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We Go Further Into Bush v. Gore Territory

The Supreme Court just denied to give Trump relief in Pennsylvania. The Left celebrates half-heartedly; they know the gig is up and Mom or Dad caught them doing something they should not have been doing. People wonder what is going to happen next.

When I awoke on the morning of November 4 and saw the news, my first thought was: we are headed right back into Bush v. Gore territory. We are still on that path, with the added bonus that Trump caught the Left in the foreign collusion that apparently they have practiced for fifty years.

Justice Alito and the Supreme Court, in my view, intend to get the Texas suit bounced up to them. At that point, they are going to read Bush v. Gore and say, essentially, “We warned you. Mess with voting equality and we deny you the election.”

They have the option of handing the election to Trump by disqualifying Leftist votes. They can kick it back for a do-over, but that will send the world into a tailspin. They can send the whole mess on to the House if they want. Most likely, they will hand the election to the party with clean hands: Trump.

In my analysis, Trump knew that this election was going to be stolen. He has been complaining about vote fraud for over a decade, pointing to elections as far back as 2008 as being stolen, and he set a trap with the help of military cyberwarfare experts and anti-mafia LEOs.

Most likely, he has trapped the Obama-Clinton political machine, its billionaire backers, its organized crime allies, possibly the unions, and China in the act of subverting the United States. This means that people are going to go to jail.

Anti-racketeering law will come into play here. Most people know that RICO lets you bust the kingpins, but are not as aware that it lets anyone participating in the conspiracy be charged. If the DNC engineered this theft, anyone who knew or should have known will be charged.

That allows for two additional remedies: first, government officials charged with crimes are normally fired immediately. Second, people who are convicted find themselves yeeted out of office. Trump can drain the swamp with one big act, and many small prosecutions.

Imagine Washington with no Democrats, unions, organized crime, China, or corrupt lobbyists involved. This is the type of purge that Trump has engineered. This will be part of his legacy: becoming the exterminator who wipes out anyone connected even remotely to this scam and ensuring that they stay out of government.

As far as Bush v. Gore goes, the court laid down some fairly simple rules: adjust how votes are counted to benefit one side, and you lose. Change procedure so that one side is at an arbitrary disadvantage, and you lose. They will hand this to Trump either directly or indirectly.

If they try for a moderate position and send this to the House, Trump will likely prevail because at that point, the damage being done to American reputation abroad and domestic stability will be compounding at an exponential rate. Elect Trump to stop the bleeding; elect Biden to become Venezuela.

The jubilant tone of the Leftist media has changed to shrill, tone deaf nagging, again. This happens every time they think they have trapped Trump and he turns the game around on them. Soon they go into damage control.

In the meantime, the rest of us need to send a message to the GOP: support Trump or you are toast. We need fewer internet Nazis and fedora libertarians talking loudly about how they have been disrespected and they will never vote GOP again; we need more people saying they normally vote GOP but will not if cucking occurs on this vital issue.

America faces a very simple choice. If it allows this crooked election to stand, it begins a free-fall in international reputational, financial standing, and domestic order. If it hands the election to the rightful winner, Donald Trump, it can begin to heal again.

It looks like China paid the right bribes because all of Big Tech and Big Media agree that Trump is just awful and they have to get him out of office. That alone tells you that these people are not trustworthy and must be removed from public life. The bigger picture however involves the changes to history now occurring.

As of 2008, Leftism became unworkable. It crashed the economy with a minority housing program. Diversity was not and is not working. The nation has spent itself bankrupt and in debt for entitlements.

Even more, Leftism has nowhere to go. It got everything it wanted in the 1930s and 1960s by the 1990s. Now it has nowhere to go except spending more money, extracting more kickbacks, and presiding over problems which never seem to improve despite trillions spent.

We have sacrificed our nation on the altar of anti-poverty, civil rights, feminism, public education, school lunches, socialized medicine, and transgenderism. Not only have we failed to improve these problems, but we have spent ourselves bankrupt, and our society is less stable, less prosperous, and less enjoyable to live in.

In short, Leftism failed once fifty years passed since the end of WW2 and we saw that all of that postwar Left-leaning policy — both conservative and liberal, since conservatives got big on the anti-Hitler “Christian Libertarian” trip — had failed to make anything really better, only worse.

Rumors spread back in the 1990s that somehow the Soviet Union had not died at all, but transferred itself to the moderate Left in the same way a demon leaves one body to possess another. It turns out that it was China pulling the strings all along, still smarting from the wars in Korea and Vietnam that revealed them as weak.

Now we face dual problems. First, China controls our nü-elites in Wall Street, media, Big Tech, unions, and the Deep State, and has done so for decades; second, the Chinese system is failing, which means that they are going to take us down with them into the abyss.

As critics of globalism said back in the day, the problem is that the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and a united human society will self-destruct if its globalist leaders make bad decisions. This means that we are hitting a moment as significant as the end of WW2 or the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Imagine a world where the UN and EU are thoroughly discredited, where international commerce is viewed as subversion, and unions are seen as an invading force. That is where we are headed. Before that point, however, this election drama must play out, so the larger quest can reveal itself.

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