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  • NHS staff can refuse to treat racist or sexist patients under new rules

    The guillotines and gulags of the past days of the Left have been upgraded. Now they are simply going to cut you out of treatment if you do not toe the line. Did you get mugged by someone of a foreign origin and mention it? They will deny treatment, and the offense does not go on the books. The statistics will reflect less ethnic violence. Get groomed and pimped by ethnics in Rotherham? We will never hear of it now, since the victims will be sent home with nasty notes about how racist they are. It becomes increasingly clear that government is the enemy of organic culture, and that the only way to deal with it is to cut it out as much as possible. Bureaucracies attract people of a bureaucratic, Asiatic mindset to them, and these people want one rule for everyone and total obedience. They see those who disagree as the enemy and will destroy them, just like the Jacobins of the French Revolution guillotined whole families and the Soviets sent people to the gulags on a whisper of suspicion. We need strong leaders, and those who can weed out the broken and hostile and send them away, but at a local level, not a centralized, uniform, and conformist one. We can stop calling the Left fascists, and call them by their true name: Communists. All of them are merely degrees away from the full realization of total control and uniformity.

  • Death squad disrupters: Filipina patrols help keep drug killings at bay

    Women go on nighttime patrols armed only with flashlights, which drives gangs out of neighborhoods. Here we see a model of social order which does not involve government, nor violence. Malefactors rely on a compliant population, which government creates as everyone waits for the police to “do something,” but when faced with active organic culture, they retreat because it removes their anonymity and impedes their criminal activities. They are then driven to areas where such things are tolerated, which removes criminals from the rest of the community and forces them into dwelling with those like them. As in nature, like sorts with like, and this allows the good to rise above the rest.

  • 222 scientists say cascading crises are the biggest threat to the well-being of future generations

    Guillaume Faye diagnosed the West as collapsing in a convergence of catastrophes, or multiple failures of politics, the environment, economics, and social order at the same time. Add to that pollution and perhaps a pandemic or two and we see the disaster that will move us onward from modernity (in its fully-realized form: liberal democracy + market socialism) and force us to choose systems based on quality not quantity and conformity. Everything we have done for the past several centuries worked in the short term but produces horrors in the long term, and our time is up; we now find ourselves confronting the result of these centuries of reduced vision.

  • Heart doctors ‘held back stent death data’

    Never stop the money train. When patients roll in with insurance paying, doctors will indulge unnecessary procedures because those lead to more profit and simultaneously discourage lawsuits, since everything that was possible was done. In the same way, they administer unnecessary tests and procedures in order to seem to be doing the right thing, when in fact it benefits them and the insurers, who collect high payments and then negotiate down the prices with the hospitals later. That way, insurance holds on to your money for longer, making profit off the interest, while paying out less than is represented, justifying the unnecessarily high cost of health insurance. This always happens whenever government is wholly or partially on the hook for funding.

  • Police bus protesters to remote interior of Azerbaijan and leave them

    A good way to handle Leftists: bus them into the middle of nowhere, hand them some snacks, and depart as quickly as possible. I hear Venezuela has lots of open land and a great bus system. For a bonus, confiscate their passports and burn them in great heaps. Just kidding; I would never be that extreme. Recycle the passports.

  • Neanderthal ‘skeleton’ is first found in a decade

    50,000 year old skeleton reveals more of the hidden history of humanity that we assumed was not possible, since us modern people are so smart that we are self-destructing by government, diversity, equality, and the totalitarianism of appearance.

  • Woman claims man kidnapped her, forced her to watch ‘Roots’ to ‘understand her racism’

    Roots aired in 1977 and caused a national conversation about race from which we have not discovered, since it made everyone emo about the horrors of slavery. Many of us dislike slavery but acknowledge that it was common in the world for a reason, namely that it was a better option for dealing with defeated enemies — including in ethnic conflicts — than the usual method, killing them. Reparations-with-repatriation allows us to end this like gentlemen, with kindness and yet also protection of our own interest in survival which necessitates a diversity-free society. As diversity collapses, we will see more incidents of this kind of racial conflict, very little of it as relatively harmless and amusing as the forced Roots viewing.

  • The possible origins of 2019-nCoV coronavirus

    This paper by Botao Xiao and Lei Xiao has been removed by ResearchGate, but it allegedly argues that a Chinese laboratory working with bats may have been the point of origin for Covid-19. Some have hypothesized that this virus was originally a military weapon that escaped, which seems dubious since even airborne AIDS is not a very useful weapon if it infects people randomly, including those who would use it in the first place. The scarier thought is that humans have reached such worldwide population density that animal diseases no longer stay in the forests, but come out into the suburbs and cities, feasting on an obviously over-abundant population. Others have gone even further and called the coronavirus a manufactured virus.

  • Boy Scouts file for bankruptcy due to sex-abuse lawsuits

    These are mostly 1960s-1980s cases, suggesting that this outbreak of violation came from the general breakdown in Western Civilization during the 1960s. However, as one cannot help but notice, most of these molestations are homosexual in nature, leading to people looking toward the last two decades of liberalization in Boy Scouts policies. Interestingly, the group found itself losing membership the more it liberalized, causing it to try to capture the remaining Leftist audience by admitting girls just a few years ago, resulting in a mass exodus. Now it must pay for the molestation with fewer members to defray the cost, and consequently, it has reached its end of life. So goes everything good in democracy.

  • U.S. imposes new rules on state-owned Chinese media over propaganda concerns

    Trump tires of Chinese propaganda, but this leads us to question how many other outfits are unofficially in the pay of China. Editors at American papers go cheaply. No doubt Russia is watching this one closely since Sputnik News and Russia Today are continuations of the Cold War era Pravda and Izvestia franchise.

  • Judge orders yob, 19, to pay £200 damages to transgender PCSO, 25, after shouting ‘is it a boy or is it a girl’ while he was on patrol on town

    Welcome to Snowflakistan! In the past fifty years, the West has gone from looking unflinchingly at the world around us to fining people for “damages” because someone was offended at criticism for his transgender status. As empires die, they first crack down on symbolic violations of the ideological unity enforced in order to keep the herd together. This herd is rapidly separating, and those in power rage and retaliate each time someone slips outside the corral.

  • U.S. Border Patrol to send Tactical Unit officers to ‘sanctuary cities’

    With America in civil war status over whether it wants to be a cosmopolitan socialist regime or retain some aspects of its historical inclination toward a socially conservative, limited classical liberal zone, the sanctuary cities have defied the federal government, which has retaliated by sending in crack teams of border patrol agents to arrest illegal aliens. The next step will be for these sanctuary cities to start arresting federal agents. In the meantime, that drama really matters less than the fact that Trump has made America unsafe for illegals, which raises the cost of being here and therefore discourages future immigrants, while making it more logical for many who are here to repatriate to Mexico.

  • Japan’s economy heading for recession, and Germany wobbles

    Populism means the death of globalism. This in turn means that whatever nations become self-sufficient and lose the inefficiencies of liberal democratic market socialism will come out ahead, and the others will fall, dragged down by their reliance on international trade and high taxes to fund entitlements. Since the USA has not already ditched its entitlements state, the pressure on it rises to do so before it savages our economy and currency value.

  • Poll shows Northern Ireland majority against united Ireland

    Ethnic trauma plays out in Northern Ireland, which is a different ethnic group than the rest of Ireland. While the majority of Ireland are ethnic Irish, a group associated with Leftist politics, Northern Ireland belongs to Scots-descended people who have been under assault by the Irish for a long time, leading to the diversity Troubles in Ireland for many decades. As one might expect, the Northern Irish want to be entirely separate from the rest of Ireland, which they tend to view as a third world country inhabited by Asiatics.

  • German man leaves €7 million fortune to far-right AfD

    Germany divides itself over the fact that while its political, media, academic, cultural, and industry elites hate far-Right politics, its people have seen that Hitler was right about diversity and therefore are entirely tired of the egalitarian agenda pushed by elites in order to cement their own power. Clever Leftist bureaucrats cracked down on the AFD for its campaign finance irregularities, which may or may not exist beyond the norm for a political party, and now the citizens of Germany find ways to retaliate. The liberal democratic regime is falling, and this worries only those who depend on it. The normal people are finally feeling the ability to breathe freely again, sort of like when the Wall came down.

  • Padres change caps they’ll wear in spring training

    In times of instability, people rush to demonstrate allegiance to the powers that be, since this allows them to personally get ahead within the system that rewards good believers. Most of the “virtue signaling” out there consists of people thinking of their careers and how popular they can be for endorsing denial that the system has failed and supporting inertia or a lack of change. In this weird case, a logo looks sort of like it might have a swastika in the middle when the outer boundaries of an interlocking “S” and “D” are obscured, focusing on the cross with bent arms at the center. Panic ensues. All we can do is enjoy the hilarity of a dying empire screaming to its true believers that it indeed is still relevant, when in fact it has overstayed its welcome and we want it gone.

  • Newspapers fear new social media rules will lead to wider censorship

    Of course these rules will lead to wider censorship; that was always the point. The audience switched to social media for its news, so now the same control that was exerted over dead tree media needs to be extended to those services. Welcome to “freedom.”

  • Foreign population in Korea tops 2.5 million

    South Korea becomes a multicultural state with over five percent of its population being of a foreign origin. At twenty percent, a nation starts to crack. Luckily for South Korea, many of these “foreigners” are ethnic Koreans from China.

  • Andrew Sabisky: Resigned Number 10 adviser’s remarks ‘racist’, says government minister

    The usual vandalism continues where those who do not toe the line that “equality” is one hundred percent real and not a fiction at all, despite it being symbolism and not anything like reality, are systematically removed from positions of power. If you mention that different ethnic groups have different average IQs, and that therefore we can tell that racial differences are genetic and not skin-deep, everyone loses their minds because this upends the idea of “equality” entirely.

  • Secession in the Pacific Northwest? Some Oregon residents petition to join Idaho

    Non-Leftist parts of Oregon and California want to join Idaho so that they are not subjected to rules made by urban Leftists. The division of America continues, with each side wanting to live in an entirely different country while the usual idiots talk about “bipartisanship” and “compromise.” Our future belongs to something other than adjusting two opposite visions into one lowest common denominator that satisfies no one, which is the condition that we have been in since WW2.

  • Ethnicity, heart failure and the prevention continuum: time to act

    Across world regions, risk factors for HF vary greatly, with CAD most prevalent in Europe and North America, hypertension prevalence highest in Eastern and Central Europe and sub-Saharan Africa, and cardiomyopathy and rheumatic heart disease most common in Latin America, the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa,8 and therefore primordial prevention strategies for HF will vary greatly by region and ethnicity. High rates of diabetes and hypertension in South Asian communities at country or community level suggest that prevention might vary based on the ethnic diversity of the target population, necessitating context-specific research in ethnic minorities.

    Cue “But we’re only one tenth of a percent different in genetics!”

  • Long-term offenders have different brain structure, study says

    Science discovers that criminals may indeed be different from the rest of us, biologically. This leads us to question whether this is in fact a genetic difference, and the mutated are threatening society as a whole.

  • Black Families Came to Chicago by the Thousands. Why Are They Leaving?

    African-Americans find themselves displaced by an influx of Hispanics. This shows us what has played out in America since the LA Riots of 1992, which is that employers are opting to hire illegal aliens instead of supporting African-American communities in their cities. No doubt discrimination plays some role in this, but legally, it is not discrimination since “minority” candidates are still being hired. This may help kill affirmative action, since it is working against those it was designed to help.

  • Expropriation in South Africa: AfriForum warns foreign investors

    Investors are fleeing the racial retaliation occurring in South Africa because their properties may be seized and handed to native Africans. In addition, rising crime, unstable utilities, and ongoing political corruption mark South Africa as a moribund economy whose next stop will be third world status. The remaining Europeans there are trying to sell out and escape, but cannot find anyone to buy their properties for anything more than pennies on the dollar. This is your future under diversity.

  • Florida ‘red flag’ gun law used 3,500 times since Parkland

    If they can make any dissent from diversity-is-our-strength into a hate crime, they will use it to seize your guns. Once they seize your guns, they can use that seizure as a way of tagging you so that you cannot get future employment. At that point, the system pays your bills and you become obedient to the system. That type of circular system allows the Left to destroy all opposition, then claim victory and moral right because no one is opposing them. Stalin chuckles grimly in Realpolitik.

  • Origins and insights into the historic Judean date palm based on genetic analysis of germinated ancient seeds and morphometric studies

    Ancient date seeds, before they became miscegenated with lesser varieties, offered larger fruit and hardier seeds. They may have in fact been more nutritious than the present-day varieties as well. Do we learn anything from nature? The human tendency, when given a superior thing and a weaker thing, is to meld them together so there is a higher quantity of acceptable things. That however creates a lowest common denominator and a loss for all.

  • Patrik Mathews, accused neo-Nazi, pleads not guilty to U.S. weapons charges

    The state charged this man based on what they said were his plans. His lawyer plans to fight this with a First Amendment defense, essentially arguing that discussing and theorizing about how to overthrow a diverse republic and replace it with a nationalist one is free speech. Older American law required people to actually take steps to break the law before arresting them, but now we are so unstable that any deviation from the norm provokes a panic response and hysterical law enforcement. So far they have gotten away with it, but this case could change that.

  • Shamima Begum says her ‘world fell apart’ after losing UK citizenship

    The weepy news feeds us the usual guilt-ridden story. In reality, compassion means understanding that all things have their own places, and that each one must go into its proper place so that it can thrive. Diversity does not work, and even sappy appeals to bring everyone to the West fall on deaf ears because ultimately we are creating fish out of water, especially in the case of those who firmly reject the ideas and practices of their host nation in order to follow their own religions, culture, and genetic tendencies.

  • Kickstarter workers vote to form first union in tech industry

    If you want to send all of our tech workers overseas, this will do it. Perhaps new nations will form as corporations buy up land and set up communities without legal protection for unions, because that way people from here could go there and be hired at competitive rates. Under that scheme, the best workers get the most reward, and the mediocre are gradually moved on. Any society of that nature would lose an amazing amount of overhead caused by subsidizing incompetents here in the West, and promptly become an economic powerhouse.

  • All Tindered out? The surprising return of the singles night

    Online provides anonymity and the ability to doctor images. It also enables every crazy out there to start flooding the dating sites, causing an outbreak of misery. People are realizing the importance of physical connection and verifiable sanity, which may show a slow recognition of just how much insanity, stupidity, and corruption we have enabled to propagate out there.

  • Poll: Far-right ĽSNS would defeat the democratic opposition

    Across Europe, populism rises as liberal democratic market socialism reveals that it is wrecking what is left of independent nations, and will do only worse in the future. This leads to situations where the far-Right becomes essential to normal government function, which shatters the Overton Window entirely. WW2 may finally be over.

  • Buried in IG Report: How an FBI Team in Rome Gave Steele Highly Guarded Secrets

    The Left specializes in circular investigations. One Leftist comes up with a pretext, usually murky information about wrongdoing by some non-Leftist, and then other Leftists investigate and include that the accusations must be true, at which point they get them in front of a court full of Leftists and decide that the statements of the first Leftist were the absolute truth after all. In America, the FBI are those Leftists.

  • ‘The Secret Shame’: Educators say student achievement rates are divided along racial lines

    Not a secret nor a shame, the educational disparities have been with us for the entire duration of this nation and reflect differences in average IQs between ethnic groups. Leftists obsess over racial differences in outcome because they want to hide their obsession with social class, such as noting that higher caste people have higher IQs, better health, longer faces, and other indicators of, well, better breeding. We will crucify and cannibalize ourselves trying to fix the “inequality” in a diverse society.

  • Experts call for global ban on live animal markets, wildlife trade amidst coronavirus outbreak

    A very good thing might come out of the coronavirus debacle. Humanity consumes everything it encounters. With this panic, we might reverse course on that one and start allowing natural species to live, which will in turn have the benefit of keeping humans out of the deep woods.

  • ‘They yelled Coronavirus’ – East Asian attack victim speaks of fear

    In a diverse society, people tolerate ethnic tensions until given a touchstone event or pretext. In this case, many have correctly noted that for now, their only risk of coronavirus comes from people of Chinese heritage (ideally from the Wuhan area) and consequently are venting their pent-up rage at diversity toward Chinese people. While this behavior may strike us as less than ideal, it is how humans deal with things, even if it is inexact. In public we have to say how great diversity is, but in private, everyone but the true zombie Leftists hate it.

  • NYU professor founded anarchist group that attacked subways last month

    Leftists live in a world where advancing Leftism is the highest moral good and therefore anyone who is not an active Leftist is immoral, which justifies destroying their lives or tormenting them. They view terrorism and destruction that advance Leftist objectives as wholly necessary, and see nothing wrong with obliterating our society, culture, heritage, families, souls, faith, and common sense to get what they want. Leftism is a symbolic cult; for them, raising the symbol above all else is all that matters. We will have to physically remove them to Venezuela and recycle their passports in great heaps.

  • Teen shouted, ‘I don’t like white people in my ‘hood,’ before shooting at 4 people, one of whom is black

    White guy gets his car stolen, goes to demand back personal property, and triggers sleeping ethnic resentment. It seems like diversity is not working so well. Why is it seen as an unreasonable demand that Black neighborhoods not have white people in them?

  • Thousands of dead people discovered on Detroit voter rolls. Now it’s a legal fight to take them off.

    The more the Left rambled on about election intervention from Russia, the more the Right became convinced that the Left was deflecting from something. Then we had a good look at absentee ballots and the many potentially fake, dead, and non compos mentis people on the voter lists. Now Republicans find themselves demanding voter ID and purges of the inactive from voter rolls, since that closes the loopholes that the Left has used to win elections for decades. Commence gnashing of teeth and impotent seething at the sky.

  • ‘It’s a struggle out here’: Workers march for $15 per hour and right to unionize in Milwaukee

    The workers are their own worst enemy. They demand more money, and costs go up, so soon their money does not go as far as they hoped. They demand more, then. At that point, their jobs vanish overseas or are replaced by contractors, and they find themselves sitting around trying to figure out what to do. Rinse and repeat, over and over again. The market determines your value. If that is too low, focus on what raises costs instead of trying to get more free imaginary value where it does not exist. Proles think that if they have less than someone else, they are justified in stealing from them, but all this does is break down civilization and make their lives worse. We need to oppress the proles, because right now their shortsighted linear thinking is oppressing all of us.

  • Belarus leader says Russia insists on merging the two states

    One wonders if the USSR simply rebranded after its bankruptcy. Eurasia, primarily Russia, will never be stable until it has conquered at least one of its two flanks, Europe and Asia. Right now, Russia has chosen alliance with China instead of the West, fears the West, wants to invade the West, and desperately seeks buffer states to give it a few hundred kilometers of distance to keep out Western tanks. In reality, no one in the West wants Russia. We are content with them doing Russian things far away, and the worst we will do is erect a permanent border to keep out the constant flood of mafiosi, prostitutes, drugs, and spies.

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