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  • Islamic religious teacher accused of sex crimes was hired to teach Quran to kids

    In a diverse society, we ignore crimes because they are committed by other ethnic groups who will see our enforcement of the relevant laws as structural racism and systematic discrimination. As a result, we go full Rotherham.

  • Protesters square off in Toronto over U.S. killing of Iran’s top general

    With diversity, their problems are now your problems. Since every group is vying for dominance because their other option is to be subject to the whims of others, they must impose their concerns onto you as a means of causing you to withdraw and give them power. They will even use charities for that end and further divide your nation. Diversity game has one winning move, which is not to play.

  • Indonesia deploys fighter jets in stand-off with China

    Tensions spread in the South China Sea as China, following the Mongol playbook, begins its local expansion to give it a buffer zone from which to strike at other tasty targets. Australia, you are next.

  • Financial N-option will settle Trump’s oil war

    If Tehran shuts down the Strait of Hormuz, the world derivatives market collapses. This shows us why globalism is doomed to failure: like democracy, it gives each person the ability to impede sanity, but gives sanity no worldwide voice.

  • Petraeus Says Trump May Have Helped ‘Reestablish Deterrence’ by Killing Suleimani

    Apparently, “attack our embassies and we will kill those responsible and trash your economy” proves too complex for Leftists and Iranians alike. When you have a Benghazi situation, you can take one of two paths: (1) follow the Hillary Clinton path, and figure that five dead and sodomized Americans is less political fallout than open conflict, or (2) strike back, reinforce, and make the point hard that anyone who attacks us gets attacked. The Hillary way sends an unclear signal — maybe you will get away with attacking us — where the Trump method sends a clear signal. The Trump method is likely to avoid war, since if you allow Benghazi-style provocations, eventually someone goes too far and open war breaks out, but if you smash back against small infractions, the broken windows theory applies and the miscreants know to knock it off and go somewhere else.

  • More than 60,000 Mexicans ‘disappeared’ in drug war

    If Americans are appalled by the Mexican drug war, they can stop taking so many drugs. There are no victimless crimes. If we legalize drugs, the greedy equality taxes will drive the price up to the point that the black market will be cheaper, and the cartels will continue. If we decriminalize drugs, our social programs will collapse as people flake out to do cheap drugs, so we should probably do that instead. Imagine going to an emergency room and seeing nothing but junkies, stoners, and tweakers in line ahead of you, meaning that your sissy broken arm or sucking chestwound will just have to wait for twelve hours until all of these vulnerable and marginalized people are taken care of.

  • U.S. to start collecting DNA from people detained at border

    People use fake identities and lie, so in response, government gets more extreme. This will identify repeat crossers, although the question lingers as to what we do with them then. Give them lifetime sentences to free food and 500-channel cable in jail? They will all come, then.

  • Judicial Watch Finds 2.5 Million ‘Extra’ Registrants on Voting Rolls – Warns 5 States to Clean Up or Face Federal Lawsuit

    As democracy collapses, we are going to find that election fraud was more widespread than even the radicals anticipated. Then we will find that most people can be flipped to vote one way or another for just $1 of advertising. Then will discover that human social groups, through a process of entropy, always converge on defensive theories which result in Utopian visions (“It’s not my fault, or your fault, but the fault of The System, so let us make The System more powerful in order to force it to fix itself”). At that point, people may be ready for the grim truth that not only does democracy not work in the long term, but that it leads to suicidal insanity, using the old definition of “an inability to recognize reality.”

  • Charlottesville rally planner jailed for contempt of court

    The Left keeps following the successful SPLC playbook, which involves suing any identifiable white nationalist organizations in civil court, then using that to force them to turn over their member lists, and then using that to expose and destroy the lives of those involved. Elliott Kline just took a hit for the team in order to keep his people anonymous.

  • Ambassador: Iran vows revenge, but has nothing against Americans

    Iran wants Trump gone. China wants Trump gone. The American and European Left want Trump gone. Iran makes the point that it does not oppose the American people, but Trump must go, so they are going to wage terror attacks against us in order to force his replacement. Nancy Pelosi, who is partially Arab Semite as part of her Italian ancestry, want to use the same “death of a thousand cuts” against Trump. Then, she can get a Leftist into the presidency, and America will be weak again so that crazy people worldwide can keep doing crazy stuff without getting called out for it.

  • Deutsche Post bosses accused of manipulating employee satisfaction survey

    When we do the postmortem for this silly era, we are going to find that most survey data was always faked. The data-collectors throw out anything that does not fit the argument that they want to prove; a missing commas, a misspelled name, or an unanswered question (or not answered well enough, according to the test-givers) can disqualify a survey response. When they toss out everything that does not agree with their argument, only the compliant responses remain and they can “prove” their argument. This type of cherry-picking shows the same psychology as political correctness, which is total intolerance to anything which does not conform to the Narrative as a means “proving” the Narrative to be true. We would consider this a type of begging-the-question fallacy.

  • Booker beware: Airbnb can scan your online life to see if you’re a suitable guest

    Asiatic-style social credit systems come to the US under the wings of free market commerce. Computer scripts scan your social media, credit profile, and history in order to find out if you are a risk. This is why Google, Amazon, Apple, and other big companies want to track you, because now they can sell risk assessments like Experian sold credit scores.

  • Dozens of firebugs blamed for destructive Queensland fires

    As usual, humans are responsible for the chaos unleashed on our world. High temperatures and dry seasons just set the stage. This proves consistent with results from five years ago which show that 87% of wildfires are caused by humans, 47% deliberately and 40% by ineptitude. Add matches and magnifying glasses to the list of stuff that we are banning because our citizens are dysfunctional, the diversity hates us, and Chinese agents are sabotaging us, along with butter knives, pepper spray, and white nationalist propaganda of course.

  • Stocks steady, oil cools as U.S.-Iran tensions ease

    Lots of people made lots of money betting against the media panic. The media preaches what seems interesting (tantalizing, terrifying, enraging, sentimental) to most people, and then the smart money goes the other way because it recognizes an echo chamber hugbox when it sees one.

  • Mexico rejects U.S. proposal to send Mexican asylum seekers to Guatemala

    Without lots of Mexicans in America sending home remittances, the Mexican economy would collapse. If drug use went away, the same would be true. If America wants a future, it will have to entirely decouple from Mexico, but that requires getting our own labor costs under control. The first steps to that involve ending entitlements, deactivating affirmative action, ceasing legal protection for unions, and cutting our “fourth branch of government,” the administrative state.

  • Child sex abuse: Record number of images dealt with, charity says

    Hypersexuality leads to perversity. First it was promiscuity, then taboo acts, and finally, we see people drifting off into radically abusive behaviors. The proof is that even the children are getting in the act.

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