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To Get Woke Out of the Schools, You Are Going to Have to Abolish the Schools

Recently Texas experimented with imposing ratings on books, like there are for movies or video games, to rank their harmful content including “woke” (i.e. neocommunist) propaganda about sex and race. The courts threw this down, as they probably should the ratings on video games and movies, but the question behind the bill lingers on.

Parents cannot trust a system where their children are exposed to woke nonsense, and even more, have to ask if a system that has run out of substance to the point where it is teaching this pap instead of useful material can ever be trustworthy. With teacher unions and government employees leaning mostly Left, this is a solid question.

White people and other high-IQ populations suffer from the neurosis of intelligence. They are so accustomed to manipulating others that they lose the ability to think structurally, and can only think socially instead. Consequently they fiddle around with these rules on the edges instead of getting to the core of the issue.

At its center, the essence of this issue is as follows: education is too important to be entrusted to government, which thanks to civil rights and the demise of “fair play” with Anglo culture, can no longer be relied on not to simply turn the schools into little propaganda mills like it has done.

This means that diversity America has killed its first institutional victim. Public schooling must end. If we are smart, we simply stop taking in the taxes and let people educate their children as they will; they will not do a worse job than the public schools now, which are both expensive and mediocre except in wealthy districts.

In this system, the same thing that happens in every system will occur. The higher-IQ kids, who are most likely from higher-wealth families, will get better education because they can take advantage of it. The middle-IQ kids need very little. The lower-IQ kids will get the basics because that is the most they can absorb.

For anyone but the people above 120 IQ points, an eighth grade education suffices and then they are ready to take on the world. They do not know much about history, but they do not have the circuits to process much of the advanced stuff. They need practical mental tools to tackle their careers, families, taxes, and financial planning.

Your lower IQ kids, beneath 100 points, cannot really be taught much of anything. The constant pressure to keep kids in school exists because these kids will forget almost everything they are taught within a few weeks without constant reminders. The goal is to get them functional enough to pass exit tests so the statistics look better.

Probably the GOP will eventually opt for charter schooling, which gives parents the ability to take out a certain amount of money to spend on private schooling. This will be a wealth transfer from the 115+ IQ families to the poor, and will do nothing to help the poor but will hamper the productive segment, like all egalitarian ventures.

If charter schooling becomes an option, expect an exodus to private and home schooling by the kids above 115 IQ points. The remaining schools will fall to third world levels of performance no matter how much woke nonsense they teach because the kids will absorb very little and forget almost all of it within a year of graduation.

On the bigger horizon, we have to look realistically about what diversity means for education. No dominant Anglo culture means schools will be propaganda mills; censorship even in soft forms is a dumb game. The only way out is to get out of the obligation to fund these schools and keep the propaganda machine churning.

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