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A week from now, according to the procedure, Joseph Robinette Biden will be inaugurated as the forty-sixth president of the United States. However, several data points suggest otherwise.

First, the leaks have begun, as predicted here. Some are official leaks, like the declassification of Spygate/Russiagate data. Others will be unofficial. Americans are starting to realize just how dire the situation in which they find themselves turns out to be.

In addition, Team Biden has revealed its agenda for America: Carter-Obama style permanent poverty for everyone, with a foreign policy straight out of the Clinton book, which means that we drone anyone that we do not like while encouraging permanent foreign wars in order to destabilize Europe.

Many Americans have at this point realized that a vote for Biden is a vote for Xi, that the Bidens were up to something criminal in Ukraine, that Obama and Hillary are hiding behind the scenes, that Big Tech is controlling and in bed with China, and that if we allow this highly dubious election — votes discovered at 3:00 AM after the count stopped is a huge red flag — to pass without an investigation, we are going to lose bigly. We will no longer be a superpower; we will no longer be respected. We will lose value in everything we have, including land and businesses. Welcome to being a second-rate failed state.

I choose to believe that Donald Trump is competent based on his record of amazing competence that has bad optics to the Right and neutral optics to the Left. That is, without making big bold “fashy” moves, he cut immigration, slashed regulations, removed some taxes, appointed good people, and systematically destroyed the careers of numerous poseurs by appointing them and then firing them once they revealed their incompetence. His most powerful weapon has been his voice, and choice of words, in uncovering the true motives behind people. He has dismantled faith in the American government driven the Left to show us their final form, which is as wannabe tyrants who are so hellbent on acquiring power that they are willing to ruin just about anything.

This means that he likely staged a sting operation based in RICO involving the election theft, spying on his candidacy, and coordination within the Deep State, their allies in unions and organized crime, the Democrat political machines, woke billionaires funding them, Wall Street investment firms underwriting it all, and coordinators in China. If he pulls this off, he wins big: he undoes a coup and reverses the moribund direction of American government since the 1820s. He gets what he really wants, which is to be remembered not just as a competent man, but a good man, and the best American president. He will vault over our false heroes — FDR, JFK, Clinton, Carter, Lincoln — and ascend to the height with which we revere George Washington and Ronald Reagan. He will have temporarily saved us from The Human Problem, a tendency toward negativity and solipsism brought on by permanent civilization and the social pressure it creates which result in The Civilization Disease, or the tendency of groups to compromise based on the lowest common denominator in that group, driving humans to an anti-realistic or wholly illogical attitude. When you are a billionaire, your only real joys come from making things better, such as he did with the post office skating rink in NYC, by defeating the greed, stupidity, incompetence, and short-term high-time-preference mental orientation of others, as is the typical human modus operandi.

There are no guarantees in life, and I have nothing to offer in proof except looking at the sum total of the facts. He has offered up what I call the “surface” objections to the election, namely cheating on procedure and stolen votes. He has hinted at Dominion, SolarWinds, and Chinese involvement. He has sponsored the release of three major studies showing that the election was fraudulent, raised sixty-two legal actions, and summarized his data in several speeches; no one in the Establishment will support him. By doing this, he has proven to us — the ‘murkan People — that our government has become tyrannical, or serving its own need for control so that little nerd bureaucrats can LARP at being powerful leaders. He has shown that this government needs a vigorous edit, such that most of it goes away and is replaced by something useful instead.

Already the fallout is massive. The narrative that Trump incited the Capitol riot has collapsed as rioters have been identified as Antifa and BLM members and plans for the riot were found on Facebook and Twitter a week before his speech. Faith in social media has fallen and advertisers, grateful for an excuse to pull out, are dropping these companies. Governments are in transition across the West, and the signs of permanent unrest are here. This coincides with the movement that has produced populism, which consists of two parts: democracy running out of room to expand, and the drop in reproduction rates across the developed world.

Clearly what we were doing has not been working, and now it has finally become painfully obvious as our most intelligent people opt to die out rather than reproduce. Modern life is ugly, repetitive, tedious, and unrewarding; people are tired of being economic units, and they finally connected all that free stuff from government, the taxes to support it, and the massive underclasses we have nurtured as the source of that, and stopped blaming “capitalism” or “White supremacy” for what was causing our society to fail. It turns out that it was just the Civilization Disease, which leads to class warfare, and is caused by social control arising from the solipsism caused by socializing. That in turn leads to loyalty-buying through socialism, diversity, and other manifestations of our manic drive for the symbolic belief in equality, which to individual humans means, “no one can know better than me and tell me what to do.” When civilizations succeed, they empower people to act this way, and promptly die of an excess of individualistic humans and the utilitarian, procedure-based meritocratic systems they erect.

We are in the process of shrugging off an illusion, the Big Lie of equality, and getting back to the primal morality of life, which is “good to the good, bad to the bad” (versus “good to the good, good to the bad” as equality commands). If we do this, we stand a chance of surviving as a species; if not, we devolve to hominid status again and eventually die out. We either get our act together and then go to the stars, or we cannibalize our best prospects in the name of keeping everyone feeling good about themselves, at which point we degenerate and end up as an ever-lowering lowest common denominator.

Trump may simply choose to fade away. He would be entitled to do so after how this country has treated him, and nothing will make his points clearer than another four years of Obama-Carter style policies, resulting in permanent misery, economic malaise, and declining competence. It may be that America needs to get shattered so that a sufficiently forceful movement can arise. However, in the bigger picture, we are coming out of the decay arc of the civilization cycle and entering the renewal arc, and this conflict will not go away. Time favors populism and even more realistic notions in the future. Liberal democratic market socialism, the system that Francis Fukuyama identified as “the end of history,” has bored us all and gone deep into debt without developing a functional economy; like the Soviets, we have simply spread costs over our productive sectors, weakening them while building a huge audience of dependents, including the permanent diversity underclass, the well-paid bureaucrats numbering in the millions, and experts and journalists who serve to promote the narrative and keep us from noticing how bad dystopian Clown World really is.

However, in the long perspective, Trump is a fighter, and he will not go out easily. Right now, the mood in America is very bad and most people are miserable, even if they cannot articulate it. The Left has no path to victory; if they seize the presidency, they ruin the value of what they have seized and cause social disintegration. If they back down now, they admit that they are criminals and will find themselves facing prosecution and losing all of their assets. This is endgame for liberal democracy, and I take great delight in this, having watched this System destroy the best of our people for my whole life. As a great man said: “what is falling, push!”

Twilight burn across the sky
Time has come the doom is near
Stillness rules this cloudless night
Armageddon is here



  • The Economic Consequences of Major Tax Cuts for the Rich

    We find that major reforms reducing taxes on the rich lead to higher income inequality as measured by the top 1% share of pre-tax national income.

    The rich get richer, in terms of what they own, which does not equate to money-in-hand, but this allows for a healthy economy. This paper works from the fallacious viewpoint that absolute equality is ideal, and does not measure how much better off people are from the effects of having concentrated wealth, such as greater productivity and lower costs. Economists, like most scientists, tend to measure one factor at a time and miss the bigger picture. Here is the smoking gun:

    The results also show that economic performance, as measured by real GDP per capita and the unemployment rate, is not significantly affected by major tax cuts for the rich.

    This factoid is presented to imply that cutting taxes on the rich did not increase economic growth, but ignores the fact that growth and prosperity continued without losing steam, which means that nothing was hurt by this process, and in fact suggests that tax cuts have been instrumental in arresting what would otherwise be more aggressive periodic dips. In order to justify their thesis, the writers chose not to look into the big story here, which is that under tax cuts, the economy is healthier and therefore ordinary people can live better on the salaries they have, instead of having those salaries vanish under the assault of inflation caused by a tax-heavy structure.

  • Poland proposes social media ‘free speech’ law

    The proposed bill would see social networks fined up to 50 million zloty (£9.8m, $13.4m) for failing to restore deleted posts or accounts.

    Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro announced the “freedom of speech protection” bill on Friday.

    The law would also establish a “freedom of speech council”.

    The internet fits into neither category or public or private; it is a shared space. If you can imagine a town with a park at its center, where the park is privately owned by open to all, you can see the problem. The park must remove obvious threats — criminals, sociopaths — with the help of law enforcement, but no one likes it if the park kicks out Republicans. For spaces like the internet, we are going to need a new model of governance that recognizes that while someone may own some servers, the space of interaction created is comprised of users and other sites, therefore is not private, even if the interaction is stored on those servers. The instant it goes out to the net, it is owned by the net itself, or the culture producing it, and needs protection like any other public thing. This gets dicey in that in addition to their free speech council, these governments are going to need to set up some kind of force to remove criminals and sociopaths, without interfering with the speech that sometimes skirts the line of illegal and anti-social behavior.

  • Underestimating the Challenges of Avoiding a Ghastly Future

    A central concept in ecology is density feedback (Herrando-Pérez et al., 2012)—as a population approaches its environmental carrying capacity, average individual fitness declines (Brook and Bradshaw, 2006). This tends to push populations toward an instantaneous expression of carrying capacity that slows or reverses population growth. But for most of history, human ingenuity has inflated the natural environment’s carrying capacity for us by developing new ways to increase food production (Hopfenberg, 2003), expand wildlife exploitation, and enhance the availability of other resources. This inflation has involved modifying temperature via shelter, clothing, and microclimate control, transporting goods from remote locations, and generally reducing the probability of death or injury through community infrastructure and services (Cohen, 1995). But with the availability of fossil fuels, our species has pushed its consumption of nature’s goods and services much farther beyond long-term carrying capacity (or more precisely, the planet’s biocapacity), making the readjustment from overshoot that is inevitable far more catastrophic if not managed carefully (Nyström et al., 2019). A growing human population will only exacerbate this, leading to greater competition for an ever-dwindling resource pool.

    Mouse Utopia explained:

    The Mouse Utopia experiment is usually interpreted in terms of social stresses related to ‘over-population’; that crowding generated pathological behaviours and a loss of the will to reproduce. But this seems, very obviously – I would have thought – an incorrect explanation; because 1. The mouse population never actually became crowded, 2. The suppression of breeding happened very quickly, and never recovered even after the population declined rapidly and crowding was reduced, and 3. the population rapidly became extinct.

    Michael A Woodley suggests that what was going on was much more likely to be mutation accumulation; with deleterious (but non-fatal) genes incrementally accumulating with each generation and generating a wide range of increasingly maladaptive behavioural pathologies; this process rapidly overwhelming and destroying the population before any beneficial mutations could emerge to ‘save’ the colony from extinction.

    Let us synthesize: rapid growth in population causes a situation where “average individual fitness declines” because of the “mutation accumulation” of deleterious mutations. In slow population growth, these tend to be weeded out before they can expand rapidly, but when living is easy, even those with antisocial behaviors tend to prosper. This is why ancient civilizations were non-permanent: every season, the competent found each other and packed up and left, abandoning the inept to spend their time with agriculture and mental fog in the place where they had camped. This explains why the Yamnaya ranged across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, leaving behind dumber, darker, and less mentally stable civilizations which eventually became distinct populations.

  • FISA Abuse Investigation

    The FISA court was lied to. Exculpatory information was withheld on those being investigated. The investigators, with some notable exceptions, were incredibly biased and used the powers of law enforcement for political purposes. The subjects of the investigation had their lives turned upside down. It is my hope that counterintelligence investigations will be reined in and this never happens again in America.

    Things heat up as Trump begins releasing material that shows how corrupt America has become, and how we cannot allow Joe Biden to become president.

  • NRA files for bankruptcy, says it will reincorporate in Texas

    The advocacy group said that it would restructure as a Texas nonprofit to exit from what it described as “a corrupt political and regulatory environment in New York,” where it is currently registered

    Take as much money out of the blue areas as possible, and escape their obviously unhinged and unaccountable judiciaries.

  • US Election Interference – Hammer, Scorecard, and the Big Hack

    On election night, certain international parties participated. You will hear more of this in the future.

  • White Army vet charged in shooting Black girl at Trump rally

    Rallygoers blamed the teens for starting the confrontation, saying they were harassing and threatening the crowd.

    The girls’ car ended up surrounded by Trump supporters who were yelling and honking horns before the driver went in reverse and struck a pickup. It’s unclear whether the collision was accidental. McKinney told police he fired at that point to protect himself.

    Diversity is over, in all of our hearts.

  • Facial recognition technology can expose political orientation from naturalistic facial images

    A facial recognition algorithm was applied to naturalistic images of 1,085,795 individuals to predict their political orientation by comparing their similarity to faces of liberal and conservative others. Political orientation was correctly classified in 72% of liberal–conservative face pairs, remarkably better than chance (50%), human accuracy (55%), or one afforded by a 100-item personality questionnaire (66%). Accuracy was similar across countries (the U.S., Canada, and the UK), environments (Facebook and dating websites), and when comparing faces across samples. Accuracy remained high (69%) even when controlling for age, gender, and ethnicity.

    Are we back at high-tech phrenology? My guess is that your genetic health and hormone levels, as well as intelligence, get expressed in the face. Regardless of degree of “education” — that term is meaningless now, and probably always was, being a proxy for social class — people who lean conservative are first and foremost realists, and only those who have a firm grasp of reality and a belief that they can thrive in reality are realists.

  • Joe Biden’s looming disaster

    Unfortunately, the huge COVID-19 spending and inflation preclude the Fed from the zero-interest rate policies that Janet Yellen used to float the Obama economy when she served as Fed chief. The bottom line is that there is no budget or monetary policy solution that drives real economic growth. Cuts in national defense spending are inevitable, but even weakened national security cannot solve the budget problem. America has spent the milk money.

    Trump delivered spectacular growth to the economy, record private-sector jobs and record low unemployment for Blacks, Hispanics and women. Real wages rose under Trump and the wealth gap got smaller. Even though the market has roared back after the COVID-19 hit and lockdowns, it will be impossible to come near Trump’s record on any measure. Biden’s tax policies and softened trade stance will make the situation dramatically worse. There will not be enough money even for the traditional Obama/Democratic “solution” of creating public works jobs to fudge the unemployment figures.

    With the proposed Biden/Xi/Harris administration, America will not only lose its superpower status, but become bankrupt and unable to borrow more.

  • Why The Suburbs Have Shifted Blue

    Suburban and exurban counties turned away from Trump and toward Democrat Joe Biden in states across the country, including in key battleground states like Pennsylvania and Georgia. In part, this may be because the suburbs are simply far more diverse than they used to be. But suburbs have also become increasingly well-educated — and that may actually better explain why so many suburbs and exurbs are turning blue than just increased diversity on its own.

    According to Ashley Jardina, a political science professor at Duke University who studies white identity politics, it’s not that racial diversity isn’t a factor. Among white people, at least, educational attainment is often a proxy for how open they are to growing racial diversity, with more highly educated white people likely to think increased racial diversity is a good thing. “Education is so important because it’s intertwined with racial attitudes among white people,” Jardina said.

    When you bring in any diversity, people are afraid to vote for their own interests as the majority because it is seen as hurting the minorities.

  • China’s ‘dark’ fishing fleets are plundering the world’s oceans

    Fishing in international waters is not illegal, even if those waters sit right beside areas of great ecological importance.

    And that’s the real catch: even with a veneer of legality, these activities are potentially catastrophic for the environment and for local fish stocks.

    The more rules you set up, the more they are gamed.

  • Feds allege Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes destroyed evidence

    The filing states that “On or about August 31, 2018 — three months after a federal grand jury issued a subpoena requesting a working copy of this database – the LIS was destroyed. The government has never been provided with the complete records contained in the LIS, nor been given the tools, which were available within the database, to search for such critical evidence as all Theranos blood tests with validation errors. The data disappeared.”

    She learned from the Clintons: if all the data, witnesses, and organizations go away, no one can prove anything.

  • The Fall of a Dynasty

    All this mess and more, including an overextended foreign policy, armed services that usually lose, institutions that require vast inputs for very small outputs and ever-looser and more valueless money are classic signs of the end of a dynasty. In our case, the dynasty is a Washington-Wall Street-Hollywood oligarchy coupled to a vastly more powerful federal government than the one envisioned in our Constitution. What will replace it I do not know, but it will not be cultural Marxism. We are waiting either for our Augustus or our Hitler.

    The Democrats have no path to victory. All they can do is destroy America, which opens up opportunity for some system to replace market socialist liberal democracy.

  • Meet the ‘Guardians’ — Members of the U.S. Space Force

    “The name Guardians connects our proud heritage and culture to the important mission we execute 24/7, protecting the people and interest of the U.S. and its allies.”

    Heritage. Mission. Culture. Sounds like an interesting organization. The term “guardians” also comes to us from Plato, referring to those who would safeguard and develop civilization.

  • German MPs propose online shopping tax to save city centers

    Whether the “city center tax” would make goods ordered online more expensive would depend on the providers.

    Costs always get passed on or the shareholders squall. In the meantime, there is no plan for what to do with this money except throw it into the black hole of benefits and bureaucracy. The people they will need to hire to administer this will most likely eat up any excess anyway. Since we have too few jobs that need doing, our society has bloated itself to the point where it creates jobs via government, making permanent dependents.

  • The year shopping changed forever

    At times, government-mandated store closures in some parts of the country meant that if you needed to purchase something deemed nonessential, the only places to get it were “essential” big-box stores — or online. As a result, Amazon and other retail giants like Target and Walmart reaped the rewards, while retail chains and small boutiques that sold apparel or other “nonessential” merchandise were forced to close their doors and turn customers away. Nearly 10,000 stores in the US have closed permanently this year alone.

    It’s a retail Holocaust out there:

    In addition to monitoring closed businesses, Yelp also takes into account the businesses whose closures have become permanent. That number has steadily increased throughout the past six months, now reaching 97,966, representing 60% of closed businesses that won’t be reopening.

    As always, government action makes richer those who can take advantage of the new regulations and rules, and punishes everyone else. Then, after a short period of time, the monopolies raise prices. Everyone loses except government.

  • Microplastics revealed in the placentas of unborn babies

    The health impact of microplastics in the body is as yet unknown. But the scientists said they could carry chemicals that could cause long-term damage or upset the foetus’s developing immune system. The particles are likely to have been consumed or breathed in by the mothers.

    Reckless humanity has made a toxic world.

  • World’s worst jail run by cons armed with grenades – where gay prisoners are forced to live on roof & guards won’t enter

    Figueredo Thomson amazingly revealed the kingpins have actually made the jail SAFER as prisoners know they will be severely punished if they step out of line.

    Strong power, or explicit threats of direct use of force instead of indirect and delayed consequences, works. Our world is turning toward this, after letting the bureaucrats and courts bloat our societies with red tape in order to avoid the one-in-a-thousand bad outcome.

  • China Inc will recycle used white guys

    As corporations try to make their ranks more ethnically representative, many experienced – if white and older – males will find themselves without a job. Chinese companies, deterred from acquiring U.S. firms with valuable intellectual property, can recruit their discarded human capital instead.

    Affirmative action is an act of aggression against Whites. China reaps the rewards of the incompetence of our democracy.

  • Russian and Chinese bombers fly joint patrol over Pacific

    The Russian military said that a pair of its Tu-95 strategic bombers and four Chinese H-6K bombers flew over the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea.

    The Cold War never ended. It just declared bankruptcy, rebranded, and came back in a more disruptive package. The Asiatics — Russians and Chinese — will not let the West have peace until we defeat them.

  • Nature Communications retracts much-criticized paper on mentorship

    In the article, “The association between early career informal mentorship in academic collaborations and junior author performance,” the authors — a trio from New York University’s campus in Abu Dhabi — write that “While current diversity policies encourage same-gender mentorships to retain women in academia, our findings raise the possibility that opposite-gender mentorship may actually increase the impact of women who pursue a scientific career.”

    More evidence that political correctness is about optics and forcing you to accept dominance by those who are not succeeding in nature. This only ends when all of us (Whites, males) are living in poverty and ignored by society, at which point society collapses from incompetence.

  • In blow to Trump, golf’s PGA strips major championship from Trump-owned course

    Holding the tournament at Trump Bedminster, Richerson said, would be “detrimental” to the PGA of America’s brand and put the organization’s ability to function “at risk.”

    Leftists never miss an opportunity to social status signal. They assume that their positions are theirs by right and unconnected to actual utility. Then they find themselves surprised, eternally, when alternatives replace them. This is why Trump enrages these people: he is a viable alternative to permanent Leftism and debt.

  • Germany’s Merkel: Trump’s Twitter eviction ‘problematic’

    Seibert also said that the freedom of opinion is a fundamental right of “elementary significance.”

    “This fundamental right can be intervened in, but according to the law and within the framework defined by legislators — not according to a decision by the management of social media platforms,” he told reporters in Berlin. “Seen from this angle, the chancellor considers it problematic that the accounts of the U.S. president have now been permanently blocked.”

    Europeans make their bread and butter by criticizing the USA, which became a superpower after bailing Europe out twice from its war for democracy and the backlash. In this case, they have a good point and enjoy making it. When your industry censors your president, industry controls the nation, probably because it has inflated government to the point where it is not accountable and can be easily purchased. In turn, industry has been purchased by China, since it holds hostage a 1.4 billion person market.

  • The Clean Network

    The Clean Network program is the Trump Administration’s comprehensive approach to safeguarding the nation’s assets including citizens’ privacy and companies’ most sensitive information from aggressive intrusions by malign actors, such as the Chinese Communist Party.

    Trump continues the great divorce from the Communist presence abroad.

  • More than 50 countries commit to protection of 30% of Earth’s land and oceans

    The High Ambition Coalition (HAC) for Nature and People, which includes the UK and countries from six continents, made the pledge to protect at least 30% of the planet’s land and oceans before the One Planet summit in Paris on Monday, hosted by the French president, Emmanuel Macron.

    The environmentalist movement cracks, and begins to be replaced by something saner. At some point they will see the need to go to a full solution like Half Earth, which sets aside 50% of the Earth to be free from human intervention. Only something of this nature can avoid ecocide, since otherwise humans will interrupt every ecosystem and precipitate calamitous loss in genetic diversity, leading to inbreeding, species collapse, and extinction.

  • Why it’s time to stop pursuing happiness

    Over the past 10 years, numerous studies have shown that our obsession with happiness and high personal confidence may be making us less content with our lives, and less effective at reaching our actual goals. Indeed, we may often be happier when we stop focusing on happiness altogether.

    In reality, certain negative feelings can serve a useful purpose. When we feel sad, it’s often because we have learned something painful but important, while stress can motivate you to make some changes to your life. Simply recognising the purpose of these emotions, and accepting them as an inevitable part of life, may help you to cope better than constantly trying to make them disappear.

    It turns out that utilitarianism is mental goo that exists solely to justify egalitarianism. Facing reality, and looking toward realistic function instead of idealized symbol, makes people appreciate life, understand it, and through that, see the beauty in the whole of it and come to enjoy it in a way that face value positive emotionalizing can never achieve.

  • Facebook takes down Ugandan accounts ahead of election

    “Given the impending election in Uganda, we moved quickly to investigate and take down this network,” Facebook said in a statement. “We found this network to be linked to the Government Citizens Interaction Center at the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology in Uganda.”

    Social media fears that people might notice that it is an effective propaganda network, so they make a big show of removing controversial posts and shutting down the powerful. They desperately want to be made into utilities so that they can stop dealing with all of this. While § 230 may seem popular among them, most likely they would be much happier as common carriers without responsibility for policing content that, being worldwide, will always find detractors among many nations.

  • UK minister: Trump ban shows Twitter taking “editorial decisions,” could mean regulation

    In 2019, the culture committee in the UK’s House of Commons (the equivalent of the US House of Representatives) published a report that stated:

    “Social media companies cannot hide behind the claim of being merely a ‘platform’ and maintain that they have no responsibility themselves in regulating the content of their sites.”

    Life beyond § 230 makes more sense. Common carrier status would mean no censorship, which would cause these platforms to give users powerful tools for blocking or muting content that they do not want to see. Then again, their end may be near because their advertising is worthless.

  • Hospitals thought they’d see Covid-19 vaccine shortages. Sometimes, they have to throw away doses

    “We all thought that the real problem was going to be a shortage — we would be having lines out the door — and what we’re finding is that, from what we hear nationally right now, there’s still a lot of vaccine,” Dr. Neil Calman, president and CEO of the Institute for Family Health, a nonprofit health organization that includes the Family Health Center of Harlem, told CNN on Friday.

    No one trusts the product rushed to market. We want to get out there, resume function, and take our chances with COVID-19, since it mostly seems to smoke the diabetic and minorities anyway.

  • Modern microbes provide window into ancient ocean

    These single-celled, photosynthetic organisms, also known as “blue-green algae,” can be found in almost any large body of water today. But more than 2 billion years ago, they took on an extra important role in the history of life on Earth: During a period known as the “Great Oxygenation Event,” ancient cyanobacteria produced a sudden, and dramatic, surge in oxygen gas.

    Life creates the space for more life. Perhaps we should look at stimulating the growth of these little guys instead of trying to use diesel trucks to bury carbon extracted from the atmosphere by electronic machines.

  • The day American democracy died

    It has become a hopeless task to try to restore American deterrence and prestige. Rival powers will see new vulnerability in the US. Even the US’ firmest allies in Europe are wondering why they should place trust in the trans-Atlantic alliance with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization at its center when American politics has become so febrile.

    Democracy died with the stolen election. The Capitol riot just showed how incompetent and unstable American government has become after that fact.

  • Scientists decry death by 1,000 cuts for world’s insects

    Climate change, insecticides, herbicides, light pollution, invasive species and changes in agriculture and land use are causing Earth to lose probably 1% to 2% of its insects each year, said University of Connecticut entomologist David Wagner, lead author in the special package of 12 studies in Monday’s Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences written by 56 scientists from around the globe.

    There need to be more spaces for wildlife to exist independent of human interference. This means no-go zones for humans on 50% of the planet, allowing nature to maintain itself. That in turn means an end to the vast immigration, food aid, and other social status signaling activity that the West has busied itself with for centuries. Let those which can survive, survive; in the meantime, avoid killing nature for an explosive human population growth — these usually come before a crash — which has brought us a world average IQ of 82 and endless litter, pollution, and waste.

  • The Relationship between Democracy embracement and COVID-19 reported casualties worldwide

    Results: A country’s score on the Freedom In the World Index was associated with its reported COVID-19 cases count (57028.43, 95% CI 985.3619 – 113071.5, P= 0.0461) and deaths count (3473.273, 95% CI1217.12-5729.42, P=.002). Also, despite having almost equal shares of the world’s population, countries at the bottom category of the Freedom index reported 21% and 11% of the COVID-19 toll cases and death counts reported by countries of highest scores on the index, respectively. Conclusions: The known magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic’s morbidity and mortality is likely as transparent about the reality only as much as the reporting countries uphold free speech and Democracy.

    More likely: in democratic and “free” countries, these terms now mean allegiance to the state, which rewards those who report lots of COVID-19 infections. Democracy has inverted itself because now democracy is a job; you do what the system wants, and you get lots of cash coming your way with almost no strings attached.


A civilization is thus the highest cultural grouping of people and the broadest level of cultural identity people have short of that which distinguishes humans from other species. It is defined both by common objective elements, such as language, history, religion, customs, institutions, and by the subjective self-identification of people. People have levels of identity: a resident of Rome may define himself with varying degrees of intensity as a Roman, an Italian, a Catholic, a Christian, a European, a Westerner. The civilization to which he belongs is the broadest level of identification with which he intensely identifies. People can and do redefine their identities and, as a result, the composition and boundaries of civilizations change.

In class and ideological conflicts, the key question was “Which side are you on?” and people could and did choose sides and change sides. In conflicts between civilizations, the question is “What are you?” That is a given that cannot be changed. And as we know, from Bosnia to the Caucasus to the Sudan, the wrong answer to that question can mean a bullet in the head. – Samuel Huntington, “The Clash of Civilizations?”


  • Timing, number, and type of sexual partners associated with risk of oropharyngeal cancer

    Lifetime number of oral sex partners was associated with significantly increased odds of HPV‐OPC (>10 partners: odds ratio [OR], 4.3 [95% CI, 2.8‐6.7]). After adjustment for number of oral sex partners and smoking, younger age at first oral sex (<18 vs >20 years: aOR, 1.8 [95% CI, 1.1‐3.2]) and oral sex intensity (>5 sex‐years: aOR, 2.8 [95% CI, 1.1‐7.5]) remained associated with significantly increased odds of HPV‐OPC.

    It turns out that sexual liberation was not just a morally bad idea, but a biologically stupid one. Since it kicked in during the 1960s, we have yet to see the massive wave of casualties that will have been generated by behaviors fifty years ago.

  • Leading human rights group calls Israel an ‘apartheid’ state

    In a report released Tuesday, B’Tselem says that while Palestinians live under different forms of Israeli control in the occupied West Bank, blockaded Gaza, annexed east Jerusalem and within Israel itself, they have fewer rights than Jews in the entire area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.

    In any diverse society, the majority will always be called Hitler and then genocided by a revengeful herd.

  • Rising anti-Semitism in Hungary worries Jewish groups

    Szilard Demeter, the head of Budapest’s Petofi Museum of Literature and a loyal supporter of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, compared the Hungarian-born Jewish billionaire Soros as a “liberal Fuhrer” and Europe as “his gas chamber;” he also likened Poland and Hungary to “the new Jews.” “Poison gas flows from the capsule of a multicultural open society, which is deadly to the European way of life,” he wrote.

    An open society requires that anti-Semites share the street with Rabbis, and each tolerate the other. Pipe dream? Yep. However, cracking down on either group will create a backlash, but asserting a need for removal of all minorities, peacefully and gently to their ethnic homelands, allows coexistence, even if from a distance.

  • Previously secret details of Trump administration’s Indo-Pacific strategy revealed

    The language of the document is likely to be seen to confirm to Beijing its claims that the US is seeking to contain China.

    “This strategic framework is very forthright on China — not quite confrontational but very firm,” Professor Medcalf said.

    “It’s under no illusions about the nature of Chinese power or the assertive way in which China is using its power.”

    Trump was the president who woke us up to the new Communist Menace, and the Establishment cannot forgive him this, since they all want their piece of the action in China. They would rather fight forever wars in the middle east than have the peace that would show us the necessity of eliminating the passive threat which has woven its way into our industry, bureaucracy, media, entertainment, and academia.

  • NYPD official retiring amid investigation into hateful posts

    Kobel denied being “Clouseau” when the posts came to light but acknowledged the fiasco would likely end his career. In an interview with The New York Times, he asked: “Where do I go to get my reputation back?”

    Leftists want a situation where the accusation is enough to damn someone. That way, if you do not have a Chinese wife, you lose your job and it is taken by someone who has already demonstrated fealty to the new mixed-race empire overseen by the CCP.

  • ‘Our souls are dead’: how I survived a Chinese ‘re-education’ camp for Uighurs

    Since 1955, when communist China annexed Xinjiang as an “autonomous region”, we Uighurs have been seen as a thorn in the side of the Middle Kingdom. Xinjiang is a strategic corridor and far too valuable for China’s ruling Communist party to risk losing control of it. The party has invested too much in the “new silk road”, the infrastructure project designed to link China to Europe via central Asia, of which our region is an important axis. Xinjiang is essential to President Xi Jinping’s great plan – that is, a peaceful Xinjiang, open for business, cleansed of its separatist tendencies and its ethnic tensions. In short, Xinjiang without Uighurs.

    While the West continues to believe that diversity is going to work, China has a more realistic outlook.

  • Have Trump’s Lies Wrecked Free Speech?

    In making, embracing and disseminating innumerable false statements, Trump has provoked a debate among legal scholars over whether the once-sacrosanct constitutional protection of free speech has itself become a threat to democracy by enabling the widespread and instantaneous transmission of lies in the service of political gain.

    The reason for free speech originates in the tendency of any official arbiter of truth to become compromised and therefore ideological, at which point it criminalizes dissent and serves to enforce conformity. Even if Trump were lying, which he is not, we are dodging the dual problems here of official State truth bureaus and the fact that most of our citizens cannot tell the difference between accurate depiction of the world and fanciful truth. This is why they vote with the 47% who want to consume the seed corn, kill the goose that laid golden eggs, and in doing so, convey America into permanent third-world status.

  • The other virus that worries Asia

    “It’s a major concern because there’s no treatment… and a high mortality rate [is] caused by this virus,” says Wacharapluesadee. The death rate for Nipah ranges from 40% up to 75%, depending on where the outbreak occurs.

    Hang on to those masks and hand sanitizers. XOG/NWO Clown World has another virus to use to keep you in a state of fear so that it can control you.

  • Map reveals how US hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients

    The most diverse areas get hit hardest. Interesting how that works. Many suspect that COVID-19 has become an excuse for free health care, like apparently everything else in post-Obama America.

  • Panic buttons were inexplicably torn out ahead of Capitol riots, says Ayanna Pressley chief of staff

    She told the Boston Globe that she had reached for the panic buttons installed in Ms Pressley’s office as they tried to barricade themselves in.

    But, when they went to press panic buttons, Ms Pressley’s staff saw that they weren’t there, and appeared to have been ripped out.

    “Every panic button in my office had been torn out – the whole unit,” Ms Groh told the paper.

    The Capitol riot increasingly looks like a Reichstag Fire engineered by the Left to try to get rid of Trump before he declassifies and releases documents, springs the racketeering case he has undoubtedly been building against the vote fraud coordinators, and otherwise ruins perpetual Leftist (and Chinese) control of America.

    Video of police appearing to open doors, let protesters into Capitol building is baffling, to say the least

    “Disturbing video taken during the storming of the US Capitol shows five police officers apparently standing by doing nothing as throngs of President Trump rioters stream through a side entrance to the building,” the New York Post reported.

    “[It] shows dozens of MAGA-hat wearing rioters shouting ‘f–king traitors’ burst through a set of doors as uniformed US Capitol Police officers, two of whom weren’t wearing masks, stood motionless with their backs to the wall.”

    It looks like Leftism, Inc., arranged this one in advance.

    FBI Reverses What It Told America, Confirms Agency Knew People Were Coming to Capitol ‘Ready to Fight’ and Cause Trouble

    “As of 5 January 2021, FBI Norfolk received information indicating calls for violence in response to ‘unlawful lockdowns’ to begin on 6 January 2021 in Washington, D.C.,” the document allegedly said.

    According to The Post, the internal memo reported an online thread that discussed violence at the Capitol building.

    They probably took one look at that and realized they could organize a threat which would keep Trump at bay. Clever people — not quite intelligent, but smarter than dumb — like to play games with tactics like this in order to make smarter people give up and go home. They delayed Trump by 72 hours while he waited for the media furor to die down, be debunked, and then fall into the memory hole.

    Utah activist who allegedly rioted at U.S. Capitol has been arrested

    On Jan. 6, after supporters of President Donald Trump surrounded the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., Sullivan shot video of rioters breaking down police barricades. Once the crowd is through, Sullivan can be heard yelling, “We accomplished this sh–. We did this together,” and, “We are all a part of this history. … Let’s burn this s— down,” according to the affidavit.

    Later, the video includes footage of rioters climbing a wall to reach a plaza outside the entrance to the Capitol building. Sullivan can be heard shouting “let’s go” and other encouraging words to the people climbing the wall, according to the affidavit. At one point, Sullivan tells a person trying to climb the wall to give Sullivan his hand.

    Sullivan is the founder of Insurgence USA, a Utah group focused on police reform and racial justice that he started after the death of George Floyd. An online fundraiser says the group wants to build local power to enable the community to “intervene in violence enacted by the state and government vigilantes.”

    And we have Leftist activists promoting and encouraging the disaster. It turns out that when you stage a riot, all sorts of people show up. Some may be MAGA, some may be BLM, and others will be from that strange portion of the general public that likes to show up wherever there is disorder to assault, loot, burn, and otherwise distract themselves from their meaningless, impotent lives.

  • Germany at odds over Twitter ban for far-right AfD party

    The German constitution protects the freedom of expression. “Every person shall have the right freely to express and disseminate his opinions in speech, writing and pictures” reads Article 5. Freedom of expression is limited in accordance with laws to protect personal honor or prevent the dissemination of ideas that violate human dignity.

    When you have to criminalize criticism of any idea, that means that the idea is weak; if you have to criminalize behaviors, that means keeping order. The Left conflates ideas with behavior so that it can criminalize them.

  • Code deployed in US cyber-attack linked to suspected Russian hackers

    Confidently attributing cyber-attacks is extremely difficult and strewn with possible pitfalls. When Russian hackers disrupted the Winter Olympics opening ceremony in 2018, for example, they deliberately imitated a North Korean group to try to deflect the blame.

    It was possible they were deployed by the same group, he said, but also that Kazuar inspired the SolarWinds hackers, both tools were purchased from the same spyware developer, or even that the attackers planted “false flags” to mislead investigators.

    Security teams in the US and other countries are still working to determine the full scope of the SolarWinds hack. Investigators have said it could take months to understand the extent of the compromise and even longer to evict the hackers from victim networks.

    We still have no idea who compromised 18,000 organizations including most of the American government in this hack. They are trying to memory hole it mainly because any display of incompetence this huge means regime change is on the horizon.

    Number of victims of Russian hack likely to grow

    An estimated 18,000 organizations were affected by malicious code that piggybacked on popular network-management software from an Austin, Texas, company called SolarWinds.

    On Monday, SolarWinds said its investigation found evidence the campaign began in September 2019, with the hackers injecting test code that month.

    Almost every big organization was using this software. Everybody got owned. These hackers — probably a rogue group at a three-letter American agency, working for China and the Clinton cabal — controlled information flow at just about every institution in American government, and that is just what we know so far.

  • U.S. tells European companies they face sanctions risk on Nord Stream 2 pipeline

    The $11 billion pipeline, one of Russia’s most important projects in Europe, has sparked tensions between Washington and Moscow.

    The Trump administration opposes Nord Stream 2, which would deprive Ukraine of lucrative transit fees, saying it would increase Russia’s economic and political leverage over Europe.

    If Russia supplies energy to Western Europe, then those nations will rapidly be drawn into the orbit of Asiatic Russia and its Chinese allies.

  • Google admits to running ‘experiments’ which remove some media sites from its search results

    “Google is an effective monopoly and by withholding access to such timely, accurate and important information they show clearly how they impact what access Australians have to that,” a spokesperson said.

    “At the same time, Google are now demonstrating how easily they can make Australian news providers who fall out of their favour effectively disappear from the internet – a chilling illustration of their extraordinary market power.”

    When our web giants behave like the Chinese Communist Party, one has to wonder whether they constitute an invasion or not. Luckily, since they work for China, these assets can now be seized.

  • Australian company renames racially offensive cheese brand

    The company has insisted that the brand name paid homage to its founder, Edward William Coon.

    In a diverse society, everything is politicized, which enables minority groups to remove the standards that the majority uses to keep itself healthy. Diversity imports international politics into the nation, causing each special interest group — racial, religious, ethnic, industry, single-issue — to vie for control through lobbying, outrage, crime, and political violence. As one ethnic group of several, you have two choices: be conquered, or conquer. Anyone sane chooses the latter, and this is how diversity creates racism and genocide.

  • HSBC says customers who refuse to wear a face mask will have their accounts withdrawn

    Speaking to The Mirror, a spokesman said face masks are mandatory in all branches as per government guidelines.

    Those who refuse to comply will be refused service and could have their bank accounts withdrawn.

    COVID-19 brought out the petty tyrant, ruling in the megalomania of a vicarious existence where he is both hero and conqueror, in the everyman. It revealed how panicked and incompetent we are, and how our people have no allegiance to anything but their own survival. That is not a civilization; it is a dormitory with mandatory boring jobs to keep the system churning despite being unworkable.

  • Aid sector blasted as ‘last safe haven’ for sex abusers

    “We heard repeatedly of abusers acting with impunity, whistle-blowers being hounded out of their jobs and victims finding it impossible to secure justice,” Champion said in a statement as her committee released its report on the sector.

    Not surprisingly, sociopaths are drawn to altruism, because it gives cover to their nefarious activities. Then they form their own little lobbies, unions, gangs, cults, and cliques within these organizations and crowd out anyone who is not okay with rape, pedophilia, and prostitution. One wonders how many other areas have been similarly compromised by pedophiles or other groups of sociopaths.

  • Parler urges U.S. judge to order Amazon to restore its platform

    Amazon Web Services cut off Parler on Sunday night, saying Parler had shrugged off repeated warnings to remove violent content.

    Regulations always benefit the big companies. They can hire a staff of people to comb through the material posted to remove the questionable. Small companies have a couple people doing this, and when they have a sudden surge in traffic, they cannot catch all of it, especially that posted by Leftist instigators. Amazon saw a part of the web that it could not control, and like all monopolists, greedily rose to the occasion to deplatform it.

  • Mexican president mounts campaign against social media bans

    “I can tell you that at the first G20 meeting we have, I am going to make a proposal on this issue,” López Obrador said. “Yes, social media should not be used to incite violence and all that, but this cannot be used as a pretext to suspend freedom of expression.”

    American democracy has made itself an international mockery.

  • Toxic waste lies beneath schools and homes, UK landfill map shows

    Ends Report has mapped the sites, revealing that 35% of the hazardous sites – 449 – lie under green spaces. A further 21% lie beneath farmland, 15% are below industrial sites, 10% are under parkland, 9% under housing and 4%under commercial sites containing shops and restaurants – assuming none were removed on development.

    About 746 toxic dumps are located within 500 metres of water bodies, 13 are beneath golf courses and four below school grounds. Another four are situated under racing tracks, and three lie below cricket pitches.

    Someone built a career on finding this cheap land and developing it. Probably got industry awards too. The mess was left to the future to clean up, which it only will do after the first mutations appear.

  • Technical issue resolved after ‘150,000 police records lost’

    A coding error resulted in records that had been flagged for deletion being lost from the database before checks had been carried out to determine whether they could be lawfully held or not.

    Clown World keeps the hits coming. Everyone was just doing his job according to instructions, and no one was paying attention, as usual. That is how you get ahead in a postmodern dystopia. Be a good tool and everyone will admire you. Then, when disasters occur, find someone to blame.

  • Smartwatches can help detect COVID-19 days before symptoms appear

    Specifically, the study analyzed a metric called heart rate variability — the variation in time between each heartbeat — which is also a measure of how well a person’s immune system is working.

    “We already knew that heart rate variability markers change as inflammation develops in the body, and Covid is an incredibly inflammatory event,” Hirten told CBS MoneyWatch. “It allows us to predict that people are infected before they know it.”

    What a powerful diagnostic tool. A shame that if it were deployed, the data would be leaked and used to sell you coffins in advance of your diagnosis. There is no trust in a dead society, nor any goal except every man and mouse for himself.

  • Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: Reopen Bars, Restaurants ‘as Soon as Possible’

    “I am very, very focused on getting our restaurants reopened,” Lightfoot said, just days before President-elect Joe Biden is to be sworn in. “So that’s a conversation I will have with the governor.”

    Leftist politicians sponsored the COVID-19 panic in order to crash our economy and justify the fake mail-in votes in order to get Trump out. Now that they think the deal is done, they are willing to lift the restrictions somewhat to keep the population docile.

  • Air pollution will lead to mass migration, say experts after landmark ruling

    “The link between migration and environmental degradation is clear. As global warming makes parts of our planet uninhabitable, mass migration will become the norm. Air and water pollution do not respect national boundaries. We can stop a humanitarian and political crisis from becoming an existential one. But our leaders must act now.”

    Ignoring the boilerplate language about global warming, the point here is that people will pollute the heck out of nice places, then bail for other places instead of cleaning up the mess. The immigration crisis does not end until we stop taking any immigrants, and begin sending the non-majority population in the West back home. We can give them reparations-with-repatriation so that this is not a loss to them.

  • U.S.-China trade war has cost up to 245,000 U.S. jobs: business group study

    U.S. President Donald Trump’s trade war with China has caused a peak loss of 245,000 U.S. jobs, but a gradual scaling back of tariffs on both sides would boost growth and lead to an additional 145,000 jobs by 2025, a study commissioned by the U.S.-China Business Council (USCBC) shows.

    Initially, jobs will be lost, but then many more created. Somehow this China-sponsored study does not mention that. Scare tactics work on an uninformed, incurious, reactive, and emotional public.

  • Dutch Rutte government resigns over child welfare fraud scandal

    Many of those affected were from an immigrant background and hundreds were plunged into financial difficulty.

    In other words, Clown World finally realized that its financial resources are finite, and it cracked down on dubious applications, at which point the media found some starving minority families in order to justify outrage. In reality, a society which has both immigration and welfare will find itself rapidly depleted. Saner minds realize that no society can have either, at least for long, without corrupting itself from within.

  • Covid-19: Norway investigates 23 deaths in frail elderly patients after vaccination

    The agency has investigated 13 of the deaths so far and concluded that common adverse reactions of mRNA vaccines, such as fever, nausea, and diarrhoea, may have contributed to fatal outcomes in some of the frail patients.

    All of our modern miracles reverse themselves at some point. We are pushing vaccination far past where it is good, which is introducing us to weakened pathogens so that our bodies can defend against them. Your best defense against COVID-19 remains lots of Vitamin D, Vitamin C, zinc, fluids and general health. Now is a good time to start doing twenty pushups a day and walking where you normally drive.

  • Mealworms for dinner? European Union approves first insect food

    The decision by the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) paves the way for the yellow grubs to be used whole and dried in curries and other recipes and as a flour to make biscuits, pasta and bread.

    We keep looking for the band-aid solution instead of facing the fact that there are too many humans, immigration just destroys us, and our people are dying out because modern society (and socialism) make them miserable. Maybe if we all live in 400 sqtft concrete boxes, drive golf carts, eat bugs, and own nothing, humanity can survive. As always people defer to the social rule — protect the group by including everyone — instead of the realistic principle, which is that we need people who are whole in mind, body, and soul, and anyone else is a threat, as are all foreigners. I have no problem with the golf carts, and if they ever get the toxic batteries and high production impact under control, electric cars are a great idea because of lowered air pollution. The rest seems like the low-testosterone anxiety of an abused child, which under modern control systems, we all pretty much are.

  • Extremists exploit a loophole in social moderation: Podcasts

    Podcasts made available by the two Big Tech companies let you tune into the world of the QAnon conspiracy theory, wallow in President Donald Trump’s false claims of a stolen election and bask in other extremism. Accounts that have been banned on social media for election misinformation, threatening or bullying, and breaking other rules also still live on as podcasts available on the tech giants’ platforms.

    Democracy at start: freedom, liberty, equality, prosperity

    Democracy at finish: censor bad thoughts, force you to behave a certain way, subsidize the weak by damaging the strong, and everyone is equal in poverty.

    Maybe we should stop taking symbols at face value and realize that “freedom” sounds good because it is incomplete, a term without a referent, same with liberty and equality, and that prosperity arises from competence, not gutmenschen goodthink.

  • Trudeau government promises to censor “offensive” social media content in 2021

    “We are working to introduce regulations to reduce the spread of illegal content, including hate speech, in order to promote a safer and more inclusive online environment. We want to protect Canadians online.”

    Tyrants always desire to bring you safety and protection, and in exchange, they simply want all the power forever.

  • Virginia AG authorizes probe of statue-removal contract

    Virginia’s attorney general has authorized an investigation into a $1.8 million contract for the removal of the city of Richmond’s Confederate monuments, a special prosecutor said Friday.

    The statues were taken down over the summer, and an inquiry into the contract between the city and a construction company owner who oversaw their removal was initiated after a political rival of Mayor Levar Stoney’s raised concerns about the deal.

    Devon Henry, the owner of a Newport News construction firm associated with the shell company, has donated a total of $4,000 to Stoney’s campaign and political action committee since 2016.

    Typical diversity political doings: a candidate elected for his ethnic group provides padded contracts to his cronies in exchange for kickbacks. Maybe one of his kids got hired at that company and paid up ten percent to the big guy.



Random plug: since both Big Media and Big Tech have become Left-converged, it becomes necessary to find yourself a list of news sources to peruse. I recommend getting an account on Feedly, which lets you follow the RSS feeds of major news sources, blogs, videos, podcasts, and other sources of alternatives to the propaganda.

This replaces the utility of sites like Drudge Report and social media, since you can scan headlines at a glance and read only the articles that you want. Google hates RSS because it replaces the search engine with the content engine, and this makes more sense for what you want although it sells fewer ads for mugs, tshirts, and YouTube influencers.

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