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The American Schism Cannot End Peacefully


Liberalism is like sewage: one drop of it in your food supply will ruin the whole thing. Despite two hundred years of brave resistance to liberalism, America has collapsed because its population has gone insane, thanks to Leftist ideas which compel people to deny reality.

At this point, there is no way for this to end peacefully. Those on the side of the Left — third world immigrants, angry single women, and blue-haired hipsters — will never be welcome in the America that the other side wants. And the other side has no purpose in the world of the Left except as a tax cash cow.

The forefront of this movement appear to be deracinated urban Caucasians called “Social Justice Warriors” (SJWs) who weaponize minority groups for use against the majority. This creates the archetype of democracy, a permanently angry mob that blames others for its problems, and therefore cannot survive unless it destroys them.

The Left will not relinquish its control of the centralized authority in the United States and Europe without a fight. Since World War II, it has held the power with only a few interruptions, but none that drifted significantly away from the basic Leftist egalitarian dogma.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the quasi-Right and the Left together announced a new vision: the New World Order (NWO) based on merging consumerism and the 1930s-style socialist welfare state which produced only a generation later our most radical Leftists, the 1960s “Me Generation,” in whom both product fetishism and virtuous Leftism were dominant.

This “1968” social order came to power in the late 1980s and early 1990s, provoking a backlash that was most clearly seen in underground metal music, writers like Michel Houellebecq, and the rise of dissident thinkers such as the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party (LNSG), Michael Moynihan and his Evolan revival, and of course the writing your author was doing back in that decade.

We are still ruled by the Baby Boomers but they are aging fast and will soon have to retire, so they created a “mini-Me”: people who are entirely products of the 1968-dogma education system, the Leftist news and entertainment media, and the new diverse (read: cultureless) social landscape of the West.

Under the Baby Boomer agenda, which is NWO (consumerism + Leftism + social preciousness) at its core, America has become a third-world nation in terms of its political behavior, notably aggressive and metastasizing corruption:

Crime, collusion, and banana republic stuff we’ve only heard about are the new norm.

And the conspirators go about their dirty work as though we were not even here, oblivious to the public scrutiny. Hillary has laughed off questions of a potential indictment since the beginning, sneered at suggestions that her scandal might keep her out of the White House. Even more frightening than her confidence that she won’t be indicted is her unshakable faith that she’ll be elected. Hillary’s not concerned about the coming election; she doesn’t campaign or hold press conferences, and she has few rallies. It’s almost as if she doesn’t really need the votes.

This has culminated in a scandal more damaging than Watergate: the attempt by our President and his staff to evade oversight by transferring their communications from inside government to a server controlled by, if we cannot call it a “shadow government,” at least a corrupt gang with intent and methods reminiscent of organized crime.

That same President went on national television and denied that he knew about the server, which he claimed he first heard about in the mainstream media, but we can see his use of an anonymous address to send mail on that server. Many emails from the server were later deleted and two investigations fizzled out presumably to protect the careers of those claiming to enforce the law.

If you want a smoking gun, Sondjata over at Garvey’s Ghost has identified what will be the smoking gun of our time (which has even made it into state organ The New York Times):


What this means is that the powers that be — which are Leftist — have nothing to lose by increasing the degree of corruption as a method of seizing power. They have a lot to lose, however: as Trump reminded Clinton at the second debate, if he wins, she goes to jail. So will Barack Obama, most likely, since he will not have the Clinton pardon he is relying on.

For these reasons, it is entirely conspiracy thinking to expect that the sitting party will not fake election results, declare war, enforce martial law or use some other method of remaining in power in perpetuity. Those are standard behaviors in the third world, and American government now behaves in a third-world way.

All of this horrific chaos and instability has forced the rise of an opposition movement, who can be roughly described as those who (a) want something more like pre-1930s and pre-1960s America and (b) are concerned with the future of the West as a whole, and realize that the only way to escape decay is to find a big (yuge) purpose and strive toward that instead of running away from risk, fears and socially unpopular ideas.

Americans resemble the wise old guys on the farms who warned us long ago that every liberal idea was crazy. The American Nativists, the religious zealots, the Confederacy and the Founding Fathers have all been proven right or at least “more right” and the Left has been proven wrong. Add to that a healthy dose of Nietzsche and you have the outlook of the Alt Right.

The Alt Right has been legitimized because white people in America feel that a racial identity has been imposed upon them, and so they have accepted it. The Left targeted white people, so white people have begun to see themselves as a special interest group instead of a majority whose role is to provide taxes to pay for social welfare benefits for the rest. This allowed the Alt Right to pop up in the mainstream and be accepted.

White identity arose from Leftist racial antipathy toward whites:

Whereas racial prejudice refers to animosity toward other racial groups, white identity reflects a sense of connection to fellow white Americans…ongoing demographic changes in the United States are increasing white racial identity. White identity, in turn, is pushing white Americans to support Trump.

As white identity becomes accepted, and people see the need to assert their interests, they quickly become aware of who is voting against those interests: single women, third world descended people, and career Leftists. This has caused what the Left calls a revolt against democracy:

This suspicious Republican electorate is joined by growing ranks of conservative politicians, pundits, and intellectuals. They’re all increasingly willing to say that the existing American political system is hopelessly flawed and needs to be rolled back to the days before blacks and women could vote.

…Suspicion of the democratic system is so pervasive on the right because it’s driven by the fear that white Christian America is facing demographic doom. The evidence is right there in the election results: Republicans have lost the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections, and if current polling trends hold, the GOP will be batting one for seven when the results come in on November 8.

American whites have finally snapped to and realized that all post Hart-Celler immigration has been designed for a single purpose: to destroy the white majority, so that a permanent Leftist regime can exist.

Europeans are realizing the same thing about the third-world immigrants that have been flooding across their borders since the early 1970s. These groups are here to displace the original citizens so that Leftists can rule forever.

If conservatives are opposing democracy, it is not because they have “given up” on it, but rather that they have seen through it. Diversity has forced whites to recognize that minority groups never vote for white interests, and that democracy made this mess because democracy creates manipulative Leftist leaders.

In turn, this has whites realizing that the current mode of American politics is not just insupportable, but has failed. Its failure means that it must be un-done and we must choose another direction. That in turn provokes the realization that America requires an intense and radical change unlike anything else in its history.

This extends to Europe as well where democracy has produced the exact same results. The NWO is not an anomaly, but the end result of all Leftist movements. The next stage is always third-world style kleptocracy administered by Leftist strongmen. The Leftists get rich, and everyone else starves or gets beheaded.

We are seeing our society follow the path of the Soviet Union, which failed because it pursued ideology and found that doing so necessitated ignoring and suppressing notice of reality. We are also following the path of the French, who threw a Revolution and then spend the next century trying to take over Europe.

We are also seeing our society follow the path of every third-world nation on the planet. Our new “Me Generation” direction feels a lot like what happens in Cuba, Venezuela and China. Like China, we will be unstable and corrupt but cling to our industry and finance, but even that cannot save us from eventual collapse.

There is only one way out of this disaster, and it is to revoke Leftism by choosing a positive purpose instead, but to get to that point, we must protect the remaining sane people through the following:

  • Remove all diversity. Not even one drop of diversity can be tolerated because diversity lowers social trust and destroys social order. This will require reparations with repatriation so that those who were mistakenly brought here can re-establish themselves in comfort in their new homes.

  • Physical removal of parasites. Within our own population, there are parasitic people across a wide range of roles — financiers who are con men, blue-haired SJWs, lazy bureaucrats, criminals, Leftists and the congenitally stupid — who need to be relocated to the third world. This should be done as gently as possible.

  • Rebuild civilization through bootstrapping. For us to have a rising civilization, it needs a purpose, which should be some intangible and irrational transcendental ideal like excellence, beauty and goodness. It will require the four pillars to operate with that goal. Adopting those will in turn enable more clarity of purpose.

  • Avoid retribution and murder. The Left are our mortal enemies, and those they have imported see us as either those who should pay their benefits or those who should be eliminated. It is tempting to lash out in kind, but will divide us. Better to forcibly but gently relocate those who are incompatible with our needs.

We are learning that power concentrates itself and destroys civilization if not entrusted to those who are not purely self-interested. Donald Trump and Nigel Farage show us a breed of men who can make money without having political power, and therefore have gone into public service without hope of actual recompense or profit.

The problem is that such leaders only appear when there is a crisis. It may already be too late to salvage the situation in which we find ourselves, for example. Democracy — designed to avoid power — creates an even greater power because it makes the mechanisms of power invisible and covers them in a layer of pleasant illusion.

Our path has led us to a bad end and clearly we need to choose another direction. The big risks are that we do not think radically enough to create enduring change, and that we react to the present by going in the opposite direction without a plan. Those aside, the future is brighter now that we realize change and war are upon us.

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