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Civil Rights Absorbs All Other Issues Into Its Abyss


Civil rights: This is a good thing, no? No? Maybe not so much.

At first the people were without any rights. Then there were civil rights. Then followed human rights. Now the feminists are talking about universal human rights. So you can see the massive expansion.

This is why people used to say that if you give a finger, you will lose your whole hand. If you give an inch, they will take a mile.

The idea that there are human rights implies that there is something that connects us all as one whole, as humans, when really all people and peoples are very different. This human commonality is more important than anything else, such as borders and citizenship. It is because the one universal trait of people is to desire as much as they can have, passively, for themselves. So they are entitled to this, only for being human, in their eyes humans must be very great.

Human rights is the next step after civil rights which goes beyond citizenship to include anyone that is “human.” Obviously anyone that is human should have their human rights, and so the left disregard everything that discriminates one human from another and deem all discrimination evil. After all, it is counter to humanity which the leftist is part of.

To the left these “human rights” should prevail all over the planet because everyone from all over is human, and so these rights must spread to encompass everyone everywhere. It’s not just that anyone within your own nation should have them. These are very aggressive politics; it should be recognized that hidden behind their agenda the Left is seeking world domination. Just like the Islamic State which seeks to build a world-encompassing caliphate, except that the Leftists desire a globalized, socialist state. They have come very far already with the European Union.

This proves how dangerous it is to derail from reality, even just a little. It all began with giving your citizens the finger of civil rights, and ended with universal human rights. I say to give the human rights activists the finger, and they can go and get lost, before they swallow us whole.

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