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Where Did All These Pedophiles Come From?

While authorities say tough laws are already in place to deal with child pornographers, rapidly evolving technologies and a lack of consensus among experts about why people abuse children makes it nearly impossible to “arrest our way out of this.”

Officials estimate there are at least 65,000 people in Canada — and up to 600,000 in the United States — trading pictures and videos of the sexual abuse of children.

Police estimate child pornography is a $2- to $3-billion industry, with over 20,000 new images posted on the Internet every week.

Edmonton Sun

We have 600,000 pedophiles?

For a country that loves its freedom to have sex, and to have sex in advertising, and considers itself “enlightened” for having many sexual partners and talking obsessively about sex, we seem to be gaining sexually frustrated people.

I wonder how that could be. Ponder, ponder.

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