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  • Judge won’t free extremists who attacked protesters at white nationalist rally in Charlottesville

    Prosecutors said the group members’ hatred for Jews, blacks and feminists motivated them to attack counterprotesters.

    Nonsense. In Charlottesville, the police steered the Right into Antifa lines, knowing that violence would result, and those who defended themselves on the Right were prosecuted. The Left was not to the same degree. This is what happens when there are more Leftist voters than sane people in your town.

  • Under 35s are the most unhappy, while older people have much more fun

    A study of 2,000 adults found a quarter claim to be too busy to enjoy themselves as much as they would like.

    As a result, those aged over 55 – as you approach retirement and find yourself with more free time – scored themselves the highest at 6.9.

    Jobs are jails. When you stop caring because you are nearing retirement, you start just doing the minimum to successfully complete a task and stop worrying about flattering others, pandering to management, and managing your public image. Then you have free time and because you are wasting less time on a job, enjoy life for once.

  • State high court sides with Rachael Rollins in spat over ‘Straight Pride Parade’ protester arrests

    Rollins has argued that Sinnott overstepped his constitutional authority in refusing her bid to drop charges against Webber and other counterprotesters facing minor infractions following the Aug. 31 parade.

    Leftist DA refuses to prosecute violent Leftists who tried to interrupt Rightist demonstration. As usual, Leftists conspire by unspoken agreement to advance Leftism in all cases. However, now they have a revolution on their hands because others see what they are doing and want to avoid Charlottesvilling their own towns.

  • Cumulative risk analysis of carcinogenic contaminants in United States drinking water

    Cumulative risk analysis of contaminant occurrence in United States drinking water for the period of 2010–2017 indicates that over 100,000 lifetime cancer cases could be due to carcinogenic chemicals in tap water. The majority of this risk is due to the presence of arsenic, disinfection byproducts and radioactive contaminants.

    You can have a society based on order, or one based on the individual. We tried the latter, and it turns out that everyone does what benefits them at the expense of others, so everything is now toxic, manipulative, corrupt, covered in advertising and graffiti, and very expensive. The voters are not intelligent enough to figure their way out of this one, so democracy is going to be weakened and eventually fall. What a glorious day that will be for humanity; it will finally have a future again, once the pretense is gone. In the meantime, expect to die of cancer because your air, water, and food are all toxic because they were made according to utilitarian instead of qualitarian standards.

  • Brooklyn teen gang playing ‘knock out the Jew’ attack man in shocking video

    Diversity failing everywhere. These scenes seem either tragic or comedic depending on how you look at them. Humans deny obvious principles, then those hit us right in the face like a rake we left lying on the lawn and now stepped on.

  • Nearly 30% of birds in U.S., Canada have vanished since 1970

    During that time, our population doubled and our welfare state increased. We built more cities and drove more ordinary people into the suburbs with diversity, sexual liberation, and other forms of social chaos. Now birds have fewer places to go and more lonely people own more cats that they leave outside during the day to murder birds. When do we simply admit that everything Leftists have done has failed?

  • Colt suspends production of AR-15 for civilian market

    Sensing a Leftist crowd forming, a gunmaker sensibly exits the debate until it blows into the memory hole. However, this shows the new Leftist strategy: go after the gunmakers. If they can get a lawsuit in where a gunmaker is found liable because their weapon was used in a mass shooting, they can take down anyone making guns that they do not like, a process which will start with AR-15s and accelerate after that.

  • Many people want to set aside half of Earth as nature

    Protecting biodiversity in the long-term and avoiding mass extinction will require an even loftier goal: Setting aside 50 percent of the planet by 2050, with an interim milestone of 30 percent by 2030, Baillie says.

    We at Amerika have been saying this for years. If we leave half of the natural land untouched in every ecosystem, nature can survive. This however requires fewer humans, since land is required for farms, hospitals, roads, schools, restaurants, and government buildings even if we urbanize everyone in giant high-rise apartment buildings.

  • ‘Rambo: Last Blood’: Film Review

    But fans of the venerable action series needn’t be worried. In between those moments, the battle-hardened war veteran played by Sylvester Stallone brutally kills scores of people. That they all happen to be Mexicans is surely a coincidence in this current political age.

    The Second Mexican-American War was triggered by mass immigration encouraged by Mexico so that its excess population sent money home from the higher-value first world currencies to its struggling third world economy. Now that people are realizing that this is in fact an invasion, media responds with some edgy commentaries on the conflict that exists in plain sight but no one will see.

  • Mormon leader reaffirms religion’s opposition to gay marriage

    Realistic Mormon leader points out that it is not discrimination against homosexuals to exclude them from heterosexual institutions. Soon we will see also that it is not discrimination to refuse to hire them, nor should they have special rights. They get the same rights as anyone else, but their situation is different, which does not mean that we should use government and laws to try to make this scenario “equal.” By nature it is not; while we do not want to harm them, we also do not want to encourage more end-of-Rome behavior than already exists in the population. People who are homosexual, whether born gay or molested that way, have always existed, and so we accept them as part of the landscape but should avoid making homosexuality trendy lest it becomes normalized behavior for others.

  • One in 10 Germans want a new Fuhrer in charge ‘to counter Muslim immigrants

    The same is true in the USA. People are tired of Leftism, which has failed in everything it has attempted and brought new and worse problems as well. Interestingly, a sixth of Germans want the monarchy back. Combine those groups — nationalism, strong culture, anti-socialism, and monarchy — and a quarter of the population is ready to overthrow the dying liberal democratic regime.

  • Russia conducts massive military drills with China, sending a message to the West

    The Asiatic empire, following in the footsteps of Genghis Khan, still wants to conquer the West. Our methods work better, which makes them realize that if they defeat us, their methods can rule the world and not be challenged by better results next door.

  • Britons are still worse off than in 2008, new research claims

    Government sees only one answer to every problem, which is raising taxes, creating a bureaucracy, and handing out “free” aid. However, this takes money out of the economy, which both reduces opportunity and raises costs for workers. In other words, everything we are doing in the first world to solve our problems is making them worse.

  • Transgenic Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes Transfer Genes into a Natural Population

    Humanity thinks that it is God. In response to its arrogance, nature delivers a brutal wake-up call. It would be funny if we get wiped out by diseases carried by our GMO mosquitoes.

  • Migrant mothers and children sue U.S. over asylum ban

    Listen when they tell you what they fear:

    Unlike other suits that have targeted the asylum rule itself, the latest filing challenges the Trump administration on procedural grounds, saying the government has enacted changes without warning, resulting in elevated rejection rates for asylum-seekers.

    If rejection rates rise, fewer will come; if fewer come, the infrastructure that gets them across will collapse. If that happens, even fewer will come, and more will leave.

  • See the face of your 100,000-year-old ancestor

    Denisovans predominantly contributed to the East. As we learn more about the past, we learn more that our differences are not “skin deep” at all.

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