Fidesz politicians have addressed it, nor has anyone from the opposition party. Journalists have also remained silent.

    Roma — ethnically Pakistanis — have always viewed their host societies as an Other to be exploited, and consequently like Italians, Irish, Russians, and Jews have always impressed their hosts with their dedication to criminality because to the diversity the host is an enemy and victim both to be drained of its wealth, power, and blood. Diversity makes enmity. The only solution is to repatriate the Roma to Pakistan.

  • Aminata Diallo: Former Paris St-Germain midfielder re-arrested over attack on fellow player

    “All four alleged Diallo was the instigator of the assault, in order to allow her to be given the place of the victim [in the PSG team] in future games,” the prosecutor’s office added.

    These things are normal and everyday in the third world.

  • Moldovan rapist dumped clothes of female clubber he left for dead in CCTV clue that led to him being jailed

    Sergiu Boianjiu, 39, was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 26 years at Northampton Crown Court yesterday for the ‘evil and depraved’ rape and attempted murder of a stranger.

    The Moldovan national, who came to Britain after serving 10 years for murdering his girlfriend, was caught on CCTV in February after he raped a woman in her 20s before repeatedly stamping on her head.

    Lazy obese alcoholic low-IQ bureaucrats — who else would take a job that boring? — do a poor job of separating the “civilized” diversity from the rest (assumed to be uncivilized like the lower classes and Game of Thrones fans).

  • Serbian police clash with right-wingers protesting EuroPride march

    Riot police clashed with ultranationalist hooligans who hurled stun grenades, stones and flares at a police cordon, which repelled the attack with batons and riot shields.

    Earlier, anti-gay activists threw bottles at police officers who tried to isolate them in downtown Belgrade.

    Those participating in the EuroPride march walked several hundred meters to the Tsmajdan Stadium, a much shorter route than organizers had initially planned.

    In my experience, most heterosexuals are tolerant of homosexuals even though they are grossed out by things like promiscuity, sodomy, coprophagia/analingus, and group gang bangs in bath houses. However, when forced to tolerate LGBT+ by tyrants who want to use liberalized standards to erase culture, people react very badly, and homosexuals get caught in the middle.

  • Halton school board prepares for backlash over trans high school teacher

    Pre-transitioning the teacher was known to students and faculty as a male and went by a man’s name. But the teacher now identifies as a woman and is referenced with a female name.

    But videos posted to social media showing the Oakville industrial arts teacher, who began identifying as female last year, appearing in class with large prosthetic breasts while operating a circular saw has created much commentary.

    Some of that concern has been expressed on social media, including one student taking to Twitter to write “the kids here most definitely don’t think it’s normal… but realistically we can’t say anything. Last year, the teacher was a man. I don’t think the school can fire him.”

    Give people equality and civil rights and they will pursue whatever whims they have that allow them to draw attention to themselves, because that is what people without purpose do: create drama, steal things, destroy anything good because it stands in their way, and then self-destruct because the ego is an abyss that ultimately reveals its emptiness. Think of how people a generation ago ignored having purpose in life in order to pile up wealth, then ended up dying young after watching television for eight hours a day proved unfulfilling. In the same way, take a sad man and give him a chance to make the world bow to him even for just a few days, and you get a transsexual with 48DDD prosthetic breasts screaming in falsetto.

  • Plus-size Philadelphia drag queen, 25, DIES of heart attack during performance at gay bar

    Prime, who called herself ‘Philadelphia’s Plus Size Dancing Diva’, died as a result of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes according to the medical examiner – with her cause of death being ruled as natural causes.

    These people need five-mile forced marches and lots of time alone to figure themselves out, not “tolerance” for their mental health problems. They call us “ableist” and “fatphobic,” but we are simply health realists.

  • Convicted DC-area sniper Lee Boyd Malvo’s parole denied

    Malvo was 17 when he and John Allen Muhammad killed 10 people and wounded three others over a three-week span in October 2002. Several other victims were fatally wounded across the country in the prior months as the duo made their way to the nation’s capital region from Washington state.

    It fell into the memory hole, but these were “hate crimes”:

    Phase one consisted of meticulously planning, mapping, and practicing their locations around the DC area. This way after each shooting they would be able to quickly leave the area on a predetermined path, and move on to the next location. Muhammad’s goal in Phase One was to kill six white people a day for 30 days.

    Diversity creates constant internal conflict. The same groups that fight on the international stage will, when brought into a single nation, continue the conflict through constant crime, grift, tax cheating, vandalism, victim-playing, and other forms of passive aggression. Diversity is our misfortune.

  • Democratic official charged with murdering reporter who exposed his affair refuses to deny committing it in jailhouse interview

    Telles was arrested on September 7 after DNA evidence found under German’s fingernails allegedly matched the public official’s.

    German was found stabbed to death outside his home on September 3, a day after a straw hat-wearing suspect was found on surveillance footage near the journalist’s home.

    When police searched Telles’ home, they found bloodied shoes and a cut up straw hat.

    A Democrat, Telles represents an Hispanic success story:

    “Coming back from the war, a bunch of Hispanic veterans started to assert their desire for political participation in El Paso,” said Robert Moore, founder of the El Paso Matters news organization and a longtime political observer. “Raymond was the face and voice of that movement. Richard was the tactician.”

    Raymond Telles ultimately became the first Mexican-American mayor of El Paso. He was tapped by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 to be the U.S. ambassador to Costa Rica. Today, in El Paso, there are a street and a school named after him.

    The pioneering work the Telles brothers did for Hispanics in politics is the stuff of legend. Richard Telles used empty refrigerator boxes to simulate voting booths so that new voters would feel comfortable when navigating real ones.

    The brothers devised a scheme to mark the rosaries carried by Latino voters who couldn’t read English. By holding the rosary up against the voting machine, voters would flip the lever next to the marked bead, which was the one to vote for the Democratic candidate.

    And so it has always been with American political machines: take from the wealthy WASPs, give to the poor Irish or Negroes, and then use the votes of the people who get free stuff from grubmint to trade privileges for favors. Diversity will destroy your civilization; it cannot create, only destroy. This guy just decided to act out literally what his family has been doing to the USA for generations. Hint: the good Mexicans stay in Mexico, work to make Mexico better, and take pride in their culture. The bad ones come here for the free stuff and easy living. What people forget about racism is that we are seeing the enslaved, criminal, and parasitic in our refugees and immigrants in the West; what they should remember about “racism” is that it does not exist, since love of your country and people is always good, and that it only occurs when diversity is present because the real threat is not Mexican criminals but Mexicans and all other diversity, i.e. non-WASPs who do not mean badly but by their presence destabilize, corrupt, and destroy our civilization simply because they are different. Homogeneity in ethnicity and culture is a gift from the gods; diversity is a Trojan Horse.

  • Hispanics are now largest demographic group in Texas

    The numbers showed that as of July 1, 2021, there were an estimated 11.86 million Hispanic Texans, 40.2% of the state’s population.

    White, non-Hispanic Texans made up 39.4% of the population, an estimated 11.63 million people.

    The growth is even more pronounced in young Texans, The Texas Tribune noted, with Hispanics making up 49.3% of under-18s.

    This was the reason they needed to get Biden into office: to open the border in order to destroy Republican stronghold states. That was always the plan behind Hart-Celler, just like it was behind repealing the 1790 immigration and naturalization law, because crafty people realize that poorer and dumber people — non-WASPs — will always vote for more free stuff and therefore enable access to The Theft of the wealth of the nation. These people who rule us are nothing more than common criminals, although in their own view they are just normal people with normal jobs, mainly because the sociopath opportunistic parasite mindset cannot comprehend doing things for the health of a nation. The Irish are our misfortune.

  • FBI Insiders Say White Supremacy Threat Overblown

    Current and former FBI agents tell The Washington Times that the perceived threat has become overblown under the administration. They say bureau analysts and top officials are pressuring FBI agents to create domestic terrorist cases and tag people as White supremacists to meet internal metrics.

    “The demand for White supremacy” coming from FBI headquarters “vastly outstrips the supply of White supremacy,” said one agent, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “We have more people assigned to investigate White supremacists than we can actually find.”

    The agent said those driving bureau policies “have already determined that White supremacy is a problem” and set agencywide policy to elevate racially motivated domestic extremism cases as priorities.

    They need a scapegoat for the failures of diversity. Think about all those guys preaching moronic Christian neo-Nazi “racist Democrat” policies on the internet who never seem to have a shortage of money and never get busted. They rake in lots of money from the views on their YouTube, Rumble, podcast, or blog content, and somehow they never came up with a plan other than the Benedict Option with more cruel sneering supercilious bigotry. These are the government agents, whether directly or simply subsidized. Their role is to drive people away from race-aware politics, and to drive people back toward ineffectual die-like-Christ “Christian Libertarian” Republicans or worse, to join the everybody-is-doing-it herd of the Left, who have taken the mask off and revealed that they are Communism Lite at this point.

  • A shootout in a playground between migrant gangs which saw a five-year-old caught in the crossfire last month reveals why Sweden is turning its back on liberalism

    Sweden’s liberal dream was pioneered by the nation’s Social Democratic movement, whose parties have topped national polls ever since the end of World War I.

    But this latest election has seen a convulsive change. Swedish voters supported an alliance of four Right-wing parties — including one, named the Sweden Democrats, which stands accused of historical links to neo-Nazism.

    Final poll results showed on Thursday that the Right-wing bloc has now chosen the new prime minister, elbowing aside the ruling Social Democrats.

    Liberalism — socialist-style policies for sure because they make people unable to think forward, equality definitely since peasants are not born kings, and diversity especially because it erases cultures — just proves that it cannot even succeed on the easy level in near-paradise Scandinavia. Diversity does nothing but destroy, which the Swedes have found out after years of trying to follow the herd but hold back its worst extremes. It turns out that the “one drop” rule applies to politics too; let in any egalitarianism and soon your politics are all egalitarianism, because egalitarianism is what allows The Theft.

  • Why are migrants in the US being sent to Democrat-run areas?

    Officials in those states say the tactic is aimed at mitigating the impact of migration flows in local communities.

    They have also said the measure is designed to increase pressure on the Biden administration to do more to reduce the number of people crossing the US-Mexico border, which has hit a record high this year.

    Biden knows that if he can get enough Mexicans and other migrants into “Red” (Republican) states, he can flip them to the Democrats. This, he was told by the meritocracy, is how to “win” the game of politics by outmaneuvering the enemy. The Republicans, like all politicians in Germany since 1945, are elected simply on the basis of not being Hitler or the KKK, so as long as the voters hold them to that standard, they will do nothing about this. The problem is the voters — of course — since they always pursue illusions that presuppose the non-existence of reality, mainly because when humans lose direction they start blaming reality for their own problems and posit that removal of reality (through religion, ideology, socializing, or the temporary distraction of products) will “make everything better.” This mirrors Nietzsche’s critique of Christianity separating the transcendent from the actual. Once you do away with the actual, who needs religion? There is simply worship of the self. Christianity is just a manifestation of this tendency. We know it happened before Jews/Christ in Athens and Plato documents more instances. It is just a fixation by the ignoble 99% on superstition/scapegoats instead of paying attention to reality and bonding with it in a unitive context.

  • How Dublin crooks built a £1bn global empire linked to murder, drug-smuggling and gun-running

    Now, he heads one of the world’s largest criminal gangs – on par with Italy’s Camorra mafia or Mexico’s notorious Los Zetas, according to American investigators – and his name is known across continents.

    Dubbed the ‘Dapper Don’, his Kinahan Cartel – including sons Daniel and Christy Jr – is said to be worth £1billion with an operation that stretches from the cocaine plantations of South America through the inner cities of Ireland and the UK, via Spain’s Costa del Sol and to the glittering desert oasis of Dubai.

    Over the course of three decades, the Kinahans and their associates – including an Estonia hitman dubbed ‘The Butcher’, an armourer known as ‘Mr Nobody’, and a gangland enforcer simply called ‘Hatchet’ – have been linked to drug smuggling, gun-running and murders including the notorious Kinahan-Hutch feud.

    Typical diversity behavior. As third world Neolithic-Semitic mixed-race people — more like the Italians, Jews, Puerto Ricans, Arabs, or Slavs than they would admit — the primitive and criminal Irish view themselves as a group of fortunate parasites whose role is to plunder Europe because it has committed the sin of being greater than they are. Consequently, Irish have been like those other groups implicated in criminal behavior across the West, and always pretend to be White until they have a chance to let the mask fall and declare their independent identity as a North African group which successfully invaded Europe and continues invading it still. The Irish are our misfortune.

  • Ex-Nevada deputy attorney general arrested in 1972 murder of teen girl in Hawaii

    Tudor Chirila Jr., 77, was arrested in Reno and has been charged with second-degree murder after DNA evidence linked him to the fatal stabbing of 19-year-old Nancy Anderson in 1972.

    Anderson — who had moved to the island state after graduating high school in Michigan a year earlier — was stabbed more than 60 times inside her Waikiki apartment on Jan. 7, 1972, police said.

    Chirila, a longtime attorney in Reno, Carson City and the Lake Tahoe area, served as deputy attorney general following Anderson’s murder in the late 1970s. He ran for the Nevada Supreme Court in 1994 but lost.

    Diversity means that criminals rule you. In this case, gypsies managed to weasel their way into the system, murder one or more innocent girls for reasons unknown, and then take public office because we wanted to show how Not-Hitler we were. This guy is a Boomer which means he road the post-WW2 wave of pro-diversity propaganda.

  • 500 migrants sneak across Texas border in just two hours

    The footage, taken by a Fox News drone, showed more than 500 migrants entering the southern border town of Eagle Pass over a two-hour span in the early hours of Friday morning.

    Separated into three different groups, the migrants were caught on camera marching in single file across the border.

    It wasn’t immediately clear when, or if, the migrants were apprehended by US Border Patrol.

    The new Biden voters designed to keep America permanently Leftist have arrived. This was why the Clinton machine risked an election theft: without this great new voting population, who the Republicans will grant amnesty in another ten years to signal how Not-Hitler they are, Democrats were headed for irrelevance as all of their programs failed. The Clinton solution is to import people too thoughtless and alienated to care. Diversity is suicide, and thieves need the nation to commit just enough suicide that it opens its veins to the disgusting parasites, so they import third world scab voters by the thousands:

    Border Patrol officers are logging roughly 8,000 migrant encounters a day, the highest daily number in U.S. history, the communications show. Such a massive surge in migrants has left agencies such as Customs and Border Protection scrambling to implement new processing systems.

    The record number of migrant encounters highlights the little progress the Biden administration has made in solving the border crisis. The news comes as the White House blamed former president Donald Trump for the crisis earlier this week, accusing the previous administration of leaving President Joe Biden with a “broken” immigration system. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended the president and claimed the Biden administration is taking “unprecedented action” at the southern border.

    Monthly migrant encounters, according to public CBP data, are already higher in the 2022 fiscal year than in any previous year. Border Patrol typically sees an uptick in migrant encounters during the fall and winter because of favorable weather conditions.

    Of those daily immigrants, seven thousand nine hundred and ninety eight will be voting Democrat. This is why Biden does not have a border “crisis”; he wants this because his masters in Chappaqua and Beijing want this. He needs them to flip Texas, mainly because even before they can vote, their presence as an economic force will transform the region and create all sorts of collaborationists who want to endorse diversity because they see it as a Money Boat that they can use to raise their own status.

  • Shocking video shows man brutally pummel woman during mass brawl on Carnival Cruise

    One person who witness the incident commented on the post saying: ‘All I know is, I was filling my cup up with lemonade then boom, they were knuckin’ and buckin’… you just had to be there.’

    Another witness said that they left the scene just before the fight. Prior to leaving, that witness said that one of the groups was playing cards and it seemed like ‘everybody vibing’ when he left.

    China loves to see videos like this, knowing that the United States continues to fall in international prestige the more third world diversity it has. Most people at this point see the West as basically a host program for impoverished and stupid people, run by fatuous and parasitic sociopaths, for the purpose of stealing the greatness that the past made and leaving behind the type of ruins we see in Italy and Greece of once-great and now irrelevant empires. Your future is Southern Italy: mostly White, a lot of Asian, and some African, making you genetically similar to Arabs, Jews, and the Irish.

  • Anti-hate experts urge action against right-wing extremism in Canada

    One of these experts says research suggests that millions of Canadians have been drawn into the far right over the course of the pandemic, some of whom have been indoctrinated by misinformation and lies that were then amplified by the Freedom Convoy.

    Evan Balgord, the executive director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, says the convoy’s organizers were able to successfully use the month-long February protest to recruit vaccine-hesitant people into their movement.

    “They were now rubbing shoulders with, you know, racists and bigots and people who would like to use violence to overthrow the government. A portion of those people are getting further radicalized.”

    It is not that truckers, farmers, and the “vaccine-hesitant” are suddenly getting introduced to “bigotry,” but that people who have figured out that democracy is a criminal scam are beginning to unite and want to undo all of its methods from socialist-style entitlements, unions, diversity, equality, and inclusion all the way through its administrative state, semi-privatized CCTV panopticon, and public “struggle sessions” shaming culture of Political Correctness.

  • Germany, Jewish Groups Reach Final Chapter of Holocaust Compensation Negotiations

    Berlin will pay 1.3 billion euros, equivalent to $1.3 billion, for home care for elderly survivors—including 8,500 Jews from Ukraine forced into exile by the Russian invasion of their country—according to the agreement announced at a commemorative event attended by Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

    For the first time, Berlin also agreed to invest nearly €100 million into Holocaust education for the next three years, after polls found that majority of young people across the U.S. and Europe were largely ignorant of the Shoah.

    Germany has been paying restitution and compensation to Holocaust survivors represented by the Jewish Claims Conference and by the state of Israel since 1952. The Luxembourg Agreements that unlocked the payments marked the first time a state had agreed to provide perpetual compensation to individual victims of a genocide it had perpetrated. Since then, Germany has paid more than €80 billion to survivors following regular negotiations with the Claims Conference.

    I refuse to join the fedpoasting of the Christian Democrat neo-Nazis which is popular now because moron votards see it as an “alternative” to the Not-Hitler mainstream Republicans, forgetting that acting like you are in American History X confirms the stereotypes that Hollywood and Washington have asserted about Nazis since 1939 or so, and by doing that, drives undecided regular voters into the arms of the GOP and DNC because they see that the most public face of race-aware politics is insane and motivated by rage and revenge like the Jacobins. The fact is that there is one solution to diversity and that is to end it with reparations-with-repatriation, i.e. both subsidize and enforce the leaving of every group except the one ethnic group that founded the nation; Germany for Germans, America for WASPs, in other words. Holocausting them — if we skip the Official Narrative crafted by Soviet and American propagandists, we see that probably 200k Jews died during WW2 from the reason people always die in concentration camps, which is diarrhea and malnutrition, probably because concentration camps as invented at Andersonville and in the Boer war are designed to weaken and kill off a foe under the guise of sequestering him to reduce harms — is not a solution. Fantasizing about and fetishizing the Holocaust is a great way to drive the rest of our people away from race-aware politics, which is why the FBI refuses to touch most of the people who do this, and pays a lot of them a good deal of money to keep attracting antisocials to the far-Right so that normals stay away forever. Do you realize how easily you are manipulated, yet?

  • Study finds stock values increase when firms appoint Black CEOs

    Researchers analyzing nearly 5,000 CEO appointments over 20 years, from 2001-2020, found average stock prices went up when companies announced the appointment of a Black CEO. The findings from this large-scale study suggests a median firm appointing a Black CEO could see a boost of $44.6 million in market capitalization relative to a similar firm appointing a white CEO.

    We now see the secret of ESG and other corporate “woke” initiatives: the shareholders like it because it drives the stock up because the Mom and Pop morons buying stock like to see news that affirms that our current Narrative is actually going well instead of failing as all indicators suggest. Notice that they do not point to improved performance by the companies, only to rising stock prices, which reflect media attention and popular tastes, not reality.

  • BYU student newspaper scoops left-wing media in Duke volleyball racial-slur saga

    The racist saga involving Brigham Young University first made national headlines late last month when Duke University sophomore Rachel Richardson went public with allegations that she had been subjected to racist slurs every time she served during a volleyball match in Provo, Utah, on Aug. 26.

    But BYU dropped a bombshell last week when it revealed that its “extensive” investigation into the matter, which involved reviewing multiple videos and CCTV, had found zero evidence to support 19-year-old Richardson’s claims.

    The university also issued an apology and overturned a ban on the unidentified fan who Duke officials had claimed was responsible for hurling the racist abuse at Richardson.

    Just like events at Oberlin and “mattress girl” at Harvard, BYU has found out that you have to investigate “hate crimes” allegations very carefully because almost all of them are fake and perpetrated by minorities.

  • Alleged Virginia sex predator is deported illegal immigrant, wanted in NY jogger attack

    Juan Rodriguez Alfaro, now suspected in a string of at least 21 separate assault and sexual battery-related incidents victimizing women and girls along the Washington and Old Dominion (W&OD) Trail since July, is an illegal immigrant from Honduras who has been previously deported three times, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) spokesperson told FOX 5 DC.

    Fairfax County police said that Rodriguez Alfaro had also been facing out-of-state warrants for attempted rape and sexual assault in Suffolk County, New York, since nearly a year ago.

    If you are an invader, which is the term we should use for all immigrants and refugees whether they intend that action or not, then you are not living in your country; you are living in the country of someone else that both gives you free stuff out of moronic guilt and also oppresses you because it is never going to be your country, created by your people for your people, where you feel at home. You can always run back home if they put out too many warrants for you. But there are people there that you find pesky and irritating, despite the fact that they pay for your benefits, so you lash out at them because after all, they are not your people; diversity makes enemies of us all. Most likely, Europeans settled the New World thirty thousand years ago and were then replaced by hordes of people who came from Mongolia because they heard there was a nice rich place to parasitize just next door. These people would rather travel thousands of miles than lift a finger to improve their hometowns, but this is a human disease, a process we call wumping. People settle some place, but then refuse to fix basic problems by figuring out basic organization, so they adopt pluralism or everyone living in his own little mental world, at which point things fall apart, and then they go searching for a new place at which they will do the same exact thing which not surprisingly produces the same exact result and the cycle begins again. It is what most of humanity has done since the dawn of time, with one exception: the Cro-Magnids (Western Europeans).

  • California mom who ordered teen basketball player daughter to sucker-punch opponent is ordered to pay $9,000 in restitution

    In the video, Hunt’s daughter — whose name has not been released due to being a minor — can be seen shooting a three-pointer when Ham comes to block her and accidentally knocking both of them to the floor.

    Ham reportedly suffered from a concussion.

    Hunt can be heard screaming: ‘You need to hit her.’

    Both girls can be seen getting up and continuing down the court before the teen violently switches course and reels toward Ham, sucker-punching her and knocking her to the ground.

    Such behavior is normal in the third world but clashes with Western legal systems which are designed to avoid the theme of “bastards and cheaters always win” that in part is what keeps the third world poor (the rest is “and normal people do nothing except what is convenient,” basically what happens when the bourgeois philosophy reaches its natural end). Humans are self-destructive; if you leave them to their own devices without the innate leadership structure of social hierarchy and monarchy, they abolish reality and pursue a social fantasy symbol world where everyone is important (equal) and any constraints on whims, desires, appetites, or pathologies is “oppression.” This world, being anti-realistic, quickly falls under the thumbs of those who manipulate delusion morons and they run it into Tammany Hall levels of corruption, at which point it decays rapidly into third world status and the bastards winning becomes the norm because everyone is dysfunctional, lazy, and solipsistic. The West bucked that trend and opted instead for manorial feudalism which is more of a genetic sorting algorithm than an economic system. If the West returns to the monarchy all of the parasites are screwed; if it sticks with democracy, oligarchy, military rule, or dictatorship the parasites are gonna make out like bandits. And yet out there the chorus is mostly against monarchism because proles by definition cannot admit that the Dunning-Kruger Effect is real and therefore, peasants will never understand kings except as some rich guy who makes all the decisions. We do not see the same world; dumb people live in a simpler world where answers are easier because less of reality is perceived, and poorer people are dumber people. You must oppress your poor or you end up in the third world no matter how lilly-white you perceive your skin to be.

  • Texas doctor arrested in connection to contaminated IV bags that killed a physician

    This isn’t the Corvette-loving doctor’s first brush with the criminal justice system. He was convicted of shooting a neighbor’s dog with a pellet gun in 2015 and accused of assaulting at least two women.

    The anesthesiologist was allegedly captured on surveillance footage slipping IV bags into a warmer in the hall outside the operating rooms at Baylor Scott & White Surgicare at North Dallas, according to a suspension order issued by the board.

    “When he deposited an IV bag in the warmer, shortly thereafter a patient would suffer a serious complication,” the report states.

    Ortiz, who has been practicing for 26 years, was placed on administrative supervision in August for an incident from November 2020.

    Another affirmative action success story. When you make it even easier to be a doctor just so that you get the right distribution of skin tones on your public relations photos, you have reduced standards and therefore get lower performance. This does not mean “all minorities are bad” but more “the present of any non-majority group is fatal” because it forces reducing standards, even if some minorities get it and try hard to become part of what is succeeding instead of the failure from which they came. Diversity is bad; minorities are great, in their own countries, so long as those countries are not diverse or run under the third world system. However, it is their responsibility to fix their own countries, never ours. They were poor before colonialism and they are richer after it which is how they can afford to emigrate here, but the fact of their previous poverty means that mathematically and logically, colonialism did not do this to them. The oppression myths are all lies. Affirmative action, which is based on those oppression myths, is the most dangerous kind of lie in that it forces us all to keep quiet about the steady wave of incompetence and insanity subverting our formerly functional institutions in the West.

  • ‘Gloved beast’ rapist who sucker-punched a man outside Bronx restaurant is indicted with a felony

    Bui Van Phu, 55, a registered sex offender who has spent six years in prison with lifetime parole, appeared in Bronx Criminal Court Thursday.

    When you create special privileges for groups like minorities that exist for ideological/symbolic reasons — if diversity fails, we will realize that equality was always a lie — you basically give them a license to continue a reign of terror much like happened in Rotherham in the UK.

  • Md. School Apologizes After Video Shows White Students Singing N-Word

    Romero, who is Latino, couldn’t make out what the students were saying until a song came on that he recognized, “Freestyle” by the rapper Lil Baby. Romero began recording a video, with his camera angled toward the back of the students’ heads as they sang three verses that contained the n-word. Someone in the video seems to call attention to the students saying the racial slur by saying, “Yo, yo,” before the song stops and the group of students laugh.

    You cannot have a functional society where there are words that some groups can say and others cannot. This is clearly designed to humiliate and subjugate Whites.

  • Refusal to wear a mask indoors is ‘ableism and racism,’ professor states

    “Refusing to mask indoors is a manifestation of ableism and racism, an exercise of individual privilege that tells the most vulnerable that their health and the health of their loved ones does not matter,” Professor Jahred Adelman appears to have written on a presentation slide during his physics course.

    The slide further states that “[i]f you think [your classmates’] health and well-being are not important, you do not belong in this class.”

    The course syllabus, also obtained by YAF, states that “[m]asks are required AT ALL times in PHYS 253.” Students who do not follow the policy “will be asked to leave.”

    None of this has anything to do with learning physics. In the meantime, we see the real reason for the mask fascination: it gives the Left a symbol of goodthink that they can use to cow others into obedience. The correct response is to never, ever wear a mask. It is better that five billion die of COVID-19 (which will not happen, since COVID-19 is basically a mild flu at this point) than that all of humanity be browbeaten forever like these clowns will do.

  • GTA shooting rampage suspect believed to have been ‘looking for a police officer’

    Duraiappah said Petrie is known to police and has an “extensive criminal record,” including convictions for assault, armed robbery, carry a concealed weapon, and possession of a loaded prohibited or restricted firearm.

    In March 2007, Petrie was placed on the national flagging system after being deemed a “high-risk” to reoffend for an offence that occurred in 2005.

    Petrie’s last conviction was in 2015 for a criminal driving offence, according to police.

    Coddle minorities to avoid Ferguson-style riots and you end up protecting true blue psychopaths like this fellow, who appears to be of African descent.

  • Starbucks says it is closing popular New Orleans café due to ‘RACISM and mental health concerns’

    David Rubenstein, a clothing store owner, said the number of homeless people on the street either drinking or sleeping is the number one issue on the metropolitan street.

    Starbucks got tired of being called racist for kicking out Black homeless people, so now it points out that the Black homeless people are the ones abusing the White employees. Looks like Hitler and the Confederacy were right about diversity, and most of America increasingly knows this, no matter what their racial background. Diversity is how civilizations commit suicide.

  • Queen Elizabeth’s death leads to renewed African calls for apologies

    The 22-year-old DJ wants his large youth audience to share their thoughts on the legacy of the British empire, which once included South Africa.

    “We were colonised by the British and [the Queen] never changed the nature of that relationship,” one caller tells him, between the thumping baseline of Amapiano music.

    As for MJ Mojafela, he wants an apology from the new King Charles III: “Most people are saying the Queen didn’t apologise – and that is what they wanted from her.”

    Apologies mean submission in the Third World Vocabulary. They want us to bow before them so they can conquer us in the way that criminals always do. In the meantime, diversity works nowhere, so South Africa was partially right to have Apartheid, although really what they needed was to deport all the Africans and start doing their own dirty work instead. The paradox is that a good leader is a force multiplier; he (98% of them are male) will take a group of people living at subsistence level and organize them into a force for creating wealth. At that point, the dumber subsistence workers decide that they can run the show despite not understanding it or having the mental capacity to understand it, so they overthrow that mean capitalist in a top hat and set up their new paradise, which will work out as well as CHAZ/CHOP and the Soviet Union did (i.e. poverty, corruption, murder, lowered IQ, and stupidity). In contrast, having capitalism and hierarchy displaces poverty:

    In 1820, 94 percent of the global population lived in extreme poverty. By 1990, this figure had dropped to around 30 percent, and by 2015, it hovered around 9.6 percent.

    Colonialism was the result of Mongol and Muslim invasions into the West that destabilized us and sent people exploring the world looking for wealth so that we could counter these future invasions. Funnily enough, most of the early colonizers came from the race-mixed and formerly Muslim-occupied areas of Southern Europe. The third world blames the West not because the West was bad, but because the West was not bad, and therefore the third world looks bad for having reverted to pre-colonial levels of poverty simply by incompetence and immorality. There is something wrong with the people in third world societies because those are generally collapsed societies and the only people left are the grifters.

  • University student handbook singles out White students to combat racism

    “I am disgusted that my university has worded this in such a way to Villainize white human beings. As a white student, I feel personally attacked and hope to see change,” UMU student Mason Esterline told Campus Reform.

    Campus Reform spoke with another UMU student, Ally Smrdel.

    “By singling out white students in particular for being racist, the University of Mount Union is placing false blame on the majority of its students. Although racism is an issue that needs addressed, it is not only found from white people…It is a two way street,” Smrdel told Campus Reform.

    White people and conservatives do not understand equality. The point is wealth transfer: they take your stuff and consume it and… well, there are no thoughts after that. They do not, like you, plan for the future; that is why they are living in poor third world nations, not because of “muh colonialism.” They want to steal from you. Every aspect of the diversity experiment is funded by White people, managed by wealthy socialist bureaucrats, and driven forward by the heedless rage and resentment of the diversity minorities.

  • Migrants are plucked from English Channel after 38 plunge into sea when dinghy deflates

    The Ministry of Defence (MoD) confirmed that 38 people were rescued after coming into difficulty while attempting the 21-mile crossing this morning – before a further 40 were intercepted and escorted to a beach in Kent at around 2pm.

    If you let any of them in for any reason, they will all come because you have the wealth and they want to take it. It is that simple; stop overthinking the obvious, since that is a sign of neurosis that will eventually develop into schizophrenia if you do not push back. If you allow any reason for them coming here, they will all find a way to fake those qualifications and your obese, single, alcoholic, neurotic, and low-IQ bureaucrats will rubber stamp it because they are resentful and revengeful morons. In nature, bureaucrats die; in early societies, bureaucrats pick turnips. In dying societies, bureaucrats are opulent and tolerated for their mental and physical deformities. To the criminal mind, authority is a challenge. They want to see if they can beat it because that would be cool to tell their friends back at the bodega or kofeinia. They have no plan past that point. Like all true parasites, they consume until the host dies and then move on to a new host.


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