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Periscope (January 31, 2019)

  • H-1B: Oracle favored hiring foreign graduates of U.S. colleges over American grads, feds allege

    Here’s why the rich and the powerful don’t want any walls that don’t encompass their personal estates. The foreign born are a weaker class of labor that is easier for the firm to exploit and underpay. Amerika’s H-1B visa program is a giant oligarchical monopsony. Here’s how Oracle systematically rigs the market to underpay for their labor inputs to production.

    The Department of Labor alleges in its suit against Oracle that a “vast majority” of the firm’s hires through its college recruiting program were non-citizen visa holders from Asia. “These students required work authorization to remain in the United States after graduation,” the Labor Department said in a court filing. “In other words, Oracle overwhelmingly hires workers dependent upon Oracle for sponsorship to remain in the United States. This preference for a workforce that is dependent on Oracle for authorization to work in the United States lends itself to suppression of that workforce’s wages.” Of about 500 recent college and university graduates hired into three job categories at Oracle from 2013 to 2016, some 90 percent were Asian, the filing said. At the same time, Asians, blacks and women were “systematically underpaid,” according to allegations in the lawsuit, which also claimed that unequal pay cost workers $400 million in lost wages.

    Oh, and those journalists who just got told to learn to code? Good luck with that! Any industry as heavily dependent upon its labor inputs as coding is a ripe target for Karl Marx’s Reserve Army of The Underemployed. Oracle’s just happens to be staffed by foreign mercs who they can mercilessly control via a subtle yet ever-present threat of pulling the visa anytime obedience is not suitably forthcoming.

  • Frigid in Chicago Must Mean Global Warming

    The polar vertex rises like a White Dragon from the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual. Its key weapon, Breath of Butt-Coldness, has reduced Chicago to its knees. You go trying to be Hog-Butcher of The World when it feels like -60 degrees out there. This could possibly turn bad, and not just if you are a Cubs Fan who forget to have the mittens handy.

    Indeed, the climate may be changing, but cooling rather than warming. If so, this would be a legitimate cause for alarm. Cooler temperatures mean a shorter growing season, with less food to support a much larger world population than existed during the last ice age. Those concerned about an overpopulated planet may discover that Mother Nature has a plan for culling the population.

    Anyone who has lived most of their lives in warmer places doesn’t really get how scary butt-coldness can get. In ‘Bama we tend to think colder weather just lets you get out that awful sweater that you like but that no one else can abide. You can always put another layer on. If it gets too hot, there’s only so much you can take back off before you run afoul of public decency statutes. It’s a lot easier to notice it being too darn hot.

    But somewhere in our primal brains there is a knowledge that cold is the ultimate lethality. Nothing grows, nobody wants to get up and get it done. Eventually, cold enough cold means the very molecules stop moving. Days like yesterday in Chicago make us realize just how much less power we really have than either Nature or God. It reminds us just how much Sports Announcer/Smart-Aleck, Vin Scully, was right. “He’s day-to-day. We’re all day-to-day.”

    Oh, and since Chi-town gave us Barack Hussein Obama, I think I’ll rub this in a little bit…

  • No mail will be delivered to parts of 10 states as polar vortex chills postal delivery.

    Herodotus was a bad-ass. He just didn’t live in Chicago…

    So much for “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night.” The U.S. mail won’t be delivered Wednesday in large swaths of at least 10 states due to the crippling cold of the polar vortex. The USPS announced that no mail will be delivered in parts of Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Some retail offices of the postal service will be open, but couriers won’t be delivering any mail to those areas.

    No, this isn’t a vignette from Fallen Angels by Pournelle and Niven. Weird physics occurs when things get that cold. Ethonol turns into some really nasty and viscous jello gelatin. Lubricating fluids become similar to syrup. If you know its coming in advance, you can add things to the fuel and lube fluid to prevent this. If you don’t, then your mail trucks don’t run. Ditto the snowplows.

    This recent cold snap doesn’t imply Ice Age Now! But it can serve as a lesson. People need to knock off the dumb climate theories and focus instead on what sort of good, detailed plans are needed in case it does get really, really hot or really, really cold.

    I’ve studied the Navier-Stokes Equation before. There is a reason why you don’t know the weather two weeks from now. This reason has nothing to do with the IQ of your favorite weather personality. It is mathematically impossible to make those equations converge into accurate estimates as time approaches a longer limit. Be into preparedness, not political hysteria.

  • Nick Cannon Shows Why “Pro-Black” Men Can’t Be Taken Seriously

    Your family, community, or nation will consist of who you befriend, associate with, and ultimately procreate with. Everything Chrissie says here is true. Anyone can say anything. The truth comes out when you log off the PC and turn out the lights. Any sort of ethnonationalism, White, Black, Hispanic, or Comanche Indian; starts with your own personal decisions. That’s how we’ll all know if you really think #ItsOKtobeWhite.

  • Historic shift: More Hispanic than black voters in 2020, whites decline to 66%

    In a major shift that appears to help Democrats and liberals, one third of the eligible voters in the upcoming 2020 presidential election will be non-white, the first time ever, according to a new analysis of U.S. Census data. And in another first, there will be more Hispanic voters eligible to vote than African Americans, according to the analysis from Pew Research Center. The growth of non-white voters, which Pew said favored Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2016 election, comes at the expense of the white vote.

    I submit this without normative or moral comment. It is simply mathematical reality. Amerika will be a majority-minority nation if it remains intact at all. Like the weather, this goes out of our control except for how we prepare ourselves and make adjustments accordingly. White Ethnonationalism will need to become a workable political fulcrum if we want our people to enjoy a future at all. You need to have your brothers’ back and not cuck.

  • Why the Illinois exodus? The rich get bashed, and off they go

    F. Scott Fitzgerald famously remarked. “The rich are different from you and I.”

    Earnest Hemmingway replied. “Yeah, they have more money!”

    It seems Earnest had the drop on this one. If you pee on these people’s legs, they’ll react with the same basic frustrations you’d expect from a person in a trailer park or ghetto. Tell somebody they are the bad guy, and you’ll eventually convince them that you really hate their guts. They then leave.

    “Like thousands of others, I tired of the one-party system, rising pension debt, no change to the current pension system, increasing property taxes (mine doubled), increasing crime and soft approach to criminals,” he wrote to me.

    And it’s not just one whinging yupster…

    Reality check: The number of residents fleeing Illinois for other states jumped to 93,704 in 2014 from 68,204 the previous year. It increased in 2015 to 106,544, and in 2016 to 109,941. More exodus in 2017 of 114,779 and last year, another 114,154. Who do you think is leaving Illinois? For the most part, it’s people who have the means to do so.

    Long after this polar vortex is back up North circling the arctic, the climate in Chicago will remain unpleasant. The more of these people they chase off, the colder it gets there. Now imagine what would happen to Amerika if we just taxed a little extra bit from the really rich guys nationwide….

  • Can A Fusion Party Save America?

    When Cuckservatives gotta cuck, they go directly to the Cucksurgent. A Fusion party? They tried that at the University of Utah. One of those “Fusion Party” gave us Bill Clinon and his adorable wife/basilisk #FemaleCaligula. A “Fusion Party” in 2020 would give us President Biden – if the Dems were that nice to us during their primaries.

    And yet this is totally the point. The “Fusion Party” would not be in it to win it. It would be in it to pay back Donald Trump. Call it The Brutus Party – here to Cuck Amerika harder!

    As Erick Erickson recently noted, “The GOP is a party in decline and I think if anyone wants to challenge it, the challenge is best done with the establishment of a new third party.” Erickson further pointed out, accurately I think, that, “The GOP is largely defined by one man and the party itself stands for nothing other than what he wants. With only around 40% of the country supportive, and less than that strongly supportive, the GOP could be brought low with only a bit of effort.”

    The Cuck excuse of political viability is in leafy, green bloom.

    If there is to be a serious third-party alternative to Trump and the Democrat-to-be-named-later, it can’t be a strictly conservative party. Any conservative party would simply split the dwindling conservative vote and help to elect the Democrat (not that the Democrat candidate is likely to need much help).

    Remember, these people are quitters who stormed out of the GOP over Trump being nominated and then threw up on their shoes when he had the sheer audacity to win without *them*. They will never forgive him for this. He revealed them to be the trolladytic parasites that they truly are. If you really need permission from David Frum or anyone over at The Cucksurgent to be Conservative, then you are not really particularly conservative.

  • Howard Schultz Slams “Un-American” Socialist Ocasio-Cortez — Is Heckled at NY City Book Signing (Video)

    Howard Schultz is trying to be an adult. He’s finding out why it yea, verily sucks some days. Perhaps he shouldn’t bother. Maybe the Left is unworthy of what he offers. I don’t even say that in mala fide. Schultz is trying to serve Amerika here. He really thinks that The Left can be patriotic and organize a way to make our nation great again.

    This honest patriotism makes him the target of Libral Amerika’s turd-chucking howler monkeys. These perpetual adolescents want their free tuition and judgement-free rehab at age forty-five. Schultz is trying to explain to a room full of mental 10-year-olds why they can’t have a bazillion dollar allowance without even cutting the lawn first. Perhaps Schultz is a Catholic and trying to talk sense to the far left is his self-selected purgatory.

    It’s a sincere shame he beclowned himself with the whole “Race Together” fiasco and the Starbucks bathrooms. He’s on to a legitimate need in this country, but he has rendered himself risible to the point where he can’t pull it off. Sanity will have to emerge elsewhere on the Left. If possible.

  • Daniel Baranowski on Twitter

    It’s a genuine shame we can’t all just race together. We should really stop being so liberal and start a big “Fusion Party.” Oh, wait… If the left keeps this up, they really will end up having to run Joe Biden. He’s tanned, rusted and ready!

  • Opioid maker’s former executives ‘put profit over people,’ prosecutor says

    No matter how bad and stupid our government gets, people always manage to come up with some form of horrible behavior that makes it seem necessary. The people who made and marketed OxyContin are only different from the thugs on the corners in an episode of “The Wire” in speech and apparel.

    OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma, a privately held company in Stamford, Conn., has drawn far more attention during the epidemic, which federal officials say killed nearly 400,000 people from 1999 to 2017. But Purdue has been treated comparatively mildly. In 2007, as deadly opioid overdoses surged across the country, Purdue admitted to a felony of lying about OxyContin’s potential for abuse and addiction, and three current and former Purdue executives pleaded guilty in Virginia to a federal misdemeanor charge of misbranding. No one went to jail.

    Oh, and they don’t have corners. They have medical clinics they feed kickbacks to.

    They paid doctors and nurse practitioners around the country millions of dollars in kickbacks and bribes that were disguised as fees for speaking about the benefits of Subsys to other physicians, he said. They targeted eight key practitioners who they thought would be receptive to prescribing the drug. Those eight ended up writing nearly 11,000 Subsys prescriptions.

    Poor Pookie and Ray-Ray. Nobody ever explained to these poor, underprivileged kids how economies of scale work. They never got to kick it with Sunrise Lee…

    Lazarus said one of the defendants, Sunrise Lee — a sales executive who had previously worked as a stripper and escort service manager — went so far as to give a lap dance to an Illinois doctor to get him to prescribe Subsys.

    It makes you think twice about ever trusting what the doctor wants you to take. Maybe I’ll just consider pain to be weakness leaving my body.


    Nobody really needs Dr. Feelgood or his Oxycontin. The Soma is available down the street at your Apple Store. You can amuse yourself to death. You an I both have more computing power in our Iphones than NASA had when they started The Apollo Program. So let’s both go to the moon next week.

    The proliferation of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) has resulted in the dumbing down of human interactions and replacement of discussing issues with virtue signaling, selfies, faux manufactured outrage, and glorifying shallow celebrities. We’re addicted to technology.

    Doomsters have an ongoing argument on whether it will all end in tyranny or coked-out boredom. It’s Orwell vs. Huxley, and Huxley just jogged off the field with a lead at halftime. I’m not sure both sets of doomsters don’t have a few good arrows in the quiver. Both 1984 and Brave New World make good handbooks for The Managerial State. You just send in the thugs if they can’t be pacified with the drugs.

    There is little doubt in my mind that we are constantly being channelized and controlled in certain aspects of our lives and behaviors. How and for what is often a mystery. It can’t go on forever, so one day it really won’t. The system is perhaps Huxley on a good day and then goes Orwell when it’s hanging on by the fingernails like Maduro or MaCron. Like the weather in Chicago, you will not know when that day will arrive very far in advance. Plan accordingly. Think about what you would do if you didn’t have to do what you are doing now.

  • Whatever “it” happens to be, life can take it out of you if you are not ready. It can take your friends, it can take your stuff. In Strange Brew, it even horked their clothes! It can take a lot of things, but don’t let it take you alive!

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