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The Nanny Empire And Death Grandma Missed The Point


At the debate last night, it became clear more than ever before that our faux elites are unable to relate to what the remaining sane and functional people of the West are concerned about. We worry about Platonic acceleration of democracy in the short term, and the collapse of Western Civilization in the long-term.

Americans find themselves disturbed by some of the salient facts mentioned by Trump which seem to be given a nod and then forgotten in the mainstream media. For example, our $20 trillion debt, our rotting infrastructure, and our Leftist government having only one plan for the future, which is more immigration, wealth transfer and increasing wars.

They perceive this — although probably not by this name — as “Platonic acceleration,” or the sub-cycle that Plato describes in The Republic where democracy favors manipulators, who then embark on a quest to maintain their power. This quest includes immigration, “bread and circuses” style benefits, and constant war in order to cement the tyrant in power perpetually.

In the modern version of Platonic acceleration, the tyrant is not a he but an it: the ideology of equality, also known as Leftism. This tyrant wants to rule forever by creating demographic change that replaces the founding group of the nation with third world people, who historically have always voted Leftist.

A residual sane, normal and practical American does not favor war with Russia unless there is a pressing need. They see utility in disrupting ISIS and other organizations which are creating the “refugee crisis” that cynical leaders like Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton use to justify increased immigration. If Russia attacks Germany, Americans will support war; they will not endorse it simply because Russia does not like our “friendly” rebels in Syria.

These Americans also worry about the $20 trillion debt. This cannot reasonably be repaid, which means that America is heading toward default, at which point our currency becomes worthless and we will be wholly dependent on government, with non-conformists essentially destroyed. We have seen this pattern many times in third world states, especially in Latin America where most of our immigrants originate.

The Nanny Empire of the Left, and its chosen candidate “Death Grandma” Hillary Clinton, want more immigration, war and debt in order to advance their agenda of total control. Donald Trump opposes this agenda not by proposing another one, but by demanding realism in our day-to-day operations.

Death Grandma seems to lust for war with Russia. She may be doing this to benefit China, although it is likely that if the US and Russia go to war, China will join with the Russians in order to defeat America, which China views as its biggest threat. At that point, if China eliminates Russia, it will have dominion over all of Europe and Asia.

We have fought two wars against the Chinese. In the Korean War, our soldiers faced Chinese troops who surged in to rescue the failing Korean Communist regime that is today North Korea. In the Vietnam war, most weapons and advisers to the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army came from China and Russia, including the anti-aircraft missiles they used to partially repel the highly successful American bombing raids.

With all this in mind, it looks like Death Grandma has selected the wrong target at the wrong time for reasons that, beyond her desire to remain in power through perpetual war, seem entirely inscrutable to those who wish for America to thrive. With Clinton, we will get more of the same: a Leftist republic that becomes increasingly authoritarian.

The Left views America as a cash cow. In their minds, America is a means to the end of worldwide Leftist power, and the American people are an acceptable sacrifice. In the short term, the American people will be bled dry by taxes to pay for wealth transfer benefits like welfare and civil rights programs. In the long term, they will be demographically obliterated by immigration.

Globalism appears to have been a Leftist program to make America a worldwide ruler in commerce and warfare so that America could advance Leftist ideals worldwide. The former enemy of international Communism has become the enforcer of an ideology which is not far removed from Communism.

Most sane people do not want this future. Donald Trump offers a moderate view which simply suggests that we abandon the Leftist ideological program and focus on what has in the past made us thrive. While it is not surprising that the Nanny Empire opposes this, it is equally unsurprising that the rest of us wish to follow them to doom.

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