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In a time of the embittered, who are the victims and who are the oppressors?

From my experience, it doesn’t matter; there will always be someone rising above on the backs of others. This is equal parts the ambition of that person and the incompetence of those they rise above. In fact, this can lead to positive results, in that the person on top is motivated and capable. We can’t always — or even most or much of the time — say that about the people below.

This means that for us to breathe fresh air, we must throw aside the tired and pointless victim/oppressor dichotomy. It worked in teen movies, but when you think about it, it didn’t really work. Geeks won symbolic victories, and the world went on. The popular kids got out of school and did just fine for themselves, ignoring their one great symbolic loss to the geeks.

Napoleon Dynamite now works as a publicist for a toilet bowl ring manufacturer in Dayton, OH. He’s still a hipster, but those have always been with us. What is clear from a distance is that he is not important, or even visionary; what happens when you get up close is that you get drawn into his personality, and start thinking, well maybe this is Somebody Important.

We can see that the path of popularity for popularity’s sake is a dead-end path. It would be more impressive to gain an audience who respect you for being accurate, and who can work with you to effect a change in the world. This requires you change causes, not effects.

What I mean by causes and effects is this: if your basement floods with water, you can take care of the effect easily by pumping out the water. But where did that water come from? You still have to find the cause, and if you don’t find it and fix it, expect future floods.

Modern people have good reason to be embittered. They are, in fact, victims. Their civilization is moribund and thanks to its globalism and technology, is going to take a lot down with it when it goes. Right now, it cannot stop itself, because too few people have any clue what is wrong and what needs to be stopped. They can try to fix the effects, but this is swatting at flies.

In other words, they are embittered at the wrong things. They are angry at the image, the effects… and have no idea of the cause. Here are their large concerns:

  • Poverty. The cause of poverty is incompetence. Impoverished people spend too much money on beer, cigarettes, lottery tickets, picture shows and sex. They have lower IQs than those who have skills; this means lower impulse control, less ability to plan, no complex thought and often, violent action to satisfy immediate desires. As a result, they have no self-positive way to explain why they are always working in unskilled, unvalued jobs and are often in prison. Healthy societies tell them their jobs are sacred; our society just tells them they are worth less, which translates into worthless in the big scheme of things.
  • Economies. The cause of economic recessions is false value. When a society over-values itself, or part of itself, the market corrects. This causes certain things to lose value, which causes a snowball effect as all parts of the economy dependent upon those things in turn lose value; even worse, the consumers and businesspeople react with chimpanzee-like emotion and yank their assets out of the investment field, and stop spending money, which further becalms the economy. If you want no recessions, do not inflate value. Ronald Reagan restored a strong economy in the USA by strengthening the country across the board; when it peaked in the 1990s, Bill Clinton encouraged it to continue in the short term by making assets more available for trade, which generated false value. Bush and Obama have inherited that mess.
  • Warfare. Warfare is part of humanity. Warfare, like interpersonal violence, achieves an answer where otherwise stagnation would exist. If party A and party B both want the same territory, warfare gives it to one. Otherwise, both would struggle on without what they needed, and the territory would never get fully developed. In the same way, having one group or individual rise above others guarantees that someone more competent is produced; this is the opposite direction that leveling ideologies like socialism take, where they want all to be equal, even if it stalls evolution. Most people confuse disliking a particular war with a need to oppose all wars, and even then, they have little understanding of why that war exists.
  • Class warfare. There is only one form of class warfare: the masses against the elites. If you have good elites, they make the country as a whole stronger, wealthier, and saner in its interpretation of culture and politics. If you have bad elites, they work only for themselves at the expense of others, and so end up literally exploiting their workers: taking their time and effort, and for their work, giving them a dysfunctional society in return. The common fiction is that class warfare exists because the wealthy like to oppress the poor; the truth is of course that the wealthy do not need the poor. They will always find someone with less wealth than they to work for them, and the cost of the goods produced will rise in proportion to what these people are paid, so everyone else will demand that low-cost labor be provided, whether through immigration or domestic impoverished.
  • Civil rights. Throughout human history, diversity — of race, ethnicity, religion, culture or values — has always been a product of commerce. Dying empires become so self-congratulatory that, like socialist states, they promote everyone to the same level and no one wants to do the grunt work. So they must either throw a lot of people in prison to make slave labor (the Soviet/Nazi method) or import laborers from different ethnic groups. These groups will in turn (a) be treated badly because they represent a threat on many levels, some of them legitimate (b) become alienated and opportunistic and (c) have no hope of integrating without losing their ethnic identity and thus becoming conquered people. For this reason, diversity always provides a nightmare scenario: constant majority-minority warfare until the political power of “helping the less fortunate” is realized, at which point multiculturalism becomes an official dogma, and the idea of having values in common except those enforced by government, media or commerce dies, leaving an extremely alienated, tentative, neurotic place.

Out there in the world, there are many people trying to whip you into a crowd frenzy by making you embittered about the above issues. However, these issues are not problems; the health of our society is. Healthy leaders take care of their people, keep the economy stable, only fight important wars and avoid the propaganda of class warfare. Bad leaders use all of those to their own advantage.

Healthy societies result from healthy people. Healthy people — in mind, body and moral character — tend to pick healthy leaders. If those leaders are bad, they find a way to get rid of them without engaging full-scale chaotic revolutions that turn into murderfests. If you have healthy people, your society will make itself healthy.

In contrast, if you have unhealthy people — in mind, body and moral character — and they outnumber the healthy, they will screw everything up. They will pick demagogues instead of leaders, and those demagogues will then launch bad wars and tell the people propagandistic lies about class warfare. Everything becomes unhealthy when the unhealthy people are in charge.

It is well and good that people are embittered. They are however embittered at the wrong things. They are looking for convenient targets, like “banksters,” Masons, African-Americans, Christians, Jews, etc. What they need to do is pay attention to the health of the society.

In the end, as human beings, we control our destiny. Our only real enemy is our own stupidity. When we consent to unhealthy people being around us, they outnumber us and pick unhealthy leaders; from there, everything unravels. Be embittered, but be embittered at the right thing: stupidity.

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