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When Presidents Fail to Do What They Are Told

It was Bob Dylan who reminded Generation Solipsist that we all have gotta serve someone. This was a song about his discovery of Christianity after the last angry heroin fix wore off. When I read democracy’s glossy brochure, I gleaned that our politicians served the collective will of the people. We expressed that collective will in elections and thereby anointed a set of leaders with the popular mandate consequent to electoral victory. So what does an angry populace do when those anointed ones take that popular mandate and use it as toilet paper?

Democracy’s glossy brochure tells us these various democratically elected glitterati will incrementally face a performance review. At that juncture, the public official stands for reelection. These occur every two to six years depending upon which position an elected official occupies. In some cases, these are even competitive. If a large number of these people perform poorly, as many as 15-20% of them could be replaced. This, however, is a rare occurrence. Perhaps, the midterm election of 2022 could be one of these occurrences.

“The current round track in our poll, 71%,” Todd said. He continued, “What’s really striking is third straight poll where the direction of the country has been above 70%. Only been one other time we’ve had that in our poll…look 65% wrong track is a bad number, 71% that’s why it is in the shellacking category.”

Looking at Biden’s approval rating, NBC found he was 15 points underwater with 40% approval and 55% disapproval. Todd noted, “George W. Bush was at 39% in 2006.” That was the year that Democrats gained control of both the House and the Senate for the first time in 12 years.

Finally, Todd turned to the generic ballot where NBC shows Republicans at +2, 46% vs. 44%. Todd explained that while to the uninitiated this may sound close, in reality Democrats nearly always lead on this metric. “The bottom line is, generic ballot, if the Democrats are losing it means they’re going to get walloped,” Todd explained.

Everyone gets to throw a two-minute hate and a bunch of the bums start packing. Yet what if the worst leader does not appear on the ballot? We get what William Shakespeare famously described as sound and fury signifying nothing. This would suggest a fundamental truism of Amerikan Democracy. The voters are being hoodwinked.

The voters choose our national leadership in a manner reminiscent of how shareholders elect a corporate board of directors at an annual shareholders’ meeting. They do not. This raises two key questions.

1) Who really hires these dumb SOBs?
2) What can they do if one their stooges goes Froggy on them?

We see no direct mechanism to answer question 1. The paperwork in the glossy brochure describes no mechanism to pick leaders that does not involve at least some instantiation of the popular vote via an election. Perhaps we need to observe efforts in pursuit of question two. If we know who wants Joe Biden’s career to chill out until it assumes room temperature, then we know who would want to pry him out of his comfortable sinecure.

Over the past few days, the New York Times and Washington Post have picked up the story that all conservatives knew before the election of Joe Biden. Hunter Biden’s laptop is real, contained all kinds of sensitive information including Department of Defense codes, and linked payments from government officials and organizations directly to Joe Biden.

Oh my! That almost appears criminal. It would have appeared similarly slimy two and half years ago. This data reached every major organ and outlet of Amerikan Pravda back then. They claim to have validated this story only just now. Anyone aware of Amerikan Pravda reported on Richard Jewell back in the 1990’s is totally aware of how concerned journalists are about how well they can verify a good, juicy scoop. NBCCBSCNNMSNBC may well still have debt securities left to amortize after financing the legal settlement from that one.

The juicy story that would have nuked Candidate Biden last election cycle did not appear in the set of news that was fit to print. In the interim, President Biden has made like an Irish Farmer and led his party to suffer quite possibly the electoral equivalent of a potato famine. It will not be the equivalent of a meteorite landing near dinosaurs, only a third of The US Senate even stands for election. It may well make Cthulhu have to swim Left with anvils attached to a few of his tentacles.

Cthulhu has expressed his concern. We see that when Chuck Todd stops polishing Barack Obama’s apples for long enough to stick a paring knife in Joseph R. Biden’s ribs. We see this further when The Washington Post “verifies” some of what was on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Academic John Lott has become que horror, a 2020 Election Truther and claims just now to uncover approximately 250,000 fraudulent votes.

Why the outburst of Employer’s Remorse? It seems our arrogant elites have discovered that it continues to matter which puppet they install at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. They have decided anyone would be better. Even the concept of President Kamala Harris scares them less than a continuation of Joe Biden’s physical, moral and cognitive decline. The next insidious threat arises when they discover how well things go under President Kamala Harris. At some point Cthulhu will just climb out of the pool and do the job himself.

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