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We call these “periscopes” because the average American living under diversity is, per Robert Putnam, “hunkered down” in an armored bubble made of career, suburb, retirement account, and political talking points to explain away the demands of the other side. Sometimes it helps to thrust up the all-seeing eye and take a broad scope view of what is going on in the world, then remove spin and replace it with the context of the ten thousand year view, instead of that which is fixated on the present human reality and mass opinion about it.



  • FBI’s Top Lawyer Ousted Amid Fox News Criticism for Role in Flynn Probe

    Two sources familiar with the decision to dismiss Boente said it came from high levels of the Justice Department rather than directly from FBI Director Christopher Wray.

    His departure comes on the heels of recent criticism by Fox News for his role in the investigation of former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

    Trump lets them reveal themselves, then sacrifices them, which means that they can only get hired by Leftists in the future. He is dividing the enemy from the normal.

  • E-scooter auto-brake leaves Wellington teen with two broken arms

    The GPS-based system is meant to automatically restrict speeds as soon as a scooter enters the zone, but some riders have reported wheels locking up, throwing them over the handlebars.

    Andrew Carroll is demanding Flamingo investigate after his 14-year-old daughter was thrown from one of its scooters, leaving her in two full-arm casts.

    A Flamingo spokesperson said, “When a scooter enters this geofence zone, automatic braking occurs to reduce the speed of the scooter to 15km/h. In this instance, the scooter’s auto braking applied and caught the rider off guard resulting in an accident,” the spokespeson said.

    Works as well as EnergyStar. But they meant well!

  • Covid-19 expert Karl Friston: ‘Germany may have more immunological “dark matter”’

    We’ve been comparing the UK and Germany to try to explain the comparatively low fatality rates in Germany. The answers are sometimes counterintuitive. For example, it looks as if the low German fatality rate is not due to their superior testing capacity, but rather to the fact that the average German is less likely to get infected and die than the average Brit. Why? There are various possible explanations, but one that looks increasingly likely is that Germany has more immunological “dark matter” – people who are impervious to infection, perhaps because they are geographically isolated or have some kind of natural resistance. This is like dark matter in the universe: we can’t see it, but we know it must be there to account for what we can see. Knowing it exists is useful for our preparations for any second wave, because it suggests that targeted testing of those at high risk of exposure to Covid-19 might be a better approach than non-selective testing of the whole population.

    Ethnic preservation beats diversity as a model for resisting disease.

  • How Loners Are an Evolutionary Insurance Policy

    Tarnita and her colleagues built a simple model to show that the observed loner patterns could be explained by individual cells transforming into their actively aggregating form at different rates. As more cells aggregated, their starvation signals degraded. At a certain point, “there will be a few cells left behind that just don’t hear anyone screaming ‘Danger!’ anymore, because everyone who had been screaming ‘Danger!’ has already left,” Tarnita says. Those remaining cells are the loners.

    The herd misses some crucial dangers, and having some members who refuse to follow the trend means that the group survives, losing its most compliant members. Bottlenecks increase quality.

  • Financial ties between leaders of influential US professional medical associations and industry: cross sectional study

    235 of 328 leaders (72%) had financial ties to industry. Among 293 leaders who were medical doctors or doctors of osteopathy, 235 (80%) had ties. Total payments for 2017-19 leadership were almost $130m (£103m; €119m), with a median amount for each leader of $31 805 (interquartile range $1157 to $254 272). General payments, including those for consultancy and hospitality, were $24.8m and research payments were $104.6m—predominantly payments to academic institutions with association leaders named as principle investigators. Variation was great among the associations: median amounts varied from $212 for the American Psychiatric Association leaders to $518 000 for the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

    “Science” is bought.

  • China media, Hong Kong government bristle at Trump’s pledge of curbs, sanctions

    Trump on Friday pledged to “take action to revoke Hong Kong’s preferential treatment as a separate customs and travel territory”, and to impose sanctions on unspecified individuals over Beijing’s new laws on the Asian financial centre.

    China has no legitimate claim here. Fire up the TF33s.

  • US food prices see historic jump and are likely to stay high

    While price spikes for staples such as eggs and flour have eased as consumer demand has leveled off, prices remain volatile for carrots, potatoes and other produce because of transportation issues and the health of workers who pick crops and work in processing plants.

    Relying on illegal immigrant labor has failed us in food service just as it has in construction. Globalism and diversity have both failed us.

  • Germany, France, UK slam Mike Pompeo’s Iran sanctions move

    Germany, France and the United Kingdom on Saturday expressed “deep regret” at the United States’ decision to end sanction relief that allowed companies to work with Iran on civil nuclear projects as part of a landmark 2015 nuclear pact.

    Europe does not want the status quo to end because Europe has made itself fetal with socialist-style entitlements. Consequently, its power structure will collapse if globalism and third world money goes away. Trump is going to bring these people kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century.

  • India, China Bring In Heavy Weapons To Bases Near Eastern Ladakh: Report

    The Chinese Army has been gradually ramping up its strategic reserves in its rear bases near the Line of Actual Control or LAC in eastern Ladakh by rushing in artillery, infantry combat vehicles and heavy military equipment, the sources said.

    The Indian Army has also been moving in additional troops as well equipment and weapons like artillery to aggressively match up to the Chinese build-up, they said, adding that India will not relent till status quo is restored in Pangong Tso, Galwan Valley and a number of other areas.

    A new Kurukshetra. If this happens, we know the Kali-Yuga is ending.

  • Trump delays ‘outdated’ G7 leaders’ summit

    The G7 group, which the US hosts this year, includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the UK.

    The president said Russia, South Korea, Australia and India should be invited.

    China and cucklands have too much influence. Trump wants to balance that out.

  • Bullet holes line the Greene County Democratic Party building in Xenia

    There are five bullet holes in the Greene County Democratic Party building in Xenia following a shooting that occurred some time between late Friday night into the early Saturday morning hours.

    Most likely done by Democrats themselves. The Left will do anything it can to bring about civil war because it knows that not only is Trump highly popular, but populism won by making better decisions than the Left has, and delivering better results. The sheep are fleeing the paddock and the Leftist shepherds are raging.

  • Unarmed Palestinian man shot dead by police in Jerusalem

    They told CNN he had autism, and the mental age of a six-year-old child, and that he was on his way to his special educational needs school when the fatal incident took place.

    An Israeli police statement Saturday morning said: “In Jerusalem’s Old City, at Lions Gate area, police units on patrol spotted a suspect with a suspicious object that looked like a pistol. They called upon him to stop and began to chase after him on foot, during the chase officers also opened fire at the suspect, who was neutralized.”

    The third world loves its innocent victims who provoke police forces and get killed, because then everyone can mourn and riot over someone whose death by their own hands they would have gladly ignored.

  • Amazon UK website defaced with racist abuse

    The abuse, now removed, appeared when users searched the online shop for Apple AirPods and similar products.

    It was unclear how long the racist language remained on the site, but it sparked outrage on Twitter and the sharing of screenshots and video grabs.

    “We investigated, removed the images in question and took action against the bad actor,” Amazon told the BBC.

    Most likely another fake hate crime. If Amazon UK allows hotlinked images, which happens when people link to images hosted on another site that they do not own, basically making someone else pay for the bandwidth, this could be even simpler: one guy I knew found that a major racing site had hotlinked images on his site, so he uploaded renamed replacements and changed the originals to homosexual pornography. One could see doing the same with a swastika in order to end that hotlinking ASAP, which can be necessary when you pay for your hosting traffic and a much larger site “borrows” all your images at your expense.

  • Trump Strips Hong Kong Privileges, to Bar Some Chinese Students From US Universities

    In a move that could have long-reaching consequences, Trump issued an order to ban graduate students from US universities who are connected to China’s military.

    “For years, the government of China has conducted illicit espionage to steal our industrial secrets, of which there are many,” Trump said.

    This both zaps China and cuts down the flood of money into higher education, which is going to force it to start delivering value again instead of teaching students 75% Leftist propaganda and 25% subjects related to their path of study.

  • How East Asians in the UK are fighting back against a rising tide of racism

    CARG – the Covid-19 Anti-Racism Group – has launched a petition calling on Prime Minister Boris Johnson
    to make a clear declaration that the British government “deplores racism and hate crimes arising from Covid-19 against British East Asian people and international students in our country”.

    The group also issued a statement calling on the media, public figures and political leaders to emphasise “solidarity, courage and mutual support across all communities rather than feed hostility, division and racism”.

    There is only one way to have zero racism, and that is to repatriate the ethnic Other.

  • Police: 8 shot overnight throughout Baltimore; 16-year-old girl, 31-year-old man killed

    The violence in Baltimore continues.

    Baltimore Police say eight people were shot overnight throughout the city, two people including a 16-year-old girl were killed.

    C’mon, guys, we need to get out the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” and “Black Lives Matter” signs. Oh, wait: these are between private individuals who have no money, so there is no point protesting. We will not get more money out of it. But if we can blame whitey? Shakedown time.

  • Twitter admits that the official White House tweet it censored doesn’t break its rules

    But after censoring these tweets, Twitter has now admitted in an email to The White House that the tweet it censored on The White House’s Twitter account doesn’t violate any Twitter rules.

    It was just a stunt after all. Leftists pull stunts to get headlines, then quietly push it all into the memory hole so they can enjoy their victory and pay nothing for it.

  • Mainstream parties make ‘fragile’ pact against far-right National Rally in France’s Perpignan

    Throughout the populist party’s long-term upward trajectory at the ballot box over the past few decades, a “republican front” has often been invoked to block it – with the other parties from across the political spectrum dropping out after the first round to support RN’s opponent in the second.

    People hate and fear change. Leftist hegemony — civil rights, liberal democracy, market socialism, diversity, globalism — has failed and become obsolete, and that means that soon, it goes away. Those in power see that the free money train is ending and they are holding on to power by whatever means, legitimate or otherwise, they can wield. If all the Leftists in the world were relocated to Venezuela, we would live happier, longer, more prosperous, and more meaningful lives. Boats!

  • Microsoft ‘to replace journalists with robots’

    One journalist quoted in the paper said: “I spend all my time reading about how automation and AI is going to take all our jobs – now it’s taken mine.”

    Microsoft is one of many tech companies experimenting with forms of so-called robot journalism to cut costs.

    Journalism was worth money when it was a source of timely information. Now information spreads faster through the internet, and editorializing and human interest writing are cheap and not particularly valued. In come the robots, which can string together buzzwords, clichés, and politically correct affirmation phrases just as well as your average English Literature graduate.

  • Greek mayor says his town won’t accept one more migrant

    “Despite the government’s explicit assurances that no more refugees will come to the Municipality of Grevena as the competent ministry had acknowledged that our region is already carrying the heaviest weight in the region of Western Macedonia, we are eventually surprised by press reports and unofficial sources that other migrants are expected,” the mayor continued, as quoted by the Greek newspaper Kathimerini.

    Diversity fatigue overwhelms Europe and America. The latest race riots make it even easier to oppose diversity.

  • Is China rich or poor? Nation’s wealth debate muddied by conflicting government data

    Li’s comments add weight to the argument that China is a relatively poor country, as over 40 per cent of its 1.4 billion people are still living on a daily income of less than US$5.

    Like the Golden Horde, China is a poor wasteland that hopes to get rich by stealing from others, just like they stole Hong Kong.

  • Mississippi to drop charge of white ex-cop in man’s death

    The killing of Ricky Ball sparked protests in 2015 in Columbus, a mostly black city of 23,000 in northeast Mississippi.

    “In fact, all evidence, including forensics and the sworn statements of four separate MBI investigators, points to necessary self-defense,” said Fitch’s statement, which did not mention the race of Boykin or Ball.

    Attack cops, get shot. Or get put in a headlock and die of your heart condition and the cocaine stash you swallowed.

  • Chinese state media says US demonstrations are ‘beautiful’ as it hits back at American support for Hong Kong protests

    State broadcaster CCTV on Saturday referred to the protest cities as “warzones” and produced round-the-clock updates and analyses highlighting the racial divide in the US.

    China beat this same tin drum during the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, basically telling American troops that because of “racism” at home, they were fighting a war for their enemies. The Soviets did the same. Leftists are all the same; they will love diverse Venezuela.

  • Cut air pollution to help avoid second coronavirus peak, MPs urge

    There is growing evidence from around the world linking exposure to dirty air and increased infections and deaths from Covid-19. Lockdowns cut air pollution levels in many places, but the MPs said measures were needed to ensure it remains low.

    History will record COVID-19 as the first time human pollution caught up with us. We industrialized the third world, and soon found ourselves on a massively polluted planet because there are twenty of them to every one of us.

  • St. Paul mayor says earlier comments about arrested protesters being out of state were not correct

    “We have seen things like white supremacist organizers who have posted things on platforms about coming to Minnesota,” Harrington said. “We are checking to see if the folks that we have made arrests on… are they connected to those platforms?”

    Uh huh. This was clearly an Antifa op, funded by someone with deep pockets. I suspect China and Russia, allied with the usual limousine Leftists in America, who are happy to send out the welfare-dependent basement-dwelling heroin-addicted toilet Leftists to die in the streets.

    The mayor of St. Paul, Minnesota, said Saturday night that earlier statements that all the protesters who were arrested Friday were from out-of-state were not correct. Mayor Melvin Carter blamed inaccurate information given to him during a police briefing.

    Nope, turns out that most were ghetto denizens of the city rioting for Nikes. However, it just takes a few Antifa to start smashing and burning, and then the horde takes over. That did not stop the media from blaming white supremacists since some protesters were white, even totally without evidence that these were not simply white (or really: Southern/Irish or Eastern European “whites”) Antifa. Note that they are finding evidence of organized agitators present:

    St. Paul police say officers have found “tools used to wreak havoc” inside license plate-less vehicles in the city on Saturday.

    In a tweet, the department says officers have conducted several stops Saturday evening.

    Each time, officers write, the suspects in the vehicle fled on foot. Inside the vehicle, investigators found tools used to cause destruction.

    This degree of organization should chill your blood. It just takes one guy to smash a plate glass window and then the usual ghetto residents will rush in, steal everything, and burn the evidence.

    In the meantime, America burns for diversity yet again:

    I hope it all burns; the more destruction happens, the more “diversity exhaustion” spreads among not just European-descended people, but everyone. We are coming closer to the great separation.

  • Russia trying to stoke racial strife, U.S. officials say

    Now, Russia is also trying to influence white supremacist groups, the officials said; they gave few details, but one official said federal investigators are examining how at least one neo-Nazi organization with ties to Russia is funded.

    They have probably invented this group from a WordPress blog in order to claim that white supremacists (oh yes and Russia) not Leftists sponsored by China and EU bureaucrats are causing this mess.



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