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Sane People Ban Vagrancy and Outdoor Defecation

England conquered an empire and London truly was once the shining city up on the hill. They achieved this by getting their bums off the streets and their defecation in sequence. Public sanitation caused British children to survive to adulthood at rates that were previously unheard of. Cleaning up the vermin and banning the presence of livestock and human vagrants added to the level of health. Victorian prudishness knocked Syphilis infection rates down to a survivable level. The British Isles thus filled with healthy, ambitious, and young adult males.

All of these excess surviving British had to go somewhere. Just ask the Algonquin, Zulu, Hindus, Aborigines, and Maori. Not only that, they endeavored to keep the customs and traditions that kept them alive back home. That allowed them to survive and quickly out-proliferate the native inhabitants unless a native leader of Shaka Zulu’s ferocious caliber could forcibly evict them.

These days we have gone the opposite direction. The remaining citizens get what the authorities tolerate. Their streets and parks are now outdoor camping grounds for a new class of subsidized vagrants. The streets are now outdoor toilets. Nobody will let these people into a business establishment and they still feel nature’s urge regardless of whether they also fiend. Human excrement and whatever expended drug paraphernalia these people produce will soon decorate the urban landscape. People who pay other people to survive as homeless drug users get lots of what they pay for.

Permitting unrestricted drug abuse and vagrancy leads to other criminal activities as well. Los Angeles, California is currently being plagued by bands of organized robbers. This is further exacerbated by California State Laws that forbid felony prosecution of individual shoplifters for stealing less than $1,000.00. Assuming a fence will only pay 33% of retail, a gangster can still make an awesome kill. Hire kids at $50 per theft, have them take $900.00 in pre-targeted items, and take down $250 per thief per robbery. Behold the lucrative power of the flash mob.

Permitting and subsidizing unlimited promiscuity leads to penicillin shortages. Take Houston, Texas for example.

The Houston Health Department says it’s a crisis. There has been a 128% increase in cases among women and a nine-fold rise in congenital syphilis in Houston and Harris County. The health department reported more than 1,800 cases of syphilis in 2019 and more than 2,900 cases in 2022. That’s a 57% increase. In 2019, there were 295 reported cases among women, but then in 2022, the total was 674.

This is also a gift that keeps on giving. Untreated Syphilis leads to mental degeneration and additional unsanitary wounds and leaking. Babies born to Syphilitic Mother are likely to come into the world along with their first STD. Good Luck, Kiddo!

The citizens lose everything the authorities used to protect. The park taken over by homeless in tents is no longer a good place to host your kids’ Little League sports event. Try having a picnic with five different bums hitting you up for Spange (“spare change” in LA homeless parlance). The rodents predictably follow the bums. The park is no longer in any way an ideal and beautiful outdoor locale. Your taxpayer dollars remain at work, however.

The retail shops looted after George Floyd fented out have not reopened. “They have insurance,” BLM assured us all. “Loot for the people.” Then protest when your neighborhood becomes a food desert because insurance premiums on high-shoplifting stores force them to close.

The place becomes a food desert because insurers pay out based on present value of a property. A property surrounded by drug addicted zombies will have a present value far below what a small business operator would have to pay to clean up, repair, and then recommence operations. A common response is to use the insurance money to do just enough to avoid local nuisance charges and then get out of town.

Oh, and forget the whole club PUA scene during The Houston Syph Outbreak. A filthy, degenerate, uninhabitable place will not have a brimming social life either. The entire point of all the unregulated freedom was so that anyone from anywhere could just show up and enjoy paradise. How fun is it once the Tragedy of The Commons sets in? Deliberately degenerate freedom will ultimately enslave us all. It is entirely possible that nobody will ever have to invade and conquer Amerika.

When Amerika’s last president is deposed, the victor may well react like Odoacer. Odoacer deposed the last emperor of the Roman Western Empire. The Romans attempted to palliate Odoacer. They offered him the crown. He added up the pluses and minuses. He refused. 476 A.D. has been stamped on The Western Roman Empire’s death certificate. Anyone offered all the wealth and property of Kensington, PA should emulate Odoacer.

As more of Amerika degenerates to Kensington, PA, more of Amerika is not even worth keeping. Amerika may not have to ever be destroyed. It could just die a heat death one homeless encampment with free needles at a time. Or we could just stop subsidizing wanton promiscuity while banning vagrancy and public defecation. The future is all about the choices we make.

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