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Pipe Meditations (November 24, 2019)

There is no favorite like an old favorite. Until it changes, that is.

In pipe tobacco, the ongoing trend consists of emulating whatever is selling the most, destroying unique blends and replacing them with generic ones. This shows us convergence, or the process by which all things become similar, because people emulate known successes.

If you wonder why around here we emphasize the idea that conservatism means “conserving the best of the past,” instead of simply sticking with what is currently or in the near past has been working, you can see the reason in those little bits of tobacco.

We have to stand for something because otherwise, humanity reduces everything to whatever trend or fad is popular, and erases history. Funnily enough, most of our history from even a century ago remains unknown to us, buried under a stack of more recent trends.

Conservatism makes for a controversial choice. No one wants to be associated with the “stupid party” that has failed to conserve anything but business and defense. However, the basic idea of conservatism proves superior to other philosophies.

It comprises two parts, realism and transcendentalism.

The first means that we measure our actions by the results achieved, not the intentions behind our acts or how well those acts are received socially. We look at how things turn out in the world, and decide what we will repeat.

Transcendentalism says that we look at the whole of reality, see the beauty and excellence in it, and advance those in everything we do. Utilitarian minimums are not enough; our acts have to enhance life and bring out its inner essence of greatness and glory.

This clashes with the “wouldn’t be prudent” administrative mentality of many conservatives who simply long for a “safe” option. We reject safe options in favor of risk, so that life may be interesting, even if some of us die. Call us unleashed maniacs, but life must have purpose.

I always liked this statement of transcendental thought:

When night falls
she cloaks the world
in impenetrable darkness.
A chill rises
from the soil
and contaminates the air
life has new meaning.

To see the transcendental, one must embrace the darkness as well as light, because their eternal conflict produces an incessant world of beauty. It cycles, and each time, it favors something better, at least if humans do not interrupt it!

In the same way, the old tobacco blends were not sugar-sweet and chocolate-flavored like the newer ones. They presented a powerful, challenging, and nuanced tobacco flavor which revealed its depth in a constantly-changing experience.

Fads come and go. Trends pass over and are forgotten, hidden in the bottom of the closet like an embarrassment once we see how, in the context of time, they really were silly after all. People chased them like idols because they were popular and that meant that those people could participate in the popularity, too, but that meant giving up on their inner ability to see the beauty of the world in order to slavishly follow distractions.

If you want to experience the transcendental, you can take a walk in the forest, or just sit with your loved ones without speaking. The presence of so much you love shows you that for all that we struggle, there is a reward, and it cannot be expressed in an outer form.

Instead, your soul swells when you confront the majesty of the trees, the silence of the forest, or simply the warmth of having people you adore close by, and spending time with them, even without communication.

Humanity is growing up, these days. We had a an adolescent tantrum where the individual decided that it did not want any order above it to constrain it, and it was going to eat that apple from the forbidden tree, slay that white whale, seize the power of kings and gods, or pretend to be someone that by birth it was not.

Now that our tantrum is over, and we are surrounded by the ruins, we see that it is time to go another direction. We need order in our lives, starting within our souls. Religion — which is external — cannot do this for us. We have to do it for ourselves.

  • Tennessee finds judge not antisemitic despite social media post

    Every day we see more signs of the death of diversity in the hearts and minds of our people. Five years ago, this man would have had his life destroyed; now they simply chastise him for making partisan statements, even though he said Jews should “get the f*** over the Holocaust” and that Muslim immigrants were “foreign mud.” People no longer believe that all of humanity is part of the same struggle and that all of us are the same, as WW2 propaganda encouraged us. Instead, we realize that each group has to go its own way, and that things like the Holocaust and “racism” are the result of diversity and cannot be cured by it.

  • Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on Holodomor Memorial Day

    People blame the Jews for the over-emphasis on The Holocaust™ in Western propaganda, but in reality, the Left could care less about the Jews and is simply covering for its own furthest extremity, the Soviet Union, which like Cambodia, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela, and even revolutionary France distinguished itself by a pursuit of atrocities in order to weed out those whose support of the Party was insufficiently enthusiastic. If we speak purely of genocides, the Holodomor ranks up there in that it came dangerously close to being successful and killed more people than even the highest estimates of the Holocaust.™ If we add in the total loss of life from Communism, we see that the Nazis were merely a response to the horrors of Communism, and it makes us ashamed for how we allied with a bigger evil merely to defeat an anti-democratic force that could otherwise have been handled. A sensible president might have instead of provoking the Japanese, kept diplomatic relations with Germany and negotiated an end to the war with Britain, providing for relocation of European Jews to “Palestine” since it was obvious that one way or another, Hitler was going to do something awful to them.

  • Tougher US asylum policy follows in Europe‚Äôs footsteps

    The backlash against diversity continues as nations realize that asylum rules allow just about anyone to stumble in and take up residence. This shows the soft tactics adopted by first world nations: they are raising the cost, including risk of getting turned away, of coming to the West, and they are scaling back generous social benefits and affirmative action programs that attract immigration.

  • Historians Find Another Spy in the U.S. Atomic Bomb Project

    It turns out that Oscar Seborer, a Jewish refugee in America, was another spy in the American nuclear weapons program who sent the information on to Russia. Dual loyalties will be another question that defines the twenty-first century, since we will see that those who belong to more than one group will choose loyalties according to whatever benefits the group identity that is furthest from the mainstream. Societies with unity thrive; societies with unclear loyalty and purpose die.

  • Baby boomers may put ‘tidal wave’ of 21M homes on market — but who will buy them?

    A glut of homes for sale will reduce the value of each home. After years of housing prices becoming inflated by a constant flow of people into America, the new excess capacity will crush the wealthy industry of housing development and reduce costs for those already here. In addition, it will drive down property taxes, which means that these schools supporting the new population will begin to starve for income. The Baby Boom from the victory in WW2 placed many industries in overdrive, but as it recedes, the correction will remove many of the excesses of postwar government.

  • Bombs, shootings are a part of life in Swedish city Malmo

    The comedy of diversity unfolds in a previously safe and pleasant place. When you import different groups, you import the inevitable conflict between them as well as their need to displace, subjugate, and eventually destroy the majority so that these new groups are comfortable in their new territory. Diversity means genocide and war, which is the opposite of how it was sold to the clueless suburban voters who have enthusiastically pulled levers for it during the years following WW2. “At least we’re not Hitler!” does not make a great epitaph.

  • Record turnout in Hong Kong local elections amid calls for full democracy

    China must be laughing itself cross-eyed over this one. Democracy will make it easier for China to seize control. All they must do is float out enough candidates with good funding and lots of advertising, and the majority will support them as it always does to avoid conflict. Then they can change the laws and effect the handover with little fuss. These few months of riots and violence will be long forgotten by then, and a small price to pay for goading Hong Kong into defending democracy at all costs, at which point it will be bound by the permanent changes made by democracy. China has been planting candidates in other nations for some time — if they catch one, ten probably slid by unnoticed — including possibly the Clintons. Those candidates simply need to do enough to destabilize these states that Chinese rule seems preferable, and policies like diversity and entitlements thrust us so far into chaos that strong rule is inevitable.

  • 100 far-right protesters confronted by 5,000 counter demonstrators in Germany

    The media and Leftists remain focused on the old model, wherein movement white nationalists had membership lists, uniforms, and staged public marches. That made them dependent on media, so the movement white nationalists found themselves bleating out a Leftist vision of what nationalists should be, defeating themselves. The high number of government informants among their ranks encouraged counter-productive and self-destructive behavior as well, making the far-Right into tabloid fodder, which kept it from being any kind of effective political force. The new approach by the Right involves having no identifiable presence, but merely showing up everywhere invisibly to sew doubt, causing people to distrust the system. The guys marching in the street are just there to lure out the Leftists, and for each one there, hundreds of thousands sit at home agreeing with some parts of the basic message. This “cultural wave” is now altering the West on a fundamental and unstoppable level, while the bait in the streets keeps the Left focused on the wrong things.

  • In Hiroshima, Pope Francis denounces atomic bombs as ‘immoral’

    Like most pacifists, the Red Pope misses the point. When good people disarm themselves, bad people then have the upper hand. So far, everyone having enough nukes to flatten any state that uses them or harbors people that use them has brought us a lasting peace, but if we all give up our nukes, whoever produces some will rule the world.

  • Belgium begins to face brutal colonial legacy of Leopold II

    White people continue their solipsistic rampage. When Europe overflowed, whites went to foreign lands and expected people there to behave according to European standards. When they did not, they were beaten, mutilated, and killed. Instead of simply doing their own work, Europeans relied on force. Now, the solipsism continues as Europeans indulge in an orgy of guilt, instead of pointing out that different groups are different and need different things. Colonialism would have been much more effective had contracts simply been made with native people to produce coffee, rubber, tobacco, and sugarcane with their own methods. The European mania for “doing things the right way” prohibited that however, a consequence of the universalist ideology which has gripped Europe since The Enlightenment.™

  • In Virginia, and elsewhere, gun supporters prepare to defy new laws

    If we look at the American Civil War as a psychological event, we see that those in the city resented those living outside the System who did not have to live in the same bureaucratic, industrial, and consumer entity in which the urban proles (urboles?) found themselves laboring. We reach similar stages of division in the current time, where the city-dwellers resent those who retain the means to defend themselves against government, social breakdown, and diversity. This should heat up in entertaining ways as only excited groups of humans with assloads of weaponry can provide.

  • Many LGBT people in China forced into illegal ‘conversion therapy’: groups

    The Left wants war with China, yet is sponsored by China. Recall that the Chinese, like most Asians, love strategy games that emphasize thinking many moves ahead. Their goal is to get the first world to unite behind something that seems accepting but in fact is hostile to the beliefs of most people on Earth, and to then attack China. This will make the West into the new Hitler or Stalin, forcing a dogmatic way of life on free China and its allies. In other words, the Communists will use Allied propaganda against the Allies, styling the former liberators as the new oppressors. This sets up a war between the West and the united former colonial powers, giving China the massive army it needs to overwhelm the West with human wave warfare. Genghis Khan did the same thing, offering religious tolerance and a classless society to civilizations on the fringes of the West, then using them as allies for his murderous rampage.

  • Dot Org Registry Sold to an Investment Firm

    The internet thrived when it was in the hands of impartial third parties who just wanted to run a freakin’ network, maaan. It has not done so well in the hands of government and private industry, both of which have incentives to use the internet as a means to their own power. This shows us the benefit of aristocracy in another way. Those who have the power and wealth have no need to acquire more, and so are less likely to manipulate us than democracy and business, which each want to use us as means to their own power, much like the middle classes and proles did when they overthrew the kings.

  • ‘I defend my right to speak out’: Boris Johnson refuses to apologise for Islamophobic and homophobic comments

    Even a year ago, this would have ended in a flurry of apologies and a lost career. If you give an inch, they take a mile. Instead, we have entered an age of people telling it like they see it and standing up to the herd of neurotic and envious people who want to destroy them. In turn, we are seeing pro-diversity propaganda fade as people see diversity no longer as the new normal, but something that can be opposed and defeated. A conquered people breathes a sigh of relief, and begins the long task of cleaning up another mess that democracy made.

  • Professor gets to keep job despite posts school calls “racist, sexist and homophobic”

    It used to be easy for the Left. If someone said something off-Narrative, they would mob this person and demand apologies. Then, those apologies would be used as proof of wrongdoing, and they would demand resignation. The person would quit, and this would be used as proof of being unsociable, at which point they would lose everything else in their lives, including friends and family. At that point, there is nothing to do but change your hairstyle, go directly to a Walmart a town over, and enjoy your new minimum-wage lifestyle. Now, resistance has become emboldened, and people are refusing to apologize. That interrupts the witch hunt procedure, and this is forcing actual diversity of opinion into public figures in academia, government, law, and industry. This shows us the sea change effective of the cultural wave: dissent is rapidly becoming socially acceptable, defeating the groupthink of political correctness.

  • Reports of racist manifesto at Syracuse University likely a hoax, chancellor says

    Had this story taken off, the followup that it was a hoax would likely have been buried or never happened. Instead, resistance threw off the Left who previously believed they had the upper hand. Most people responded with the dismissal that we have hate crimes laws to deal with assaults, not words that offend someone, and the university simultaneously saw that its student body was not united in condemnation of those opinions. Times, they are a-changin’.

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