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The roots of Black resentment


For Americans who are not useful idiots by habit, the #BlackLivesMatter debacle seemed pointless. Did the protesters forget that these Black Americans who were shot down were in the process of committing crimes? That a lot of these deaths bear a striking similarity to “suicide by cop”? Or that our society is effectively built around anti-discrimination and affirmative action at this point?

Let me reveal some of the secrets of human behavior: it operates by symbolism, not realism. Many events are touchstones which set off a chain reaction of resentment despite being practically unrelated to the reasons for that resentment. Often issues like identity, self-image and perceived status are far more important than actual conditions. This leads to a revelation about #BlackLivesMatter.

The protests across America reveal a fascination not so much with injustice, but with invisibility. Namely: African-Americans are accustomed to having been “America’s minority,” and now, they are being replaced. We have Hispanic candidates for President, Asians and Indians in office, and OTMs — “Other Than Mexicans” — are pouring across the border, each group with its own standards and needs.

Blackness as it was defined has been replaced. The media spotlight has moved on. This endangers much of how Black America has survived, which is through a combination of affirmative action, entry level jobs and welfare. Now the writing is on the wall: less of any of those are going to Black people. And when a Black guy and a Mexican line up for the same job, there is no affirmative action rule that says the Black guy goes first, so it goes to the Mexican. Or the Vietnamese. Or the Iraqi. Or anyone else who is not white.

In the meantime, life in Black America still mostly sucks. The only Blacks who get ahead are those who act like the majority culture, which is a mishmash of many cultures but exemplifies none, and yet works in systems that White men set up centuries ago. The rest are left with boring jobs, living mostly in run-down neighborhoods, and dealing with high crime and corruption in those neighborhoods.

Here I leave accepted right-wing thought behind: their problem is not them, but their role as a subjugated minority in America. No matter how much we whitewash and apply welfare and affirmative action, the truth remains that Black Americans were brought here as slaves and are existing in a type of society that is foreign to them. They will never have control of their destiny, pride in their identity or have people like them as their police, judges, firemen, politicians, lawyers, doctors and builders.

Diversity destroys all groups by forcing them either into a melting pot or permanent Balkanization. To resist the melting pot is to be marginalized; to accept the melting pot is to destroy who you are and remove any shred of pride in your past and genetics. Either path leads to destruction; no path leads to healthy self-esteem and a sense of commanding one’s own future. To be Black, or any group in a diverse society, is to forever be reacting to the rest of it and alienated by this condition.

White people, whose culture has been altered by liberalism to only reward those who display public altruism, have no conception of this situation. Their response is to say rather haughtily that “All Lives Matter.” That is not a value shared by other groups for a simple reason: those other groups, accustomed to having to fight for survival, realize that altruism is nonsense. Self-interest rules the day. And white self-interest, which rewards public altruism, tramples on the self-interest of others (as well as whites themselves).

The tendency of most people is to blame whatever group is having difficulties in our multicultural paradise because that scapegoat allows them to continue believing that our society has a future. However, it does not, because diversity creates a permanently divided, unstable and trustless society. Although they cannot articulate why they have distrust of the future, white people are starting to notice that to be in a pluralistic society is to be a minority, and that because diversity sucks, being a minority will also suck:

In the three decades between the surveys, pollsters found, share of young Americans overall who said the American Dream “is not really alive” grew sharply from 12 to 29 percent. Among white people, it nearly tripled from 10 percent to 29 percent. One in three white non-college graduates now say it is not alive, compared to one-fifth of white college graduates; the increase from 1986 was larger for non-graduates than for graduates.

The people really feeling the pain are whites without college degrees. They come last in the hiring line, after all the affirmative action protected groups. Members of those groups can sue and even if they do not win, cost companies many dollars in legal fees, so when possible, companies hire them first. This means that whites are last in line for seniority, which tends to be reflected in raises and thus final salary, and have no legal protection against getting fired for, say, opinions on social media posts, where a protected group member can claim such acts are discrimination.

Even further, whites are seeing the type of society they want disappear. Most of them, left or right, want to live in safe stable neighborhoods where their children can have normal childhoods. But with the rise of social chaos brought on by diversity, and the intense propaganda to force it to work, that has been taken from them as well. Their only option is to go to college and graduate school, work long hours at thankless jobs, and then buy their way out of bad neighborhoods, bad schools and bad public health care through private services. They will be taxed at a high rate to pay for the services that others use, and thus will find it hard to build up any capital.

This is the future of diversity: no one wins except those who dedicate themselves to the system and spend all their time at their jobs. This will in turn mean that their children grow up without one or both parents, and will most likely self-destruct and become impoverished. The parents will wake up at retirement and find that society no longer has a use for them, and that they are isolated because their social contact occurred entirely through work. Vast emptiness and resentment awaits them.

These are the same sentiments that are going through the minds of Black Americans these days. Work, for what? So people who look nothing like them and share none of their values can profit? The alternative is perpetual poverty and dependence on the state, which does not look so hot either. But these are the wages of diversity, and as long as we insist on this illusion, we will march blindfolded toward our fate.

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