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Periscope (January 15, 2019)

  • Parents horror at Kinder Egg toys with ‘Donald Trump hair’ holding ‘KKK balloons’

    Peak pearl-clutching “look at me” moral preening and victimhood drama. Or maybe the transsexual outraged at being called “sir”?

  • Israelis to scour Danube for Holocaust remains with Hungary’s help

    Far-Right parties are reaching out toward Jewish people on a regular basis now. It may be that we finally understand each other: isolated tribes in the night, just trying to survive, with the constant threat of being dispossessed of our homelands and cast into the wastelands to wander for centuries. One wonders what distant homeland the Yamnaya were driven from, thousands of years ago.

  • Angela Merkel’s CDU set to review her migration policy

    “Immigration has dominated German politics since the migration crisis.” It turns out that what seemed like a good idea in theory had terrible consequences, yet another case of the Left thinking in categories. Individualists see the world in broad categories because they have removed cause and effect from their thinking. To them, they will something to happen, and it does or it does not. If it does not, the great evil meanie from the end of all darkness has stopped it from happening. If it does, life is proceeding normally because individualism — a near relative of narcissism — holds that the individual is all that matters, and is the cause of all things. Therefore, the rest of the world consists of objects which can be defined by a category as is convenient to the individual, and they do what things in that category do. For Angela Merkel, the category was “workers” and the question was taxes to pay for benefits going to Baby Boomers in Germany as they retired. It turned out that her actions had effects beyond what she anticipated because the world is not formed of simple, two-dimensional categories.

  • ‘Bolsonaro is Hitler!’ Venezuela’s Maduro exclaims amid Brazil spat

    It turns out that Venezuelan Leftists are just like American Leftists and European Leftists in that they call their opposition “Hitler” whenever it makes a good point. The cause takes a subtler form when we look at the nature of Leftism as an apocalyptic, messianic, and paranoid belief system. To the Leftist, nature is not equal but equality fixes all problems and will lead to Utopia. Anything else, which presumably comes from the natural, is therefore bad; since Utopia is the ultimate good, everything should be a means to that end, and anything other than egalitarianism is the ultimate evil. This means that to a Leftist, the difference between simply failing to agree with them enough and being zombie Adolf Hitler incarnate is minimal. It is like two different flavors of the same jam; you are either with them, or against them, which means that there is no middle ground. As a result, Leftists call everyone but Leftists “Hitler” and use this to rally all the other Leftists to attack that person. It is like screaming “Fire!” in a crowded theater, except all of the Leftists shoot the intellectuals, aristocrats, wealthy, intelligent, beautiful, and wise, leaving only a large audience of grey people who agree exactly on everything and act in unison like a vast machine.

  • Page views, Likes from ‘fake’ profiles

    As mentioned here before, the new goldrush of the Big Tech companies is doomed because most of their traffic is fake and therefore the ads that they sell are not worth what is paid which means that at some point, the market will recapture over-estimated value and cause a big fat old collapse. Sort of like what happened with Dot-Com 1.0 back in 1999, come to think of it. Big Tech got another break a couple years later, then found its new fake hope in 2007 with cellphones, which spurred on the Obama era as people assumed that they would just interact with the world through a smartphone, order all their stuff from Amazon, and work from home while the world burned. Now, some years later, that trend is finally coming crashing down as smartphone sales nosedive — no one is going to upgrade to a $900 phone, but they will buy a $75 phone just like any other gadget — and the new traffic needed to stimulate more fake growth is gone. Goodbye, Big Tech.

  • A note on character in politics

    Trump is an actor who knows that in order to beat the deep state, he must play to the anger of people at late stage Leftism (political correctness, diversity, tax-and-spend, bureaucracy) while simultaneously scaring the opposition into first panicking and then agreeing to what he demands because he understands their psychology of defensive reaction. We can thus see him as a benevolent Machiavellian who uses an aggressive pose in order to gain negotiating advantage and force the Leftists to reveal their paradoxical thinking. In this way, he is like a fusion between a troll and a statesman: he trolls the Left into showing that their thinking is disorganized, then bullies them out of the way, then does something magnanimous so that people leave thinking that they got what they wanted, especially if they did not.

  • Vegans ‘take twice as many sick days’ as meat eating colleagues, report says

    Eat what your ancestors ate. Your ancestors were not vegan; you are depriving yourself of things that you need, and our “science” is not advanced enough yet to replicate all of them. The carnivore in humanity comes out as a need to hunt, conquer, kill, and then use that sacrifice — an animal gave its life — for good ends. Veganism allows you to indulge the fantasy that you can live on vegetables, harm nothing, and therefore, are not obligated to do good, and can therefore follow whatever fantasies you want with impunity. Vegans ignore the fact that they, too, are made of tasty meat.

  • Would patrolling with the Border Patrol change your mind about the border?

    According to border patrol agents, Trump should end the “catch and release” policy in order to dissuade people from coming across the border. They come in part because the consequences for getting caught are slight. If the risk and downside both increase, fewer of them will come, despite being egged on by news stories about Democrat politicians, cities declaring themselves to have sanctuary status, and the possibility of amnesty.

  • Witnesses: Men in police garb massacred civilians in Haiti

    In third world countries, corruption simply takes over the official institutions and turns them to serve its own purposes. Something similar is happening in the US right now as our “deep state” does everything it can to retain power instead of allowing us to discard bad policies, cut government, and orient ourselves toward the future instead of more paychecks for bureaucrats. In the meantime, Haiti seems to still be failing despite having won independence centuries ago.

  • Sorry, your data can still be identified even if it’s anonymized

    Since they have access to multiple data sets, large companies can identify you by your activities that coincide with anonymized activities in the same location, at the same time, using devices that you are known to use. This explains why Big Tech was so interested in “big data” setups: they wanted a system which could track all of us, all of the time, and figure out what we did so that they could determine how to sell us stuff. If you send a text message at the bookstore, they will use that to mine your Facebook profile, search history, Twitter messages, and emails for what sort of books they can advertise to you in order to make you buy them.

  • Why I’m not writing off Donald Trump’s border wall just yet

    We will face some unpleasant facts as the ongoing disaster of humanity under Leftism accelerates. First, most people are not that nice, and most nations are not that nice. Next, there are a few nice places, and everyone wants to go there. Finally, countries like borders because otherwise their identity, communities, and sense of belonging are erased. The border wall that Trump proposes is more than a border wall; it is a statement of who we are, and that we deserve to exist, even as the rest of the world reaps what it has sewn as its overpopulation, instability, corruption, disorder, criminality, and purposelessness overwhelm it and people flee the rapidly sinking ships.

  • These two professors were attacked and vilified by mobs of leftists for defending Western Civ.

    Professors wrote controversial things — that white men supported chivalry, that medieval studies were not “too white,” and that colonialism had some advantages for the colonized — and the Left mobilized its usual angry mob to go after them. That succeeded, to a point, but then began to backfire. The professors are now more popular than ever and have more opportunities as professional heretics. This follows what worked for the Left, where professors would create outrage and become media darling as a result. In this case, the provocation has created a permanent place for professors against the grain, especially in academia, where radical and novel ideas are valued more than anything else. Look for more to follow this model because, if enough do it and succeed at it, it will become the new path to an iconoclasm that allows for a prosperous career. The Left is The Establishment now, and realists are the rebels.

  • ‘El Chapo’ paid former Mexican president $100 million bribe: trial witness

    We like to think that we are above this in our sprawling suburb known as the USA. However, we have just found subtler ways to do this. The Clinton Foundation took in plenty of money, all of our congresspeople end up multi-millionaires on a $200k/year salary, and even the Obamas managed to make themselves very wealthy in the years of being in office. We have them speak in public for the cost of a nice upper middle class house, sell their books en masse to libraries and other goodthinkers, send them massive book advances and consulting fees, hire their children on the boards of big corporations for incredible salaries, and pass them stock ticks in the wind so they can be a few days ahead of the market. Once you get into wealth club, you will simply make more wealth because everyone else there depends on you. This requires that you sacrifice your official role for one that simply quid pro quo makes you rich.

  • ‘He hates white men’: Prosecutors accuse Iowa man, convicted in separate murder, of racially-charged killing

    These cases never even got prosecuted just a few years ago. As identity politics rises, the majority finds itself wondering why its identity is not represented, and demanding that it be. This has proven hard because European-descended people are already diverse, broken up by national identity and region of Europe (West, East, South/Irish). Not only that, but they are divided up into special interest groups by religion, locality, beliefs, and political alignment. This is why majorities can never unite to fight the threat of minority political action until it is too late: the majority, being large and diverse, does not recognize itself. The minority, being defined in opposition, sees itself from the start and recognizes that (1) it is at risk as long as it is a minority and (2) that the interests of the majority thus inevitably and inexorably clash with the interests of the minority, therefore the two are at war by the very conditions of diversity. Minority groups will stick together to oppose a majority, and then fight among themselves for who the new winner is; in America, as everywhere else, this will be an Asiatic group which will quickly become lightly dark-skinned and slightly Eurasian in appearance but only slightly. It will retain its Asian identity for the most part.

  • Judge Overturns Alabama Law Preventing Removal of Confederate Monuments

    Flip this around: if Alabama created a law protecting local jurisdictions from consequences if they kept Confederate monuments, this judge would oppose that too on the same civil rights basis. In the hands of the civil rights agenda that America adopted in the 1860s, everything goes to the crowd and nothing goes to nature, history, culture, heritage, faith, or values above the third world level.

  • Police warn of safety risks as more Germans get gun licenses

    Call it “meta-voting.” People are embarrassed to admit their true opinions, since they go against what is socially acceptable a.k.a. what the herd wants to admit is true, so they are not articulate them, even to themselves, in most cases (people who write for underground Right-wing sites are a special case). Instead of forcing themselves to articulate an opinion, they couch it in pleasant terms that they can tell to themselves. White flight is not escape from diversity, but escape from a “bad area.” You are not buying that gun because immigration policy failed, but because of “rising crime.” You did not leave that last job because the boss was a woman or minority, but because of a “better opportunity.” In the West we have spent so long making our ideas socially and later politically correct that we have forgotten what is real, except when our actual money, times, or lives are on the line.

  • German Growth Is Weakest in Five Years, in Latest Sign of Global Slowdown (non-paywall)

    I used to love watching bowling as a kid. The ball would strike and if it had enough momentum and one of three or four angles, the pins would be scattered and collide with each other, taking the rest of them down. This is what is happening to our economy. China is made of nonsense, but more importantly, had zero plan behind beyond cheap labor for the world, then cloning those companies, and then making money off of its own reckless forward growth. In came Trump, and he pulled the plug, winning his trade war by demanding fair standards and being willing to hurt the other guy long enough that it had serious effects. Luckily the Chinese huffed and puffed instead of acknowledging his point, so they lost a huge amount of business this year after having a mini-boom last year as people stocked up. Trump knows that he must make America self-sufficient within a couple years because the bowling ball is coming. It will strike China first, ripple out to Asia, hit Russia, then hit Europe, and then come back to the USA as all of our exports fall simultaneously. If the US is self-sufficient, meaning capable of making everything that it needs, it will be able to weather this storm. Otherwise, it is just another pin getting struck from behind and down it will go.

  • H.R. 1: Democrats Act to Strip State Powers Over Elections

    Abraham Lincoln was the first big Leftist success in America. Later, he was followed by FDR, JFK, LBJ, Bill Clinton, and finally, Barack Obama (Jimmy Carter has been omitted by mutual consent between all parties to simply not talk about that era). Lincoln followed a simple path: reward the factory workers, punish anyone who rose above the herd, and centralize power so that he could rule according to the desire of the herd whilst simultaneously increasing his own power. Democrats in 2019 A.D. have not forgotten these lessons and are continuing to expand power. In particular, they want the electoral college gone or at least controlled so that they can use minority-majority votes in California and Texas along with the East Coast Leftist Horde to dominate all future presidential elections. Get ready for your own party state, civil war, breakup of the nation, and then Asian invasion to conquer the divided, bickering, and dysfunctional states.

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the voice of an ignorant generation

    In 1968, the children who grew up under WW2 propaganda — we are free and individualistic, They are faceless conformist stooges — turned that propaganda against their parents. It is the oldest trick in the book: if your parent agrees to a certain values system, use that to argue that you should be able to stay out late or eat nothing but dessert or whatever. They were mad at their parents because the war lifted up near-whites — Southern, Eastern, and Irish Europeans — which created a culture of no-culture in which money was the only important thing. This made for an ugly America, and Baby Boomers wanted to destroy it, so they embraced its competition, Communism. When those Boomers hit their forties and fifties, they took over administrative positions in education, starting from the colleges downward, and started immediately teaching the Howard Zinn version of history. This promptly produced “identity politics” which is more accurately described as “victimhood politics,” and so you get the AOCs of the world coming out of the woodwork now, bleating warmed-over 1930s propaganda as fact, which in fact is simply a restatement of 1789 French Revolution propaganda plus civil rights and socialism, which are merely updated versions of the demand to make everyone equal by having society pay for it.

  • Nurse who stole opioids from Kitchener care home must be rehired, compensated

    When everyone is a victim, no one is responsible. Externalization has two meanings: you pass on costs of your actions to the group, and you let the group define for you what is acceptable. This means that no one is really accountable for their own actions except when they act against the group, which is why to a Leftist there is no difference between a dissenter, an enemy, and a non-conformist. In this situation, a woman abusing drugs is fired, but must rehired because we have recategorized drug abuse as a disease instead of a poor life choice arising from a disordered mind and bad moral character. Now we simply blame inequality, using terms like “Poverty made her do it!” or “She was marginalized, so she felt a need to compensate.” Soon this will extend even further to theft of wealth itself. At some point, the kleptocracy created by egalitarianism spills over into every area of life, and nothing is safe from the binary: if it makes us more equal it is good, and if it does not make us equal, it must be destroyed.

  • Three large asteroids prompt NASA to issue near Earth object alert

    Someday, a large space object will hit us. We do not know when. However, on that day, a historical fact will be formalized: we will either have people, plants, and animals exploring deep space, or we will be subject to perish at any moment when an object of enough size hits us. We will not acknowledge this historical fact until the event happens, but then we will look back and see how since 1789, we have fallen to bickering over dividing up the wealth of the past, instead of working toward the future, simply because we did not have the guts to tell the herd that what most people find appalling is in fact true. We either put the adults in charge, or we die helpless. One of these days.

  • How the AfD could save the EU

    The far-Right wants to return the EU to its origins, namely as a free trade bloc that values internal trade among members. This requires dismantling at least two-thirds of the EU bureaucracy, or “deep state.” This is akin to Americans wanting a “States’ Rights” organization for their nation in which government is there as a caretaker for an organic culture, or one pre-dating the formation of states, instead of as an ideological force which uses social engineering to make us into a Utopia in which equality is the only rule. If the far-Right achieves a union, and this threatens the EU, having an intermediate solution where the EU goes to a less Leftist condition will be more favorable to the scaredy-cat voters, but it also leaves the EU intact to in the future be dominated by Leftists. Better to scrap it, return to NATO, and negotiate zero-tariff arrangements with other nations directly.

  • Steve King Loses House Committee Seats Over White Supremacy Remark (non-paywall)

    The man said: “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?” To anyone with a normal outlook, it was clear that he was objecting to the inclusion of “Western Civilization” among other demonized terms. To those thinking about the future, it is clear that nationalism is winning because the Left has no defense against it except to say that it is bad and no good people can support it. The more they cut down innocent people for mentioning that the emperor has no new clothes after all, the more a resistance builds. When it comes time to physically remove Leftists — probably through exile to Venezuela — no one will question why it happened, since it will have been done in preemptive self-defense, namely removing them before they can remove us, where “us” means anyone who is not a fanatical Leftist.

  • Human Trafficking Reaches ‘Horrific’ New Heights, Declares U.N. Report

    After two centuries of Leftism, it has achieved the opposite of what it has promised on all fronts. We are “free,” to say what they like. If you do not, your life gets destroyed. We have been liberated, except that there are more slaves than ever before. We are equal, except that anything exceptional you do is overwhelmed by and consumed by the crowd. We have brotherhood, based in the lowest common denominator of wanting paychecks, walled communities, and entertainment to drown out the disaster.

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