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Periscope (January 30, 2019 PM)

  • Israel leader scorned for wooing Holocaust-distorting allies

    Netanyahu realizes that the Holocaust is a dead letter now that diversity has realized itself to be a fatal choice for any society. The postwar Left used the Holocaust as a reason why nationalism could never be tolerated, but now Israel needs nationalism in order to survive the assault by third world populations surrounding it. The only thing that stands in its way is The Left, who conveniently fund the BDS movement which hates Israel because of its sympathy for the brown Palestinians. In egalitarianism, whoever is poorer is more to be pitied and therefore, the winner. This means that Israel finds itself allied with other nationalists, who have reached somewhat of a grudging compromise: they dislike the Holocaust industry and oppose diversity, but are willing to support Jews in the knowledge that eventually, Jews will want to go to Israel, Israel will expand and dominate the middle east, and the postwar order of Leftism plus global business will collapse or at least take on a new form. With Israel under attack by big-name Leftist orgs like Amnesty International and facing Black Lives Matter styled protests of its own, Netanyahu is discarding the “nationalists are anti-Semitic” agenda and instead playing toward the long-term game. In the long run, Israel loses under a Leftist agenda; it will be censured, boycotted, and damaged so that Palestinians can take over the country, and then Jewish outbreeding will essentially achieve a more ambitious genocide than Hitler could have dreamed of. With nationalists, Israel can step into the post-NWO world order and find some allies who will protect it against the rising wave of Islamic extremism fueled by failing theocracies and their desire to distract their people with a good, violent, bloody, and pointless genocidal war.

  • Eurozone’s tragic flaw: Too much public debt

    Just like America, Europe is in debt. It turns out that entitlements-based government runs itself into bankruptcy while the voters sleep, each person hoping to cash out before the collapse and thinking no further than that. This sets up a new type of international race: whichever country ditches entitlements first will become the last man standing after the economic devastation of mass defaults eradicates economies and governments alike. Trump has set up the USA to be as self-sufficient as possible, knowing that when the economic downturn comes, he will be able to present Congress with emergency conditions: ditch the entitlements in order to lose the debt and not be trapped in a global market that will rip off our limbs and beat us to death with them. Congress, which fears cutting the gimmedats for white people more than anything else, will then be forced to act, cutting the budget across the board except for the military which will be more necessary than ever before, and those cuts will push entitlements below their maintenance level, causing the elderly to scream at the welfare recipients for taking their money just as the medicare-for-all types howl at the elderly for taking up too much cash to pay for opioids and CPAP machines. These programs will collapse in sequence, and with the two-thirds of its yearly spending on entitlements gone, the USA can beginning paying off its loans and accidentally put itself back on a path to sanity.

  • How the shutdown helped Trump

    It turns out that, while fewer warm bodies supported Trump after the shutdown, more of the crucial voters who are experiencing the effects of the problems he is trying to eliminate are supporting him. This will create a trickle-down effect as others see the importance of this position and emulate it. While Trump owned the shutdown, he only did so until he made reasonable compromise offers, which the Dems — over-estimating their position — turned down. At that point, they owned the shutdown, and while there was immediate backlash thanks to a media blitz of TSA employees eating dog food and the Coast Guard stranded off the coast in dinghies, in the long term, the economy is doing just fine and having less government was an aid in bringing back the 1980s America that most people want: a functional place, not an ideological republic in the Soviet style.

  • Government pulls bill to ratify UN declaration on indigenous peoples’ rights

    Europe has its own “indigenous” people, probably Mongolian herders who arrived alongside the proto-Nords but now are mostly Eurasian and do a whole lot of nothing important. Finland, seeing the disaster of diversity play out elsewhere, has chosen to stop expanding their land rights. This will allow Finland to mainstream them into the economy, which will result in their marginalization, and ultimately, with any luck, transfer to Russia or another Eurasian area. Diversity has died. No one sees it as anything but a trap anymore.

  • Muslim school will not allow girls to eat lunch until after boys have finished, Ofsted chief says

    The problem with “rights” is that they are phrased in absolutes when really they need to find a balance. The more different rights-holders you add to a situation, the farther you are from anything that resembles a workable compromise. Currently, civil rights conflicts with religion in a few key ways, but this will expand as religions object to certain things that the West beat out of Christianity, like a resistance to gender equality and dislike of LGBT+ practices. Muslims have more pity points but the West is using approval of these transgressions to beat its way into independent nations, demand they displace whatever Hitler analogues they have, and then install friendly regimes. At some point, either the Muslims will bend or the UK will see the first inklings of the true cost of diversity.

  • U.S. lawmakers move to curtail president’s power to levy tariffs

    True morons in Congress miss out on two obvious facts. Trump is winning this trade war, and America needs him to win it because the Chinese model has been heading into collapse for two years or longer. There is no hope for globalism to survive, but Congress wants to assert its power and stop Trump from negotiating, which will result in the resumption of the old ways that did not work so well. Does China pay these people? Either way, if Congress does this, it will plunge America into recession and give someone else the superpower crown. Maybe the EU paid them; it would benefit them to take the place previously occupied by the Americans until democracy made them so stupid that they believed their own postwar propaganda.

  • 3-day human-trafficking sting in California leads to 339 arrests

    California experiences one benefit of being a de facto sanctuary state that no one talks about. With lots of illegal immigration comes human trafficking, mainly in the form of selling third world women and girls as prostitutes by charging them to get here and then making them pay it off through selling their herpetic bodies. At the same time, pedophile illegal aliens, sex offenders on the border, illegal alien child sex slavery, MS-13 border crossers, constant illegal alien inflow, a border crisis, border patrol agents assaulted, and huge amounts of smuggled drugs should convince any remaining sane people that building a wall is necessary, soon to be followed by driving foreign populations out of our country by any means necessary. As it becomes clear that legal or illegal, born here or immigrated, “nice” ethnic groups or “nasty” ones, diversity does not work, people are focused less on the Other and more on who Us is, which causes us in turn to look toward a historical definition of America as an outpost of Western European pioneers and not the world’s genetic dumping ground.

  • Asian pop bands BTS and Keyakizaka46 embrace sick craze for dressing as Nazi troopers

    As democracy devolves into permissivism, genocide, bankruptcy, and broken families, attitudes toward the losers of WW2 are relaxing. We know the bad stuff they did, but we then watched our governments do bad stuff as well, and so now we have lost faith in liberal democracy, especially as all its fond plans — entitlements, diversity, demand-side economics, carbon taxes, regulations, globalism — collapse in an avalanche of dysfunction. Therefore, people are having fun with the imagery and underneath it lurks a simple truth: we are ready for change.

  • Why America Targeted Italian-Americans During World War II

    Diversity does not work out so well even when it is merely ethnic in nature. You either have people who keep their origin culture, and so they have dual loyalties, or they “assimilate” and become cultureless shopping center people, at which point they have no loyalty to the country anyway. Italians, as Southern Europeans mixed with middle eastern, Asian, and north African bits, do not really fit into a WASP country. They would in fact be happier in Italy, which they only fled because of its incompetent Leftist governments. As national identity becomes more important, repatriation intensifies.

  • Parents are now throwing ‘period parties’ for their teenage daughters

    People hunger for coming-of-age ceremonies and other real activities to mark their lives. Somehow, different jobs and buying stuff just does not cut it. I mean, what should a young girl do, celebrate her first tax return? Her first sexting? Her first sixty-five temporary boyfriends? Girls need something to mark the passage into womanhood, and some idea of how their role changes and what it all means. Life needs to mean something. Even though this particular implementation is icky, one imagines that more refined versions will appear in the future.

  • ‘She nearly cut my head in half’: Evie Amati axe victim Ben Rimmer breaks silence

    This story has everything: transsexuals on drugs, attempted murder, and the utter cluelessness of the citizens in a democracy. Did anyone think to question a blonde with an Adam’s apple wandering around glassy-eyed while carrying a giant red axe? No, we were too busy in our thought bubbles, thinking about how we would look in those new red shoes or at the front of the latest protest for retarded gay midget equality.

  • The $15 Minimum Wage Is Here. Why We Need $33 an Hour. (non-paywall)

    Not only is the media clickbait, but the Left is clickbait. They never wanted to be realistic, but they gave up on making any sense some time ago, and the result is that whoever demands more stuff for “The People” gets headlines and then becomes famous like Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or Bernie the Fuzzy Golem Sanders. Raising the minimum wage to $15 is proving catastrophic, so the Left needs to get ahead of the game. You cannot blame the last minimum wage raise if the current one causes even more problems, at which point they will come up with a new crusade, like a desire to have even more bathrooms for people who think their “gender” is represented by astrological symbols. If all Leftists were deported to Venezuela tomorrow, would life be better or worse? More accurately: what that we actually need would we lose.

  • The Future Is Female. And She’s Furious.

    The official agenda states that women are breaking even more barriers. In reality, they broke every barrier and it is written into law, but that was not enough. Women are still furious because none of this barrier-breaking actually gave them what they needed. At this point, they have become whores, meaning things that people pay for and then discard. At jobs, they are valued for their obedience but they are rarely among those who hammer through to the important discoveries, so they get big important careers that pay well but end without much fanfare. In relationships, they are essentially conversation vaginas who are replaced like the furniture when inconvenient or aging. In social interactions, they cannot trust any of their frenemies because everyone is competing for the few men who are not happily going their own way with video games, a fleshlight, and four pounds of kind bud in a totally bitchin’ three foot glass bong. Women are being left behind, even as they get ahead. Their “rage” is not a scream of triumph, but of someone who knows that she is losing the game, and just when it all seemed under control too.

  • Footage Of Shirtless Bernie Sanders Drunkenly Singing With Soviets In ‘88 Surfaces

    Zero people are surprised to hear that creepy Bernie Sanders, that college professor who just wants to show you something interesting that you can do with your anus and his ring finger, was drunkenly singing with real Soviets in 1988. As said here before, all Leftists are the same — egalitarians — and differ only in degree of force, which depends on their confidence in seizing power. If we gave Bernie unlimited power, he would turn into Comrade Stalin in a heartbeat. A goofy, weird, and dysfunctional Comrade Stalin, but everything is more mediocre these days.

  • Howard Schultz Is Fully Capable of Winning the 2020 Election … for Trump

    We all hope that the Democrats repeat their mistakes of the Bush years. Too many candidates with each an egomaniac lunatic would be great, but even better would be the impossible dream of the third party. Yes, Howard, run. Go ahead and take all those votes from the useful idiots in denial who think that “compromise,” “bipartisanship,” a “third way,” or a “new approach” would work. They will leave the Hillary/Kamala/Bernie/Elizabeth/Dumbledore camp and run off to the new idea and fantastic Utopian vision, leaving Trump with more votes from his hardcore base which loves that finally someone is doing to American government what it has been doing to us for decades.

  • Fire brigade accused of discrimination after drive to recruit more women and ethnic minorities

    In early days of diversity, the task is easy. You take from the majority and give to the minorities. After a little while however this becomes harder, because the majority finds itself wondering why it always comes in dead last, and the people in charge realize that if you appoint too many diversity candidates, you will not have enough people who are there for the job instead of the benefits. In the UK, they worked around this by insisting that horrible evil white men get higher scores on the entrance exam, and now the white men are taking them to court over the lack of equality here. Paradoxical systems like diversity always collapse when applied and this is no exception.

  • Calif. board of trustees scraps Pledge of Allegiance over ‘white nationalism’ history

    Today in diversity follows: we must scrap the horrible white privilege supremacist racist institution of… the pledge of allegiance. Sensing that they had self-parodied, the Santa Barbara City College Board of Trustees (email them) has walked back this decision, but not before pointing out that we have reached peak political correctness and it is all downhill from here.

  • Trump didn’t cave

    Trump did not back down; he backed off. That means that he done the mature thing and reached out to his adversaries. They will promptly reject any sane offer that he makes, given him carte blanche to devastate them as appropriate by going ahead with emergency funding, having the military build the wall, hiring a private firm to do it, and possibly shutting down government to boot. He gave them many chances. They did not heed the warning that an olive branch rejected is casus belli. The trap snapping shut will be a surprise to them as usual; these people are oblivious. Maybe they are clever, or “smart,” or some analogue, but they do not appear to be intelligent, as in being able to analyze and understand a situation. They just go through the motions with clever twists and think themselves mightily superior to the rest of us. Trump will do what he always does by cutting through the pretense, then offering some scary hardlines, then dialing it back and offering a reasonable compromise, then allowing his opposition to fail, then proposing a less reasonable compromise on the basis of that failure.

  • Resolution opposing hard Irish Border introduced in US Congress

    What would you say if I said that a tiny group of people have undue influence over American government, media, and academia to the point that they have the whole US Congress doing the bidding of a tiny overseas nation known for its esurient practices? That’s right, we’re talking about the Irish. The only known solution here is relocation. They will be happier back in Ireland, land of shamrocks and good soil if someone would just remove the rocks from it and learn to grow something other than potatoes.

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