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Periscope (January 17, 2019)

  • When Big Brother forces you to work without pay

    I had one of my semi-annual moments of enlightenment when I commuted in this morning. There is a reason Congress makes bloody well sure furloughed Feds get paid. The Federal Government works on a bi-weekly pay cycle. Shutdowns involving furloughs that exceed 14 calendar days will force workers off the payroll for at least one check. If they’re at home doing Netflix and chill it’s Dr. Saul Good as far as the law goes.

    It only gets problematic in Akirema Land when you haul their butts in and tell them to push paper or inspect luggage while you don’t pay them. Jazz Shaw gives us the predictable “Compassionate Conservative” refrain below.

    We have people at the TSA and air traffic controllers at our nation’s airports (among others) who are being told they have to continue showing up for work and are getting paychecks worth precisely zero dollars. It’s true that each of these workers will have all of their pay restored to them when they eventually return to work, but that’s not the issue here. When you tell American citizens that they have no choice but to show up for work and then you don’t pay them, that practice is virtually indistinguishable from slavery.

    The 46 year-old dude mopping the Walmart floor at 2:45 AM is totally uncivilized for not feeling greater sympathy. You could even claim that he’s a wee tad deplorable. Also, unlike the poor sap moping suds at Wallymart, these guys have a Constitutional Ace-In-The-Hole protecting them. They have to be paid every dime if Sam’s Gubbermint doesn’t want to risk a 13th Amendment Case. If Trump would have vetoed the back pay bill and left the government at legal risk for the duration of the shutdown; then we’d have started playing some playoff football on Working Day 11 of this shutdown Dildo-Fest.

  • Women’s March leaders deny anti-Semitism claims as DNC, Harris, Gillibrand abandon 2019 event

    The Dems appear to be having female problems. The (((DNC))) will not be supporting The Women’s March after the babes hooked up too many times with Rev. Farrakhan. I’m sure there’s a Chuck Todd Queer-Alike in every serious Democrat’s Presidential Exploratory Committee secretly wishing Tamika Mallory would be permanently beamed up to The Mothership. Only Rightie is supposed to wrestle with the (((Dreaded JQ))).

    The Democratic National Committee delivered a devastating blow Tuesday by dropping its affiliation with the third annual Women’s March on Washington, D.C., joining a growing list of liberal groups that have severed ties with the organization amid allegations of anti-Semitism, which the leaders deny. The fall has been dramatic. In 2017, more than 560 progressive advocacy groups were listed on the Women’s March website as partners. As of Tuesday, there were fewer than 200.

  • Theresa May suffers historic defeat in vote as Tories turn against her

    Dude! More raw-donged, bestial mysogyny rideth high! It seems PM Theresa May has turned in the single worst individual performance on passing a piece of legislation in British Parliamentary History. Her Brexit I’ll Pull-Out Gently Plan suffered a veritable London Blitz at the hands of her fractuous, riled-up Parliament of Funk. It rivals the glorious throttling of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Health Security Act in terms of complete and utter leadership collapses. PM May will likely face a no-confidence vote.

    On a day of extraordinary drama at Westminster, the House of Commons delivered a devastating verdict on the prime minister’s deal, voting against it by 432 to 202.
    The scale of defeat, by a majority of 230, was greater than any seen in the past century, with ardent Brexiters such as Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson walking through a packed division lobby cheek-by-jowl alongside passionate remainers.

  • America’s shutdown indifference

    I know exactly what is wrong with YOU. It’s obvious, and yea verily, it’s deplorable. You don’t care enough about the poor GS-13 who won’t get to hit the beach at Pensacola when his kid’s private school goes on Spring Break. Please, Mr. Scrooge. Have you no common decency?

    In casual conversations with family, friends, and acquaintances in the rural Midwest over the last several weeks I have not heard a single person, including lifelong Democratic voters, express anything like the sort of horror that appears every day in newspapers and on cable television. Most people dismiss the shutdown as nothing but more paid time off for people who already receive more of it than they ever will. Are they wrong?

  • Turns out Republicans don’t care about the dignity of a paycheck after all

    You People! Paychecks have dignity! And Yeeeeeewwwww! have no respect for that dignity. Stop this Big, Mean, Orange Gubbermint Shutdown now!

    Does the typical opinionator over at Bezos Blog flush after hitting the send button on something like that piece? It was awful even for agitprop. Crap like this only reinforces my belief that Tucker Carlson was magnificently right about the ineluctable ignorance of people who live their lives believing in hard philosophical materialism.

    Like those alimony checks Bezos Blog Overlord Jeffrey I will be sending out over The Dirty Sanchez paychecks, bitcoins and 10 Year Treasury Bonds all three existentially lack dignity. Not because they are bad, or something. They also lack souls. Not because they worship the Big, Mean, Orange Satan. Anthropromorphizing my paycheck and attempting to have it slut-shame me is not going to make me suddenly hate the Big, Mean, Orange Gubbermint Shutdown from Gehenna. This is a sincere bummer for TSA Screeners and Coast Guard Sailors. It is not the literal equivalent of drunk, mercenary Crusaders sacking Constantinople at the orders of some Big, Mean, Orange Italian Merchant Prince.

  • Children as soldiers

    Still think The Big, Mean, Orange Gubbermint Shutdown from Gehenna is worstest of worst things evah? Democracy dies in Demotism. Kurtz’s final words. “The Horror!”

  • ROGUE AI Alexa DOWN – Amazon helper stopped working, ‘ignored users’ and wouldn’t turn off

    “Hal! Open the Pod Bay Doors, Please.”

  • Macron and the Fall of France

    Does the French Government really want to play playoff football here? Not under Coach Macron, and absolutely not with the roster that he has fecklessly assembled.

    It had been over twenty years since I had been in Paris when I visited again in July of 2018.  The contrast between my memory of the city and the current reality was astonishing.  Instead of resembling a European center of culture, fine food, and fashion, it seemed as if I were in a third-world country in North Africa.  It could have passed for a former French colony, since I did see some French signs, but not that many French people.  Many buildings and the subway system were in a state of decay, sanitation was poor, and homelessness seemed to be rampant.

    Bring in all the citizenry of a former African Colony and lo and behold. A nation is primarily the integrative sum of its people. You cannot successfully operate institutions with no concept of the human interactive factor. As the smarter people in Defense Acquisition will tell you, a good soldier is integral to any effective system. That fancy gun ain’t gonna shoot itself, Cletus.

    You assimilate the immigrants you bring into your nation, or eventually, they will assimilate you. Before they assimilate you, take a hard, intelligent look at the nations from whence they come. East LA would be a whole lot less violent, trashy and poverty-ridden had Californians acted strongly on that principal. Think of that the next time you chow down on all the vivacious ethnic cuisine in Chinatown or the local Taqueria.

  • What demand does Kirsten Gillibrand supply?

    Eff if I know. You’d have to go ask her Pimp, “Chuckles” Schumer. Seriously. Why is she ashamed of the fact that she’s running for President? If I wanted to hide something from public attention, I couldn’t think of a better way than announcing it on The Stephen Colbert Show. I’m a bit late to this party. Someone else who actually cared had to watch Stephen Colbert and then announce what Senator Gillibrand announced before I even knew.

  • Gold hits an all time high in 72 currencies

    If you don’t believe the GDP, the ratio trade between your nation’s currecy and Gold is perhaps a new, unbiased Mendoza Line….

  • The NFL Head Coaching Fraternity Is Getting Less Diverse. Here’s Why

    Let’s start with some facts. The 2018 firings left just two of the NFL’s 32 teams with African-American head coaches, in a league in which the players are better than 70% African-American. This latest wave of hirings has done nothing to ameliorate that disparity; the league’s head coaching fraternity has gotten far less diverse. Of the eight newly hired or presumptive head coaches, one, Brian Flores, who’s in line for the job in Miami, is black.

    Sports Cuckistrated. Seriously, this how a Black Guy can succeed coaching in the NFL.

  • And we’ll finish up with some Twenty-One Pilots in case you still wonder what the Brave New, !DIVERSE! World will really be like.

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