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The have-nots think joining the society of haves will make them whole

Malmo, which has one of the highest percentage of Muslims of any western European city, illustrates the challenges facing a continent whose native population is increasingly wary of a rapidly expanding and often discontented Muslim population.

There is increasing evidence that Islamic militants are gaining a foothold in Sweden by successfully exploiting racial tensions and Muslim anger over economic underachievement, and ghettoization.

Meanwhile moderate Muslims like Becirov, whose progressive mosque is a place where Sunnis and Shiites praying side by side, are increasingly under fire from both Swedish nationalists who see them as dangerous representatives of radical Islam and Muslim fundamentalists who see them as selling out to Western ideas.


Our holy grail in modern society:

Individual merit.

We like to think we’re each geniuses, grand artists, wizards, etc. waiting to be discovered. But that’s true only in a few cases per 100,000 and the rest of us are disturbingly… ordinary.

Because of this individual merit nonexistence taboo, we tell people from foreign lands that they’re have-nots as a result of historical accident.

The truth is, however, that Muslims (codeword for: Middle Eastern-descended Muslims) who move to Europe are going to find themselves at a disadvantage, so they’ll always be in lives of poverty. After all, if they were able to develop what Europe has, their home countries would look different… so obvious, yet so widely denied.

So they fester in poverty, while a few make it upward, but most are basically pissed off because they’re have-nots in a society of haves, and they lack the innate abilities the haves have, which is why they’re have-nots. It makes them more miserable to be surrounded by haves, even if they’ve got better health care. This is the situation of Saamis in Scandinavia, Turks in Germany, African-Americans and Mexicans in America, Indios in Brazil, etc. etc. it repeats everywhere. Evolution is real. The haves evolved in different ways that the have-nots, and have abilities those others lack.

In other words, there is no nature-nurture gap. Race is not a social construct; there are no things that are purely social constructs, since society reflects abilities which reflects genetics which reflects evolution which reflects degree of adaptation to reality. So it’s stupid to demand that we consider ourselves all the same, especially since it produces chaotic upheaval in our societies.

The UK is home to nearly three quarters of a million illegal immigrants, research obtained by the BBC’s Panorama programme suggests.

“What unfortunately would happen is that people traffickers and others would see that as a pull factor to get people to the United Kingdom illegally and we would end up with a bigger problem not just for our society, but for the people themselves involved,” Mr Woolas told the programme.

“The proposal for an amnesty starts with a conversation in London with the best of intentions and it ends up with dead bodies in the back of lorries in northern France,” he added.


Amnesty looks like the right solution. But nothing is ever how it appears. You need to understand the structure of how it works, or you’re just a monkey banging on a machine you don’t comprehend.

So it is with the haves and their pathological desire to admit the have-nots, as if guilt itself had undone them.


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