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  • Venezuela’s Capital Is Booming. Is This the End of the Revolution?

    American sanctions forced the return of capitalism within a socialist state, and now a new elite of people have risen up who are making profit and being productive in a rejection of the socialist ideal. Even more, the socialist government has accepted this, learning from Europe that “market socialism” works better than “direct socialism,” since that way, government can tax the free markets and live off of them. In the long term, however, this cripples the markets almost as much as pure Communism, which is the lesson that the West is slowly grasping following the Great Recession.

  • Trump’s Impeachment Is Virtually Over. What Did It Change?

    The impeachment fizzled, leaving behind a more powerful president. It also established the legal principle that the president can withhold aid or money to anyone who suspects of not investigating corruption enough, something that he might apply to our own entitlements state. This could be handy as he tries to make America avoid defaulting on its currency, which is our current fate because we are spending three-quarters of our budget on entitlements and the high taxes have driven debt at every level which means that at some point, the piper must be paid. In the meantime, everyone has moved on because an impeachment either contains a clear smoking gun that indicates that a president is not competent to serve, or it is seen as more political jockeying, and that invariably hurts the party behind the impeachment proceedings. America now is more aware of the longstanding Biden family corruption which, reminiscent of the Clinton Foundation, involved trading in favors which later resulted in lucrative appointments and donations. This did not escape notice in the Ukraine, nor in the USA, although likely the voters will sleep through this one because of a goldfish-sized memory hole. In the meantime, the swamp has tipped its hand by appointing the brother of an impeachment backer to vet John Bolton’s new book. Washington hates actual reform, but loves symbolic reform, because then the money can keep flowing with no one accountable. This brings to mind Margaret Thatcher’s critique of the Left:

    I would much prefer to bring them down as soon as possible. I think they’ve made the biggest financial mess that any government’s ever made in this country for a very long time, and Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money. It’s quite a characteristic of them. They then start to nationalise everything, and people just do not like more and more nationalisation, and they’re now trying to control everything by other means. They’re progressively reducing the choice available to ordinary people.

    Under Obamacare, we had fewer choices and less value to our money. Under Trump, that is reversing, but perhaps not enough to undo the damage done by the Clinton-era minority lending program that caused the Great Recession.

  • D.C. Judge Strikes Down Warning Labels for Premium Cigars

    The march toward freedom of association continues as a judge notes freedom of speech issues with absurd oversized warnings on cigar boxes, pointing out that there is no good cause for these, since cigar consumers tend to be more experienced and aware of what they are doing, which means that they know the risk — if any — that they are undertaking. This shows us a continuation of the theme that state compelled “civil rights” style actions can constitute a violation of our natural rights, which sets up the showdown between natural rights and civil rights (the Fourteenth Amendment, specifically). This will be the touchstone issue of the new American Civil War.

  • Second Mexico monarch butterfly activist found dead

    Logging companies want to use more land in order to harvest more wood so that all the people buying condominiums across the world can have those nice shiny wood floors, despite laminate and tile options being more durable. We see here how unlimited individual rights lead to a tragedy of the commons because people will offer lots of money for good, old growth wood and so people who need money will truck on out and cut it down. If there is some butterfly center in the way, they will roll over it and kill people who get in their way. Hollywood tells us that this will happen by slick Mafia-style hitman, but in reality, it is most likely workers who want to build up their retirement funds or buy new trucks who are going to execute intense hammer rage on the well-intentioned conservationists standing in their way. This happens at a time when California sees is monarch population in decline, which is relevant because those monarchs migrate to Mexico and back to California. Our appetite for consumer products is destroying nature. A sensible response: make laminate floors trendy, and stop paying people an extra $10k for houses and condominiums that have solid wood floors. We did it with furs, and we can do it with wildwood.

  • Betel nut black market boom in Australia has experts warning of devastating health impacts

    Import the world, and suddenly their problems are your problems, except that now, your society is subsidizing them so it is your job to fix them. You will exhaust yourself trying to apply a universal rule onto things. Your people then become dark and miserable because they are janitors for a dying civilization. This is the typical arc of democracy once it discovers permanent larcenous rule through diversity.

  • Sinn Fein establish clear lead in opinion poll ahead of Irish election

    In the wake of Brexit, the same potato people who were scattering bombs around the UK now want to rule their own nation and break free from the UK. In the meantime, everyone else knows that the UK rules Ireland simply so it does not have a soft flank through which it can be invaded, since Ireland has never been militarily strong or particularly vigilant. Imagine having a giant potato through which people could invade your country; of course you are going to conquer that potato! In the long term, however, independence for all of the UK territories makes the most sense. They will simply enter into a defense agreement with England, which will no longer have to subsidize them or put up with their constant pointless terrorism.

  • Israel’s Holocaust Museum Apologizes for Inaccurate Videos

    The convenient Holocaust narrative continues eroding:

    Yad Vashem said the videos neglected to mention Poland’s division between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in 1939 or Nazi Germany’s conquest of Western Europe in 1940, showed incorrect borders of Poland and labeled concentration camps as extermination camps.

    It does not matter, at all. When you take territory and a certain ethnic group there suddenly seems to be very dead most of the time, you are culpable. The future belongs to those who understand the wisdom of benevolent xenophobia and reparations-with-repatriation. The crude and revengeful belongs in the dustbin.

  • The demographic shifts disrupting the political world

    It turns out that people are realizing that demography determines the outcomes of democracy, and now are paying attention to how carefully the system was gamed, with the apparent depressive grudging compliance by the voters, who threw in the towel on government long ago but assumed, apparently, that this meant they would not have to deal with the fallout.

  • John Bercow says he was subject to antisemitic abuse from Conservatives

    The English want to remain English. Of course you will get pushback. End the diaspora, end diversity, and bring about mutual respect instead. You either respect the English need to be isolated, or you are pushing for their genocide, even if you do it in the name of avoiding genocide. Diversity always leads to genocide, so your only winning move is not to play. Stay nationalist, which means that there is one and only one ethnic group per nation.

  • White nationalist has long worked at conservative outlets under real name

    The Guardian doxes Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don’t Like, VDARE, American Renaissance, and numerous interesting books about the failure of minority-majority governance. Mature people simply disagree; Leftists aim to purge everyone who is not Leftist enough. Conservatives will remove those who sabotage the desired social order, but leave mere non-compliers alone. With the Left, your future is always a Jacobin/Soviet totalitarian hot mess.

  • Journalists walk out of No 10 after bid to impose selective briefing of Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans

    Right-wingers are slowly realizing that we need the media less than we thought. If they are only there to look for our errors, filter them out, and keep the people who are interested in writing real news. This outrages the Left, who stage mass walkouts like this, but in the end, it is a good thing. Create two tiers of news: honest people who get the full report, and fake news which gets nothing.

  • Fears of new virus trigger anti-China sentiment worldwide

    This coronavirus has done wonders for ending globalism. Suddenly people see the dangers of an interconnected world, and how much simpler it would be if we could all wall ourselves off and pursue our own interests. The Star Trek Federation-style world government turns out to be just as toxic as conservatives said it was.

  • JLo Rubs Crotch, Dances on Stripper Pole During Super Bowl Halftime

    If you are wondering if it is too soon to call Western Civilization collapsed, wonder no more! We now idealize gangsters, strippers, and salespeople.

  • Thousands of birds descend on Texas shopping centre in scary ‘end times’ footage

    This story is pretty cool, but this happens every year. Grackles love South Texas because of the abundant corpses scattered by unknown serial killers, spare french fries flung by the obese out of SUV windows, decomposing farmhouses full of bugs, and dumpsters overflowing with the errors and excess of a thoughtless industrial civilization. On their migration, they all end up in Houston to feast, and then take to the sky, portly and ridiculous like humanity.

  • 500 law enforcement officers appointed to fight crime in Cape violence hotspots

    Africa’s Houston finds that diversity rule means constant internal conflict, and is attempting to use increasing police power to hold together their fragmenting society. At the point where you have to keep a constant eye on people to prevent them from stealing, assaulting, murdering, raping, and vandalizing, you have already lost. Just build gated communities for the wealthy and let the rest consume themselves, as seems to be the human pattern in the absence of some contemplative and aggressive drive toward order.

  • Johnson says he will toughen rules on terrorism cases after London attack

    Like Trump, Johnson learned from the Left. You have to use every tragedy as a chance to further your power and the type of order you want, transforming society to the point where it cannot go back to the old Leftist ways. This is a war against being erased and replaced, so all is fair, and all of it is necessary.

  • From Alastair Stewart to Scruton, the public are fighting back against the cancel culture of the digital mob

    Quote Shakespeare that includes the words “angry ape” when talking about a Black person, and suddenly you are the enemy. The difference is that when Leftists send out the cry, only committed Leftists are responding; everyone else has figured out that political correctness is a path totalitarianism and East Germany style irrelevance, and they want out.

  • Liberalism’s ‘cesspit’?: IAN BIRRELL says tech giants have turned San Francisco into a dystopian nightmare of addiction, homelessness and criminality

    Looks about like Paris under diversity as well. It turns out that strong social standards make society better, which makes it more valuable, and cities with lots of money figure that they no longer need to struggle, so they erode value by allowing all sorts of broken behavior. Tech firms are booming in other parts of the world because they can offer their employees a better life than picking through the needles, feces, and burning homeless camps of a dying and insane empire.

  • Coronavirus Lurking in Feces May Reveal Hidden Risk of Spread

    It turns out that feces will dominate the headlines for awhile. The coronavirus may spread through fecal contact, which explains why it is raging in some areas and not others. We just need to say it a lot. Feee-ces. They seem to delight in saying it on the news, like a toddler with a new word. Or are Leftists just obsessed with death, excretion, lust, and disease?

  • Greek police fire teargas at protesting migrants, refugees on Lesbos

    Wherever diversity goes, ruins ensure. These people simply want their homeland back, but democracy has occupied it and determined that it must become ruins. Finding that pointless, more people are speaking up against the forced resettlement and all of the civilization unraveling that it portends.

  • Bernie Sanders is a fan of the ‘Nordic model.’ Finland’s leader says it’s the American Dream.

    She does not understand The American Dream:

    “I feel that the American Dream can be achieved best in the Nordic countries, where every child no matter their background or the background of their families can become anything, because we have a very good education system,” she said. “We have a good health-care and social welfare system that allows anybody to become anything. This is probably one of the reasons why Finland gets ranked the happiest country in the world.”

    The American Dream is not welfare and free stuff. It is that you can come to this country, apply yourself moderately, and afford a decent home in a reasonable neighborhood to raise a happy family. What killed the American Dream was the New Deal and Great Society attempts to end poverty, a perpetual and futile quest because the poor are generally poor because of their inabilities and behavior, and Finland exists in a little bubble where a tiny wealthy nation can pretend for awhile that it can afford these things, mainly because it is skimping on defense and infrastructure. Watch; it takes decades for Leftist programs to fall, but when they do, people suddenly realize the vastness of what was lost.

  • How a vegan diet could affect your intelligence

    Eat what your ancestors ate and you will be fine. Experiment too much, and you may find that like vegans, you are missing vital nutrients that your brain needs. Possibly this explains the connection between veganism and the raving paranoid insane Leftism we see exploding across American campuses.

  • Koalas found dead on Australia logging plantation

    People see forests as a resource. That is, there are things there that humans can take and make profit from, and everyone needs to feed their families. As a result, humans descend like locusts and consume the forest, leaving the ecosystem to die, which eventually kills off even the cute animals. We need to leave half of Earth for nature alone and stay out of it entirely. Let at least one critter grow up without being surrounded by Coke cans, cigarette butts, broken ear pods, condoms, barrels of toxic waste, buried meth labs, bags of crisps, and shotgun shells.

  • Racist letters sent to Snellville businesses

    Someone writes nasty letters. The world must stop for self-flagellation, a struggle session, and the weepy sharing of navel-gazing guilt. In reality: every tribe needs its own space, independent from all others, just like nature needs its own space. I wish these letter writers would, instead of blaming African-Americans, attack diversity itself. We need it gone. They need it gone. So does every other group. Our only future with diversity is genocide and a third-world existence.

  • Drones scold Chinese residents without masks as coronavirus spreads

    You have to hand it to the Chinese for coming up with this pure comedy.

  • ‘It’s okay to be white’ posters spotted around university campus

    Media decides to continue shouting “it’s not OK to be white” after these ubiquitous, innocent little flyers appear.

  • NJ child predator who says ‘pedophiles are a persecuted minority’ wins appeal

    The quest to normalize pedophilia continues. When everyone is equal, and society has no common principle to it except pluralism, such changes are inevitable. After all, there are thousands if not millions of parents who would sell their kids for a little extra cash. Who is to deny them their dream? Sell your kids, buy a Burger King, become rich and live in the countryside while the cities burn. If your kids end up on heroin, there is a social program for that and you paid for it with your taxes, so congratulate yourself on a good deal and enjoy the comfort and stability of wealth.

  • Montana lawmaker: Socialists should be shot or jailed

    Physical removal goes mainstream as politician points out that the socialist/egalitarian view is incompatible with the order/hierarchy of tradition. The Jacobins and Soviets will exterminate us when they get in power; we know this because they have done it many times before. Sending them all to Venezuela — we do not have to shoot the poor dears — would get us around this problem and allow us to survive as we have struggled for generations to do, and they would have a brand-new nation to carve up and make into their Utopia.

  • Super Bowl 2020: Beyonce, Jay-Z and Daughter Blue Ivy Didn’t Stand For National Anthem Despite NFL Partnership

    Of course not. It is not their nation. Even after all the apologies, guilt, a Black President, and endless propaganda, you cannot make this situation right. All we can do is separate.

  • Nigerians are one of America’s best educated immigrant groups. Trump just banned them.

    The point is not which groups are good and which are bad; the point is that any group other than our own coming here erases us. Therefore, we want to roll back immigration, causing those already here to repatriate when they see that their position here will not be as stable as they thought.

  • Nanny cam at Phoenix home catches federal agent smelling girl’s underwear

    If you want to be criminal without consequences, join the gang that never faces consequences, mainly government. In this case, he got caught, but normally, he would have the ability to indulge his odd and creepy fantasies with impunity. Just wait until the video of Joe Biden sniffing young children comes out.

  • Zero Hedge Permanently Suspended From Twitter for ‘Harassment’

    In the new world order, “harassment” means saying something nasty about a Leftist.

  • Fuming Chinese put SWASTIKA on images of Danish flag as country refuses to apologise for ‘insulting’ coronavirus cartoon

    Cultures clash. When you attack another culture, even if in jest, they take it rather seriously because if they end up looking bad, your power rises, and every culture wants to rule the world so that it is safe from others doing the same.

  • ‘Happy Brexit Day’ poster telling people to speak English reported to police

    In a diverse society, strong opinions cannot be tolerated, so we must norm everything to an inoffensive standard. Back in RealityLand, most English people do not disagree with the sentiment, even though they might have voiced it differently. Perhaps even: “Diversity has failed. It is time that we repatriate you. This will be better for everyone in the long term.”

  • White supremacist Coast Guard officer sentenced to 13 years in prison

    Man arms himself and plans race war, then gets caught because of bad internet OpSec, now finds himself serving a long sentence. Remember the good old days, when you had to actually start committing a crime before you went to jail? We have become a soft totalitarian state, but this guy probably belongs off the streets. We do not need more Dylann Roofs and Robert Bowerses here; we need lots of armed white guys showing up and presenting the fact of their power, but not using it for cruel and pointless ways. Breivik, who this guy claims to idolize, took the fight to the real enemy, shooting Leftist youth in order to scare a generation of Norwegians away from far-Left politics.

  • Restaurant is slammed for a ‘tasteless’ joke about the killer coronavirus outbreak saying it ‘won’t last long because it’s made in China’

    People have noticed something about Chinese-made products. They have not yet noticed that the reason that everything is made in China is because of the high cost of Western unions, taxes, regulations, and lawsuits.

  • Genetically engineered moth released for first time

    This shows us a really terrible idea. We are children with screwdrivers attempting to disassemble spacecraft when it comes to nature, which is more complex than the way our little brains work. These experiments always end in tears, but not until after the people responsible have been promoted and had their fifteen minutes of fame.

  • Transnational White Terror: Exposing Atomwaffen And The Iron March Networks

    An interesting look into these organizations, which seem to be rising in popularity as people realize that democracy is unable to restrain itself. While these guys seem to take it too far, and there may be overlap with certain law enforcement agencies, rest assured that the groups that they do not catch, who are active off of the internet, are getting ready for the boogaloo in even more effective ways.

  • U.S. bans Tanzanian official who launched anti-gay crackdown

    The U.S. State Department said it was taking the action against Paul Makonda, administrative chief of the Tanzania capital, “due to his involvement in gross violations of human rights, which include the flagrant denial of the right to life, liberty, or the security of persons.”

    Any dissent from the official policy of anarchy with subsidies will be punished. We can tell from this that the system realizes how unstable it is, and relies on regular destruction of the lives of innocents in order to assert its authority. That is weak power; strong power never asserts itself, but its presence and ability to do so is always known. Weak power from liberal democracy causes this type of constant infighting to assert control over the dominant paradigm or Narrative.

  • Rice County priest apologizes for criticizing Islam in sermon

    If only you knew how bad things really are… Muslims are far from the only group who want to come here, seize control, and destroy us. Most of them are unaware that this is their intent. They just want a better life. When enough of them are here, however, they figure that this better life should include their customs and beliefs instead of ours. Their only other option is to continue to be ruled by us, and no one wants to be conquered, so they act toward becoming conquerors, if we let them. Diversity is a death trap.

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