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The essence of unions and socialism

Have you ever worked in a Union shop? I have worked in four, and all were downright ridiculous (one was at a GM factory, one a Chrysler parts supplier, one was a distribution center for the nation’s largest five-and-dime at the time, the last was a pool covering manufacturer).

If you try to work hard, you get beat up or your car gets damaged, etc. If you slack off, it is ridiculously difficult to get fired. My hometown used to be vibrant and wealthy, and one by one the factories and distribution centers have packed up. EVERY single one was due to Union strikes and their typically ridiculous demands. Unions are a plague that have taken down American industry – let the free markets rule by taking away special rights for Unions (let Unions survive, but with no special government designation or protection).


Yeah, it’s called “don’t rise above the herd,” because you can mobilize the BIGGEST number of people by promising the FEWEST requirements. This is why socialism sounds good to us: we’re either thinking of how we can manipulate others by getting The Crowd on our side, or we’re joining that crowd by fearing that we’re incompetent, and so demanding brattily that no requirements of note be made of us.

Show up. Give it a half-ass try. Everyone can do that — so the The Crowd supports that everyone, as each individual in the crowd tries to gain power by currying favor with the others.

And reality, always unpopular, is far away…

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