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parasiteEver wanted to just take short cuts or cheat to get the darn thing over with, but still get the award or certificate everyone else got?

Me either.

But some personality types among us that should have been naturally selected out by now have simply had enough with meeting life a quarter or a fifth of the way and then as a result usually failing.

So they have ideas for how to make everything work out better for themselves by redefining losing out from “they were not good enough” to “they were too exceptional and made us look unequal”.

Some think the national system is a no-brainer, but others say the convenience of having everyone on the same page isn’t worth what might be lost.

But, for this big idea, this new world order to work out, we will all have to play along.

National Standards: Lowering the Bar The Boston Herald editorial board is outraged at Massachusetts’s predicted capitulation to the national standards, pointing out that the “three sets of reviewers” claiming the standards were on par with the state’s current ones were “hardly independent.” In fact, the review by Sandra Stotsky, formerly on the state’s Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and another participant in the Times Room for Debate discussion, found that the national standards were below those in Massachusetts. “Do we really want literature to be only 50 percent of assigned high school reading?” ask Herald editors. “Do we really want to wait until fourth grade to have students sound out multi-syllable words? No, we don’t.


What’s a non sequitur?

Latin for “It does not follow.” An inference or conclusion that does not follow from established premises or evidence.


Can you spot the non sequitur in the American liberal ruling regime’s rationalizing?

Last summer, a federal judge ruled that FDNY discriminated against blacks and Hispanics with an exam used in 1999 and 2002. Two weeks ago, the same judge ruled that New York City intentionally discriminated against minorities by continuing to use the exam.

Earlier this month, Barack Obama’s DOJ filed suit against New Jersey and its Civil Service Commission for using an exam that “discriminates” against blacks and Hispanics, because these groups scored “statistically significantly lower” than whites.

“This complaint should send a clear message to all public employers that employment practices with unlawful discriminatory impact on account of race or national origin will not be tolerated,” Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez told The Star-Ledger. “The Justice Department will take all necessary action to ensure that such discriminatory practices are eliminated and that the victims of such practices are made whole.”


Let’s spell this out for those of our readers who have difficulty with reading comprehension because they are victims of institutionalized discrimination. If the impersonal requirements everyone is held to cause some to fail testing requirements, but others to pass, it must mean we’re singling out individuals for unfair treatment.

The implied solution to avoid legal penalty is to lower the bar to maintain our Constitutional guarantee to diversity. By this rationale, the ruling liberal regime would like everyone to know that:

  1. racial minorities in America are usually mentally inferior but the government rules provide the means to make them seem equal
  2. the appearance of a racially diverse public life is more important than maintaining competence at all levels in order to have civilization

We on the humanitarian far left agree and that’s why we have a new idea for August 4th, a National Lowered Standards Day. With a few rough guidelines, America will show the world we are no longer biased against any identifiable group of people.

  • Don’t clean up your house or yourself.
  • Install appliances incorrectly and watch houses burn down.
  • Make sure you don’t waste time studying or working hard.
  • Assemble cars the wrong way and watch them crash.
  • Laundry? Who needs it. Ditto anything but convenient dysfunction.
  • Watch TV, eat garbage and loaf.

Since we aren’t protectionist, everything American is for export, even lower standards day. Maybe we can take the proposal to the United Nations for an International Nobody Left Behind day. We’ll end up with a Third World planet Earth that everyone hates, but hey at least our intentions seemed benevolent. For a while.

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