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Periscope (January 28, 2019)

  • ECB’s Visco says austerity should be avoided where not necessary

    Back in the 1930s, people discovered Keynesianism or the idea that government spending could stimulate an economy. They liked this for a single reason: it gave them an excuse to create an entitlements state (entitlements refer to payments from government directly to citizens, including pensions, welfare, and payments-in-kind like socialized medicine). The problem with this is that by making government an important actor in the economy, you centralize your economy just as the Soviets did, relying on government to set prices and not allowing supply and demand to do so. This creates a command to deny reality. With that in place, other mandates to deny reality also occur; supply/demand is reality, central government commands are ideological. Centralized economic control creates a closed-circuit feedback loop called a circular Ponzi scheme in which government must dump money on the population, have them spend it on high-traffic goods like novelties, and then offer up its currency as a product so that it can tax the new, higher value of that currency in order to further fund the system. Essentially, society becomes dependent on constant growth achieved through consumer spending on wasteful goods. All of what we know of as “consumerism” arose from the need to have an entitlements state, as does our drive toward more disposable goods and fewer eternal things. Prole-rule is a trap because proles want an entitlements state and this creates a race to the bottom in order to take money from doing things the right way and invest it in quick growth instead. This results in crippling debt for even the most prosperous states because the economy is enslaved to constant growth in people, work hours, and sales, which means that it needs an army of warm bodies slaving away that grows every generation. There is no way out of this situation except to cut entitlements, which in America form two-thirds of our budget that is unpopular to repeal:

    In 2010, entitlement spending had grown to be almost 100 times higher than it was in 1960; it has increased by an explosive 9.5 percent per year for 50 straight years. Entitlement transfer payments to individuals (such as for income, healthcare, age, and unemployment) have been growing twice as fast as per capita income for 20 years, totaling $2.2 trillion in 2010 alone—which was greater than the entire gross domestic product of Italy and roughly the same as the GDP of Great Britain.

    In 1960, entitlement spending accounted for less than a third of all federal spending; in 2010, it was just about two thirds of government outlays, with everything else—defense, justice, all the other duties of government—making up less than one third. Over the last half-century, income-related assistance (which we used to call “welfare”) multiplied more than thirtyfold after adjusting for inflation.

    As soon as one demands “equality,” the only activity occurs through motivating masses of people to do the same thing at roughly the same time. That requires that there be some plurality which can be compelled into this kind of conformity, which is why egalitarian governments love idiots and do their best to increase their number. This causes government to drain the natural producers so that it can subsidize the idiots, and eventually, it runs out of good people and collapses into a third world state. This is a death spiral common to all democracies.

  • Half Of Doctors Considering Leaving Medicine — Because Of Health Insurance Headaches

    Eighty-seven percent of doctors polled (n = 600) think that patient conditions have grown worse thanks to insurance intervention. People ask what conservatives would do about healthcare and our response is, “Abolish regulations. Let people choose their doctors and pay for it, and buy insurance for catastrophic conditions, disability, and end of life care.” The simpler the system, the better it works, but there is a catch: some individuals will be destroyed, through a combination of bad luck and their own inability to take responsibility for their future and start making smart decisions. We cannot save everyone. That scares the voter who, by reason of projection, sees herself as the person who falls through the cracks and dies alone on a gurney underneath a freeway overpass. In reality, you do not get that far unless a long string of failures, bad luck, and personal instability preceded it. The more we regulate healthcare, the worse it gets, in part because insurance has an interest in reducing the cost that it pays so that it can profit. The Leftist response to that is to demand “single-payer,” or government-funded healthcare like Medicare, forgetting that the same problems will now exist, and be intensified by a huge bureaucracy that is responsive to nothing.

  • Suspect sought after arson at DC’s Comet Ping Pong restaurant

    Grinning young man torches the Comet Ping Pong restaurant featured in PizzaGate theories. Note that these are indicated as theories, not “conspiracy theories,” simply because the term is so loaded. Who knows what the truth is? All we know is that nine years ago, Pentagon workers were busted for downloading a lot of child porn, which means that they were either insane to think that they could get away with it, or assumed that it would be covered up. We know that some secret groups demand something incriminating from all members so that if these members disobey, information will be released which destroys them. In our society, pretty much the only things that would do that would be outright “racism” or child pornography. However, another analysis suggests that PizzaGate is metaphorical: this society sexualizes everything, even children, and consumes its children for its own pleasure, sort of like Baby Boomer parenting.

  • Sen. Daylin Leach sues woman accusing him of sexual assault, and two #metoo activists

    Accountability is a tricky thing. In an egalitarian system, where everyone is considered to be equal, anyone can bring a suit against you and, if they cannot prove it, the case is dismissed or decided in your favor. However, you still get to pay for your defense, since otherwise, there would be an unequal expense to the person filing the suit. The problem with this is that we do not have a third option — at fault, not at fault, or mistrial are our present options — for “not at fault, and the other guy is at fault for bringing an obviously dubious suit.” It was intended, perhaps, that judges would enforce this, but once the mob takes control socially/cultural, no one wants to be the judge imposing a cost on some “at risk,” vulnerable, or “marginalized” person. This leaves us with a situation where the heckler’s veto rules and anyone who has money will simply settle the suit to make it go away, which is effectively what Trump did with Stormy Daniels before she could bring suit or begin spreading her now-debunked accusations. While actual sexual assault is a nasty thing and the perpetrators are clearly broken people who need to be removed entirely from society (like Leftists) the problem with our system is that since there are no consequences for being wrong, many people style themselves as victims to get the payout. With the crowd protecting them, they are assumed to be innocent, and so the person in power is damaged for the pretense of the herd. In a counter-reaction, we will see more of these “accountability lawsuits” demanding that people who make accusations have evidence, which will rapidly erode the new definition of sexual assault which is “missing consent” and return us to the old days, when presumed victims of rape had to show physical conflict or in other words, that they fought back. It turns out that our ancestors knew something that, in the grips of ideology, we denied.

  • Polish PM says Hitler’s Germany responsible for Holocaust, not Nazis

    Since it is the seventy-fourth anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz (the meaning of hate) we have a strong focus on the Holocaust in the news of late. While many of us remain appalled by the Holocaust, we can understand it as a typical diversity clash, like the Dreyfuss Affair or the many prior pogroms against the Jews. Basically, Jews preferred Europe to the third world areas in the middle east and Asia which were otherwise open to them, and Europeans tolerated this because there was no solid consensus against the Jewish immigrants until something went wrong. Generally, this consisted of people noticing that the Jewish people in their town were very successful, and the locals were less so, which meant that went the crop went ill, everyone suffered except the Jews, who were then viewed as outsiders. We know that the official Holocaust narrative has problems because every official narrative has problems; the Holocaust is simply the Gulf of Tonkin event of WW2. Yes, the Germans enslaved Jews, the Jews began to die in their camps, many were killed in Eastern Europe by partisans or locals, the Allies bombed the supply lines causing more to die, and some were disposed of in crematoria. Where the smart money differs is that we see the number as far lower than six million based on population estimates after the war, we realize that most in German care died from starvation and disease, that the brutal executions were done in Eastern Europe and the Baltics without German intervention, that the cause was diversity conflict and high presence of Jewish people in the Communist Party and organized crime, and that German acceleration represented a recognition that they had lost the war. None of this excuses what happened; you do not slaughter a guest, but you can ask that he move on, and resentment, hatred, and revenge are all inferior motives. However, the tendency of the Left to use Holocaust guilt as a battering ram has made it widely hated, and the identification of Jews as victims who must take revenge on anyone who is pro-European or pro-Nationalist has not served Jews well and in fact has accelerated their self-hatred, remain observations for the privilege few who realize that history is made of multiple causes and nuance, not clear easy line. The way to prevent Holocausts in the future is to end diversity everywhere, not to attempt to control people with guilt, because such polarized systems always end in backlash. Anti-Semites are people who make the fatal mistake of blaming the symptom — presence of outsiders — for the cause, which is that egalitarian sentiment led to dependence on finance and control instead of culture, and that ate our society alive, inviting in the world to take advantage of it as it died. Hitler fell into the old trap of being an opposite to what he hated, without realizing that the two opposites were held in place by the idea of modern government, which presupposes that we can control people through social engineering. To that end, he built a total state and, inspired by the Leftist notion which created the state, he deployed his own guillotines instead of using the aristocratic method of relocating populations. That same Leftist insanity has now turned on the Jews because of the Palestinians, leading to legal anti-Semitism pervading European law. Fighting the nationalists will no more work for Jews than murdering Jews worked for Hitler.

  • NHS to offer paid-for DNA tests if patients share data

    People like to sagely utter, “If the service is free, you are the product.” This applies in health care where genomics firms, which require large international data sets in order to diagnose genetic abnormalities, offer low-cost genetic testing through free public health care in order to build up their databases so that they can analyze enough data to offer diagnostics. Billions will be made off of this public health service, just like billions have been made for those who offer services to the NHS. Somehow, all of these articles about socialized medicine do not talk about this much.

  • Thanks to Trump, China’s economy is rapidly decelerating — Here’s what could happen next

    People do not understand egalitarianism because they do not read to the letter of the idea, rather than its commonly-assumed meaning. They make the assumption that it means “treat everyone the same,” but that really is only its first form and guise, because it rapidly encounters some theory like “disparate impact” where it is pointed out the despite treating everyone the same, the groups that were not prosperous before still are not prosperous. Egalitarianism thus reveals its syllogism:

    1. Everyone is equal.
    2. Since they are equal, if unequal results exist, it is because someone discriminated.
    3. Since someone discriminated, it must be those who are doing better-than-average, therefore they must be penalized and the people doing worse-than-average must be subsidized.

    Every known instance of equality in history has run through this syllogism in stages. It starts with meritocracy, becomes civil rights or the use of law to “protect” the worse-than-average, and finally becomes socialism or the subsidy of the worse-than-average through money, time, and energy taken from the better-than-average.

    Globalism, like the European Union, functions on the idea of international equality. That is, it takes from the successful nations and gives to the less successful in order to buy their loyalty, essentially creating a type of pacifism to try to end class warfare between nations. Following that agenda, China got a huge subsidy designed to pull it into the first world under the assumption that then it would be peaceful, but instead China announced that it intended to rule the world. Trump simply removed the policies that gave China undue advantages; he hopes to stave off the next world war this way, since the world survives when one superpower rules it, but struggles when aspirants to the throne engage in sabotage, subversion, and finally outright aggression in order to prove their place at the table. Politics is prison ethics.

  • Insys founder’s lawyer rejects charge he fed U.S. opioid epidemic

    Here are the defendants: John Kapoor (Indian), Michael Gurry (Irish), Richard Simon (Jewish), Sunrise Lee (Asian) and Joseph Rowan (Irish).

  • H-1B: Oracle favored hiring foreign graduates of U.S. colleges over American grads, feds allege (non-paywall)

    The software industry has never been efficient. If it were, it would continue older software and improve it instead of constantly inventing new products which do essentially the same thing but incorporate more and more features until those make its purpose paradoxical. Competition without someone up top who can give it guidance becomes a self-consuming thing as companies fight over a dwindling market as the technology matures. Our software industry claims that it cannot find talent in America, so it is hiring H-1Bs, but in reality, it is going through the motions: most software at this point is bulk work, with the innovation done years ago, and so it needs lots of drones to busily type away at known solutions instead of geniuses who invent new ones. The industry runs itself on cheap H-1B labor because when the product is roughly the same, whoever slashes costs makes a higher margin and thus can grow to the point where it can purchase its competitors, thus running in perpetuity.

  • Portland Community College Cancels Event After Right-Wing Group Threatens To Show Up On Campus

    Media offers us a potential strategy for the Alt-Right. As Richard Spencer found, any attempt to discuss our ideas gets destroyed with the heckler’s veto, in that schools find that having lots of Leftists show up to destroy everything is not productive and so they cancel or refuse to schedule Alt-Right events. However, the flip side presents an opportunity. If the Alt-Right showing up to regular pro-diversity events causes the Leftist cadres to show up with an agenda to destroy, schools will cancel those events also. With enough Alt-Right activists, the entire Left-wing network of events could be shut down, and if this were done intelligently, it would shut down the mainstream Leftist events, leaving only the far-Left ones to further alienate people. Again, the question remains: which would benefit the Right more, getting ourselves on television, or having the Left be represented as it truly is — by the socialists, Communists, anarchists, and totalitarians of Antifa — on prime time television. If we got the crazies on television every night to talk about what they really think, most of our people would swing to the Right, which is why the news only shows the domesticated ones.

  • SA government supports Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro

    Leftist South Africa supports Leftism in Venezuela. Even more than ideology, here we see the racial divide: Leftism is a third world system, namely ignoring evolution in favor of splitting up what exists because there is no hope of rising, and the third world uniformly supports Leftism.

  • Holocaust Memorial Day: ‘Shocking’ levels of denial remain

    …one in five (19%) believed fewer than two million Jews were murdered.

    The actual figure was six million.

    We cannot blame all of this on Islam. As we see the media distort truth now, and governments lie, we come to question official history. It was a mistake by the Left to advance the Holocaust as a holy agenda, and doubly a mistake to crack down on “revisionists,” and now the backlash springs up among us.

  • Water crisis brews between India and Pakistan as rivers run dry

    Governments and media focus on the last few wars as the template for our future because that is a safe position for them to take. People recognize these threats, and so they respond like Pavlovian dogs to any signs of them re-appearing. The real future wars involve food and water, specifically the loss of natural species as a food source in our oceans, and the scarcity of non-polluted water. When only one river in a region provides clean water, people will fight over it, and the winners will begin defecating in it immediately, laying the groundwork for the next war.

  • The End of Russia’s ‘Democratic Illusions’ About America

    But what should interest us is how Russiagate allegations have tarnished America’s democratic reputation in Russia and thereby undermined the pro-American arguments of Russia’s liberal democrats, who were never a very potent political or electoral force and whose fortunes have already declined in recent years.

    Russia intervened in American elections as it has done every year since its rebirth. This time, however, the press picked up the story and exaggerated it into a paranoid explanation for how Trump won. This served the Russian goal, which was to discredit democracy. The Left participated in this, undoubtedly knowing that this would be the end result. Who is actually working for the Russians, Trump or — as this article proves is more likely — the Left? Historical note: the KGB would have attempted to play both sides, as that way, chaos and division are sewn and Russia becomes proportionately stronger while the USA becomes weaker.

  • Steve King applauded at first Iowa event since House rebuke

    Steve King was censured for daring to say that it was not sane to include “Western Civilization” alongside other demonized terms like “white supremacist” and “white nationalism.” His voters agreed with him, and not the Left-leaning House. The next generation will see no problem with “WASP nationalism” and will be openly at war with the minority-heavy Democrat party.

  • Duke official steps down after telling students to speak English

    Another official fired so that we can continue to pretend that official pretense of being diverse and welcoming is real and not just a weapon of the Left in its class war against the WASPs who founded this nation. She simply said that if Chinese students want to have successful careers in America, they should improve their English-speaking skills; for some reason, this is taboo. In the meantime, Chinese students blink in unison and secretly laugh because for them, as with every other minority group, the goal is not to “fit in” or “assimilate” in cuckspeak, but to dominate.

  • Britons don’t grasp the EU’s essential motivation – a quest for the quiet life

    Rarely do you see it admitted so clearly that the goal behind the EU is pacifism, and that it justifies this by claiming that in the absence of war, citizens can continue to pursue their own financial gain. This bourgeois attitude comes to us from the shopkeepers and merchants who run the EU, and shows us that they have given up on achieving anything, but simply want to live off the spoils of the past. Wealth makes you stupid, if you are a prole; the aristocrats did much better, and increased wealth without destroying civilization.

  • Two-fifths of Croatians want a return to the monarchy

    The big story of the twenty-first century will be how liberal democracy died because people lost faith in it entirely. It does not provide strong enough power to avoid crises, and instead adopts those crises as hobbies, and then bit by bit drains the energy, time, and wealth of its population in order to support ever-increasing government and its wars for democracy. This proves fatal to the society.

  • In God’s name: Indian girls forced into sex work despite ritual ban

    Nobody wants to admit this, least of all the “every soul is sacred” Christians who are unfortunately a majority of that sect, but some girls are born to be prostitutes. We had a few in my town growing up. They tended to mature quickly, show an early interest in sex, have messy rooms, and have no real ambition other than to have a good time and forget about tomorrow. In our “free” society, they ended up working nonsense jobs and doing them badly while running through a string of relationships that were essentially unpaid prostitution. A saner society would learn to recognize the signs early on and remove these girls from the majority population, sending them to the life they would choose anyway and reducing their influence on others.

  • Pilot Smoking In Cockpit Caused Nepal US-Bangla Plane Crash That Killed 51: Report

    Smoking is the scapegoat. No doubt: if you sit on a sofa all day munching donuts and cheeseburgers between smoking Newports, you will probably die young of cancer, but at that point it is a toss-up as to what will carry you off. However, smoking provides a convenient scapegoat for the rise in cancers and other diseases caused by industrial pollution, since we all enjoy the results of that industry. Witness the distraction:

    The US-Bangla airline Bombardier UBG-211 crash that occurred in March last year, took place as the pilot, who was in charge of the flight had smoked inside the cockpit despite restrictions, authorities confirmed on Sunday.

    How could that be? He couldn’t see the runway because of the smoke? Well, errm, it turns out that:

    The Accident Investigation Commission determines that the probable cause of the accident is due to disorientation and a complete loss of situational awareness in the part of the crew member, the investigation committee said.

    In other words, they think that a cigarette made him disoriented and unaware of his situation. They clarify that it was tobacco, not marijuana. This allows smoking to join other scapegoats like whites, Jews, the rich, Christians, Muslims, and Africans who are all blamed for systemic failures like diversity and unchecked industry.

  • Another Side of #MeToo: Male Managers Fearful of Mentoring Women (non-paywall)

    When you give one group a blank check, they will abuse it. Egalitarianism gives these blank checks to anyone who is not on top of society and this allows them to sabotage and take money from those who are on top. Blacks are presumed innocent in discrimination suits, just like women, but men are realizing that if you are alone with a woman, she can claim sexual discrimination and the court will not throw out the suit for lack of evidence. Instead, you will pay. You will either pay for lawyers, or write her a check directly. Back in the 1980s, this became a common scam; a man would be working alone, a woman would join him, and the next day file her suit. This led to legitimate complaints being ignored because so many were extortion attempts. Women want men to know that discriminating against women directly is illegal, but offer zero in the form of ending the problem of women making false claims and destroying the lives of innocent men, not to mention costing all of us quite a bit. When prices go up, think. All those lawsuits and payoffs become losses and the cost is passed on to the consumer.

  • ‘Trump is having an impact’: NATO head credits president’s tough talk for $100B boost

    After all the Leftist weep-weep about how Trump threatened to pull out of NATO, it turns out that his hard bargaining had an effect: NATO members coughed up $100b and the alliance is now stronger than ever. Unlike Obama, who operated in a binary mode of either having government take action for something or against it, Trump operates in a negotiation mode in which he forces the other side to see his power, then offers a reasonable compromise, and if they do not take it, he backs out and forces a resolution.

  • Tom Brokaw says he is ‘truly sorry’ for his remarks about Hispanics on ‘Meet the Press’

    Brokaw said that Hispanics should “work harder at assimilation.” Apparently, this is a problem, despite many Hispanics not learning English after having lived here for decades. More importantly, this shows us that assimilation is nonsense because it demands that people give up their native cultures, customs, and beliefs in order to become indoctrinated in American politics, law, and economics.

  • Donald Trump’s base sticking with him despite his shutdown cave, poll shows

    Trump did not cave, and we all see it. When the air traffic controllers freaked out, he reset negotiations by being willing to give the other side three weeks to come around to see some way to give him the wall that he wants. They fear doing it, because they know that the wall is a strong signal that says the days of third world immigration are over, and the Left are counting on immigration to win them elections, despite being utterly oblivious to the doom that awaits them there. Trump set a trap for them: in three weeks, we will have Nancy Pelosi eating out of his hand for the next two years, or the crisis that he needs in order to — as American presidents have done in the past — declare an emergency, shut down government, use the military, or really anything else to achieve his wall. He has offered a reasonable compromise, but the Left conveniently forgets that compromise means giving something to the other party, and so that trap clangs shut on them if they refuse to give an inch. With any luck, he will declare an emergency, build the wall, and then shut down government again because life was much better when American government was formally inoperative.

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