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Periscope (November 11, 2018)

  • If the Internet belongs to everyone, that includes Gab

    We live in a time of two competing visions of the internet: one provides that it be controlled to provide a “safe” message, and the other wants a Wild West. The former is correct in that, under Google’s industry leadership, the internet has basically become a giant stream of advertising mainly because internet ads are mostly ineffective so advertisers need to carpet-bomb us with any message for it to take effect. The latter provides what the internet originally promised and what people, including Gab, want: an anarchy zone where all information is available and you filter out whatever you do not want. China and Big Tech support the censored internet, and all of us little guys want the frontier.

  • The dangerous silence in higher education

    Most college-educated Americans vote Leftist because colleges function as propaganda machines and degree mills at this point. By extending college to everyone, we have made it High School II, and so you need to find a gang that will defend you, which means that most choose the Leftist gang because it is the biggest (you can also join the gay gang, the Christian gang, or be lucky enough to be an ethnic minority, in which case your skin is your uniform). To keep these gangs alive, the Left has indoctrinated students in “identity politics” or using victimhood as a sense of purpose, and they realize that any failure to comply invalidates their argument, so they heavily punish those who do not get “on-message.” The personal is the political, indeed.

  • UN Member States: Migration Is a Human Right

    Most countries want migration. The third world sends its people abroad and gets money piped home from the West, which is handy because the third world has no native industry but raw materials and unskilled labor. The first world wants immigrants in order to tax them to pay for the last few generations of benefits that it could not afford. Industry loves cheap labor that will not unionize because unions destroy industries. Consumers love having maids, lawn services, cheap construction, and low-cost food service. The problem is that we are simply deferring the bill, just as we did with the benefits state: integration does not work and destroys societies, but that problem is kicked along to the future by helpful idiots like Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton. The UN wants everyone to accept migration as a human right, which is another term for a civil right, which means government-enforced equality which always ends in Leftist superstates.

  • Remembering Jim Jones, Once the Darling of California Liberals

    Speaking of insane Utopian plans, most forget that Jim Jones was lauded for his racially integrated congregation and sermons against racism. Then he became a Lenin-esque megalomaniac, or revealed that he always was one. The Left tip-toed away quietly from the disaster, waited a few months, and then began banging the tin drum for diversity yet again, because diversity is how they force civil rights on all of us and convert our nations into vehicles for the Leftist ideology of equality. Obviously, the solution is to send all Leftists to Venezuela and to repatriate the diversity.

  • Why Suburban Women Cost the Republicans the House

    Suburban people are “bourgeois,” meaning that they think of civilization as an employer. Their goal is to earn money, increase prestige, and advance their own social standing, because they are buying a product instead of participating in a society. Consequently, they run in fear from controversy and end up being their own worst enemies, time and again. Most of the ire at Baby Boomers comes from their embrace, like the “Greatest Generation” before them, of this mindless mentality.

  • Muslim Congresswoman-Elect Ilhan Omar Began Victory Speech With Islamic Blessing

    How to tell that you are a conquered people.

  • Fall of the Berlin Wall: On 29th anniversary, it’s a different world

    People want to forget how miserable Communism was, but it made East Germany into a third world country while the West thrived. Eventually, the Germans were liberated, but most of them still have not adapted to a society that does not manage their every move. The West thought it defeated Communism, but by removing reminders of the inherent failure of Leftism, we only cleared the decks for us to launch ourselves further to the Left, dovetailing with the classical liberal (libertarian) egalitarianism with consumer markets that we raised ourselves on as the American myth. At the end of the day, you either dedicate yourself to the individual or to orders larger than the individual, like reality and your tribe. Consumerism and Communism are both forms of runaway individualism, a sign that a population has lost confidence in its ability to have a shared goal, as happens when diversity hits a formerly-thriving society.

  • Facebook post suggesting hunting of migrants leads to ouster

    The gods must be satiated with frequent sacrifice of dissenters. This results in a public dialogue every bit as controlled as it was in Communist or Fascist societies.

  • The Secret behind Coral Reef Diversity? Time. Lots of Time.

    Organic systems — including ecosystems and traditional civilizations — take many generations to build, but can be destroyed by the intrusion of any standardizing systems in a short time.

  • Ruth Institute Releases Study on the Role of “Sexual Orientation” in the Catholic Clerical Sex Abuse Scandal

    Shocking as it may seem, study finds that introducing homosexuals to the priesthood led to a dramatic increase in young boys being molested.

  • The War for the Soul of America

    After decades of fooling ourselves into thinking that compromise was possible, we now have figured out that the Right and Left want entirely different types of civilization. With that, democracy enters its endgame of permanent gridlock and enmity. Get ready to ride this avalanche downhill at high speed.

  • Memo to Black Men: Stop Voting Republican

    Assimilation became the rallying cry of the cuck. In reality, assimilation is impossible because it requires that people give up who they are in order to become tools of the system. For this reason, every minority group works against the majority, which in politics is represented by what white people vote for, namely the orderly rule that conservatives bring. Black people, Jews, Irish, Italians, Hispanics, Asians, Indians, Amerinds, and Muslims are never going to vote Republican in any significant numbers. We saw a brief flare-up this election because existing Hispanics want to eliminate their economic competition from cheaper illegals, and blacks want to end the constant flow of Hispanics who are taking work that was traditionally available to African-Americans.

  • 9 people linked to Aryan Brotherhood arrested after investigation in Indiana

    Nazism presents perhaps the greatest taboo in this society, so it appeals primarily to a criminal and anti-social element. Those who want to help restore Europeans to a position of security and development would do well to remember this. The Hollywood Nazi image has great appeal, but the reality is that you replace a political position with a social one, and that social position leads to greater degrees of alienation and inefficacy.

  • With key races pending, protesters gather outside of Broward elections headquarters

    Finally the Right learns to protest, as they realize that all the “conspiracy theories” about voter fraud and election stealing are true. The Leftist cries out as he hits you, which is why they accused us of election forgery when in fact they were setting up the mechanism to do it themselves.

  • Scotland to embed LGBTI teaching across curriculum

    As Leftism winds down, Leftists are doubling down in an attempt to save it by brainwashing as many people as possible. They want to assert social reality (everyone is equal, everything is just a choice, do whatever you want) over the reality-based feeback loop of looking at how actions worked out before repeating them. LGBT+ did best in the closet, because that way they could have their communities and not invoke the ire of the majority. Right now, they seem to be riding high on the Leftist wave of cultural power, but when the backlash comes, they will regret it.

  • Woman Sues Dating Agency for Lack of Men

    Snowflakes reveal themselves as actually “bourgeois” consumers: they want society to be comprised of products so that they can buy them and then complain to someone because “the customer is always right.” Never mind that this mentality has led to a collapse of all intricate structures and their replacement with a ravening mob. As cyber-fiction author William S. Burroughs portrayed it:

    AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE (opening a box of Lux): “Why don’t it have an electric eye the box flip open when it see me and hand itself to the Automat Handy Man he should put it inna water already…. The Handy Man is outa control since Thursday, he been getting physical with me and I didn’t put it in his combination at all…. And the Garbage Disposal Unit snapping at me, and the nasty old Mixmaster keep trying to get up under my dress…. I got the most awful cold, and my intestines is all constipated…. I’m gonna put it in the Handy Man’s combination he should administer me a high colonic awready.”

  • Forget the trade war, China’s economy has other big problems

    Any economy based on demand alone is a paper tiger and will eventually crash; China created a paper tiger economy based on seemingly unlimited Western demand for cheap consumer goods, financing this with debt so that the West could dump more money on its underclass and so create increasing demand. To keep this scheme alive, China has bought into the West and now that it faces the specter of Western self-sufficiency, feels its economic artifice starting to unravel. Not only that, but this has created a housing crash in China. Good: the Chinese have made many great empires and lost all of them through the Asian method of being too individualistic and controlling, resulting in mediocrity and doom for any conquered by them.

  • New study links air pollution to a higher risk of autism

    Air pollution will be one of the big issues of the coming century as we link it to more cognitive problems and other health disasters. It turns out that smoking and climate change were scapegoats or proxies, and the real problem is that we have polluted this place to doom with particulates.

  • Secret plot by 200 elite neo-Nazi soldiers within ‘German SAS’ to slaughter politicians and immigrants in mission known as ‘Day X’ is smashed after former major confesses all

    As democracy unravels, military men want a return to hierarchy and unity.

  • How the Nation’s Real Estate Divide Shaped the Midterm Elections

    Conservatives are bailing on expensive housing and careers which are dependent on group opinion, moving to the country to get away from cities, which lean Left. This means that conservatives have looked into the future and see a crash coming within the current system which will radically reduce the value of living in cities. A lower-cost house in a stable economy loses less value, while a high-cost house in a lottery economy can lose half or more of its value; cities require vast amounts of demand for value-added products, while the agrarian rural areas engage in production very close to market value without advertising spurring higher prices through fickle consumer demand. When the economy crashes, do you want to be producing food or Facebook “likes”?

  • Why Silicon Valley is worried about US plan to curb Chinese funds

    It turns out that Big Tech is in bed with China, which makes sense since they share a vision of the internet as a walled garden in which only politically-compliant messages can get out. The end of foreign investment is freaking out Silicon Valley. Mainly, the end of China “helping” us financially while they plunder our technology and use it against us.

  • Hate crime charges filed against suburban store clerk who allegedly yelled racial slurs at customers, slashed their tires

    Diversity means that eventually some of the other diversity hates some of the other diversity. After all, every group is vying for control of not just political authority but social standards, and this means that dissenters — including members of other groups — become the enemy. See also the entertaining racially misdirected hate from a Burger King. Black versus Hispanic racial enmity has been a thing in America for some time now, but generally gets under-reported because journalists are living in the 1950s (legends in their own minds) and so they are filtering out anything other than repeats of Selma, Brown v. Board of Education, etc.

  • For second time in two years, racist slur at Kansas State was a hoax, police say

    When you give ordinary people unaccountable power, they abuse it. Hate crimes generate headlines and make pity-heroes of the ostensible victims. Most of them turn out to be false, because only Hollywood Nazis still think that attacking members of other groups cures anything. The rest of us target the cause: diversity, itself an offshoot of egalitarianism, which in turn arises from individualism when collectivized.

  • Artists, intellectuals call for ‘European Republic’

    WW1 essentially re-fought the Napoleonic Wars and the wave of revolutions that followed. Leftists want everyone to be Leftist, sort of like a giant Soviet Union, because they know that while it has any competition, Leftism will not win because it fails every time it is applied. Their “solution” is to take total control and shoot anyone who dissents, which in their serf-prole-pleb brains seems to mean that the system will finally function. Instead, they will simply create more ruined third-world level societies as they always do. In response, nationalism is rising across the world as people realize that Leftism created the world wars and will doom us unless successfully opposed. Not surprisingly, globalist politicians are losing out to nationalists.

  • Police: Sisters man chases, threatens son’s bullies at football practice

    If the diversity bullies your kids, and you challenge the diversity, our neo-Communist regime will put you in jail. No wonder white people are fleeing the suburbs and cities for the countryside where, since they will be surrounded by other white people, these problems cannot exist. At least, they will not exist until the diversity gets there.

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