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Periscope (November 13, 2018)

Afternoon edition.

  • Malmö ‘street artist’ Dan Park jailed again for hate crimes

    When noticing reality becomes a punishable crime, then you know that your civilization is failing. Park is a screwball who makes offensive statements in absurdist ways, but if that actually threatens anyone, then they are fragile. This means that now is a good time for everyone to do the same that he is doing and plaster every surface with IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE posters.

  • How a Generation Lost Its Common Culture

    Diversity made it impossible to have a common culture, so now students are wholly ignorant of the basics of Western culture. This means that they have no chance of understanding the basics of politics, economics, morality, or self-discipline until their 50s. Somehow, despite all the money that we have pumped into our education system, diversity has defeated it, and that gave the Left a chance to preach the “inoffensive” doctrine of hard Leftism through the neurotics, alcoholics, divorcees, and cat ladies that we have elected to have as our teachers. It is time to remove government entirely from education; end public education, grants, loans, legal protections, and everything else. People do a better job home-schooling and with small private schools that government can, and without the massive negative externality of a generation of bigoted Leftist robots who fail to know the most rudimentary basics of a Western education. Most of these people should be in the field making sure I have my turnips on time anyway, not pretending that because they can write a paper and use a computer than they know anything.

  • Angela Merkel joins Macron in call for a European Union military

    At the end of the day, forget the ideology, everything boils down to material interests, unless you get someone enlightened like an aristocrat. The EU started as a good idea, which was keeping trade in Europe by eroding the bickering over tariffs and standards, but expanded to the Usual Human Dream: if we just make everything uniform, we can make it act as one and do our will, which is to be powerful, important, and famous. The EU is an empire project following the Roman model but without the inner goodness that made it succeed, channeled by the prole hands of Angela Merkel and her ilk who have zero ability to make complex decisions but like all clerks and bureaucrats are great at saying “the right thing.” This is where democracy always ends up, in tyranny. Time to overthrow it and exile all of the Leftist to Venezuela and kill those who resist. Breivik and Hoppe were right about Leftists.

  • Alexei Navalny barred from leaving Russia to attend ECHR hearing

    While the West commits suicide through infighting brought on by equality and diversity, the rest of the world has taken note and filed those ideas in the dustbin along with communism, fascism, and the flat Earth theory. Health of a nation comes through consistent rule that gradually improves in quality, not changing direction every time you run into a problem. For a nation to maintain that health, it needs to smash down troublemakers including Leftists. I have zero illusions that Russia is as traditional or Rightist as it pretends to be, especially since it is run by (former?) KGB personnel, but it does have a firm grasp on the Machiavellian Realpolitik required to stay in power.

  • Folks Concerned After China Opens 13th Police Station in South Africa

    Despite all the concern of white folks for the welfare of black folks in the West, it is clear that these black folks are being used as political pawns, because Africa — their homeland and birthright, at least before being sold by other black folks to Arab, Jewish, and white traders — is being seized by the Chinese. Unlike the white colonizers, China does not intend to simply profit off the natural resources there, but to make Africa an extension of China. In another century, black people will not have a homeland if the Chinese are allowed to continue, and if the Chinese fail, India is right behind them. Both of these nations have over a billion people and desperately need new land or they will be destroyed by the pollution that their massive populations generate because they do not have enough open land to offset the output of toxins.

  • Democrats Gain Veto-Proof Majority in California Legislature

    We see now what the Left has always wanted: supermajorities, or enough votes to override any veto, in all political contests. Since they are ideologues, the Left has made themselves blind to the fact that the people that they are using to achieve these supermajorities will eventually act in their own interest, causing the Left to fragment in a flurry of purges much as happened under Robespierre and Communism. Being oblivious to reality does not dampen their ardor, mainly because Leftists are fanatics, or people propelled forward by deep inner doubt that they believe they can assuage with external symbols of everything being safe, like “equality.” California shows us the future of the United States: ruled by a third world occupying electorate, always transferring money from the founding group to the newcomers, and running itself into Mexico-style debt, corruption, dysfunction, and failure to produce anything except drama.

  • On global affairs, Americans have more confidence in other world leaders than in Trump

    The herd is always wrong; they vote with their fears. Trump brings conflict as a means of resolving longstanding problems, where idiots like Merkel and Macron just pass the buck. Americans, being good bourgeois shopkeepers at heart, fear controversy and interruptions to the existing order, mainly because they are so exhausted that they feel any change in what they already know will do them in. This allows problems to fester and grow worse, and make them more exhausted, but still they resist. This shows us the last days of democracy in full flower as voters provide incapable of thinking their way out of a wet paper bag, much less addressing our actual problems instead of the symbolic ones that the Left uses to seduce them.

  • Reality Check: Has London’s murder rate overtaken New York’s?

    Idiots bicker over whether London has exactly as many murders as New York, missing the point that even without guns, diversity has made this formerly lovely city into a dangerous third world slum in which the cretinous prey on the good, ensuring that everyone becomes equally ignorant, impoverished, thoughtless, and crass. We must end diversity — send all the Other home — before it ends us.

  • Human footprint driving mammal extinction crisis

    Forget carbon neutrality and your “green” dishwasher, the real problem is land use. The more humans we have, the more land we use, and it turns out that we probably need to leave half the land untouched in order to keep the ecosystems around us functioning. This tells us that the second part of our air pollution story is that we are not only generating more pollution, but that nature is absorbing less of it, and this warns us that soon we are going to see natural populations crash. If we commit this ecocide, we will never forgive ourselves or think well of ourselves again.

  • Warfare spurred on the welfare state in the 20th century

    The more we embarked on world wars, the more we required government to mobilize us, and so it took on a social and economic role as well as a military one, spurring massive spending on social welfare, benefits, pensions, entitlements, and regulations. This created the modern state we know now, although some will point out that its roots go back to the 1840s, when in response to Leftist revolutions in Europe our governments began adopting some of their socialist reforms in order to buy voters back from this seductive new “free stuff and no consequences” mental recess ideology.

  • In Georgia, black voters see echoes of voter suppression

    The Left always accuses the Right of doing what the Left is actually doing.

  • Armistice Day: Growing criticism of Trump WW1 no-show

    Trump knows, just as Germany’s far-Right party knows, that no one in the West won WW1; if anything, our enemies in China won as we destroyed ourselves in fratricidal warfare that resolved nothing and catapulted the Left into a position of leadership in West from which it indoctrinated our citizens into its paradoxical and unrealistic symbolic/emotional solutions. WW1 was part of the decline; Trump and the populists are trying to reverse that disease, not celebrate it with the “victors” who proceeded to fatally mismanage both America and Europe.

  • What did the midterms reveal? A divided America

    Minorities, brainwashed students, lonely alcoholic single women, and low-T males vote Leftist; these tend to cluster in cities where you can succeed by being merely obedient and going to jobs that no intelligent person could do with a straight face. The prole revolt has taken over, and those of us who do not want to follow it to its doom are resisting. You cannot put America back together again, but the same is true of Europe and all those places that have emulated our model of liberal democracy. Humanity is coming to a decision point in which it either lifts a gun to its head and finally pulls the trigger for sweet release, or engages in the hard work of rebuilding itself from a broken ruin to a healthy, positive, and forward-looking entity again.

  • OPRF student, 14, charged after allegedly distributing swastika image, Oak Park police say

    Our progressive democracy is now using obscenity laws to persecute those who notice that our diversity agenda is not doing so well. This can only end in conflict.

  • Majority of Germans feel strangers in their own country since the influx of Muslim migrants

    Keep blaming “xenophobia,” but the truth is that diversity destroys social trust and leaves people feeling alienated like strangers in their own lands, a condition we know contributes to if not causes atomization and chronic depression.

  • Once Europe’s Most Mobile Workforce, Poles Now Want to Stay Home

    When populists finally stop the Left from wrecking the place, people want to stay home instead of emigrating somewhere else for a paycheck.

  • Trump rips Macron for suggesting creation of ‘true European army’

    Trump realizes that empire is fatal to national health. This is why he has removed the USA from empire status and focuses on “America first” ideas that involve withdrawing from the complex task of managing politics worldwide, and instead looking toward selectively defending our interests while rebuilding our agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure, industry, education, and legal systems. He realizes that Europe is playing with fire by making a target that the Russian cannot refuse, while also creating an army that will follow what its leaders want instead of national interests, meaning that internal conflict will arise and quickly lead to nations being dominated by the imperial army. No wonder the media is freaking out about what he said; he has pointed out the fatal flaw in their strategy.

  • EFF, Human Rights Watch, and Over 70 Civil Society Groups Ask Mark Zuckerberg to Provide All Users with Mechanism to Appeal Content Censorship on Facebook

    Right now, the FANG companies have zero accountability. If their delete your account that you have put hundreds of hours into, you can do nothing. They do not even have to explain themselves, or frequently do so other than vaguely asserting that you violated their content policy. Since these are public spaces, and people treat them as such, the more far-sighted among us believe that these companies need to either start acting like governments or stop censoring entirely. Either outcome will be massively entertaining as it reveals how fundamentally divided we are, and how the portion of our population that has decided to follow the Left will need to be relocated to Venezuela and have its passports burned.

  • Israel-Gaza border ignites in most serious fighting since 2014 war

    Diversity does not work. When you try to cram two different groups into the same nation-state, you end up with prolonged low-grade conflict that periodically explodes into riots or warfare, until both groups are exhausted and absorb each other into a new population with fewer abilities and zero potential to rise again in greatness. Mutual suicide seems to be the way of diversity.

  • ICE Is Imprisoning a Record 44,000 People

    Leftists rely on spam: they send too many people to an agency for it to handle, then cut its budget, and then “resolve” the situation by brightly declaring that it cannot enforce further. Under Trump, ICE has taken the opposite approach, which is to keep enforcing the law and slowing the flood of Central American invaders. This will be a future fight, but it will provide a strong disincentive to immigrants to the USA: if their chance of being captured, and thus losing money and time, rises, then their anticipated reward in getting to come into the country will fall.

  • U.S. plans new limits on heavy-duty truck emissions

    Slowly people are realizing that diesel engines will kill you of cancer faster than cigarettes or eating eggs or whatever the denialists are rambling on about at this point.

  • A Strong U.S. Economy Will Boost Global Growth in 2019

    While Leftists fight over seizing power, Trump has made the American economy strong by reversing Leftist programs. He realizes that attempts to centralize, which the Left does in order to destroy hierarchy, creates a mass of people with little surrounded by a few big winners who are then fragile because they control too much of the economy without understanding it. He also saw that making government into an industry seemed to bring prosperity but actually devalued our currency, just like adding expense at every level through regulations, affirmative action, and taxes was savaging independent companies. Everything Trump did has reversed something that Clinton and Obama adore. The voters, fickle and bloated, have not seen much of it come their way, but they are benefiting from the reversal of the decline.

  • Men and women really do think differently, say scientists

    You know you live in a dying society when any realistic observations become taboo. We have lived for some time in denial of the differences between human beings because we live in an egalitarian society, and the idea behind egalitarianism is that people are equal or should be equal, which requires them having equal merit on some level. If they think differently or have different abilities, the notion of equality stands revealed as the total nonsense, tomfoolery, poppycock, flim-flam, and neurotic blather that it is. Men and women think differently because they are optimized for different roles and responsibilities, but this outrages the Leftist idea of a mob of equals doing exactly the same thing so that no one gets ahead of anyone else and everyone feels a sense of existential well-being.

  • Controversial bill would let illegal immigrants apply for driver’s licenses

    Being pathological, the Left continues advancing its agenda: since most people are failures who have no mental judgment faculties to speak of, we should invite them all in to vote because they are suckers who are easy to deceive and therefore will forever give the Free Stuff Army a supermajority, at which point it can take over and pick up the Communism project where it left off years ago, having been unfairly interrupted by reality. The Left is a cargo cult: this time, the gods will favor them, because they have engaged in the symbolic reality that makes everyone feel good about each other, so we have peace in our time and finally, an order which is better than the inequality of sadistic ol’ nature.

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