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  • ‘Islamophobia a bogus label’: Jewish Chronicle under fire over article

    Journalist correctly notes that terms like “Islamophobia” and “anti-Semitism” are used to “silence criticism” of the cultures, races, and ethnic groups behind them. We might extend the same idea to racism, classism, and sexism generally, which simply consist of stereotypes derived from observation. Things of a type have similar properties; NAxALT simply affirms that “the exception confirms the rule” or the fact that we notice an exception, and mention it as such, suggests that the rule predominates in all but a few outlier cases (the trailing edges of the bell curve). Now we must begin to finally stop fighting against noticing these things, and can move on to asking what they mean. Answer: not a whole lot, except that groups are different and therefore, any amount of diversity above zero is toxic to both host and minority groups. Diversity is racism; diversity is genocide; diversity is the murder of a civilization and the innate diversity of humanity. Diversity is standardization, conformity, and central control.

  • People now have more ‘digital conversations’ than speak face-to-face

    We sit glued to the TV set all night
    And every night
    Why go into the outside world at all
    It’s such a fright

    We’ve got nothing better to do
    Than watch TV and have a couple of brews

    TV news shows
    What it’s like out there
    It’s a scare
    You can go out if you want
    We wouldn’t dare

  • After Complaints, No LGBTQ Books In Kalamazoo Schools Reading Program

    Culture war picks up as pushback intensifies. Parents who pay these high taxes do not want their children being shown propaganda. They want them to get a basic education, have some friends, and engage in normal (a range) childhood activities to prepare them for adult life. We all know that 90% of what goes on in schools is unnecessary, and we would rather that it be harmless 1950s-style fluff than weird Soviet propaganda from neurotics with sexual and mental health problems. Parents need to face facts, namely that in a diverse society, that type of school no longer exists, so what they want is for those school taxes to go away so that they can pay for private schools or homeschooling. People act like education is rocket science, when really it is not, and most kids who belong in school past fifth grade will be able to read great books and learn what they need from those.

  • A judge threw out the hate crime charge for a Maryland student accused of killing a black US Army lieutenant

    Social media posts alone do not prove a hate crime charge, judge rules. The lazy prosecutors hoped that they could claim that people with outsider beliefs are always motivated by those beliefs when racial violence erupts, but the judge notes that this is a type of ad hominem (“you’re a Nazi, therefore you’re wrong”) which is not logical. It is possible that something else caused the conflict, and so this case moves from hate crime — a nonsense legal definition anyway — toward a question of murder or self-defense.

  • US military uses photo of Nazi war criminal to commemorate battle anniversary: ‘I am dumbfounded’

    No one wants to admit this, but we know that our society is dying, and we must admit that we are boring compared to Nazis, cowboys, Vikings, pirates, and Confederates. A bunch of soft pudgy people wearing glasses sitting in front of computers doing busy-work to sustain a market socialist economy and pretense of being good cannot compare with the wild men and pioneers of history, no matter how many “bad” things they did. Everyone did bad things; from some of them, great good came. Some are a mixed bag. Maybe we should just look at how to make good things instead of endlessly nattering on about what might be bad.

  • Rape convictions: Justice system near ‘breaking point’

    In Europe and the USA, police are hiding the rising crime wave by recategorizing crimes as less extreme than they were. For example, burglary becomes vandalism, and muggings become theft. Another tactic in their arsenal requires them to delay processing of crimes, hoping that victims will drop charges or evidence will become lost, in order to conceal how much of violent crime is simply diversity crime. Find a major American city that is current on its testing of rape kits.

  • French strikers angry about pension reform cut power to homes, companies

    Workers, voters, and other little people do not understand economics, management, history, or even language very well. They think that free government programs take money from a giant reservoir held somewhere, that more money can be printed without destroying the value of the money that already exists, and that if there is not enough money, they can simply tax the super-wealthy who live in large houses surrounding a giant pile of cash. None of these are true, but people live by these assumptions and politicians are quick to avoid challenging them. The truth is that any tax imposed on business or individuals raises costs to everyone else, and that the more government redistributes money, the more the economy becomes skewed toward lots of replaceable low-cost workers. If you want poverty, rely on government. Europe finds itself rocked by a series of protests as normal people notice that, despite the big government “safety net,” they are still unable to get out of the debt cycle. They will next come to understand, slowly…slowly….slowly, that government is just like any other corporation, interested in profit, except that as a not-for-profit, it pays out its profit in high salaries, free jobs, kickbacks, honoraria, and other forms that the average person knows nothing about. We have been living in an illusion for centuries and only now are thankfully seeing how crazy it is, and how crazy it has made us to justify this everyday in our own thoughts. Clown world is simply doom; we need to escape. No amount of benefits or riots can fix that problem.

  • Suspected Washington leader of neo-Nazi group charged with violating gun ban under state’s red-flag law

    People warned about those red flag laws. Belief in anything but the Narrative orthodoxy will serve as cause to remove your weapons from your possession, at which point you have to sue the state for them, and if that does not bankrupt you, they will look around until they find some violation — your drainpipes are an illegal rainwater collection apparatus, your seventeen-year-old son is dating a sixteen-year-old, two marijuana seeds under your car seat — which will enable them to arrest you. This is a political purge. Dan Crenshaw abolished his presidential campaign the minute he supported “red flag” laws, and Trump saw this and backed off of his support of them. These laws will be used first to take your guns, if you have unacceptable opinions, and later to remove anything that you could use to further a revolution, including computers, typewriters, printers, tools, chemicals, and perhaps even vehicles.

  • Judge OKs nearly $25 billion for PG&E fire victims, insurers

    Where does the money come from? If the insurance pays it, next year every company will pay higher rates, and they will raise their prices, which means that the consumer will pay. If the company pays it, their shareholders will replace any leadership who does not immediately raise prices, which means that the consumer will pay. If government pays it, a shortfall will occur and taxes will be raised, which means that the taxpayers pay and pass on that cost to everyone else, so the consumers pay. In other words, anytime you see one of these big court-appointed windfalls, remember to note that you will be paying for this and not just once, but for the rest of your life.

  • Will the federal government’s nonstop spending binge continue?

    In a democracy, no one can cut the “free stuff” programs that make up three quarters of our budget or the property taxes that fund free stuff at the local level. That means that we are heading for default at the same time that all of our moronic Leftist policies reveal the fullness of their failure. Exit liberal democracy, enter (if we are smart) the “4Ks”: kings, culture, caste, and competition.

  • Depression and suicide linked to air pollution in new global study

    Feeling bad and tired might make you depressed. Sickness generally does. It turns out that air pollution makes people miserable and self-destructive. How ironic would it be if our gadgets and infernal combustion engines poisoned our minds, causing us to self-destruct, like the mercury madness of hatters or radium girls. In the meantime, modern society is coming to an end because it has made life into a subtle Hell that only a few can see, but all feel the effects.

  • Stone Age ‘chewing gum’ reveals microbiome of girl who lived 5,700 years ago

    DNA experts misread data in order to claim that people from Europe originally had dark skin, when at the time we know that light-skinned Yamnaya and Scythians were roaming across Eurasia. More likely, they have confused some of the inhabitants of the mediterranean region with all of them, and made a wide inference, as scientists tend to do when there is a huge pile of money or a promotion on the table. The really cool science here is in the extraction of DNA from the microbiome of this girl, revealing what organisms were living within her in a symbiotic relationship at the time.

  • A top Chinese university stripped “freedom of thought” from its charter

    They are just following our model. They replaced “freedom of thought” with loyalty to Communism, and we replaced independence of thought with loyalty to political correctness, effectively a proxy for Communism. In the future, we will find that Chinese penetration of American industries, including education, through bribes has been far greater than we could have ever dreamed.

  • Royal Derby Hospital: Disposable sterile hijabs introduced

    All we do, all day long, is try to manage infighting with control. We are so clever, we have so many methods! At the end of the day, all it does is exhaust us and distract us from actual life, so that one day we wake up and realize that all the time has passed and we know and have nothing.

  • Judge sides with homeowners in lawsuit against U.S. Army Corps

    Democracy specializes in a lack of accountability. The Corps of Engineers will pay for having released floodwaters from holding ponds in order to keep those ponds from flooding the newly-built communities around them, destroying older and more valuable communities instead. Future research will reveal the likelihood that there was collusion between the Corps and the City of Houston, whose board and mayor were elected by the people in those new homes and not the old ones. In the meantime, the developers who built recklessly, the illegal aliens pouring into the city, the minorities voting for an obviously corrupt candidate, the politicians ignoring this, and the voters looking for the warm soft sleep of denial all should be facing the desk and explaining themselves, yet none are. While this drama distracts us, the city like all minority-majority strongholds is busy transferring wealth from white suburbs to jobs programs for minorities and “saving money” by avoiding infrastructure costs. This is how you get to third world status: bypass the shared things, and focus on payments to individuals, at which point you have a dysfunctional society but technically more money in your pocket, even if it is worthless.

  • ‘Move to Canada’ searches spike after Tories win general election

    It turns out that not only does diversity become self-deporting when you raise the cost of living in your host nation and reduce the reward, but Leftists will flee en masse when you start moving toward the Right. This means that these problems are more easily solved than people think; once we start going to the Right, there will be a steady outflow of those who vote for the Left until we reach the point where little support for the Left remains and we can deport the rest to Venezuela.

  • Toronto mass shooting victims sue gun maker Smith & Wesson in $150m lawsuit

    The Left used NGOs like the SPLC to bankrupt the far-Right by suing them, and now it intends to do the same to gun manufacturers. This way the Left can hide behind private actions instead of state actions, the same way they use media as a propaganda organ and social media as a censorship tool, because the actions are coming from Leftism International and not government per se. If you want to know what the “swamp” is, consider it the takeover of government, media, academia, and industry by Leftists who then do “favors” for one another. All of their kids end up with paid internships and partnerships at important firms, and all of them get seats on the boards of important non-profits and community institutions. Somehow, all the Leftists end up rich and the rest of us pay. This swamp excels at using the law to destroy common sense, which it does with this lawsuit, since obviously guns have more uses than massacres and are not prone to trigger massacres on their own; it requires a broken society for that. However, no one is accountable in that category.

  • Rise in Anti-Semitic Incidents Goes Beyond Recent Violent Attacks

    People should fear conventional wisdom (which is an opposite to tradition). It means that what most people think is good based on their own convenience, a short-term time scale, and lack of disturbing the symbolic integrity of the System through its Narrative. Conventional wisdom held that diversity would work if the Other groups that were included were “nice” enough, which at first meant Jews but not Muslims. That meant that Nationalism, or the desire for ethnic uniformity within each nation, must be suppressed following WW2 in order to achieve this diversity-Utopia. However, this situation was not stable, because it led to a “national cultural group oh and the Jews” mentality, and so the Left pushed for more diversity, including Southern and Eastern Europeans alongside, later, Asian, African, and mixed-race groups. The arc of history began its bend at that point mainly because it simply requires time to see the actual and full effects of a policy, as opposed to its initial effect which is usually a stimulus since new jobs, laws, and drama occur. Once we could see the full effects of diversity, it became clear that it turned nations toward backward-looking infighting over distribution of wealth, much as class warfare did, because there was no longer unity to the society. Inclusion of any foreign groups, no matter how “nice,” fragmented the society by removing its ability to have moral, aesthetic, intellectual, behavioral, and intellectual standards formerly known as customs. Now we see that as a side effect of diversity, society has fallen apart and into the chaos come anger, resentment, and white people finally adopting the same identity politics and racial cold war through crime that have been normal for minority groups for generations. This means that minority groups, instead of being safe from anyone but the KKK, are now not safe at all, since ordinary people resent them. The nice man smiling as he hands you your morning newspaper will be the last face you see before the flash, standing naked at the edge of a wide pit mass gave. People should have thought more clearly about diversity, but now it is too late, unless of course we suddenly woke up and repatriated the Other in order to avoid that grim fate.

  • Mormons pulling 400,000 youths out of struggling Boy Scouts

    People came to the Boy Scouts for an alternative to the permissive and libertine morality of human groups. They wanted their children instructed in doing the right thing instead of what everyone else is doing, because throughout history what most of humanity has been doing has been destructive, stupid, and ugly. If you look at the majority, human life consists of essentially selfish and retributive behavior. One of the many things that the Mormon church wanted cut out of the lives of their children was an acceptance of public homosexuality. They are cool with it if you keep it private, interestingly enough, and stay in that closet for the most part, but they do not want homosexuality being held up as an ideal. The Boy Scouts used to think that way, but under assault by numerous Leftist groups, changed its position; they apologized, in other words, and conformed. That must have delighted the Leftists! How they must have laughed to see their opposition destroy itself. The Boy Scouts now offers nothing that people cannot get elsewhere, and so its core audience is steadily abandoning it at the same time it drowns in lawsuits over the homosexual molestation of young boys by scoutmasters who apparently simply failed to mention their proclivities in their entrance interviews.

  • Burlington City Council approves noncitizen voting

    The Right operates based on a sense of order; the Left operates by subverting order, sabotaging outcomes, and tearing down whatever structure exists in order to replace it with individualism. Since America refused to approve open borders, certain localities are writing it into law through other ways, knowing that at some juncture they will create a “tipping point” and everyone else will just cuck and go along with it. In the meantime, this will further the creation of enclaves for the crazy, which will in turn cause those enclaves to have problems, much as San Francisco got cute with its laws and ended up being a hot bucket of diarrhea.

  • Rayo Vallecano v Albacete abandoned as fans call Roman Zozulya a Nazi

    Human mobs consist of brats who have tantrums until responsible adults just make the problem go away by giving in. You rarely get a case this clear. Humanity seems to have forgotten why we have these rules about freedom of speech, innocent until proven guilty, and normal social behavior. As we descend into third world chaos, this type of erratic behavior will become the norm.

  • Pakistani Hindus reject India’s offer for citizenship

    No one in Pakistan seems to be thinking very clearly. Moving all the Hindus to India and all the Muslims to Pakistan would work very well, but that would interrupt the plans that Pakistan has for sponsoring Muslim terrorism as a means of subduing the Indians and a prelude to a Muslim takeover of that Hindu nation. In the coming years, people will look back at this as the last chance for peace and sanity.

  • 9 of 20 Richest Counties Are D.C. Suburbs; Virginia Suburbs Beat Silicon Valley

    Since the Clintons took over in the 1990s, government became the best business in town. In this way, we are following other Socialist states on the path to their doom, which consists of rewarding people for ideological reasons instead of performance, which gets you a whole lot of incompetents who refuse to take risks because that might endanger their careers. Now we have created nu-elites from either direct government employment or private industry employment that addresses needs created by government. This group will not stop any real problems; they will advance their careers instead. They will always do their best to oppose and depose people like Donald Trump and Steve King because those people will rock the boat. America is simple now: we simply live out our WW2 propaganda. With diversity, freedom, and the New Deal, we can pretend to be a moral authority and destroy anyone who does not adopt our system. Once they adopt our system, we can control them with our regulated monetary system. Since we can destroy them, they will keep buying our stuff and using our currency, which allows the bureaucrats to stay in power at the expense of the rest of humanity. In our world, there can be no trust; people act in self-interest exclusively and rarely care about the damage done to civilization, nature, culture, history, and even sanity. If you want a final image of humanity, it will be some guy living in a villa on a hill surrounded by a destroyed society, realizing only too late that he actually needed something more than himself.

  • Boris Johnson has issued declaration of war on railway workers, unions warn

    Humanity specializes in not learning from history, mostly by erasing history from the minds and books through the usual monkeyshines scams of censorship and political correctness. No one wants to hear that unions are bad because everyone wants to portray himself as a victim, since that way he can claim a right to do whatever he wants because society owes it to him, and unions seem to protect people behaving that way against the demands for order and productivity from those above. Instead of reforming jobs, we simply transfer money from one party to another and pretend that there are no consequences from that, when in fact unions have an effect like socialism in impoverishing everyone. Margaret Thatcher realized this and how much of a disaster that British Socialism was and did her best to curtail both; Johnson, who like Trump and Farage is a populist or an Austrian economist who also wants strong social conservatism, will see the wisdom in choking out unions as well. In reality, all that is needed is to remove the legal protections that unions enjoy now.

  • Germany outlines plan to attract skilled migrant workers

    Germany needs “nurses, IT experts and other skilled workers” but cannot find them. Either they want to pay too little, or they are discovering that most of their best citizens have already dropped out of dying modernity and are busy working outside the corporate office. We knew thirty years ago that people hated modern jobs and wanted to be able to run their own businesses instead. Perhaps both of these reasons are correct, and employers want to pay too little, but the people who would do those jobs really well are earning a lot less running B&Bs or post offices in the countryside in order to avoid having to slave at a McJob to pay the taxes on the condo.

  • Canada’s forgotten rainforest

    Apparently Canada has a rainforest, and they are cutting it down faster than the Amazon. White people love to focus on the Other as a means of distracting from our own problems, just as we focused on the Poor in order to avoid thinking about how meaningless and manipulative modern life had become. When it comes to forests, we worry about the Amazon but forget that across the world, natural habitats are being replaced in order to build housing or sell the wood. In the modern West, we need to stop projecting and start paying attention to what has gone wrong with our approach to life, including the tragedy of the commons that inevitably results when humans come into contact with natural resources.

  • Is marijuana linked to psychosis, schizophrenia? It’s contentious, but doctors, feds say yes

    The Left likes to tell us that certain things are harmless. In reality, the effect of the drug varies with the person. Most people just want to get high, but a large number of crazy people are drawn toward drug use, and others fry their brains or awaken latent conditions. Instead of the mad push for legalization, we should consider decriminalization of production, consumption, and storage of unlimited amounts of drugs, with any transport or transfer of those drugs counting as drug trafficking and punished by life in prison. This leaves drugs in the hands of those who know how to use them, and sends everyone else to the grocery store for more watery beer or metallic IPAs.

  • Right-wing extremists in Germany to face amped up intelligence

    They want to fight nationalism as if it were a foreign invasion, when really it is dissenting citizens who have seen the utter failure of liberal democracy, diversity, and globalism. If this were my law-enforcement task, I would focus on those among the far-Right who are prone to violence, that is the crossover between suicidal (or “life indifferent”) and apocalyptic or cornered in psychology. Right-wing politics provides the only sane view of politics, although you have to go farther Right than National Socialism and Fascism, but it also attracts — due to its taboo-breaking nature — a good deal of antisocial personalities. The same was true of underground heavy metal and underground hacking. Of course, instead of crusading against it, you could bring it up out of the underground, but that would require accepting monarchism, nationalism, eugenics, and classism as normal political opinions alongside the Greens and Social Democrats.

  • The great new divide in the UK’s electoral map is ‘Metropolis versus Periphery.’

    This makes a good point. People in cities defer to external authority, namely the constituency that buys their products and decides who gets hired and promoted, and this gradually replaces their own agency and any knowledge of reality that they have. On the periphery, by contrast, people work directly with the means of production like agriculture, manufacturing, fishing, and handcrafts. The former group cares about what people want to hear, the latter about what they need to hear, knowing from experience that most people are delusional until they go through self-actualization, maturation, and some life experience. Very few know more than their specific slice of the world, and since few have experience in management or leadership, almost all have no idea what good governance would look like. In the city, however, quality of governance is secondary to having the quantity of being current, meaning that it switches in serial from one thing to another, instead of advancing interpretations of different aspects of the same immutable and unifying truth. There can be no unity between these viewpoints; cities themselves, rather than civilization, achieve corruption by forcing us to think in terms of methods, or means-over-ends, and measure those through preference consequentialism or the utilitarian assessment of popularity as minimums. This amplifies the effect of human civilization in general which is to replace knowing of why with knowing of how so that we can mass mobilize many dummies, which always works, over waiting for the right good and intelligent people to come along. Whatever nation can mobilize dummies by orchestrating conformity to method will become a formidable force, as Genghis Khan and Joseph Stalin showed us.

  • Lawsuit says immigration courts are now deportation machines

    “4D Chess” means that you act indirectly in such a way that your enemies do what you need them to do instead of what they should be doing. The Left expected Trump to charge ahead and force through a wall and immigration reform, but instead he has tackled this problem bottom-up, tightening down all aspects of American immigration and the welfare state in order to raise the cost of coming here while reducing the benefit of being here. He knows that this will create a critical mass at which point the exodus will begin, and the majority will follow the first few since living as a small minority group in a national culture really is not much fun. At that point, the sensible goal of nationalism which is part of populism can be achieved through cultural pressure.

  • Dutch farmers block highways with tractors, angry at EU rules on pollution

    First world nations can change their policies to be more environmentally-friendly, but this simply makes their own farm products too expensive and leads to their farmers being replaced by foreigners. If your irony meter is intact, you know that this means that all of the food in those nations will come in on giant smoke-belching container transport ships. Instead, we should be talking about limiting population in Europe, which means no immigration and deportation of all but the founding national population, at which point the food demand can be met by local farmers easily. Costs can be reduced by slashing those entitlements states. True, that ends the free stuff, but normal people can then afford to live normally and their farmers do not go out of business.

  • Dear Madame Speaker

    Donald Trump lays out his understanding of the impeachment, which is that it is designed to cover up the crimes of loyal swamp member Joe Biden and to remove a presidency which threatens the established bureaucracy, since the latter wants to continue its quest for more power and money so that all the bureaucrats get rich and the rest of us pay for it. It is almost like they would make DC into the wealthiest area in America or something.

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