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The environment pushes back

When you push a personality, it snaps back quickly with conflict. When you push a dumb, blind system brilliantly designed for maximum efficiency and adaptability to its limits, it takes a long time to correct but does so in ironclad ways.


The world’s fish stocks will soon suffer major upheaval due to climate change, scientists have warned.

Changing ocean temperatures and currents will force thousands of species to migrate polewards, including cod, herring, plaice and prawns.

By 2050, US fishermen may see a 50% reduction in Atlantic cod populations.

The predictions of “huge changes”, published in the journal Fish and Fisheries, were presented at the AAAS annual meeting in Chicago.


As blogged about elsewhere, global warming is one of several changes brought about by human consumption of earth’s resources in lieu of stewardship of them. One is the wholesale displacement of species, another is that we’re outpacing our resource renewal rate and yet another is that we’re making driving fish populations below replacement levels.

Now that it hits us where it hurts, in our food supply, it should be interesting to see how many of the numbly nodding heads suddenly shoot up. They’ll have excuses, of course. “I never knew that could happen!” — yes, because you never even tried to think through action from cause to effect to ancillary consequences.

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