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  • After woman’s death, migrants pelt German police with stones

    Everyone in the West takes great delight when another nation adopts the suicidal policy of diversity. That way, no one escapes the fate that we share, and so the individual feels better about his own doom. However, in reality, diversity means nothing more than us in the West adopting third world “pets” who we then have to care for like childless women alone in city apartments drinking box wine. We have lost a sense of purpose, mainly because we devoted ourselves to ourselves instead of some order higher than ourselves, and since that time we have adopted various ways of showing that we are “good” such as civil rights, anti-poverty, and now, importing the world to feed upon our carcass. This is what happens when the human ego takes precedence in our minds over nature, Darwin, reality, and the gods/God.

  • Political will to fight climate change is fading, warns UN chief

    Climate change died because it was replaced by the wider focus on ecocide and pollution. The winners in politics realized this, and began orienting their policies toward self-sufficiency, which eliminates both the high traffic in products across the seas and the financial support the third world needs. If we withdraw into our nations, make everything that we need, and leave the rest of the world to sort itself out, humanity will reduce in number. If we do not, we choose suicide. “Climate change” was always a distraction; it describes what happens when you put down too much concrete in many places: the temperature rises as jet streams are displaced in all of them, so it looks global, but really it is the same bad result to the same action that is being repeated in all of those places.

  • New Zealand media set rules for mosque shooting trial

    You can tell you are in a dying society when you see stories like this. They want to make sure that this guy does not use his trial as a chance to speak up about his motivations; they already have banned his manifesto and are jailing people for fourteen years for sharing it. That shows that it threatens them and they realize that their position is weak, so they are coming on strong to conceal that fact. They have to call it “rambling” because that is the dogwhistle for all the useful vidiots to feel superior to him for not having written rambling manifestos (and in fact, for having done nothing at all). Their fear is that people will hear what he has to say at trial and realize that this was a political act based in the failure of diversity. That will in turn lead them to realize that our society is not in the hands of good people at all, and in fact is committing suicide.

  • Europe’s Newest Finance Minister Wants to Keep His Country White

    Actually, he is just a textbook nationalist:

    Like his father, EKRE Chairman Mart Helme, he wants an Estonia free from all other nationalities.

    Estonia for Estonians. That is how you preserve Estonians: you prevent racial admixture. You give them a nation where they can be Estonian and thrive. This is destroyed by immigration from any group other than Estonians. This man speaks pure common sense.

  • Instagram blocks vaccine hoax hashtags

    The internet was supposed to connect people and spread information. What happens if that information is wrong but popular? We either admit that popularity does not find truth, or we try to “manage” the situation by banning more and more things. Either way, our conventional notions of “freedom” have just died. We are in the endgame of the totalitarian Leftist State.

  • Britain’s billionaires ‘prepare to flee country amid fears Jeremy Corbyn will be next Prime Minister’

    Theresa May had a chance. She has now run up the surrender flag because she is afraid to be unpopular, and so will guarantee that she becomes a nobody in history in order to avoid some criticism now. The voters, who are stupid and motivated by social concerns a.k.a. what their friends at the pub seem to think, react to this crisis by clinging to whoever promises them free stuff and stable social order. As a result, they will get a criminal who will find out just as New Jersey did that high taxes drive away wealth. The voters then will become outraged at “the Rich™” for “stealing our money” and enact even more restrictive laws, strangling the working and middle class people of the nation, at which point it can rush into its final stages before becoming fully third world. Democracy is an epitaph.

  • Flint mayor asked city employees to divert donations to her nonprofit, witness testifies

    Any time the Left finds a victim, especially if they blame someone rich, stop and take a good long hard look at the decisions that the “victim” has made. Invariably you find someone who is dishonest and criminal and has wasted all of the money he has, and therefore, has a hand out to see if he can get more from the rest of you saps who are afraid to be seen as selfish. It is like homeless people who approach you when you are out with someone of the opposite sex; they know that you do not wish to appear ungenerous (imputed to be “selfish” by most people) and therefore you will give them money just to show off how nice you are to your date. In reality, you are simply empowering their bad behavior and allowing it to continue, instead of doing the compassionate thing and making them face reality and improve themselves as a consequence. In the same way, Flint has done nothing but take in money, waste it, and then hold out its hand because “people are suffering” for decades. The best solution would be to cut off the money supply and make the place find a way to be productive or perish.

  • Saskatchewan man rips down, burns Nazi flag flying on house

    Man steals flag and destroys it; police do nothing because “nothing illegal had occurred.” In reality, this means that you no longer have rule of law, but are dominated by a mob of people hell-bent on achieving total control so that their vision of reality goes unchallenged. We may not like Nazis — or at least, as I do, think they are mistaken — but they are showing us time and again how unfree, closed-minded, manipulative, and unstable our society is.

  • Germany mulls ‘mosque tax’ to cut out foreign funding

    This is the kind of “solution” that proles think is clever. Mosques in Germany are receiving funding from foreign extremists, probably Iran, and so the bureaucrats want to impose a “mosque tax” on Germans in order to fund these mosques so that they do not go extremist. In reality, this means the state is depleting its native population in order to fund invaders.

  • The Sex You Want

    Yes, it’s real, paid for by taxpayers:

    They even sell posters so that you can show your fellow citizens that you support the crowd/State and therefore, that you are harmless and open for business.

  • Britain’s Conservatives in fourth place in EU election poll, Farage leads

    Britain’s conservatives refused to be conservative, so they got replaced just as the Buckleyite GOP got rolled over by the Trump presidency. We have not had honestly conservative options since the 1960s, so it is good to see Rightists abandoning the Libertarian “let’s be a shopping mall/apartment complex for the world” ideal and replacing it with the notion of nation.

  • Pentagon to transfer $1.5 billion to border wall from Afghan forces, other areas

    Trump realizes that while the Left will widely complain about what he is doing, they ultimately realize that it needs doing, and so if he needs to bend a few rules now, he will be exonerated once the plans go into play. This is the opposite of what happens with the Left, where they pass policy and then need to bend the rules in order to keep people from noticing that in the long term, Leftist policies do not work at all, and in fact make everything worse. America without a constant stream of immigrants will have higher salaries, therefore competence will be rewarded again, therefore the presence of women in the workforce will further decrease, and therefore, we will start to get back to social order again. When that happens, we need to not pull a George H.W. Bush, and instead seize power and eject the Left permanently. These people are crazy and nothing can redeem them.

  • More ‘heartbeat’ abortion bans advancing in South, Midwest

    Experienced political observers loathe abortion. The Left uses it as a touchstone issue to unite the single women who, having never administered anything more than an inconsequential job, need some reason to feel like self-important victims so they choose some sort of babble about women’s bodies and rights. The Right uses it to signal obedience to a Christian social conservative view of America, ignoring the fact that this way of life went out the window once they signed on the dotted line for civil rights, immigration, affirmative action, diversity, and pluralism. However, being good Christians, they will insist that pluralism can work but that we need to double down on “what is right,” apparently oblivious to the fact that such a thing is impossible under pluralism, the “agree to disagree” philosophy of those who have given up hope of reining in the human chaos, grandstanding, opportunism, and drama. Right now, the Right is taking advantage of its role as the minority party to assert its rights — since that is what minority groups do in order to gain power: become victims, claim to be exceptions to the rule, and therefore demand that the rule bend in their favor — by opposing the Left, and they are doing so with strong social signaling here. In reality, they should be focused on driving out Leftists and their allies.

  • New Zealand thanks Canada for condemning online extremism after Christchurch attacks

    It’s a good thing we beat Hitler, or we might live in constant censorship and repressio — oh.

  • Polish nationalists protest US over Holocaust claims

    The cycle happens again and again. The majority point out that, with a minority present, the majority cannot live the way that it needs to. The minority points to rules, laws, and theories of how important individuals are based in The Enlightenment,™ and claims that oppression must end or some other unrealistic drivel of that nature. Since government operates by fear of its citizens, and correspondingly by controlling the fear of its citizens, it operates to secure “equality” meaning that every individual is safe, at the expense of notions like culture, heritage, beliefs, and customs. This in turn provokes a counter-reaction until the majority finally gets sick of the frustration and enacts a pogrom or Holocaust. Smart Jews are ditching diversity and getting back to nationalism. The morons of all stripes are clinging to the obsolete and dying twentieth century order of civil rights and equality.

  • Dirty money driving up B.C. home prices as more than $40-billion laundered across Canada in 2018

    Having opened itself up to the third world, the West makes itself a party to their scam, which is to steal money in their nations, then buy property in the West, and when that property is sold, take away the new “clean” money to dump in Swiss bank accounts. Every corrupt government ends with a plane to Switzerland where millions await in numbered vaults.

  • Rare black bear seen in no-go zone between North and South Korea

    It turns out that if you remove human interruptions from an area, nature comes back. Without roads and constant traffic, fences, hikers, campers, litter, and hunters, the DMZ provides an ecological niche for life to thrive. Maybe we should divide up all of our nations by a few hundred miles of open natural land, or just keep our numbers down by eliminating the useless among us, so that we can exist and nature can exist, too.

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