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Ruined People

They do not come to destroy Rohan’s crops or villages. They come to destroy its people. Down to the last child.

Everything consists of appearance, which is how it shows up in your life, and structure, which is the relationship between the causes that manifest that appearance.

For example, an apple comes to you from the cart at the grocery store, and you assess it by weight, color, and smell. All of those things are results of its tree, watering, light, air, and harvesting by someone a thousand miles away.

Peering beneath the surface, you can see important things about apples: the right varieties to plant, how to water and prune, what weather translates into which flavors, and how to read the timing correctly for when to harvest.

If we look beneath the surface of humanity, we see a small scared species that has achieved some degree of intellectual power but seems unstable because it cannot rein in its impulsive, selfish, and conformist behaviors. It remains disorganized because the minds of its individuals are disorganized.

Consequently, most of the species spends most of its time fighting over control, or the ability to manipulate others by determining what is socially acceptable. Control regulates method, not goals, but in regulating method, it makes a range of goals impossible to achieve.

This means that we live in a cycle where people decide they prefer illusion, drive out those who disagree, and then collapse because those illusions caused them to ignore patterns in reality that determine success. We can agree that we should eat the seed corn, make it legal, and exile dissenters, but the harvest next year will be bad and we will starve.

Control arises from fear of insufficiency. Individual humans fear that they will be ranked lower in a hierarchy because they are less competent, meaning less able to understand reality and gauge how well their actions will turn out in it. This insufficiency causes them to adopt “equality,” or the idea that no one gets downranked.

This creates an inevitable problem: the lower cannot be raised, so the higher must be lower. That in turn polarizes society against its successful people, since they resist the downranking and want to be recognized for their positive contributions instead of ignored.

Consequently, the lower band together through prole-rule — democracy, communism, dictatorship, libertarianism, and oligarchy are different varieties of this — and create policies designed to destroy anyone who has risen above the lowest common denominator. They justify these with altruism and acceptance.

However, if we look into the psychology behind these, we see that they are always designed to destroy. Sexual liberation makes women into sluts and men into callous, callow sexual gourmands. Political indoctrination turns people into bullies. Entitlements make people careless, thoughtless, and parasitic.

When we look beneath the surface, we see that all of these things work to ruin a people. They are designed to erase the happy families, organic culture, strong belief in the goodness of life, social hierarchies, and customs of a place, replacing it with zoned-out zombie people staggering around consuming and beating each other up.

The people who desire control seek to ruin the rest in order to neutralize them and command them, so that they have a conquered zombie army. They want to stand atop the wreckage and wasteland and proclaim themselves supreme because they conquered it, mainly by destroying what was once good and replacing it with ruins.

In those who fear life — who lack a belief in the goodness of life — there will always be this impulse to destroy. They seek to damage everything else to the point where it loses its goodness, sense of purpose, and will to live. They want to crush everything so that only themselves remain.

They will hide this behind the usual snake oil salesman stuff that fools the crowd (religion, altruism, hedonism, wealth) but they seek, at the end of the day, to make themselves feel better by destroying whatever is better than they are. This motivates them and they conceal it, since they know it is wrong and antisocial.

Demographic replacement joins other attempts to destroy America in a long line. They will promise us the world, but their actual motivation involves destruction. These are empty people, vortices of emptiness, who will never create anything, only exult in their triumph in the rotting waste of all.

Every successful society produces such people by the nature of success. Not everyone can participate, at least as anything but an employee, and they rage at this which is superior to them because they know that the reason they cannot achieve is their lack of personal organization, motivation toward goodness, and willingness to learn ability.

The Right continually tries to trap these people with “gotchas,” or finding ways to show them that their own words or actions contradict their stated goal. The destroyers laugh; after all, their stated goals are like everything else they do, an attempt to deceive and shatter others with nonsensical statements.

We have learned now of the error of the aristocrats: they were too lenient. At some level, all is breeding, and you need to vigorously remove destroyers before they accumulate. Drown them in swamps like our ancestors did, or just exile them to somewhere far away, but somehow, destroy them before they destroy us.

If you live near the wild, accepting the possibility of death, and giving death, form a part of everyday life. If a calf is born deformed, you kill it; if a bear threatens you, you kill it, or it will kill you. It is time to apply the same to humans, yet we find ourselves again in the hands of those who worship only destruction.

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